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Finally, a website completely dedicated to full-colour, free step-by-step instructions of 3-D complex beading patterns! Easily learn to make 3-D beaded flowers, animals, hearts, and intricate jewelry of all kinds armed with only a piece of fishing line and beads!

Latest Free Beading Patterns:

Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern

Latest Beading Patterns for Sale:

Round to Square Pattern
Round to Square Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Cushions Pattern
Cushions Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern

Latest Beadwork for Sale in the Beading Market:
beading market gallery of jen
Beadwork by Jen Lawson
Beaded peyote Mosaic Cuff for sale by SuJen
Mosaic Cuff - SuJen
Beaded peyote Fiesta Cuff for sale by SuJen
Fiesta Cuff - SuJen

Introducing the 3Dbeading.com Beading Market!! Here you will find beadwork handcrafted by your fellow beaders. Everything is for sale, and everything can be custom made to order. Enjoy and please submit your own beadwork to the Beading Market! You can email pictures, descriptions, and prices to me at allegra@3dbeading.com. This is a free service.

All Free Beading Pattern Galleries:

learn to make 3-d beaded animals
Beaded Animals
learn to make beaded jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, hairclips
Beaded Jewelry
learn to make 3-d beaded hearts
Beaded Hearts
learn to make 3-d beaded flowers
Beaded Flowers

The two URL addresses for this website are 3Dbeading.com and 3DBeading.com. The best resolution for viewing this site is 1280 x 800. The minimum required in order to view without horizontal scrolling is 1024 x 768.

I have created instructions on how to draw a beading diagram in the free program Inkscape and in Adobe Illustrator. Scroll down for the links. Enjoy and please submit your beading patterns to this website! You can email them to me at allegra@3dbeading.com

How to Draw a Beading Diagram:

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About the site:

This website is a beading community website, where beaders meet each other and learn together on how to bead. There are quite a few free beading patterns, with 3D patterns being our specialty, but certainly 2D patterns are welcome as well. This site is a team effort, in order to bring the best possible service we can provide and in the hopes of sharing what we have learned about beading. The site is managed by Allegra and her team: Jax, Celeste, Lucy, Jen, Vanessa, and Lynn. Laura was a former manager, who unfortunately passed away. She will be dearly missed.

Allegra first discovered beading several years ago, when she was shopping in Chinatown and came across a lady's store which sold nothing but beadwork of all varieties, from animals to hearts, to jewelry. She had always thought beading meant stringing beads onto a piece of string and wearing it as a necklace. Although she had to wait an hour for the lady to have time to teach her how to bead, it was well worth it! She continues to try to invent new patterns, and started this site about 5 years ago. She's also a pharmacist on the side (but beading is her favourite profession!)

Unfortunately, Laura has passed away from cystic fibrosis. But we will leave her paragraph here in memory of her and her profoundly positive impact on this website. Laura first came across the Japanese technique of beading after visiting this website in Feb '08 and tried several of the free patterns posted by Allegra. After this she was hooked! She used the site to learn how to 3D bead and also began using Japanese Beading Pattern books to make a whole selection of beaded charms. She started selling them to family & friends and now she's starting out online too. Last summer, she got involved in helping Allegra come up with the new pattern designs and will be submitting new patterns to the site as regularly as she can.

Jax began her interest in beads as a teenager but never got much farther than a few loomwork pieces on her own. After moving to California in 2004, she learned peyote from her neighbor Mary and couldn't get enough. She took a two year break from beading while she completed an LVN program. After graduation, she began beading and selling items again. Finding Allegra's site sparked her interest in dimensional beading and she is looking forward to being able to contribute more patterns in the future.

Celeste discovered the world of beading in October of 2008, and ever since, she's been hooked! It all started when she looked for animals made of beads. She came across 3-D versions, and immediately had to find out how to make them! Allegra's site struck her as the website with the best community, where she could learn the art. Beading is one of her many hobbies, along with making bedding for small animals. She opened a shop specializing in bedding and toys for small pets, and also offers beaded jewelry and animals. She lives with her boyfriend of six years, and has an incredible passion for animals, great and small.

Jen has been doing all sorts of crafts for as long as she can remember. Shes always had a natural affinity for it. Beading was discovered when she was looking for ideas for chainmail, which led to other jewellery sites including beading. Like Allegra, she thought beading was just stringing some beads onto thread. She learnt many sorts of different stitches in beadweaving from all sorts of places. In August 2008, beadjewelrymaking.com and 3dbeading.com were the main sites that helped to teach her 3 dimensional beading. From there she was hooked.

Lucy, Vanessa and Lynn are avid contributors to the site. Although they have not created bios of themselves, you will be sure to see plenty of them around on the site (in the forums especially).

Enjoy the site, and know that your dedicated team is working continuously on trying to make this website more interactive, so that the visitors can participate and contribute as well, so we can all learn together! Anyone interested in either posting their patterns free or for payment, may contact me via email at allegra@3dbeading.com. There is a small commission from sales that go towards hosting and maintaing the website and domain name, but the vast majority goes to the author via paypal.

Pattern Policy:

We don't like to get serious, but recent events have required us to make this statement. Please don't reproduce the patterns on this site onto your own site, or sell the patterns for money. You can post a picture of the finished product and tell your visitors where to find the pattern. Reproducing the same thing on the internet is not of use to anyone.

You may sell the finished products of any pattern on this site, however. In other words, you can sell any beaded animals, hearts, jewelry, etc. that you make by following the instructions on this site. If you're selling on the internet, a link to our site in your links section would be nice! Good luck!

Printing the patterns:

We recommend you print the patterns using Internet Explorer 7, rather than Firefox, because IE7 does not print the sidebars, while Firefox does. You may otherwise view the site online in either browser, with an identical experience (we recommend a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 to view the site optimally, or at minimum 1024 x 768 to prevent horizontal scrolling).

In Internet Explorer 7:
To make the menu bar appear in IE7, click the Alt key on your keyboard. Then, in the Tools menu, go to Internet Options, and under the Advanced tab, make sure that "Print background colors and images" is unchecked. Next, highlight with your mouse over all the images and text on the page, to select them. This step isn't necessary, unless you want to save a bit of ink by not printing any of the comments at the bottom of the pattern page you are printing. Next, go to the File menu, then click Print Preview. In Print Preview, select the Landscape button (the "A" on a sheet of paper icon, on the right of the Portrait button). Printing Landscape allows the text and diagrams to both show with ample room. Finally, select from the drop-down menu, "As selected on screen". Here is an example screen shot of what your preview will look like. The only exception is that this screen shot shows you Portrait view rather than Landscape view.

In Firefox:
Although Firefox is great for viewing the site online, it is not as efficient with printing the beading patterns, because it does print the sidebars, which can be a bit ink-intensive, with the pattern thumbnails and all. But you are welcome to try it.
The best way to print the patterns is by clicking on the File menu, then select Print Preview. In Print Preview, click the "Landscape" button (to the right of the Portrait button). This allows the text and images ample room to sit beside each other on the paper. Beside "Scale", click on "Shrink to Fit". Click on the Page Setup button. Make sure that under Options, "Print background (colors and images)" is unchecked. You should end up with a black text on white background printout of the pattern fit to your paper width, in landscape orientation, so that there is ample room for the picture next to the text. You can also preview all the pages to see if there are any pages that are just filled with comments about the pattern. If so, print only the pages containing the pattern (ie, when you click on Print, select the page range containing pattern material only). You can't tell the printer to print only the selected pattern elements like you can in IE7. So you can try with Firefox, but if you have IE7, try with that one too. Good luck!

  Beader Comments:
 Elizabeth Vawter on June 17, 2016:
Triying to figure out this site. I'm a loom beader, but always interested in new art projects
 OCD on May 30, 2016:
Such lovely beading patterns. I like the Japanese 3D patterns they range from simple to extremely difficult. Don't know how anyone can design these from scratch they must used a software. I can make charms and other jewellery that often don't require bead weaving. What stresses me out is I can find specific beads and their colours. Anyone tried dressed up doll Miyuki kits yet? they are hard and took me 2 days to complete most of which I had to redo the section.
 colleen on December 15, 2015:
Your dedication, hard work & wonderful tutorials is much appreciated.
 Lorraine on November 30, 2015:
would love to finding the 3d hummingbird pattern.....ljleszczak@hotmail.com
 fatma on November 25, 2015:
 Allegra on November 12, 2015:
Hi ilekesekee, would love to have you on the team. I'll email you to discuss.
 Lynn on November 9, 2015:
@ ilekesekee... Have forwarded your comments to 'the boss'...
 ilekesekee@yahoo.com on November 9, 2015:
How do I become a contributor/instructor on this page?.
 ilekesekee@yahoo.com on November 9, 2015:
Thanks to this site 4yrs ago when I needed to learn 3D Animation. Today I've introduced the Beading Table I developed back then to other Nigerian Beaders and some other animals I carved with beads from my creative idea. Thnx
 banjo abosede on August 11, 2015:
Ur page has been very helpful to me, am a fresh learner and I have learnt a great deal here. Thanks a lot. Please I want to learn flower brooch for my beaded necklace
 Lele on July 26, 2015:
Looking for 3d hummingbird pattern and Saphira (dragon) pattern. Please and thank you
 Sheila Weston on January 3, 2015:
Does anyone know where I can find the pattern for the 3D beaded seahorse please/
 Padma on January 1, 2015:
I have instructions on how to do a Knight for a chess piece and i do not understand how to do it. Can anyone help me make the piece if i send them instructions and see if they understand the instructions better.
 tahany on November 7, 2014:
I love you
 cheyenne on October 15, 2014:
this does not help I need pony bead stuff.!!!!
 eda on October 13, 2014:
can i request for swan tutorial?
my email shuhaidahsalehin@yahoo.com.my
 Debbie on August 28, 2014:
I have been looking free patterns to make the 3d beaded hummingbird, owl and the eagle. if someone email me at debazh1@gmail.com Thank you
 angela on August 10, 2014:
hi does anyone know where i can get a pattern for a wire beaded owl ive tried most places
 jasmine on June 7, 2014:
it good but i am looking for 3d animals or cretures not jewlery
 mel on May 18, 2014:
am looking for a 3d beaded hummingbird pattern Guatemalan style. can you help. thanks
 Vanessa on April 13, 2014:
I have been looking through all the requests, under each title , and am wondering if everyone asking for patterns, are checking out the Forum here, as there are many patterns there, that people are requesting. Please search the Forum, as you might find what you are looking for.
 lola on April 8, 2014:
i like beaded work
 riham soliman on March 31, 2014:
i hope learned beanding
 puhnken on March 1, 2014:
Can someone please tell me where I can find a pattern for a 3D Frog? Would like to make it with crystals. Email me at puhnken@bellsouth.net. TY.
Sent you two patterns... check yr spam box if you do not see them...
 FATIMA on February 15, 2014:
amie bcp cette modelles
 Lynn on January 29, 2014:
@ Debbie... sorry for late reply... problems with my comp... I do not do much 3D beading so I am not able to help... hopefully someone else with help...
 Debbie on January 23, 2014:
I should ask is any place have printable 3D animals Flower etc. to do?? Been looking and all I found is keeps gping to the same places or different place/
 Debbie on January 23, 2014:
Where to find the 3D printable Hummingbird and other birds ? I have been taken alover the place Thank you
 Lynn on January 19, 2014:
@Debbie... not sure what u are asking... can you clarify..?
 Debbie on January 19, 2014:
Where do you find all the free printables that I have miss
 Susan on December 29, 2013:
I have been doing beaded flowers for a few years now. I was wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a pattern for beaded cattails. Thank you.
 Eric on November 18, 2013:
Beading is lots of fun.
 Person on August 16, 2013:
 chez on August 10, 2013:
 Carol on July 27, 2013:
I am looking for patterns of all kinds of animals I really would like the dragon and a whale..but would appreciate any and all .......thank you

