Instructions for 3D Beading Button

Want to proclaim that you are a 3D beader? Well, post a "We Bead 3D" button on your blog or website! Button

How To:
In order to post the 3D Beading button on your website or blog, all you have to do is paste the following bit of HTML code into your code. If you are using an editor, you should be able to post code snippets into your website. In fact, most editors understand HTML and you don't have to look for your source code. Just paste this directly into your editing box.

<a href="" target="_new"><img src="" alt="We love 3D beading"></a>

If you don't have the room to put the beaded bear button, you can still put a text link:

<a href="" target="_new">I love 3D beading!</a>

Thanks for visiting and for all your support!!

  Beader Comments:
 Antonio on October 28, 2016:
Muy bueno
 sara on December 22, 2015:
 Rose MacRae on October 20, 2015:
We Bead 3D Teddy Bear
 somaia ahmes on October 14, 2015:
 Adeolawunmi on August 26, 2015:
Absolutely nice
 soma so on November 21, 2014:
It is an excellent work
 Estrella Ismael on October 14, 2014:
i want the hello kitty pattern pls.
 Lynn on August 17, 2014:
@Barbara... here is a link for a Donald Duck... You need to be able to work from just the diagrams as the text is in Korean...
 Barbara on August 16, 2014:
Where can I find a 3d bead Donald Duck pattern or tutorial?
 chesly on December 27, 2013:
thank you i like this one
 Jean Bennett on September 19, 2013:
Fantastic, I've been looking for this for ages. Thanks
 NORHANA SH.ALHABSHI on September 14, 2013:
 Velvet Nelson on June 17, 2013:
Please send me the 3D Patterns
 fataneh on January 9, 2013:
thanks it is great
 MERLY on November 30, 2012:
so cute
 marie on November 21, 2012:
like it! want to try this pattern
 honey on November 19, 2012:
how make it
 Cammie on October 26, 2012:
That's a mold-breaker. Great thinking!
 janet on September 22, 2012:
i have made a teddy bear bead already. the same as above. i'm planning to sell it to you,
Are you interested in buying? i have made 3 sizes : small , medium and large.
 Wendy on August 28, 2012:
love to bead but im new to it
 avin on August 13, 2012:
i like it
 Ng Chia Ling on July 1, 2012:
 holley on April 5, 2012:
sorry meant to say I want to buy this bear already made. How and how much?
 holley on April 5, 2012:
I want to buy this there already made. Can I order it and how?
 suzanne on April 4, 2012:
 sherri on January 23, 2012:
 sherri on January 23, 2012:
 carol on nov 28,2011 on November 28, 2011:
 Shirley Frost on October 29, 2011:
My daughter needs to make beading for school!!!! Thanks
 teresa on October 1, 2011:
love to try this type of pattern.
 ann on September 27, 2011:
 Leah Sam Carsolin on September 2, 2011:
 ei on August 13, 2011:
 Kaycee on May 24, 2011:
Now I feel sptuid. That's cleared it up for me
 may on April 7, 2011:
 nitta on March 24, 2011:
so cuteeeee love it
 nada on February 21, 2011:
 Cindy on December 3, 2010:
Just love it
 Rosie Braybrook on November 27, 2010:
Love your patterns
 Antonella on November 3, 2010:
Can you post some videos of the patterns?
 Pandora on October 23, 2010:
 Kylee on September 8, 2010:
So much fun!
 beaded pony/horse pattern on August 21, 2010:
Hi, i click on the pattern, nothing is uploaded, can help me?
 eze jane on August 16, 2010:
i love this teddy bear, can you tell who to do it
 Patti on July 29, 2010:
Love, love, love it!
 Veronica on July 25, 2010:
I love this cute bear
 EZEH JANE on July 20, 2010:
 sommy on July 11, 2010:
i love this teddy bear
 wanda on June 12, 2010:
the teddy bear is awesome OMG !!!
 Norma on February 27, 2010:
 Ellen Sicotte on January 14, 2010:
I Lick your pattern Ellen
 Renie Hoffman on December 27, 2009:
I stumbled upon this website looking for a hello kitty pattern, and to my surprise there it was. I am so excited to have found you. The hello kitty I did is in 4mm swarovski crystals. Absolutely darling.
I have printed a couple of other patterns and can hardly wait to get to them. Is there an archive of other patterns available. Look forward to a reply. Thank you.
 lynn on December 10, 2009:
 maria on October 18, 2009:
is beautiful
 bob on October 3, 2009:
looks good
 bob on October 3, 2009:
looks good
 Julia on August 5, 2009:
that is amazing!
 Jen on August 2, 2009:
Here's the beaded bear pattern:
 Chris on August 2, 2009:
how do i make the bear its so cute
 Irvine on June 13, 2009:
I love this little bear. He is so sweet
 moreau on May 8, 2009:
 Vilena on May 3, 2009:
 Bead Lover on May 3, 2009:
Is there a pattern on the website for the bear?
 sally on April 24, 2009:
love to make it
 sophie Descamps on February 8, 2009:
how made it please , thank you very much
 fran on February 8, 2009:
 sophie Descamps on February 6, 2009:
 Laura on December 19, 2008:
Added to my site ;-)
 g.r. on December 18, 2008:
this is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi b.v.
 b.v. on December 18, 2008:
i lov ur teddy bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 DIANA VELLA on November 25, 2008:
 jim on November 7, 2008:
 AIDA ZAYAS on October 20, 2008:
 Aida Zayas on October 20, 2008:
 Nikki on September 3, 2008:
Site looks wonderful