these can be sent to my email address dustyrose2005@msn.com
 Cathi on July 23, 2013:
Do you have a pattern for a beaded high heel? I want to make my daughter one so badly, but I can't find a pattern. Thanks!
 Momi on June 30, 2013:
Do you have a pattern with instructions for a crystal beaded 3d hello kitty wearing a kimono????
 dawn nguyen on June 2, 2013:
hores patten
 dawn nguyen on June 2, 2013:
snake ,dragon,goat pattern
 marwa saeid on May 4, 2013:
it,s wonderful
 fiza on February 27, 2013:
i need a pattern of parrot if anyone has one please mail me at faizakhalid2010@hotmail.com.... if possible .thankyou
 Kay at teddy_bear0301@yahoo.com on February 6, 2013:
i need a pattern of a motorbike if anyone has one can you email it to me at teedy_bear0301@yahoo.com thank you
 josephine basile on January 13, 2013:
would like to learn how to bead 3d parrott
 Melissa on January 12, 2013:
I keep seeing "no sign up required" and normally I don't want to sign up, but lately when I do my searches I end up here. To me, that means I should probably just check here first. I just recently posted a request for a pattern, and if I get any answers, it will just make me want to join even more. It means that the community is acutally interactive and helpful, that is the only kind of community I want to be part of. I have seen that people are pretty helpful already so I have high hopes. Basically, I want to be part of the comminity. I would like to join. Do you not have a sign up at all? I mean, I agree that having it open is super nice and conviant, but I would like to actaully sign in, maybe make a small profile of my chosen craft, my favorit patterns, which threads I have posted, you know, just basic stuff nothing fancy. If you haven't had this feature yet, maybe you can consider it? I will be comming here no matter what, cause so far I still like what I see. Keep up the awesomeness! And thank you for giving us all a place to get real help on our special projects!
 Lynn on November 23, 2012:
Jackie C... Sorry to hear about yr friend. use yr library for a book by Diane Fitzgerald called The Beaded Garden. Shows how to make various leaves, waterlilly, pansy, orchid, rose, tulip, calyx and lots more. Hope this helps.
 Jackie Copeland on November 23, 2012:
I am looking for detailed pattern on how to make flowers out of seed beads.I lost my best friend of 25 years in August. She wanted to make some flowers out of seed beads but she never got to do it,so I want to make her some.I have looked and looked for patterns, but I can't find any. If you know where I can find some please help me out,even if I have to pay for the patterns. I need step by step instructions. I've made a lot of things with beads, but not any flowers.Please help me if you can. Thanks
 Lynn on October 29, 2012:
Hi angela... Good place to start is your local library... Couple of books I would recommend from the "Stitch Workshop" series are Peyote Stitch (isbn 978-0-87116-423-0) and Right Angle Weave (isbn 978-0-87116-455-1) both from Kalmbach Books who publish Bead & Button Mag., BeadStyle Mag. etc. These books cover how to do the stitches and lots of easy patterns for advanced results. I always check a book out at the library first before I buy... Happy beading...
 angela on October 29, 2012:
hi im new to bead and am looking for someone to guide through the steps of weaveing
 ezeh jane on October 23, 2012:
thank u help me alot
 alan on October 14, 2012:
thank for the site christy
 christy on October 12, 2012:
allcoolcrafts.com have free and easy to follow 3D beading
 carol on September 18, 2012:
am still looking foe the vase pattern please
 beck flores on September 12, 2012:
hi. can i request a pattern of beading a swan?
 make money online on September 7, 2012:
I love your 3dbeading.com, keep us up to date
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 Jillie on August 9, 2012:
I just found your site not long ago and I noticed there is not much activity. Do you need some help? I am retired from the Army and sitting at home all day, so I would be happy to help! I do lots of jewelry and have just recently done some 3-D stuff. I also can do websites and graphic design and my bachelor's is in Marketing. My Masters is in Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies, probably not much help there! Just email me if you are interested. Thanks! My blog is at http://makingsnmusings.blogspot.com/
Happy Beading!
 beader on July 22, 2012:
I'm new to this site.They look very cute. I'm looking forward to start my first project.
 crystal on June 27, 2012:
It says free horse pattern but its not there
 BeadEbeads on June 18, 2012:
Im looking to make a 3Dbeaded tigger ( im would likew to make one sor my daughter ) but cant fined one anywhere, does anyone know how to make one ... if so would you please email it to me on Beadebeads@yahoo.co.uk.... thankyou :) x
 Lisa on May 29, 2012:
Hi all. Many years ago I was given a small beading craft kit. It consisted of all I needed to bead a ladybird. It used the 2 needle method, and thread not wire. I have had a go at using wire, and dont like it. I have been trying to find patterns for 3D animals using the 2 needle and thread method without success. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks so much.
 Lynn on May 2, 2012:
Judi W... Go to the home page and almost at the bottom you will find helpful instructions for printing the patterns... any more problems, let us know
 Judy W on May 1, 2012:
How do I get the free patterns to print all the instructions?
 Lynn on April 19, 2012:
Jackie M... Did you check your e-mail 'spam' box?... Have sent a message to our tech support...
 Jackie M on April 19, 2012:
I have paid for a pattern, got my receipt showing that I have paid for it, but have no clue how to actually get the design. The pattern did not get sent to me in email or as part of a download button as there was no download button anywhere before or after I bought the pattern. Can you please help me out with this since I have already paid for this?
 Anne Tay on April 17, 2012:
Do you have the how to for beading train? I've ever seen a shop sell it before - train head then followed by carriages (squarish boxes). Interesting project.
 Lynn on March 21, 2012:
Lori... Have you seen the instructions for printing (above).. If this does not solve your problem add another post and I will follow up to get it sorted for you.
 Lori Lindquist on March 19, 2012:
Tried to print your free seafoam pattern but it won't print every second step. I would really like to try this design.
 Maria Q. Kelly on March 8, 2012:
I just bought your pearl ring pattern. It was $2.99 and I paid with paypal. When I printed it, the pictures were good but all of the instructions were unreadable. Please send me the instructions. Thank you, mariaqkelly@charter.net
 smith on March 7, 2012:
I appreciated your kind way of knowledge.Great Stuff Here..hope more to come.
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 Abbey Wickwire on February 26, 2012:
great site
 Betty Miranda on February 6, 2012:
I love this site-I am just learning .But I want a tiger head or face for earrings, I love inkscape and I want to thank you. I will send you a picture of some of my work.
 3cs new project in gurgaon on February 4, 2012:
3D beading seems to be the greatest of the greatest art. Keep blogging more, i will appreciate.-http://www.new3csprojectgurgaon.com
 EamesChair on February 4, 2012:
I was looking for something like thisI found it I am bookmarking this and sharing with my friends on facebook, twitter and my space.
Eames Chair
 from Latvia:):* on January 30, 2012:
hello.3D beading is very beautiful,but its very difficult too!I want to make a bear but I do not know the 3d tehniku.varbūt is a website where you can learn 3D beading scheme? please please help me:*:):**
 Our Deals on January 27, 2012:
3D beading is a good artwork to work in. It is quite innovative. Keep posting more on the same.
 christina on January 14, 2012:
i found a good web site for 3d bead work it has good and easy to follow videos. www.allcoolcrafts.com there is winnie the pooh, hello kitty and much more. thanks
 pesumasinad on January 12, 2012:
This is a new concept i came across.do you really think that this could work.
 Alli Meyers on November 17, 2011:
I just wanted to thank the creators of this site. The instructions & patterns are easy to follow & pleasant images to see.
 Allegra on November 13, 2011:
Thanks everyone for your comments and input! We read every comment and use the information to improve your visitor experience on the site. Your continued support of this beading website is greatly appreciated.
 shantha asuri on October 12, 2011:
i like this site, i do lot of design,like animals vehicals etc
 Sonu on October 7, 2011:
Cool. Interesting place I must say. I just ended up finding this place while browsing the internet for some assignment. Its a great job you people are doing. Keep Up the great job. I'll be visiting this place frequently.

 Annette Santana on September 28, 2011:
great choice
 brooke on September 23, 2011:
Ive just discovered you. Been working on beaded flowers for some time now, though I have so much to learn. Inspiration and how to are wonderful!! Thank You!
 cutie on September 10, 2011:
where can i get free patterns of beaded miniature dress? please help me..thanks
 Caro on September 8, 2011:
Hey, I am a new one. I m starting to bead. My Kid s wanna know how someone make the Hello Kitty Things. I wanna know how I make the gecko s.Please can you help me in this way. Thank s a lot. Please contact me at fangbanger1000@web.de
 Jennifer on September 2, 2011:
Hi, I'm asking again for anyone with the 3d motorcyle pattern....could I please have it? It's important to me. Thank you!
 anne on August 30, 2011:
hi im new here...pls help me i was looking for a pattern for winnie the pooh plss i hope someone will help me...thnaks to this site.::)
 Jennifer on August 26, 2011:
Hi everyone! I'm new here and I saw someone posted the pattern for the 3d beaded motorcycle. The pic is not clear if I blow it up. Could someone who has been given the pattern send it to me also? I'm very impatient to get it! Very excited at the prospect of doing it! Pls email it to jennifertwin@hotmail.com. I really would like to have it. If I have to pay it won't be a problem. Thank you so much!
 morristhecat22 on August 23, 2011:
I am having problems printing the patterns on this site. When I send it to my printer it leaves gaps in the pages, leaving out part of the instructions. I have tried printing it at 80% and the gaps are just in another place in the instructions. Is there a way to get around this?
 Jacqueline on August 3, 2011:
my godmother got me hooked on 3d beading..... i hope you will post how to make a 3d PANDA!!!!
 keylogger free on August 2, 2011:
Great post. It has got lovely patterns. I really like Beading Patterns. Thanks for the post.
 rina on July 26, 2011:
well can u jst provide free beading pattern of hand bag.
 Randy on July 24, 2011:
Jen you got great talent, Your beads design looks very beautiful. thanks
 DarkDrax on July 20, 2011:
hi, im new on this website, can anyone tell me how to make a 2D dragon?
 Morta on July 15, 2011:
can somebody help me? how to do this http://wanderingbutterfly.deviantart.com/art/Bead-Eiffel-Tower-170201548 ?? maybe somebody has a pattern for this??
 LuLu on June 28, 2011:
Hallo, great thanks for good ideas.
I really plese you fot a pattent-bead MOTORBIKE. I love motorbikes and I want to have bead one but I do not know how can I make it . :( I very please you for some links where can I find some motorbike pattents.
Thanks a lot.
 pen box on June 28, 2011:
pen boxThis is a really excellent read for me. Must agree that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this informative article.
 CLAUDETTE on June 17, 2011:
 Lynn (Allegra's team) on June 17, 2011:
Bead n Be Happy... we don't ask any personal information of our site visitors and request the same privacy and respect for ourselves... and thanks for being a fan of our site.
 Bead n Be Happy!!! on June 17, 2011:
Lovely n simple patterns though!!!
I haven't heard from u guys recently, tho yea, I know u hav hectic lives, but just so u know, my fav pastime is reading comments on blogs n sites!!!! Roflmaoqwerty!!!!!!!!!!! Tee heehee haahaa hehe buagaagaahaaa just kidding jk jk jk
 Jus keep smiling:):) on June 17, 2011:
I am officially changing my extremely wonderful creation of a name to a even more ingenious name 'Bead n Be Happy!!!'
Btw, Allegra and Allegra's team, where do u live in which country in which continent on earth?? N n n is d Chinatown mentioned above d S'pore 1? N where's Toronto ?
 Jus keep smiling:):):) on June 16, 2011:
Nice site I lurve anything artistic n aestetic n whatever. LMAO!!!!:):):) teehee......
 kristy la la la on June 4, 2011:
cool can't what to try them out
 Image consulting on June 1, 2011:
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 Allegra on May 3, 2011:
To Meg: We have more beading patterns than ever on 3Dbeading.com, and more are being created and added every day. There used to be several images of unfinished patterns in the galleries, but we decided for clarity to only have images of finished patterns. Of course, once those patterns are finished, the beading pattern and its image will be posted in the pattern gallery again.

To Tess: It's been a while! Happy to have you back. Can't wait to see what you make!
 Tess on April 27, 2011:
Hello Allegra! Very nice new beading patterns. Cant wait to try em out. :D
Which means my bf will once again freak out lols.
 Meg on April 26, 2011:
This site used to have a lots of stuffs what happened??
 martha on April 23, 2011:
grandiosa la pagina, muchas gracias, hace tiempo queria hacer un corazon no sabia como, y gracias a su pagina, puedo hacer muchas cosas mas que queria hacer, gracias .
 Allegra on April 22, 2011:
What article are you talking about? We don't write articles or blogs. Although I've always considered trying it... This is a beading pattern website!
 buy facebook fans on April 21, 2011:
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 Forklift Sales on April 19, 2011:
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 Fraxel Melbourne on April 15, 2011:
I am looking for bird patterns, esp. parrots. If you know of any books and/or websites, I'd really appreciate the info
 bybvubvuavghoHBDVUodndji on April 14, 2011:
My fav is 3d panda
 Sammy Johnson on April 14, 2011:
i love bead pets i think they are cool i wanna learn how to make bead pets!!!!
 Sammy Johnson on April 14, 2011:
i love bead pets i think they are cool i wanna learn how to make bead pets!!!!
 Hokulani on April 9, 2011:
Thank you for making this site... I love it!
 Amanda on April 5, 2011:
Can you get a donald duck 3d version i would really appreciate it thank you
 Allegra on March 15, 2011:
Hi Rachel, that sounds awesome. I would love to see your video. Thanks.
 Rachel on March 7, 2011:
Hi Allegra! I absolutely adore your patterns, especially the beaded Hello Kitty :) I emailed the link to a friend who attempted the pattern but she said she couldn't follow the photos easily, that she would do alot better if she could see it done in person. Now, I understand your policy about not selling or reproducing the pattern on other sites but does that include doing a video tutorial (none of the pattern photos would be used) on youtube? Of course this site link would be posted to the video description and credit for the creator of the pattern would be given in the beginning of the video. Would this be against your policy?
 Lourdes De Castro on February 28, 2011:
Good Day Alegra. Im Lourdes De Castro from the Phillipines. I would like to request, (if its ok), the pattern of the Horse that shown above. My 5 years old son Louwin, has been asking me to make him that horse since he saw the Horse picture above. And i would love to suprise him one day by giving him his request. Please......., please,......please.... Thank you very much, my email add is lourdesdecastro72@yahoo.com
 Allegra on January 25, 2011:
To Emy, I don't understand your question. What is a PSA? Do I have a what?
 creative jay on January 7, 2011:
nice beadings. i love them all. am into beadings too with flower verses and other decorations and i really love to learn more. pls can you send me some patterns like the cross and the concepts involved. Cheers
 Eryka Garbutt on December 27, 2010:
I have been bitten by the beading bug and have been looking for designs that are a little different. Thank you for sharing. I shall also be subscribing to the newsletter.
 Emy Stewart on December 12, 2010:
Hi there!! I own a website similar to you. I also have link exchange with this website. www.allcoolcrafts.com. I have question which does not relate to the bead, but about the ads on the site. I saw a lot of ads by Google on your site. I put 1 ads on my site, but right now I have problem. It shows the PSAs instate of normal ads like yours. The Google pro said I had no privacy and policy that was required by Google. I couldn't find from your site either. Do you have one? They said something about cookies, which I don't know anything about that. Please kindly advice.
 audi prices on November 22, 2010:
i just wanna thank you for sharing your information and your site or blog this is simple but nice article I've ever seen i like it i learn something today... audi pricer
 Yvette on November 22, 2010:
Love your site
 stefania on November 18, 2010:
what a fabbo website! So happy to have stumbled upon it. thank you for creating and maintaining this lovely site. will there be any free frog patterns available on this site soon? =^..^=
 jane on November 17, 2010:
i need more idea on flower making,ring and neacklaces
 Web Copywriter on October 8, 2010:
I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned.I wanted to thank you for this great article!! I enjoyed every little bit part of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.
 Beading Billy on October 4, 2010:
This site is great, thank you very very much!!!
 jane on October 1, 2010:
awesome site!!!..... happy to hav found it... :D
 zulatry on September 16, 2010:
That'll be great, if TUBULAR (CELLINI) and FLAT PEYOTE SPIRAL patterns could take place among your other great tutorials. Please accept my thanks for your generousity.
 Eileen Rine on September 4, 2010:
I'm fairly new at this and very intrigued with it. I love to craft.
 Kalinna on August 12, 2010:
Happy beading all! Has anyone seen or heard of a pattern for a 3D geisha, Sumo Wrestler, or Samurai Sword? If so I'd greatly appreciate your sharing the link or info with me at: kalinna2@live.com. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help :) Kalinna
 Jen on July 31, 2010:
Here's our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/3dbeadingcom/110360228997878
 AlexeyOne on July 18, 2010:
 KathysScraps on July 15, 2010:
In Firefox, use your mouse and highlight everything you wish to print, go to File/Print and choose SELECTION to pint just what you highlighted. Great web site, are you on facebook?
 Kristen Green on June 18, 2010:
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 OlsenMadeleine on June 18, 2010:
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 Hailey on June 11, 2010:
My mom showed me this website and she showed me how to make a 3d heart thank you webstieeeee i love that heart it is so cool
 Tami on June 6, 2010:
I hope this comment finds you well ;-) I had to tell you that your designs are the best I've found yet! Thank you for sharing so much. I haven't beaded for a while, but getting back into it with such unique patterns will keep me busy for a long while. Blessings ;-)
 Jen on June 2, 2010:
Thanks for your understanding Lynn
 Lynn {crafty-@hotmail.com} on June 1, 2010:
I just read your email about the spam problem and the health problems all of you are going through, I am so sorry to hear about this and I hope that everything turns out for the best for all of you. Hang in there.
 DragonBeading on May 8, 2010:
Does anyone know how to make it hollow, but 3D-looking?I have tried looking up how to make it look 3D, because I am trying to make a dragon, which is hard when you don't know how to make a 3-Dimensional one. If anyone knows, can they at least give me a link or something on how to make connecting rows of beads, to make it look 3D. Thanks. Oh, and awesome animals to! XD
 carol on April 9, 2010:
could someone send me the pattern for the motorbike please in english robinsonw@in2net.co.nz thanks
 CAROL on April 2, 2010:
 em on April 2, 2010:
not to bug you again, but um, yeah. updates? i signed up for the newsletter thing last year, and have received a grand total of two emails, both to do with allegra and her pharmacy exams. congrats, not can we please have some new patterns?
 Dianne on April 1, 2010:
A friend of mine has a miniture beaded tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and a coffee pot. They are made with pearls and gold beads. I have been tring to make a set and I am having a problem figurering out how the bottom of the cramer is beaded. It needs to be a circle and I believe it is beaded first before the sides of the creamer. I know how to make the sides and the rest of the creamer, but I just can not figure out how to make the circle of small beads and then go up on the sides. If you have a pattern for this I would like to see it.
Thank you
e-mail dlggibbons@wildblue.net
 Machintosh Apple on March 30, 2010:
Do you do seed bead 3-d patterns??? I only have those really tiny beads, and this sight so far doesn't help much. Please update!
 Molly on March 30, 2010:
Whats going on with this site? there havnt been updates in a long time :(
 Ansie Rossouw on March 16, 2010:
Where can I find the Beaded Hello Kitty with skirt Pattern on your webside
 Anna on March 5, 2010:
Your design s are beautiful, amazing design greetings from Polish
 Anh on March 3, 2010:
I love the turtle pattern. Can you please email it to me (aphuong33@hotmail.com). Thank you.
 Linnie on February 27, 2010:
I have been intrigued by 3D bead art for a long time - great website!!!
 ronni on February 4, 2010:
just found your site, love it, keep up the good work
 Amanda on February 4, 2010:
I would like to thank everyone for the hard work you have put into these patterns.. I am new to the whole beading things... if someone could please send me some patterns to my email i would appreciate it... whscrazygurl05@yahoo.com
 em on January 25, 2010:
ive been here for a year now, and although i dont want to be "that person", i would enjoy a few more patterns.
thanks for all the work you've already put in. :)
 Cathy on January 23, 2010:
I was in a bead group a few years ago they had patterns of nite lights,frog,turtle,light house,bear looking for these patterns again if anyone has any please send them to me BluBird314@aol.com
 mary on January 21, 2010:
TY so much for the Chihuahua pattern.....but does anyone have one using crystals instead of sead beads?? I have seen one with heart earts but i cant find the pattern.....I can get a pic if u need to see it.....TY in advance.... Mben04564@hotmail.com
 cdbeader on January 20, 2010:
Hi, does anybody have the 1, 2 & 3 sushi patterns from Bead & Button?
 Laura Woodward on January 18, 2010:
love to beaed
 Veronika on January 16, 2010:
Hi! I just want to thank you for this site. It's awesome! I love your patterns, because I can understand them clearly. You help me to improve my beading! You're the best 3d beading site! Much thanks from Czech Republic!
 shazia on January 7, 2010:
good work
 aimee on November 19, 2009:
anyone with 3d patterns email them to me thank you
 Kim on November 15, 2009:
I just posted and forgot to put my email which is wilsonpk@nc.rr.com
 Kim on November 15, 2009:
I need an idea for a 5" tall cross made out of beads..have to use red, silver, and gold and 5th graders have to be able to make them. I'm running out of time getting supplies, etc since the event is in 9 days. Thanks to anyone with some great ideas.
 Ling-Ling on November 10, 2009:
alrite fine by me, i'll post it up this weekend. sorry about the wait melissa i have been sick and then had like a ton of make up work to do for school and its been not fun so yeah i'm sorry
 Carl Teng on October 14, 2009:
Hi,everybody,first thank Melissa for all her work on this platform.Actually i am a 3dbeading maker.I have a workshop where more than 10people are working here making 3dbeadings for our customers. I have been focused on this website for a long time.There are many great works.I like them very much.I hope we can discuss and creat more items.My website is www.welovebeaded.com and you can contact with me through tengcarl@yahoo.com
 Jen on October 9, 2009:
Hi Ling Ling

instead of sending patterns to individual emails you can upload tham into the forum, then everyone can enjoy them. I'd like to see the pattern myself actually
 melissa on October 2, 2009:
Sorry My email is melissacharms@yahoo.com
 Melissa on September 30, 2009:
Hello Ling-Ling yes I would like those direction,you can send them to my email melissacharm@yahoo.com thanks you soooo much
 Ling-Ling on September 29, 2009:
hey Marissa! i hav a really awesome looking strawberry pattern i am willing to give you. the direction style is a bit different than the directions on this site but it ends up with a pretty awesome in my opinion. would you like it?
 Melissa on September 24, 2009:
Hello, I am trying to find a pattern thats shows you how to a make an all crystal strawberry using swarovski bicones, If someone has an answer please reply to my request
 Freesia on September 20, 2009:
Hi. I love the look of the teddy bear. I am bit craft challenged.... so if I'd like to buy something like this bear, how much would you charge me ? Can I specify the size of the bear ? I like it to be 2 or 3 inches in height. Hope someone can respond to me. Thanks.
 glenn tan mora on September 11, 2009:
I'm making beaded jewelries as a hobby. making baskets and fruits out of acrylic and/or swarovski beads caught my interest. I wanted to make some and make it as a gift for the coming season...Please help me get some patterns and instructions how to make some. My eamil is gorgeousglenn2003@yahoo.com..More Power!!!
 Beth on September 5, 2009:
I love this website. I have been looking for more 3d things to bead. I am looking to make a kangaroo. If anyone sees one please email me at beadsbybeth@hotmail.com Thanks!
 Ling-Ling on August 9, 2009:
hey! first of all i love this website! it's the best!
second, does anyone hav a dolphin pattern they are willing to share? if you guys do can you send me an email? its basketballchick_268@yahoo.com
 Amanda trader on August 5, 2009:
It's fun making ur creations xD.I hope you can make more very soon :]
 Jax on August 5, 2009:
Thanks Tammy, and yes we are all sort of occupied right now Julie. We do this site on our spare time and at least for me, summer is bad with all the kids home and such. I have one pattern ready to go but I need a quiet hour or so to upload it so hopefully I can do that in the next week or so. There are more in the works too, they just take some time to get finished! In the meantime, head over to the forum and you will find tons of patterns and links everybody has uploaded to share. Happy Beading :)
 tammy on August 5, 2009:
this website and the people on it are incredible artists. keep up the great work and i look forward to enjoying this site! thanks so much :)
 Julie on August 4, 2009:
Hi, I love this website but there havnt been any new patterns for a long time. Is Allegra away?
 celebes30 on July 28, 2009:
Whoa! out of world! Finally a website and forum for 3-D beading! Its soo cool and about time that somebody started one. Many thanks and hope u will inspire others to take up and make 3-D beading.
 kathy on July 26, 2009:
do u have the instructions on how to make beaded shoes? not beads sewn on shoes but the whole shoe made of beads? those small little ones from japanese books?

 FATU on July 17, 2009:
HERE IS A GR8 SITE FOR JEWELLERY PATTERNS-http://www.bumblebees-beads.com/gallery-c/r-bb05y-04.php
 FATU on July 17, 2009:
HERE IS A LINK TO THE SITE WITH THE DOLLS-http://www.sova-enterprises.com/gallery/gallery.php IT IS THE FAIRY AND THE MERMAID DOLL
 FATU on July 17, 2009:
 Allegra on July 17, 2009:
Hi Ruby! I fixed it. Sorry about that. Someone had posted a comment with a lot of m's in a row with no spaces (about a hundred or two!) and the page expanded to fit them all in. I edited out the train of m's from their comment so it should load fine now. Enjoy!
 Ruby♥ on July 15, 2009:
I love this site! I've tried almost all of the patterns! =)
I haven't been able to log on, but today i visited the site to check for new things but when i went to "animals" i couldn't really see the pictures. it's like i have to scroll to the left but there isn't a scroll bar. on all of the other things like "hearts, forum, jewelry, etc. i can see everything. the only one i'm unable to see is "animals". do you think you can fix the problem? oh! and jen, i love the beaded handbag! it's so cute! but do you think you could put up a pattern?
oh! and i made a bracelet with a ring attached to it.. i think it's called a slave bracelet.. well anyway . . i used the ring pattern from this site and pretty much just did the rest on my own and it looked really pretty. I think it would be really cool if you put some of those kinds of patterns.. if you would like to see the one i made just email me at : RubyR93@yahoo.com
-thnx ~ I ♥ this site! =)
 aimee on July 5, 2009:
hey, if any one has any 3d beading patterns at all.anything would be awesome!! could you please email them to me at aimee_mooy@hotmail.com
Thank you =D =D
 Kathy on June 15, 2009:
I can't wait!!
 Nor on June 13, 2009:
what is the easiest pattern on this site? I've done some easy bugs but i want a harder and prettier pattern. Help?
 my_beading_heart on June 10, 2009:
Hello everybody!
First: Ling-Ling, thank you for the parrot pattern. I finished it ... I just have not taken a picture. I will post the picture on my squidoo lens as soon as I have it available.

I have another pattern request, if anyone has a flamingo pattern or know of a web site or book that has it, I will swap patterns with you. my email address is c_lohr@hotmail.com

Allegra - again, great site! everybody has been wonderful and so generous sharing beading patterns and all sort of info ... Thank you very much !!!
 Ling-Ling on June 5, 2009:
Hey Mini-Squishy!
i have a few sealife fish patterns i am willing to share with you. the instructions are in chinese but the diagrams look pretty clear!
if you want some send me an email: basketballchick_268@yahoo.com
 my_beading_heart on June 4, 2009:
Mini-Squishy -
I have a couple of fish patterns and also other sea life. Please visit my squidoo lens: http://www.squidoo.com/DIY-BEADED-ANIMALS to see some of the 3D beaded animals I've made.
 Mini-Squishy on June 1, 2009:
If anyone has any sealife(fishies and stuff) I'd really appreiciate some help on finding some patterns. all the stuff on this site is great too I spend a lot of time here.
 Jen on May 21, 2009:
Deanna, I have this same problem, we couldn't figure out what the problem was. I found it was only happening in Firefox, so if you need to see the rest of it use Internet Explorer instead. I just swap between them.
 LIng-Ling on May 20, 2009:
hey my_beading_heart!
i would love to have that star you have plus i hav a really neat parrot in a book i got from China the instructions are in chinese but the diagrams are pretty clear. send me an email if you want it basketballchick_268@yahoo.com
 my_beading_heart on May 16, 2009:
Hello -
I am looking for bird patterns, esp. parrots. If you know of any books and/or websites, I'd really appreciate the info
 Deanna on May 11, 2009:
Dear Allegra: I really enjoy your site but I have one question about it. There is a column on the left side of your site that blocks various pictures, etc. on your site - in other words there are pictures and things under the column that I can't see - am wondering if it is possible to move that column so that the various articles, pictures, etc. that are under it can be seen. I've tried clicking on the top of the column to no avail - it doesn't move, doesn't get smaller or anything else. Am wondering what can be done about it? Thanks and keep up the wonderful work. Lots of hugs to you.
 my_beading_heart on May 11, 2009:
To Heather -
I have a couple of 3D crystal star patterns but the instructions are in Chinese. If you are interested, email me at c_lohr@hotmail.com and I will send you the patterns.
 amanda on May 10, 2009:
ok this site is kinda cool, but i think u should add some moe patterns
 hippysheart on May 9, 2009:
Hi, I Just found your page and saved it to my favs. Thanks so much!! I greatly appreciate your time and effort to share these wonderful patterns !!
 cecilia on May 6, 2009:
Hola, i love yours comments.
 Ginn on May 3, 2009:
Adee go to this site for a turtle pattern. This is the link. http://beadjewelrymaking.com/Kid_Art_Project/Kid_art_bead_project/may2006kid_bead_project.html
 Heather on April 27, 2009:
This site is incredible! Thank you to everyone who contributes. Does anyone happen to have a pattern for a 3D crystal star?
 Adee on April 25, 2009:
Omg, this site rocks 8D. Is there any way that the turtle pattern could be put up before May 10th? My Bffl is absolutely obsessed with them, and I really want to make her one for her birthday 8]
 Ruby on April 12, 2009:
Hey!! I love your patterns! They're GREAT!! is there a way that you could put a pattern to make the beaded handbag! i think it's cute!
 RORO333 on April 9, 2009:
I just made the cross do you have any other pattern like that .
 Mini-squishy on April 5, 2009:
OMG this site is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool! I love all the cute stuff on this site(pretty much everything) but I don't have much beads and here in Christchurch, New zealand there isn't much cool beads you can buy except at a place called spotlight where theres plenty but its really far from where i live. OH WELL i just have to try make everything with what I've got :D
 Mazena on March 20, 2009:
This site is very good, I realy like it.
 cindy on March 18, 2009:
Love your site. Am so surprised that you have come so far in such a short period of time with everything that you are doing. I am just starting with 3D patterns. This site is what I have been looking for. Thank-you for starting it.
 Mireia on March 12, 2009:
I'm searching japanese patterns for 3d animals and figures. Does anyone have them and can send them to me by mail? Thanks! mpmbeadedflowers@gmail.com
 IRMAPOLANCO@YAHOO.ES on February 25, 2009:
 Allegra on February 13, 2009:
Hi Irma, are you in Spain? Anyway, I once found a nice wire tutorial site at wire-sculpture.com
This is the address of their free wirework patterns page: http://wire-sculpture.com/pages/Jewelry_Making_Patterns2.html
Hope that page has what you're looking for! I found it quite handy personally, but I'm not 100% sure what a japanese knot is. Let us know.
 IRMAPOLANCO@YAHOO.ES on February 13, 2009:
Hi I would like to know if you know of a site where I can learn wire wrap for free, I visited jewelry lesson, wigjig, but the thing I want to learn is knot (chinese or japanese) but with wire. Thanks for your time.
 Allegra on February 13, 2009:
Sophie, le modele d'ours est disponible maintenant! The bear pattern is now available. Enjoy!
 Laura on February 11, 2009:
descamps sophie - Le modele de l'ours en peluche sera disponible le samedi, nous l'esprons.
Translation: "The teddy bear pattern should hopefully be available on saturday."
 Laura on February 11, 2009:
Sesems, welcome to the site and I'm glad you have found it useful. Hopefully, the patterns should be being posted more regularly now as there are 5 of us working on the site instead of just Allegra. Keep checking back for updates or you could sign up for the newsletter (above left) which is sent out each time a new pattern is posted.
 Sesems on February 10, 2009:
So glad that I have found web site like yours I bead mainly 3d projects. Patterns and ideas are hard to find so I'm delighted to find your site, definately a favourite of mine, please keep it going.
 descamps sophie on February 9, 2009:
comment demander le modele de petit ours ?
Translation: "Can you make the bear pattern?"
 puppy295 on February 6, 2009:
Hey i know how to bead too
 Allegra on February 5, 2009:
Mary Grace- the bear will be posted within a few days. He's almost done! Jax and I are working on him together so he gets done that much faster.
 mary grace vibal on February 4, 2009:
hi. i am waiting for the bear pattern...when will you post it?
 Germaine on January 31, 2009:
Thanks a lot. Did not expect for the tutorial to be ready today. Thanks.
 Germaine on January 30, 2009:
Hi. I am wondering when will you finish the beaded orange slice tutorial? I am very excited. I keep checking my email and your website, hoping to see the new tutorial. Thanks.
 Valerie on January 27, 2009:
Hii!!! I'm adding comments here and there, and it's very cool that there's a page in which you can find 3D beading instructions! Well, I love it!!! BYE!!!
 tea_know on January 27, 2009:
Not easy to find your web with bead or beading keyword, i look at with free beading keyword and so lucky i find your site in 4 0r 5 page on google search. I really helpfull after see your site. Thanks for bead information.
 Shelb on January 26, 2009:
hey...allegra u have the best site ever..........oh and have you ever made a 3d frog or a gecko..
 b.v. on January 26, 2009:
have you ever wondered about making a 3d monkey. ( :
 Bidiboum on January 25, 2009:
Well, not so bad - I'm having more and more work but I try my best to keep the rhythm going until... July. I am so frustrated about not having enough time to bead =(
I hope every thing is going well for you.
Anyway, yeah, you 5 are really great!
 Allegra on January 22, 2009:
Awww, thanks Bidiboum! How's your school year going? Almost done?
I'm so lucky that Jax, Laura, Celeste and Jen have decided to lend me their aid in running the site. It has made such a huge difference in managing the site. It used to take me forever to do anything just because a whole site is too much for one person to handle!
By the way, I just posted the ball bracelet!!!
 Bidiboum on January 21, 2009:
Allegra, you are absolutely awesome... I keep admiring you each time I come and visit your site!
 Allegra on January 20, 2009:
The teddy bear is coming. I'm in the process of making the ball bracelet pattern, and the very next thing after that is going to be the teddy bear. The reason I was doing other patterns first is because I'm new to making beading diagrams, so I was practicing with easier diagrams! But I think I'm ready to tackle the teddy bear now haha!!
You should try Laura's apple, her diagrams are incredible. Actually, she taught me how to make diagrams, so she must be better lol!
 Leah on January 20, 2009:
Allegra,I have a question for ya,are you going to have instructions to make a teddy bear.just wanting to know?
I can read your instructions much easier then anyone elses....
 Jax on January 12, 2009:
Me too! I love seeing what everyone else has made!
 Laura on January 11, 2009:
Hi crisler joy. Welcome to the site! Can't wait to see your beaded trinkets.
 crisler joy on January 10, 2009:
I found your page will going to be one of my favorites!!
I have a great interest with beading too!..thank you so much for building this site...
i'll be posting my beaded trinkets soon...God Bless!!!
 Allegra on January 9, 2009:
Tada! The spider pattern is posted!
 qubailalfajr on January 7, 2009:
thank you jax
 Jax on January 7, 2009:
Hi qubailalfajr, all the pictures you can click on are currently available and once clicked on, will take you to the page where it shows the instructions. Most of them you can see here on this page. The rest are works in progress and if you signed up for the newsletter, Allegra sends an e-mail when a new one gets posted. The list of patterns that are next in line are listed on the right side of the page. If you make any, you can post pictures in the forum, we would love to see them!
 qubailalfajr on January 6, 2009:
Hi,your site is great I have joind but I cant get the paterns...is all the paterns not free?
 Allegra on December 29, 2008:
Hi Jolene! I hope you stick around to see more patterns being posted, like .... the poodle! I just finished him now. Here's the link:
Beaded Poodle Pattern. I can't wait to announce him by newsletter, but I've still got to write the instructions and make it all presentable. But I couldn't wait to announce it here!
 Jax on December 28, 2008:
Hi Jolene, we are happy to meet you too. If you go to the forum, you can post pics of things you have made to share with us. We love eye candy!
 Jolene Stephen on December 28, 2008:
Hi, Just found your site and wanted to thank you for dedicating yourself to this. I am thrilled and impressed with the site and have spent time visiting every area. I may have to submit a few of my own pieces. I'm Happy to meet everyone here.
 Allegra on December 28, 2008:
Haha, I know what you mean about being swamped with finals at Christmas. Every year for the past 4 years, my boyfriend's and my Christmas shopping has taken place on the eve of Christmas Eve hehe. Including this year. Hopefully next year will be different. Mind you, we are still last minute people. It's a skill you learn in school LOL!
Back to beading, finally! Have you checked out the new poodle diagrams I added? (everyone, not just Jax)
 Jax on December 27, 2008:
Ty Cat, I have not been able to find them separate at the Wal-marts near my house and I didn't want to buy the kids kits just to get them. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! My kids got way spoiled but the last two Christmas' have been really tight, my husband had oral surgery the week before two Christmas's ago and I had just started back to school and last year I was swamped with finals so it was way overdue this year. I hope you got some much needed relaxation Allegra, that last week waiting for results must have been killer!
 Allegra on December 27, 2008:
Yes Monii, I got them. Didn't you get my reply? Thanks Cat, happy holidays to you too! Sorry for taking so long with the patterns, I was on holiday at my boyfriend's for three days. I'm back now.
 Cat on December 26, 2008:
PS...Congrats to Allegra and Happy Holidays to everyone!
 Cat on December 26, 2008:
I found 3mm and 4mm acrylic bicones online at 99 cents for a pkg of 500 beads. I haven't ordered yet because I still have plenty that I bought at Walmart, but I know some of you were asking where to buy them. The website is http://www.fairybearsbeads.com/ac3mmbibe.html
 Celeste on December 25, 2008:
Happy holidays everyone ! ^^
 Jen Lawson on December 24, 2008:
Merry Christmas everyone!
 Minnie Mouse on December 23, 2008:
this site is way cool- keep up the good work,
UR doing gr8!!!!!!!
 Monii on December 22, 2008:
Hey, i sent you some of the scans i found with the beaded diagrams.... did you get them?
 Allegra on December 22, 2008:
Haha, yes you can make a horse without the saddel, you just use white beads instead of coloured beads where the saddle is. Right now I'm working on two patterns which have been long requested..the poodle and the ball bracelet. I'm working on them now, but they should be done very soon. I've already made a few diagrams^^
Welcome back Bidiboum!!
 Bidiboum on December 20, 2008:
I'm back too... Congratulations Allegra!!
 Christa on December 20, 2008:
can you make the hors without the sadel?
 Allegra on December 20, 2008:
Okay tomorrow I have to finally finish that poodle pattern!
 Jen Lawson on December 20, 2008:
Oh wow!! I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!
 Jax on December 19, 2008:
WOOOHOOOO! Congrats! I knew you could do it! I am so proud of you!
 Allegra on December 19, 2008:
Guess what everyone? I passed all my courses!! Yay!! I'm a free woman!
 Lois on December 17, 2008:
Hi Allegra, thank goodness I came across your website after much net surfing..!! was recently shopping in Chinatown Singapore and saw these beautiful beaded animals being sold in the glass showcases, too bad they didn't conduct classes. i really wish someone was there to show and guide me step by step.. :( but was so happy to find the help that I needed and wanted here, with Pics & clear instructions.. This is GREAT.. Thank U.. i will bookmark this and come back often and hopefully i can come up with my own patterns someday.. :P P.S. keep up the good work!!
 Jax on December 15, 2008:
Busy as usual, trying to get Christmas gifts all made. Plus we had some unexpected guests over Thanksgiving. I had to drive my bro in law to Oregon and come back in two days (1200 miles round trip!). Their car broke down as they were moving back to Oregon from southern Cal. There are just not enough hours in the day or days left till christmas for me to get everything done! I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't get any phone calls!
 Allegra on December 15, 2008:
Well, it won't feel good until the 19th of december comes and goes and I never get a phone call from school saying that I failed a course. LOL. And right now I'm a busy bee writing my report for my research project. But soon! Haven't heard from you in ages, how are things?
 Jax on December 15, 2008:
YAY I am so happy for you that you are done! Doesn't it feel good to be finished? lol
 Allegra on December 14, 2008:
OH thanks guys! I've just finished my last exam, and once I hand in my last paper on wednesday, I'm posting more patterns!
 mona on December 9, 2008:
 maisy on December 8, 2008:
I REALLY REALLY WANT TO MAKE AN ELEPHANT AND THE TERRIER DOG i hope that you can post the instructions on it ...pls...thanks...!
 maisy on December 8, 2008:
I love this website!! I just finished making the bird and the heart and it is really cute, love it ! I also love the rabbit and the hello kitty head lol... but I hope you can post the instructions for some of them. They are so lovely and very cute ..! I would like to buy some books of beading but they I don`t know where to but it. Your steps are much clearer. I really appreciate all the instructions you have posted and I hope you do post the instructions on handbags too. thanks!! It really works! That's great, much easier to navigate.
 Jen Lawson on November 21, 2008:
thanks!! It really works! That's great, much easier to navigate.
 Cat on November 20, 2008:
Jen, you can open up a new tab by holding down the "Ctrl" button while you click a link. That way you don't have to right-click on sites that have it disabled.
 my_beading_heart on November 19, 2008:
wow! your site is wonderful. thank you sssooooo much for the free beading patterns and instructions!!!
 Celeste on November 19, 2008:
Awh, thanks Jax! Glad you liked it! I'll probably be sharing a few more within the month! ^^ I just looked at other patterns, and tried to follow the same clean lines that they use. Good luck with yours!
 Jax on November 19, 2008:
OMG she shared with me, you rock Celeste! I have been working on a pattern for like two months and it just keeps frustrating me. You did a great job!
 Celeste on November 18, 2008:
Allegra, You've got mail! =) I hope its right!
 Monii on November 14, 2008:
Hey, sorry i havnt sent the scans yet, im trying to organize them first. i should be done soon so ill send them when im done.
 Germaine on November 11, 2008:
I love this website!! I just finished making the bird and it is really cute! I also love the handbags that are for sale but I hope you can post the instructions for some of them. They are so lovely! I have some books on beading but they are very difficult compared to the ones you teach. Your steps are much clearer. I really appreciate all the instructions you have posted and I hope you do post the instructions on handbags too. Thanks.
 Celeste on November 4, 2008:
That sounds awesome! I wanna see too LOL!

I ordered that book. It should be here within 3-4 weeks, yay! I got the one with the fruits, koala bear, monkey, the different dog breeds..Theres a lot of them lol. Hopefully I can follow the patterns! I'll share with Allegra as well, and she can decide what to do with everything from there.
 Allegra on November 2, 2008:
Sure I'd love to see them! And post pictures of the beadworks you made on the forum so we can all see them!! Apple sounds so cute!!
 Monii on November 1, 2008:
actually yea! ive made a purse, frog, apple, shoe, and im almost done a winnie the pooh :D i found the scans on websites and they were savable... should i email them to you?? (btw theres ALOT) lol :P
 Allegra on October 31, 2008:
Hi guys!! So sorry I've been on hiatus recently. I've just gone through 4 weeks of intense exams (3 times per week). So don't worry about it being in a hurry, LOL! Have you managed to make anything from the scans you found?
 Celeste on October 30, 2008:
Maybe you should E-mail them to Allegra? I dont think you can legally post them (Unless they are on a website already.). If it isnt legal for her to post the scans, she could always just make a tutorial and doesnt have to use their pictures.
 Monii on October 29, 2008:
hey, sorry i havnt replied yet about the scanned patterns....soo what are we gunna do with them?
 Sally on October 27, 2008:
I am thrilled to find this very user friendly site! Thank you so much for sharing all of your expertise with us!
 Allegra on October 24, 2008:
Yes, I completely agree. And I've made sure to post patterns that can easily be done with cheap beads like seed beads. Seed beads are so cheap and yet lovely! My dollar store even sells them! Also, department stores like Walmart sell cheap beads (cheaper than bead stores anyhow). Good luck searching! As for the time... one pattern at a time right! The time required is listed for each pattern too^^
 Celeste on October 23, 2008:
Ivy, You dont have to use the expensive crystal beads..You can practice with the cheaper plastic ones, it makes good practice!
 Ivy on October 23, 2008:
I LOVE the beading. I have never done it. My mom is pretty good at it... One of these days I'm going to attempt the pig or the Hello Kitty ^_^ Lovely patterns... I need the time and the $$ >.<
 Jax on October 22, 2008:
I agree somebody needs to get on better meds! Its hard to photograph beadwork, If you know of any pics of beadwork that are better. Please share, we would love to see them.
 Jen Lawson on October 21, 2008:
Gee, someone's grumpy today!
 bugle beader on October 21, 2008:
the pics are so crappy
 advid beader on October 21, 2008:
bunch of crap
 Celeste on October 21, 2008:
Yes, off Ebay. I dont think they sell it anywhere in my area, I've only ever seen it on ebay. And alright! If you can help figure them out, then you can make any up that you like from what i send ya! Thanks! I'll let you know when I get it.
 Allegra on October 20, 2008:
Hi Celeste! That sounds like fun! Are you getting that beading book off ebay or are there some stores in your area that sell them? I'm so glad you were able to follow the instructions on the site!! I don't think it's legal to post scans, but we can certainly try to figure out the patterns and make our own! Let us know what kinds of beaded animals you find^^
 Celeste on October 20, 2008:
Hey Allegra,

I was thinking of getting one of those 3-D beading books (On of the japanese ones with the really cute animals!), but I'm still new to beading. I've done the hello kitty, heart, the small beaded kitty, and the small bird. But anyways, if I got the book and posted scans, could you help figure the patterns out? I'd gladly scan any pattern you'd like and share it with you and anyone else!
 Jen Lawson on October 19, 2008:
Hi Allegra. Just wondering, have you disabled right-click on this site? I'm so used to opening up heaps of tabs using right-click. I'm not sure if I have a problem or not.
 Allegra on October 17, 2008:
Nice to meet you Alastar! I know what you mean about beading making your blood pressure rise on occasion. Like when a bead is too full of string and won't let you thread through it again and you're stuck. Yeah, it has its moments! But the best part is when you get the triumph of taking a picture of your work at the end and showing it off all over the internet. LOL!!

Oh as for picture quality, if you photo edit, you don't need a good camera. I would be dead in the water without my best friend photoshop. Every photo on this site has been through the photoshop pampering treatment. A free program that is very similar is called Gimp, free from gimp.org. I'm planning to learn how to use it and post a tutorial about it one day! (hopefully when I get my christmas break)
 Alastar Dragonfly on October 16, 2008:
Hi Allegra. I picked up this url from the Beading Daily forums where you posted your 3D heart comb. I just have to say that I think that it is killer for a fulltime student with a full time job also take the time to do something like this for the beading community. Outstanding work my dear, simply outstanding. Personally, I am into simple stringing, knotwork(macrame), and bead embroidery(check out my denim jacket on the Beading Daily Reader Showcase forum, just don't judge by the pic quality, I'm stuck taking pics with my phone for the moment. *laughz*). I learned to brick stitch way back when in the Boy Scouts, but never did it again until recently. I was forcibly retired in 2003 due to a crumbling spine and a bad ticker, so I try to find ways to occupy myself without overdoing it, ya know. Beading is perfect for that. Other than making my BP go up occasionally, it is great therapy. Sadly, I also have rheumatoid arthritis and I have to take breaks for days at the time when it flairs up.

Don't feel bad when one moron pisses and moans, they don't have much of a life anyway. I, for one, appreciate you and others like you who try to pass the knowledge on rather than hoard it for themselves. Great job and I will be visiting often. Keep up the good work. ;o)
 Jen Lawson on October 15, 2008:
Hi Lobo1.

What's the problem with the beading market?
 Allegra on October 12, 2008:
Hi Lobo1. What is it about the beading market that offended you?
 Lobo 1 on October 12, 2008:
After viewing the latest post in the Beading Market I have no choice but to say,
Good Bye All
 Allegra on October 11, 2008:
Hmmm, it might be a bit challenging because I've specified my font in many different places, but I'll try!!
 Cindy aka Lilhopsquaw on October 10, 2008:
I just love the sea star! Thanks for sharing. Everything here is so wonderful. I just have one request. Could you make your font darker and maybe a bit larger? For those of us who can't see very well. I have my settings up on my internet explorer to see better but still am having a hard time seeing the print on these pages. Just a request. And, Thanks so much for sharing. Cindy
 Allegra on October 10, 2008:
Thanks Jax!!! I've just given this page a much-needed mini-makeover. Now all the newest pattern thumbnail images are at the top of the page, not all over the place! Is it better now?
 Jax on October 7, 2008:
Allegra's instructions are great and if you get lost, just post on the page you are confused about and she will help walk you thru it. I hope you try it and Good Luck! (by the way, its very addictive!)
 Jaymie on October 6, 2008:
cool beading i wish i knew how to do this
 Lobo 1 on October 5, 2008:
Hi everyone
Thanks for posting my Basket allegra.
I thought that I would see what it would look like beaded with the plastic crystal beads I had.
I posted photos under Hi everyone the chat post .
Bead often and Share with Others, Enjoy
 Allegra on October 5, 2008:
I've just posted the beaded basket pattern! Check it out in the guest patterns gallery!!
 twilight on October 4, 2008:
can u make a 3d chiwawa
 Mason Jar Beading on October 3, 2008:
Allegra, you have a wonderful site! User friendly, and very informative your explanation of inkscape is to the point and helpful. Keep up the good work!
 Von on October 3, 2008:
I googled and found your site - lovely - just what I wanted - thanks for being here and sharing
 Alissa on October 1, 2008:
I have been comming here for awhile now and I`m so glad that you have done this site. I`m so sorry that one person can`t understand life get`s busy and you can`t do everything all at once. I`m just happy to get what I can when I can. I wanted to say thankyou for such a grerat site and for all the new patterns you have given us devoted fans! Thank you!
 Jackie on October 1, 2008:
I just wanted to say the Allegra KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Don't let one horrible comment ruin what you are doing. If people don't like that fact that it takes you a while to post some patterns. Then maybe they can help out and try to figure out the patterns themselves and then they will realize how long it takes.
 Allegra on September 30, 2008:
You guys are so good to me! I'm so lucky! Jen, you're so right that I'm trying to do so many things at once. I have to post stuff for a bunch of people on the beading market, post a bunch of people's patterns on the guest patterns gallery, and on top of that, keep posting my own patterns! I still have a shamefully incomplete heart and pig pattern that require words, and now two incomplete diagram patterns, the poodle and the sun circle bracelet, because they were requested by people with asterisks and capitals "pleases" LOL! And yes, unfortunately, school reared its ugly head the past two weeks and made things difficult. I know this is a tough time, but school will be permanently over in December!! I just can't wait, I've been in "captivity" for 6 years now. I can hardly believe it's ending!

At Christmas, my boyfriend is going to help me make a more automated system on the site so that people can post their own stuff (ie, guest patterns, beading market stuff), so that way I can focus my own time on the patterns! (my boyfriend is Eric by the way LOL... guess he was offended by "totally disappointed" too!)
 Jax on September 29, 2008:
To Totally Disappointed:
I have been visiting this site for awhile now - yes you can see my name on some of the old posts- Before you say or think anything else let me say this: Go try to make a pattern yourself. I have been working on one for the last week for my spider (you can see him in the forum under finished projects) and I am completely in awe at how fast Allegra has done what she has done while having a life and going to school. If you don't like her site go make your own. When you realize what she has done here FOR FREE!!!! maybe you can put your issues aside and appreciate it or if that is not possible, do the rest of us that are thrilled at finding this site a favor and go find somewhere else to whine and complain. Its obvious your friend enjoys this site. That is why you were sent here. Go tell them you think they are wasting their time but honestly, what do you gain by raining on their parade?
 Jen Lawson on September 29, 2008:
Allegra, I think it's so sad that some people don't appreciate your work here. I think what happening is you're trying to please evryone at once, so sometimes you're not able to get things done when you say. But I don't how anyone can "look a gifthorse in the mouth". sometimes it's a bit of a wait to get things, but we're getting this for nothing so who cares.

Keep up the good work. Most of us are being patient, and looking elsewhere for things to keep us amused while we wait.
 Eric on September 29, 2008:
To "Totally Dissappointed": I completely fail to understand your opinion of this wonderful beading website. Allegra is working hard to provide everyone with free 3d-beading patterns of exceptionally high quality. I have not seen such detailed step-by-step instructions supported with so many illustrations and pictures available for free anywhere else on the internet. Are you complaining that you're getting free patterns? Would you rather that this website not exist and not have these patterns available? I mean, seriously, since when do people complain about getting something for free? Allegra has worked hard to produce these patterns and maintain this website and it is disappointing to see that this is the thanks she gets. And what does it matter to you what the dates are on the postings anyways? Does having older comments on a page somehow diminish the value of the tutorial's content? And in any case most of the pages on this site are quite active with recent comments and Allegra has responded to the vast majority of them. So your comment is both irrelevant and incorrect. Finally, I have read nothing but positive comments while browsing this website. To Allegra: Please keep up the good work! You are making all of us beaders happy and we appreciate your selfless hard work and dedication.
 Allegra on September 29, 2008:
I had to read your comment 3 times to understand what you are saying. Basically, I gather that you are complaining about the fact that people have been posting requests for patterns for a while now, and I've been slow to meet the demands. Well, I'm not being paid by anyone to do this. I just wanted to share knowledge and patterns about beading. I have a job and I'm also a full time student at the University of Toronto. This is just my leisure activity. I do care about it a lot and I'm always here to respond to everyone (notice I respond to all comments and requests), and I do post patterns when I have time. If you'd like to pay me, I'll be happy to post a beading pattern for you more promptly.
 Totally Disappointed on September 29, 2008:
I was refered to this site by a very good freind.
Who does absolutly the most I have ever seen one person do with beads.
After looking at every page on this site and checking out the dates and amount of postings, and the information that has not been acted on I am going to call my freind and inform him that I think He is wasting his time on this site.
 Allegra on September 25, 2008:
Oh I see, you found them on another site? Is it a limited time offer or is the site planning to stay online with them for long-term? Well, yes, in that case, we can't just steal their patterns without their permission. LOL! Maybe give us the link and I'll see. Maybe we can ask their permission to share it here?
 Monii on September 24, 2008:
well i have a link that shows all the books which contain the scanned pages of the patterns and i also have the photos because i saved them all.... and i dont think you should put them in guest patterns under my name cause their not mine and i didnt make them so it wouldnt feel right... maybe a new post??
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
All beadwork is welcome!! I only named the site 3Dbeading.com because it makes the site more unique than all the other beading sites that don't have a focus. But all beadwork is most certainly welcome!
 Lobo1 on September 23, 2008:
I like your site very much, is it only 3d bead work that you allow on your site or all beadwork?
I also sent you an e-mail I hope that was o.k.
 Allegra on September 20, 2008:
Are they files or links? You can email them to me at allegra@friendshipbeading.net. I can post them in the Guest Patterns gallery under your name. Sound good?
 Monii on September 20, 2008:
omg!! i just found ALOT of beading diagrams such as cute little shoes XD doggies a dog house, a chair, a motorcycle and many more... i can post the links or photos ( cause i saved them all :P) but it will be a big post soo im not sure how i should do it...
 Chelsea on September 18, 2008:
You're site is so great. I loved making the little pig. I'll keep checking back for the girl bunny (so cute!). I understand how much work goes into these tutorials, and I appreciate that someone took the time to put them up for everyone to use (and for FREE!) That's just amazing. Thanks so much!
 Allegra on September 15, 2008:
What I can suggest to make your life alot easier (especially when you're making patterns for the first time) is to remake the model using your own beads first. This will tell you how the best way to make it is, and you'll find out all the little hidden steps you wouldn't have thought about otherwise just from looking at it. Once you've made it, you'll have a much better understanding of it and how to explain it to others. It really doesn't take that long to make one and it's worth the effort a lot of the time, in the effort it saves you decoding it. LOL!
 Monii on September 14, 2008:
ok wow. this is alot harder than i thought ...... im tryind to figure the pattern out and it is sooo confuzing!
 Monii on September 14, 2008:
lol and yeah i was thinking of maybe posting it sometime soon but i need to figure out how to use inskape :P i also have a donald duck with a hat i might try to do too :D
 Allegra on September 14, 2008:
LOL, that's exactly what I do! I can't imagine inventing a beaded animal pattern. I buy my models in Chinatown and figure them out. I figure if I put in the time and effort to figure it out and write my own pattern, it's okay. Besides, you see the same patterns on every street corner in Chinatown being sold by different people. Have fun! Did you want to post it on this site? (that would be wonderful!)
 Monii on September 14, 2008:
thanx for the help :P and i have another question... do you think its ok to figure out the pattern of a beaded animal you bought and then post it online for people to make? cause i have a bear that looks fairly easy to figure out..
 Allegra on September 12, 2008:
Wow, I'm so surprised. Can you get ink that is water-proof? I know there is such a thing as fabric medium that you can mix with acrylic paint. What you do is mix the acrylic paint and the fabric medium together in a container, then you apply it to the shirt with a brush. Then you let the shirt dry. It's supposed to be permanent, and last wash after wash. But for printing, I guess it's kind of hard to pre-mix your printing ink with the fabric medium. I'm not sure if you can actually paint over the finished shirt with the fabric medium to make it stay. You should go to Walmart and ask them because that's where I bought the fabric medium. There should be an employee in the arts and crafts department. Now they may not know anything (knowing Walmart), but you can read the label. Or even google the term "fabric medium" to learn more about it. Another thing I can suggest is to try spraying the shirt with clear acrylic enamel (e.g. Krylon, a reputable brand). I actually spray my charcoal drawings with Krylon because it keeps them from running.
 Monii on September 11, 2008:
hello again, i have a question and hopefully someone can give me the answer..... this isnt about beads but ok... i made a t shirt for my friend (printing a photo on special paper that you iron on the shirt) but when she accidentally got a drop of water on the photo, the ink smeered ( like water colors) soo the problem is washing the shirt because if you put it on the washer, all the ink will get washed off and possibly stain the t shirt. so, my question is, is there anything i can put over the ink after i printed the photo so that the ink wont get smudged ( like maybe a spray or a coat of something that will protect the photo). I know its random but i hope someone can help lol.
 Allegra on September 9, 2008:
Jen, I am soon going to start up the Beading Market on this site (a place where beaders can put up pictures of stuff they are selling). Please feel free to submit some of your pieces! (I mean just pictures of them, with descriptions and prices). It will be a free service, of course. I will have your pictures linking to your website where they can buy it.
 Jen Lawson on September 8, 2008:
Wow! What excellent ideas. Sometimes having a fresh person look is so great. I'm completely new to websites and to selling my stuff, I've always just given them away, but I don't work, so I could really use the money, and I was getting to the point where I was running out of people to give them to. I really appreciate this feedback, what great ideas! I will implement when I get some time. As to the tutorial, I've never written one before, but I'll give it a go when I find the time (it might be a while yet, though, I have so many projects I want to do)

Thanks again
 Allegra on September 7, 2008:
Jen, I have "psychoanalyzed" your site (http://www.freewebs.com/craftcove) and here are some areas I think would help you improve and get more business: You have some unnecessary links in your links section, and some of these links are actually broken (ie, lead to dead pages). I would get rid of the links called: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, other. They lead to the same place as the more specific links below them, and some of the links there are broken (eg, "enter here" for beaded necklaces, in the necklaces page). I would either combine the updates page with the home page, or at least move the link to the updates page to the very top. If you have repeat visitors, it will be the first page they will want to visit. I would also move the gallery link to the top because it contains a wider variety of beaded pieces, and you state that they can be made to order. It's good eye candy for the site. I would definitely put more work into that page to describe what the prices would be if you were to make those pieces to sell them, and give a much more expansive written description of each piece (make it look just like the format of your other pages). I would move your subscription form to the top of your home page, rather than the very bottom. You want people to see it and join so that you can call them back to your site via email. Very few people are going to scroll to the very bottom of your home page because they will likely click on another link along the way and never get there. Try to increase the amount of text in general everywhere, and if possible, try adding a comments system of some kind that lets your visitors comment on your pieces. This will also give you feedback on what people like and you can make more of it and less of what isn't liked. Also, as for your starry background, I'm not very fond of it! I think the plain white background on some of your other pages is much more clean and neat looking (and best of all, professional). Now onto your beaded work, I LOVE your beaded pen!! It's so gorgeous!! I would just love it if you could teach us how to make it!! (or is it a well-kept secret? LOL) I also love the Russian spiral gold necklace in your gallery page.
 Allegra on September 7, 2008:
It just looked funny in the middle of your content, hehe. But it's not a big deal at all, kind of spruces up the area LOL. As to your prices, it all depends. Do you get a lot of orders? If you are getting more orders than you can handle, raise the price and you'll get less orders and make more per order. If you are not getting any or very few orders, keep the price low for now until you get more popular. As far as what the price should be, well, one easy way is to add the price of the materials that went into it with the labour. The labour being whatever hourly wage you think you deserve times the number of hours you spent making it. But generally with retailing stuff you make, it doesn't always work out that this is what you will get out of it. Generally, when you first start out, you actually lose money because you have to sell so cheaply in order to attract any customers. But then, over time, business gets better and you find yourself not being able to keep up with it. That's the time to raise prices. Another important point is to minimize expenses where possible. Where do you buy your beads? Can you find them more cheaply by buying wholesale online, or even at places like the dollar store or a general crafts store? Beading stores tend to charge a high premium on their beads. Another key concept to success is reach. Try to get other beading websites to link to yours. I've already linked you. This will tell the search engines that you are considered important by other websites. Also, try to have a lot of text in your website that describes your site and the beaded pieces you are selling. The search engines will read every word when deciding how to rank you. Hope this helps! I'm one day hoping to also try selling finished products, but not until I have put up most of my patterns because I wouldn't have time for both. Maybe in a few years I'll try it hehe. I wonder about starting a section of this site that lets others trying to sell their beaded pieces to show them off here, because I get quite a few visitors. Hmm, something to think about. LOL. Good luck!
 Jen Lawson on September 7, 2008:
Thanks for that. Actually, I wasn't sure what to sell things for. Should I put the prices up, do you think? How much do the 3D things sell for? I was thinking it wasn't the right place for the button actually. I was originally going to put it at the beading part on the home page, I should have went with my first instincts. I'll move it shortly.

Thanks again
 Allegra on September 4, 2008:
Let me make that into a link so that google indexes your site in their search engine and more people find you!


I can't believe how cheaply you are giving away your work. I've seen other websites selling far less intricate stuff (eg, simple rings) for prices in the $30 to $40 range. You must be super fast! I wish you the best of luck and you can certainly make and sell stuff you see on this website. Thanks again for putting up my button, it looks so cute on there! Kind of random positioning though, LOL!
 Jen Lawson on September 3, 2008:
This is my web site www.freewebs.com/craftcove
 Allegra on September 3, 2008:
LOL!!! Thanks, you're so sweet!! I'm so sure you'll manage, and if you don't manage to finish a beading pattern, please let me know on the page you have difficulty with (via comment) and I will do my best to help! Let me know what is the URL for your website. I'd love to visit! (and I'm sure lots of others would too)
 Jen Lawson on September 2, 2008:
You're so wonderful! I've put the teddy bear button on my site. LOL, I haven't even made any of these yet. I better get to it. Hopefully I'll manage, or I'll have to remove the button already, but it's so cute! LOL
 Allegra on September 2, 2008:
I just wanted to add that you are also free to submit a pattern to the site to be added to the Guest Patterns gallery!! Everyone will love you for it!
 Allegra on September 2, 2008:
You can indeed make them and sell them to your heart's content. The purpose of this site is to share information, not keep it to ourselves. If you are selling them on your website, I'd appreciate a link to 3dbeading.com somewhere on your site, but other than that, have fun and keep beading!
 Jen Lawson on September 2, 2008:
What's the copyright on these patterns? Can I make and sell them?
 Devang on August 23, 2008:
wow Allegra you put in a LOT of effort on this site...........the comments below are very impressive..........

great job!
 ALFRED AMARA on August 18, 2008:
 Allegra on August 13, 2008:
Hi everyone, I just wanted to apologize for the server going down so often this past week. My boyfriend and I have finally decided once and for all to switch to a new and better company, and although they are more expensive, they have a much better reputation, so this whole issue of unreliable service should be put to an end. We are now moving into our new server and it should be ready soon. I'm SO sorry again for this. I know I seem to always be apologizing for one thing or another, but I promise I am always thinking of you and trying to make this site a better place.
 Allegra on August 10, 2008:
That's SO sweet of you to say Theany! Right now I'm in the middle of big changes on this site, which should be all done by next wednesday. Just stay tuned! It's getting a makeover. I'm getting things all ready right now. Sorry about the slow progress, but trust me, I'm always working on it!
 Theany on August 9, 2008:
I love your site too much and I always drop in to see your multi color site every I'm surfing. I love your fat pig. I always want to make a pig which is represent my star sign and now I got. I could not wait for your dog which is my husband star sign. It very nice of you to share for all the beading people in the whole world. Thanks so much.
 Dorrie on August 3, 2008:
I love this site. The name does say it all. It is a very friendly beading site. Thank you for sharing with us.
 Bidiboum on July 30, 2008:
Wahou, If I knew that, I'd have written all in French ^^. My own uncle has moved to Toronto ages ago but his English accent remains horrible lol! Anyway, thanks again. I can't wait to start a rounded heart (I am only a few beads short of it...) & many other things on the photos! Bon courage pour la suite !!
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
Nonsense, I was actually admiring your eloquent English until you said you were French. That's great. My boyfriend is half French and he lives in Toronto like me, but he studied in pure French school until his graduation, studying all subjects in French. He speaks English more eloquently than anyone I know who grew up taking school in English. I speak French too (I speak it with my mom, who taught me since my youth) but not quite as well as my boyfriend! Thanks for the compliments on the site!!
 Bidiboum on July 29, 2008:
What a wonderful place! Such free step-by-step patterns are so rare on the web *-* Thanks a lot for sharing them... I can't even imagine the hard work you are making (creating patterns is pretty difficult, as far as I know). Anyway, they seem to be perfect. Thanks again.
And... I think I forgot something... Oh, yes, I'm French, so please forgive my poor (dreadful?) English ^^'
 Katie on July 27, 2008:
Hello! You have very nice pages !! The only way forward, the most like to me are your instructions for beaded animals... I must try it.. Im expecting instructions for beaded bears and big cat ;)
 Allegra on July 16, 2008:
Hi "someone" LOL! I'm working on them right now!!! Don't worry, they are definitely coming!! In fact, just today I discovered a technique in photoshop called "automated tasks" and I can get photoshop to edit my photos automatically!!!! So that should launch this ship into hyperspeed. LOL! Also, I have recruited a couple of friends who are now helping me with getting the beaded animal patterns done faster. They are coming!
 Someone on July 14, 2008:
Hey, can you post more animals? They Are So Cute!
 Allegra on April 22, 2008:
Thanks Katty! I try to make my patterns as clear as possible, but if you have problems, let me know (by posting a comment on the page where you have a problem with the pattern) and I'll do my best to fix it!
 katty on April 22, 2008:
Your are very good:)... I might try kitty but Im afraid it wont be successful:D (sorry for my english Im from Slovakia)
 kdbech on April 17, 2008:
this is a great site
 Tess on April 17, 2008:
Thanks much. I'm looking forward to it. For now I will try to do the ones you have on here.

thanks again!
 Allegra on April 17, 2008:
Hi Tess! Actually I can get a 3-D beaded tiger pattern going because the store where I buy my models (which I then copy lol) has one there. It's far from my house so I only go once every few months to buy an animal or two (she charges a fair bit for them, but I'm not surprised because they take a while to make!). I can get the tiger next time I go and figure it out. Right now, the request cue is pig, elephant, dog. I can do the tiger after that!
 Tess on April 16, 2008:
This is awesome! I was looking around for a tiger pattern and I came across this site. I love it! I'm definitely going to try the Hello Kitty pattern and the kitty pattern. I'm not sure if you take requests or anything, but it would be great to put one up for a 3-D tiger if you don't have one already. Keep up the good work.
 JESSICA on April 6, 2008: