Beaded Animal Patterns

Welcome to the beaded animal patterns gallery! The library consists of free beading patterns for zoo animals such as tigers and elephants, farm animals such as horses and pigs, and domestic animals such as dogs, cats and teddy bears!

Below are the beaded animal patterns to choose from. Please choose the animal pattern you wish to learn by clicking on the image. Not all patterns are currently finished, so check back every couple of weeks!

Free Patterns:

Beaded Starfish Pattern
Beaded Starfish Pattern
Beaded Bird Pattern
Beaded Bird Pattern
Beaded Spider Pattern
Beaded Spider Pattern
Beaded Poodle Pattern
Beaded Poodle Pattern
Beaded Pig Pattern
Beaded Pig Pattern
Beaded Small Cat Pattern
Beaded Small Cat Pattern
Beaded Teddy Bear Pattern
Beaded Teddy Bear Pattern
Beaded Hello Kitty Version 2 (Diagrams) Pattern
Beaded Hello Kitty Version 2 (Diagrams) Pattern
Beaded Hello Kitty Version 1 (Pictures) Pattern
Beaded Hello Kitty Version 1 (Pictures) Pattern

Patterns for Sale:

Beaded 3D Panda Pattern
Beaded 3D Panda Pattern
  Beader Comments:
 Tigerstar on January 18, 2017:
Do any of u know a good 3D cat pattern?
 Tigerstar on January 18, 2017:
Umm I'm new how do u see the actual patterns cause all I got were pictures (gallery kind of stuff)
 Jennifer on December 25, 2015:
 Lynn on December 4, 2015:
@ Maho... go to and type in '3d beaded dog patterns'... you can find lots of free dog patterns.
 Maho on December 2, 2015:
Hello 3D bead cute dog pattern have please
 Lynn-Moderator on October 7, 2015:
@Denise... The 3d patterns here are free and all you need to do is click on them and you will be taken to the pattern. The 3d humming bird is sold as a 'pay for' kit ($24.95) from and is called 3d Costa's Hummingbird.
 Denise Carter on October 6, 2015:
I just want the patterns and instructions on how to make these 3D cuties. I'm also looking for the humming bird 3d pattern but can't find it anywhere. do you have it in your collection of 3D patterns? If so will you please share that pattern in your next issue of the 3D patterns? How do I receive this particular issue of the 3D patterns.
 Stacey on August 10, 2015:
Monster Inc. Trying to find part 2 and 3 for Sully (the big blue/purple guy) Any help would be so appreciated. Trying to make a birthday present for my nephew.
 Barbara S on July 12, 2015:
This is very nice to know
 melissa on December 6, 2014:
I am looking for a seed beed frog pattern, can anyone help me?
 hawkfire929 on September 30, 2014:
love your bird design!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
 lizette on September 2, 2014:
i like this
 Serena on August 18, 2014:
I am looking 3d beaded goat pattern as next year is the year of the goat.
 Dina on August 2, 2014:
Hi, just came across this great youtube channel for 3D Beading. The website link is also available in the video descriptions. The most recent is a 3D Beaded Cheetah tutorial.
 Deb on June 21, 2014:
Hi, Does anyone have a bumblebee or honeybee pattern please? I was unable to access the link posted back in 2009. The pictures people are posting here are fabulous and so talented, what a forum.
 Jenny hill on May 25, 2014:
Want to learn to do 3D animals
 vanessa on April 12, 2014:
You can find a 3D Giraffe pattern at the Forum, just search Giraffe there.
 ann on April 7, 2014:
does anyone know where I can get a free 3d giraffe pattern from?
 nona on March 3, 2014:
i like this
 judy martens on February 12, 2014:
i seen the teddybear pattren and would love to know how to make it
 maita manese on January 6, 2014:
i saw the horse charm in beads. hope i can get a free pattern. thanks.
 Alex on December 11, 2013:
hi I am looking for a rooster pattern, similar to the pig pattern (ive made about 20 pigs and im bored now lol) please someone help thanks. Please add me:
 Dawn nguyen on August 28, 2013:
 ruth on August 2, 2013:
me gustaria recibir tutoriales gracias
 Ivonne on July 30, 2013:
Mil gracias por el modelo del perrito mis dos nietas coleccionan perritos y he estado buscando modelos para hacerles algunos pero son muy dificiles de entender , el modelo del caniche parece facil, si alguien tiene otros
modelos de perritos en 3D le agradeceria me los enviara a i correo gracias de nuevo
 Mary on July 19, 2013:
i would really like to learn this pattern from this website--->
 Sara on July 18, 2013:
Kai, the pattern is in Russian! I suggest google translate.
 Sara on July 18, 2013:
I just found this site too, it has many patterns including a really good looking tiger;
Here's a direct link to the tiger;
However for some reason internet explorer changes the pattern, I'm not sure what language it's in. But it's a really nice tiger.
 Sara on July 18, 2013:
I'm not really sure, I tend to find lots of cool patterns just by typing what I want into google. So I had a look for you, it was the only one I could seem to find;
Of course you could always create your own tiger pattern based on another pattern!
 Kay on July 17, 2013:
Hi all. I was just wanting to know where I might be able to get a 3d tiger beaded pattern from. I would be very grateful for the help.
Is there any books or websites with a life like one that anyone may know of?
 Aaaaaaaaa on July 5, 2013:
I love the panda, it is toats adorable.
 Madison Thompson on July 2, 2013:
I am looking for something a little more simple, because I am new at this.
 Camilla on June 25, 2013:
Fish! I am looking for a pattern for fish that look like trout/redfish/tuna, etc. I am very excited about this site!
 Jess on June 18, 2013:
Hi guys,
I love beading and have made lots of animals with right angle weave (raw).
I was wondering if anybody has any new designs to make (I have run out).
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
 susan on May 24, 2013:
I would like to know how to sew purse clasp to beaded purse.Can you tell me where to tie knot for ending? Is it at the purse clasp or at the beaded part? Thanks.
 Glenda on May 16, 2013:
I would love to find a pattern for a dolphin
 Kim on May 8, 2013:
 Anne on March 19, 2013:
Got hooked on the starfish and cant stop making them ! Thankyou
 Donna on March 17, 2013:
This site is great for a lot of patterns try it for anything you want. Some you have to pay for, many are free.

 Jonjo on February 24, 2013:
Totally awesome! Could you do a giraffe? Thanks alot, i love this site.
 Lynn on January 22, 2013:
@lonnie... have dragon kits for $24.95... and here is a link for a free pattern... big link, hope it works for you
 Lonnie on January 21, 2013:
I am trying to fine someplace to get directions for a 3-D beaded dragon with the items needed to make it. Can you help?
 Kimberly on January 19, 2013:
I would love to see a yorkie
 minnie on January 17, 2013:
anyone know where to buy 3d beading books or where to get free patterns??
 Maroo on January 7, 2013:
Hi does anyone have an elephant bead pattern? I'd really appreciate it. My email is
 heather on January 5, 2013:
ccan you add a bunny
 Rebecca on December 30, 2012:
This is a really great website. It is the first time I have seen this website and I am impressed. Please would it be possible for me to obtain instructions for making a 3D giraffe?
 Dawn nguyen on November 30, 2012:
Thanks for website , I wait for Crystal beaded dragon ,goat, snake pattern
 marie on November 22, 2012:
thanks for having website like thisl!!! very helpful...
 Moderator on November 22, 2012:
@random person - then don't bother visiting again, you will not be missed.
 random person on November 22, 2012:
this is the worst website ever its patterns stink and are arent pretty at all!!!
 tessa21 on November 22, 2012:
does anyone have a link for a beaded humming bird???
 Dawn nguyen on November 16, 2012:
Crystal beaded dragon pattern
 Dawn nguyen on November 16, 2012:
Crystal beaded goat pattern
 dawn nguyen on November 7, 2012:
crystal beaded horse pattern
 Lynn on October 8, 2012:
The post was lost for the person who wanted a pattern for a Swan... (my error)... Hoping that you see this post... here is a link for a Crystal Swan pattern...
 Robin on October 4, 2012:
I need a 3d pattern for a CUTE turkey. Anyone have one?
 janet on September 23, 2012:
are you selling the beaded teddy bear ?
 random person on September 19, 2012:
@Nashanti Pope: If you don't have anything positive to say then don't bother posting commenting in the first place. This site is awesome and has a lot of really good patterns that are good for beginners and advanced beaders alike. :) LOL
 Vinitha on September 3, 2012:
Wow! It's so beutiful. Well,I was finding this one. Where shall I get the instruction of it. No one ever wants to share.
 PINK 4 ME on August 31, 2012:
 sherry mahon on July 31, 2012:
love your site
 koolkittykat on July 22, 2012:
no! ure pics are soooooo hard to understand!but there sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 emily on July 15, 2012:
go to my daily
 koolkittykat on July 11, 2012:
this is my type of website! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
 I Believe in Icewolf on June 25, 2012:
i believe you icewolf !!!!
 Maggie on June 23, 2012:
this is awsome i get to have lots more ideas to make!
 Awesome Beader on June 23, 2012:
 IceWolf again...last on June 23, 2012:
ooops!!!! forgot to tell how to make seed beaded lizard
 IceWolf again... on June 23, 2012:
I am 10 years old,2012, I can see the instuctions, but where can i find how to make seed beaded dogs,wolves,foxes,flowers,scarlet maccaws, peacocks,soccer ball,butterflies,rainbow bracelets, unicorns, seashells,gems, rainbows and other awesome things. PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!! I REALLY WANT TO MAKE THESE SO BADLY!!!!!! i love wolves!!!!!
 IceWolf on June 23, 2012:
I have no idea how to make these awesome seed beaded animals. Where are the instructions?
 Hi on June 9, 2012:
 michelle on May 18, 2012:
im looking 4 patterns of monkey and other animals could i have some? add me plz... @
 katrina cheung on May 3, 2012:
 Celina on April 28, 2012:
I actually found the much harder ones easier to do lol wierd. Thanks for putting up the instructions!
 Lily on April 14, 2012:
very good
 Sara on April 8, 2012:
@Tracy✨ on February 9, 2012 I have a couple of patterns for monkeys in beads if you send an email to creativesarainfo@gmail with a request for the animal charms then I can scan them in and reply to your message, hope this helps :-D
 Lynn on March 31, 2012:
Teresa - Follow this link it is an explanation on reading Korean/Japanese patterns...
It was kindly put together by Jen (another moderator on this site).
 Teresa Parker on March 30, 2012:
Am looking for instructions for a beaded pink panther have one but instructions are in Japanese can anyone help
 Kay on March 3, 2012:
i'm looking for a bufflao pattern so i can make on for my aunt. she love buffalos and she live in buffalo ny.
 Carol on February 25, 2012:
looking for three patterns bee, lizard, and dragon Thanks
 elephant_crazy on February 14, 2012:
Hi please can you post the tutorial of the beaded elephant!! I LOVE ELEPHANTS!!!!
 lyndsay on February 11, 2012:
does any body no how to make beaded animals
 MADHU PILLAI on February 9, 2012:
 Tracy✨ on February 9, 2012:
Love these designs. I'm looking for a pattern for a miniture beaded monkey. About as big as a
Thumb nail. I've made a couple of other animals but not
Not a monkey. Any patterns?
 glo on February 8, 2012:
Where can I get a pattern to make a beaded lizard? I would like on about 18 inches long to go on one wall at our beach house.
 glo on February 8, 2012:
Where can I get a pattern to make a beaded lizard? I would like on about 18 inches long to go on one wall at our beach house.
  on January 28, 2012:
I'm only 11and once I made my first little dog out of crystal
beads I ended up trying to make everything!(my panda almost
 lily on January 8, 2012:
do u know where a squirrel pattern
 Nashanti Pope on January 7, 2012:
this site stinks
 i love latvia on January 3, 2012:
very beautiful.. i like this..
 teddy bears on December 30, 2011:
when i gave one of these to my girlfriend, we went to her house and we enter to her room, we kissed in the bed!!!!!!!!! thank you
 alex on December 30, 2011:
this is very fun let party rock this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Eszter on December 23, 2011:
Nagyon szépek!
 rachy on December 22, 2011:
ummmmmm hi
 adriana on December 16, 2011:
 kangaroo on December 11, 2011:
hello anyone here oh and kangaroo is not my real name
 kangaroo on December 4, 2011:
trying to make a beaded wolf had for my brother in the army need help
 sam on December 2, 2011:
this site is great i am completly new to all this any pointers would be great thanks
 Lynn on November 30, 2011:
Victoria... Not able to help you with the patterns you are looking for, but.. here is a link to a fellow beaders website where there is a post on reading the foreign patterns you have been finding... Hope this helps...
 victoria on November 29, 2011:
ok im trying to make a 3d giraffe and Tinkerbell or fairy for my friends as a gift and all i can find are ones in Japanese and sadly i dont speak nor read the language so if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated :).
 Allegra on November 13, 2011:
I have a turtle pattern in the pipeline (not finished yet, but will be posted when it is). Shelley, thanks for sharing about the frog pattern you found. For anyone looking for a pattern that you don't see on this site (and we have many more coming) visit the forum page (click on forum, at the top of the page) and there is a topic devoted to people askiing for a pattern and there are lots of experienced beaders on there answering all the time. Not to mention you can browse all the other patterns they suggested to other people. To Bailey, we are trying very hard to make this site as organized as possible for our cherished visitors, like yourself. HTML is a difficult thing to master, and we are constantly improving and steamlining our design. Recently all patterns have been revamped in a new database format so that we can post patterns that much faster (rather than fiddle with html every time). This was very time-consuming and that is why the patterns have been slow to come in the last little while, but it is worth it in the long run for the amount of time it will save to post patterns in the future. Enjoy the site, everyone!
 Carrie on November 11, 2011:
I am looking for a turtle pattern. Do you have one?
 Shelley on November 7, 2011: has a 3d frog pattern
 Ammandeep on November 3, 2011:
hey i cant read any other language besides english and i really want to do 3d beading for my school project so can you please post a few english ones thanx
 Cathy on October 29, 2011:
I would like to see who can help me find a seed bead pattern of a strawberry
 Heather Olivier on October 27, 2011:
The animals are really very beutiful
 Baily Thomason on October 22, 2011:
this is a unorganized site!
 sarah Hague on October 19, 2011:
..they are lovely..can you tell me about any books to learn how to make them!?
Thanks Sarah
 Heidi Cameron on October 16, 2011:
Looking for beaded frog pattern
 shanthaasuri on October 12, 2011:
isaw this 3d site, ido lot ,like animals birds purse etc ,intrested
 Nicola Robertson on October 12, 2011:
I was looking for crystal made design and surprisingly stopped to your site. truly amazing creative design. Great job. Looking forward to get some new soon.
 Sherry on October 9, 2011:
I would love to have 3D frog pattern .I looking for one of that 3D frog pattern .I love your beads work.
 barbara on October 9, 2011:
love them is there a frog pattern
  BELL on September 21, 2011:
 Life Currents on September 20, 2011:
Hi! I did some beaded animals and wanted to share them. Take a look...
 Mitzi on September 8, 2011:
Hi and what a GREAT site, I hope someone can help me I am looking for a off the loom bead weaving pattern for dragonfly wings I am trying to make a dragonfly pendant. Thanks for ANY help you all may offer.
 Stacey on August 30, 2011:
Lynn - Thank You soooo much. That site was perfect. You are the best!
 Lynn on August 30, 2011:
Stacey... One of my fellow moderators has instructions on her web that may help you understand the patterns... Hope this helps...
 Stacey on August 29, 2011:
Are there any sites that help you read the 3D Japanese instructions? Have plenty of instructions, just not sure how to follow them. Any help would be appreciated. I am legally blind and they are very confusing to me. Thanks!
 Janie Graham on August 29, 2011:
There is this cool place to get gator earrings on the internet. Sweet, huh! Here is the URL:
 chu totoro on August 24, 2011:
i went on this website a while ago and i seem to remember, correct me if i am wrong, but i thought you had like loads more patterns like a large cat a turtle and a schnauzer dog
 B~) on August 20, 2011:
im gonna do the pig! why's the panda not free?
 zurah on August 16, 2011:
i'm so excited that i found your website..and thank you so much... i've learn to make some cute beads accesories... n_n (from Sabah,Malaysia)
 wanda rivera on August 9, 2011:
quisiera confeccionar una jirafa en swarovski pues yo colecciono jirafas y quisiera confeccionar una en swarovski. espero me puedan ayudar . dios les bendiga y muchas gracias.
 Jacqueline on August 3, 2011:
Dragonfriend, search on google: 3d beaded dragon!!
 Courtney on July 28, 2011:
Go to this website,
click on more and next page until you find something, click on what you like and scroll down, you can copy paste the pattern (as a picture).
btw it may have to be done in a couple of pics
 omama on July 13, 2011:
 abigail on July 10, 2011:
this is so hard and im new at 3d beading.
 Cheryl on July 10, 2011:
I'm into dragons and would love your pattern, It sounds cool
 LuLu on June 27, 2011:
Thanks for a good bead ideas :)
I really plese you- I need some bead pattent-how to do MOTORBIKE from beads. I really love motorbikes and I want to have a bead one but I do not know how can I do that ... :(
I really plese you very much for a link. Thanks
 GEEKY LUV on June 27, 2011:
 Momdog on June 24, 2011:
I found an excellent page for pokemon - ALL pokemon patterns + links to other beaded pokemon. There are a few pokemon based on DRAGONS..........
 Dragonfriend on June 22, 2011:
hi wolfufu, sry about the immediate hello, but i am happy about the fact of potentially finding someone who likes dragons as much as i do. im litterally known as "dragon lady" in my school. there was also an extreme bout of "dragonization" (not a word) there to. oh, by the way about that post-it about the dragon you wrote earler... a lot earyer, i thought abot it, and here is the resilt of a full night of thinking:

main body color- a dark forest green

horn color- pale yellow with a red tip

eye color- red or lemon yellow

claw color- same pale yellow at the horns

tongue color- red

spike color- pale yellow, like claws

bottom layer color- pale yellow like horns

tail color- same green as body, but arrowhead tail end lighter green

wings color- starts as the light green of tail end, but gradually gets lighter

thanx for asking about these colors. Have you made that open-mouthed demon dragon yet? if so, i would really like the pattern for it. i felt really bad about the wire snapping on that rainbow-winged dragon. Again, sorry about the immediate hello. talk to you later, Dragonfriend (or Darkdrax) :)
 Dragonfriend on June 21, 2011:
anyone know how 2 make a dragon? wings & legs are needed. Fire is a bonous
 Jeanne on June 5, 2011:
Looking for a 3-D bumble bee or honey bee done in peyote if possible. Would like life size or larger. Anyone have a pattern for such?
 sarah on June 5, 2011:
Your beading projects are so cool!
 marshmellow on June 1, 2011:
these r so cool and it works
 wolflover on May 23, 2011:
i LOVE wolves. you should totally make a wolf pattern.
 Brandywine on May 23, 2011:
I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dipsaly!
 danilda12 on May 13, 2011:
anybody know how to make pokemon?
 danilda12 on May 13, 2011:
anybody know ow to make pokemon?
 danirms on May 13, 2011:
can you make pokemon
 Katherine on May 13, 2011:
these patterns are so cool i have to try one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Rochelle on May 10, 2011:
Looking for a pattern for a beaded wolf's head or complete wolf
 glory on May 7, 2011:
is there anyone have a pattern of how to make a 3d beaded tiger?
 Lovina on May 5, 2011:
This was fun to make. I hope i get to learn other things like this.
 Jen on April 26, 2011:
Goddessofthecosmos. I use seed beads all the time. They look just the same, but smaller. The smaller the bead, the smaller the finished product.
 Natalie on April 23, 2011:
Has anyone ever tried making a squirrel? on April 21, 2011:
Has anyone tried the animals with seed beads or delicas? I'm interested to see how that would look.
 Sarah on April 13, 2011:
I like the pig and i will try to make one.Thankz for the patten
 Brianna on April 13, 2011:
Im new to this website and so far its awesommmmme!!!!!Keep up the good work.
 Jaymie on April 8, 2011:
Can anyone make a whale or a killer whale if so that would be great.
 Courtney on April 8, 2011:
there is a pretty cool bunny pattern here, you can choose for it to hold a carrot of an easter egg
 elizabaeth on April 6, 2011:
how about making white tiger, moose, buffalo and elk or deer? with chain to ahold of it? thanks,
 Margie on March 31, 2011:
Looking for a beaded bunny pattern. Anyone know of one? Thanks!!
 Jen on March 30, 2011:
@Michelle. All two-needle right angle weave can be done with one needle. Just keep going around each circle, and come back out at one of the ending arrows. There's probably quite a few tutorials on the internet. Just do a search.
 Christine:) on March 27, 2011:
They are so cute I wish I could make them.
 me on March 20, 2011:
can anyone please make a pattern for a giraffe, zebra etc.
 .... on March 18, 2011:
can anyone make a tutorial for this cute fish??
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
The bird is sssssssssoooooooooooo cute! In fact, I feel like I need to eat it all up!
 BeadBarn on March 14, 2011: Annamei.. try this web page to convert patterns to PDF, it may make it easier... have not tried it myself but was recommended by a friend.
 Michelle H. on March 13, 2011:
Is there a way to do some of the patterns without using two needle techniques? I do a lot of right angle weave, (mainly the circular triangle weave), I use one needle technique. I would love to do some of these with a single needle instead of two. I do not do well with my right hand at all.
 annamei <3 on March 5, 2011:
hey do you know of any websites that have printer friendly versions of these patterns? i love these patterns so much but theres just so many pages to print out for the cat and pig!

Try this link to convert patterns to PDF... it may help...
 Sheryl Matbagan on March 2, 2011:
Maganda ang mga patterns nyo......Wat po exact location nyo?coz we want to visit in your store and buy beads for our project......
 Michelle on February 10, 2011:
Wow I like this have been searching many sites to find patterns n stuff and it's like 10 pages to get one pattern does any one know any other sites as well other then this one and making friends site I like this one for sure Ty if u find any please email me at or I work will alot of kids so with disabilities and love art so Ty and if u email me things put beading in the subject capitalized ty
 llee on February 3, 2011:
love the animals, look very nice.
 llee on February 3, 2011:
nice, love the animals
 Noel on February 1, 2011:
 anonymous on February 1, 2011:
i think this will be a good SDL project and it will be fun!!!
 jenny on January 30, 2011:
you guys havent posted ANYTHING in months!!!!
 deborah on January 28, 2011:
i also like the 3d dolphin and would like to know how to make it
 Dominique on January 19, 2011:
I, personaly, like the 3d dolphin. I just want to know how to make it!!!!!!!!!! :o)
 jacqueline brouwer on January 16, 2011:
hi i really like the peyoty girl bunny .
i would love to be able to make the peyoty girl bunny
 DragonRider on January 14, 2011:
Wolfufu, Thanks So much!!! Of course I am interested in Dragons! I really try to figure them out, too. They are pretty hard. You know how to make them? I would really like to know how! Thanks so much!
Beading is pretty hard sometimes but I am not a beginner. I have been doing it for a while and I really like it. :) Thanks though!
 purple.passion on January 14, 2011:
YES, only the upper row has the clickable link coz those are the only ones that has their detailed pattern... the others are just pictures because the patterns are still in progress...
 somebody on January 13, 2011:


 Joce on January 10, 2011:
What???? "Peyote Bunny Pattern"???? first of all that's not a boy and second of all That's USAHANA from Sanrio =__=
 FujiBerry on January 7, 2011:
When I first heard of "peyote stitch" I thought it was a 3d beaded peyote cactus and thought it would be cool. Btw, I would like to see someone make a beaded cactus here!
 MongoGrubb on January 1, 2011:
The linkm issue is not just you. It won't work for me in internet explorer (both 32 bit and 64 bit editions) or Firefox. Please fix this problem so that I can make the Dolphin for my wife. (Only the top row actually has a clickable link.)
 boba on December 29, 2010:
some of the links wont work. i cant tell if its the computers fault or the websites...
 emily on December 27, 2010:
why do some patterns dont have instructions?
 SpArKy.tHe.DrAgOn on December 26, 2010:
@wolfufu - oh, i forgot, ive tried making dragons before... first try was a fail, but then i used the old noodle and worked it out! made a blue & black one... and it was stolen =( dont have any more supplies to make more =( but you can bet im gonna rake the stores to find them!
 SpArKy.tHe.DrAgOn on December 26, 2010:
[beadybear here!]
havent been here in quite a while, still waiting for the major update to finish...
for some stupid reason i cant find seed beads here in johannesburg, south africa. all they sell is lame jewellery! =/ cant find my regular beading wire either, craft is dying out here! girls with expensive clothing etc, yes =/ =/ =/

hi wolfufu, so nice to find another girl who is nuts about dragons! they're just too awesome!!! toothless is just so adorable! i grew up with a dragon called spyro (playstation game character) id love to see some beaded dragons! but ones with personality you know! =)
 Azize on December 18, 2010:
 annie on December 16, 2010:
it's been a year and nothings happened!
 ly on December 9, 2010:
 yumi on December 9, 2010:
are you going to put up more patterns anytime soon? I really want to try the peyote girl bunny^^
 Wolfufu on December 5, 2010:
This isn't really about beading (sorry), but to you dragon lovers, have you ever seen the Dreamworks movie, How To Train Your Dragon? I simply LOVE that movie! Toothless, the Deadly Nadders, the Gronkles, and all the other dragons are so SWEET! 'specially Toothless. At the moment I am working on a sea dragony thing, so that's cools. :)
 Allegra on December 4, 2010:
To Abbie,
Your patience is much appreciated. Our website is currently undergoing major behind the scenes improvements which are actually ready to launch any day now. Stay tuned and thanks again! Sorry for the delay!
 Abbie on December 1, 2010:
..sorry but it's been a year and you still haven't updated anything actually going to happen with this website or am I waiting for nothing?
 Wolfufu on November 30, 2010:
DragonRider: Are you interested in dragons? Your name sure sounds like you are interested. I make bead
dragons that are sort of on the complicated side for beginners (are you a beginner beader), but if you want,
I can 'attempt' to explain how to make the bead dragons I make. Just so you're sure you want to start with
a dragon, check out Crazyclur's bead dragons on DeviantART - Me and my grandma looked closely at
her dragons, and actually figured out how to make the dragon. (I sort of use her idea, but there is NO
competition, I make 'em for fun :D). I know how to make the dragons by heart. So, if you are interested
her dragons, on here I might be able to explain how to make a whole dragon days off and on (from school).
If all else fails, I might be able to finish my written tutorial to make the dragon, and POSSIBLY I might post
it online.
Please comment back if you are interested in learning to make a cool bead dragon.
Whatever the aliens say,
 Wolfufu on November 30, 2010:
A couple of minutes ago, I was making a black dragon with a chest on the bottom that was yellow, with rainbow wings. I was ALMOST
done with the wing (1 of them) and guess what: I pulled...ahem...TOO hard, and the wire broke. I tried to fix it, but nothing worked. So,
now another dragon is broken. :( And it was looking really good so far! Oh well, I guess I will have the wait for another day to make
another dragon again, definetley NOT in black, 'cause my brown-ish beads are mixed in with the black beads.
Tut tut (lol), anyone have a cool idea for a dragon? Like I mean colors for the dragon. If I DO choose your colors
I will post here 'Colors by so-and-so'. So, if you want me to make a 'personal' dragon of your choice of colors, then
post neat colors on here. Note: I MIGHT try to post it on the Internet, and write "so-and-so's idea for color and idea for
dragon' or something like that. Just fill this out, if you want: :) (IDEAS ARE GLADLY ACCEPTED :D)
Main Body Color (means the WHOLE dragons color) (if the dragon is a Dark Dragon, you would
say something like the main body color would be black):
Horn Colors (can be multicolored - please max it to only THREE colors):
Eye Color:
Claw Color:
Tongue Color (optional):
Spike Color (for this one, I need to figure out how to make spikes, and if all goes wrong,
I have to forget the spikes and move on)(optional):
Bottom Layer Color of dragon (called Victorian Beading/Continental Beading)(thanks Jen :D)
(Only ONE color):
Tail (do you want a sort of scorpion-ish tail, or just an arrow-points tail?)(You can also choose
your choice of a tail from you imagination, but please do your best to explain it):
Wing Color (like the horns, the wings can be multiocolored - max THREE colors)
(also, list the order of the colors from bottom to top: example - blue, clear, yellow)
(The end color will be the TIP of each 'feathery type' wing, so choose colors wisely):
Okay, I think I covered all the choices of colors, huh? If I do post it on the Internet, it
will most likely say "so-and-so's dragon'.
So, start being creative! :D
Whatever the aliens say,
 Tommie on November 30, 2010:
These things are made very nicely. You need a lot patience to make this. islive
 Wolfufu on November 28, 2010:
I really love the Beaded reptile Pattern, because well, I love dragons, and they are reptiles. I might as well check it out and see if I can figure out how to make it myself.
I haven't been commenting on here awhile, and Jen, I NEVER knew that type of beading type 'style' is called Continental Beading! I really want to make a sort of scary
looking dragon- it would be black, with maybe silver or gold eyes. An open mouth, with LARGE teeth. Sort of 'muscular' arms with large claws (same with the feet),
and a very very very spiky-ish (is that even a word?) tail. One problem - gotta find out how to make an open mouth on beaded creatures! If anyone could direct
me to directions to make an open mouth with teeth in it, please do! I REALLY wanna make this demon-ish type dragon thing! :)
I haven't tried figuring out any of these beaded animals yet, but I will get to it! I am in the process of creating a tutorial for making
the bead dragons I happen to love. In case anyone forgot, I got the idea from Crazyclur (on DeviantART). Seriously, check out her
bead dragons if you love dragons - they are cute, yet so cool at the same time. Please don't ask me about the..ahem..tutorial for
the dragon, because I have school, homework, and other important things. :) I only have little time to work on the tutorial, and I'm
not totally POSITIVE I will be uploading it to the Internet, or whatever you do, but I might. You never know what will happen. :)
~Wolfufu (Ask any questions for help with beaded dragons. I will TRY to answer.) (Also, please understand, I am NOT an
expert when it comes to beading styles - I just make for fun!)
 Arya on November 25, 2010:
I'd love to be able to make the dolphin pattern. Could the directions perhaps be provided online please?Thank you.
 Corrinne on November 21, 2010:
I would love to make the horse, Can you please provide the directions? thank you so very much.
 KYLESLOVER102 on November 20, 2010:
says .... how the hell do you get the patterns?
 PIGGY#2 on November 20, 2010:
I really like these creations especially the Victorian Flower.
 Maxine 101 on November 20, 2010:
these are soo awesome someone teach me how to do it.!!!!!! :P :)
 DragonRider on November 18, 2010:
Does anybody know where to get patterns other than this site? Good patterns, I mean? Not dumb ones. And also does anybody know if they send patterns to you if you give them your email address?
 ahley on November 16, 2010:
i really like the panda, duck, horse,and the dophin
 Dana on November 15, 2010:
Anne, has a great beaded dragonfly pattern! I took the class a couple of years ago when they had a shop in Clearwater and I have made several since. Good luck!
 ashley on November 13, 2010:
the puppy is so cute . I also love the little duck that you have on the net.
 ashley on November 13, 2010:
i like the dolphin
 sherie on November 12, 2010:
trying to get dolphin pattern
 diae on November 10, 2010:
 Anne Sheridan on November 9, 2010:
have you a pattern for a dragonfly as i would love to make one as a pendant
 Dawn on October 30, 2010:
Trying to download beaded reptile pattern but having no success!

 patricia on October 30, 2010:
Porque solo me dejan ver seis me podrian decir porque.Gracias
 Patricia on October 30, 2010:
Hola no me dejan ver mas que seis me podrian decir porque. Gracias
 Tedda on October 28, 2010:
Cool Creations
 someone on October 27, 2010:
the panda is so cute i can't wait until they write the instructions down for it
 Mystery on October 23, 2010:
do you have to buy the instructions for some of them or do they email it to you?!?!?!?!?!?
 ashleigh on October 22, 2010:
Been waiting for ages for some of these patterns to mae as presents but they still havn't been posted.

Tell me, why do you put the pictures up for patterns that you're not going to post in the NEAR future?!
 Haley on October 19, 2010:
Love ur instructions- i have made the pig, the cat, and tried the teddy- are you going to post the terrier, elephant, or large cat any time soon- thanks
 Beverly Blair on October 13, 2010:
These are adorable
 sophia on October 13, 2010:
cool! i love the dolphin one and the cat one! =)
 andi on October 11, 2010:
why aren't any of the patterns after the poodle design clickable?
 LuckyDucky on October 11, 2010:
Is there a beaded Dachshund pattern out there? I would love to learn to make that since we our dachshunds in our house hold =-)
 Boo on October 9, 2010:
Please could you put up a border collie pattern because I think it would make a great Christmas present and I really want to try it out!
 Fay Glasgow on October 6, 2010:
I want the turtle pattern
 Soreya on October 5, 2010:
If anyone has a good bird pattern( not the cannary one). Please give it to me.
 mlandy on October 3, 2010:
I am very interested in all of the animal patterns, they are so cute and would make great Christmas gifts! How would I go about getting these patterns? Thank you
 susanlee on October 3, 2010:
I like to learn how to make beaded animals tramp dog, horse pattern,ducky pattern,dragon pattern and turtle pattern please give pattern to learn.Thank you
 susanlee on October 3, 2010:
Please give me the horse pattern. thank you
 dorothy barber on September 29, 2010:
why put them on line if they are not avaiabable
 kessiemarie on September 29, 2010:
I love the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 justme on September 26, 2010:
great site, been looking for this for a long time now...
 jenny on September 22, 2010:
i would love to have ago makeing any of these but cant find the patterns can anyone help??
 bob on September 21, 2010:
wow these are cool! i am not really good at making 3d things but hey ill try!
(no i am not a guy) ^^
 Meenakshi on September 8, 2010:
What are the beads used in the mousy teddy bear called?? They look quite nice. Never seen them down in New Zealand stores before.
 shellyscorner on September 5, 2010:
@ Donna
Hey Donna, Go to this link ( ) It will take you to a page that has a book on beading animals. I don't think they're 3-D but at the bottom of the page they'll show you more books that were "purchased by the people who purchased THIS item" and I'll bet you'll find something that will be at least close to what you're looking for....

If I can be helpful in anyway you can email me at Just be sure to put something in the subject line regarding beading so I don't delete you think you're spam. : ) - Shelly
 MK on September 1, 2010:
OMG i've been wanting to learn how to do 3D beading for the longest time! I just stumble upon this site and im loving it!!! thanks so much for all the instructions. i haven't started anything yet but im just thanking in advance. hehe i can't wait to start on something. there so much to choose i don't know where to start. haha but thanks again!
 steicy bruhl on August 30, 2010:
i want to mke a dragon
 Donna on August 22, 2010:
I'm looking for a book on how to make the 3d crystal animals. Wher can I find the book?
 Cat. on August 20, 2010:
I love bed creatures :))
 Cat. on August 20, 2010:
I love bed creatures :))
 Shelby on August 16, 2010:
I want to know how long it takes to make a pattern for these things. It's been months and nothing new has happened in the animals section!!!!!!
 Sandy on August 10, 2010:
La pagina muy buena.....necesito un buho. Lo tienen.
 Sandy on August 10, 2010:
Buenisima la pagina....
 Mariaa** on August 10, 2010:
I would like to ask a Bead Bunny Girl 3-D model. I really would love to learn how to make it.

 jamie on August 9, 2010:
this website is cool
 LD on August 6, 2010:
Nice patterns, love the dolphin.
 Wondering... :) on August 5, 2010:
I love these animals! They're sooo cute! My question is are they hard to make or easy to mess up on?
 YENNY on August 1, 2010:
estan muy lindos todos los animalitos yo estoy interesada en saber como hacerlos.
 Anonymous on July 30, 2010:
Hey, I'm looking for patterns for 3-D sporting items (i.e. footballs, cricket bats & stumps and the like). So far I haven't been able to find any patterns on the web for any of these and I'm not talented enough to make them up myself (except for maybe something like a soccerball or a basketball). I want to make a mini set of sporting items out of beads as a present for someone I know. If anyone has any of these types of patterns or knows of somewhere that has them could you please leave a comment on this board for me. Thankyou.
 AnnieAmiVickkyBFF on July 27, 2010:
hey, can i get a link to the 3d peyote hello kitty, because most of them dont have links btw thanks for the patterns.
 2sweet on July 26, 2010:
If you hit the pay button you'll get the pattern immediately, I just did and the pattern
came right through for me to print out.
 Autumn on July 25, 2010:
has anyone got emails with the patterns? Because I have no reply so far.
 Autumn on July 24, 2010:
my email is
 Autumn on July 24, 2010:
Hey can you send me the pattern for the large cat and the terrier dog and the ducky maybe the panda too! thank you soooo much I love the little kitty patter and wanna make mine some friends and a momma!
 Bri on July 23, 2010:
i have a way better website:
go here its alot easier
 faith boster on July 16, 2010:
that is so cool I want one!
 good on July 15, 2010:
I really love these! Did you figure them out yourself?
 Joe on July 14, 2010:
Is there any way to get the reptile/crocodile pattern? It is the best one I've seen on the web, but there is no link to it.
 Kev on July 13, 2010:
Can you make the duck pattern?
 Kari on July 11, 2010:
i like the dolphin, turtle and panda
 Samantha on July 10, 2010:
 ling on July 10, 2010:
loves it i luv the dolphin
 Samantha on July 9, 2010:
I was also wondering if anyone has the pink dragon on this page. I would love to try to make it.
 Samantha on July 9, 2010:
Hi my name is Sam and I am new at this. I LOVE DRAGONS! But I am just starting to bead again. Vanessa is already helping me and she is great! If anyone has any flat or 3d dragon diagrams can you please send them to This is my husbands sight for I am computer illiterate. I am on chemo shots and have all the time in the world so if anyone has them and can send them to me that would be great. I do learn best by also seeing the picture with the diagram.
 Sue on July 8, 2010:
Hello. I would like to ask a Bead Bunny Girl 3-D model of peyote to this e-mail address: Thank you.
 La La on July 7, 2010:
You haven't updated any of your tutorials for 2 years. I'd really like to see that 3D Peyote Hello Kitty!
 jess on July 5, 2010:
these are great! a great help in doing my first 3d beading but where are the rest of the instructions? can the terrior, turtle and panda be posted? i would wish for all the be available rather.... :D
 dragoon on July 4, 2010:
cool! nice patterns! i have the pig turtles and panda! thnx a lot for the patterns! dude these r awesome man!
i must copy Wolfufu real quick and say: Yeah, I'm a girl cuz the name could be misleading
 Emi on July 4, 2010:
how come not all the patterns of animals are avaliable? can you make a tutorial for Beaded 3-D Peyote Boy Bunny Pattern && Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern? THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! ( :
 fred on July 2, 2010:
would you please be able to put some 2-d patterns on please
 Stacey on June 30, 2010:
These 3D figures are amazing! I really would love to learn how to make them too.
 Julie on June 27, 2010:
Hi m3ll there is a lady called Ruth Keil who makes 3d animals and I know she has instructions for a parrot and macaw. she sells her patterns on
hope this helps.
 josh on June 23, 2010:
ha ha ha luver
 Jen on June 21, 2010:
Nicole and Wolfufu, the kind of beading you're talking about is called Victorian Beading or sometimes Continental beading. Your pattern sounds wonderful, I think I've seen the one on DaviantArt too, I'm also a regular there.

M3LL, I don't think anyone here would have the time at the moment to make this pattern, but it might come up eventually. But I feel like I've seen one before somewhere. I bet if you asked on the forum, someone might be able to tell you where to find one.
 M3LL on June 21, 2010:
wow this is amazing! your very talented, :)!
could you please make a 3-d parrot? please make a 3-d parrot? I have a friend who just is in love with parrots, as well as I, and i am look for a gift of "thanks " i guess. she runs her own store called 'allisons parrot place" and i have learned she is a great person, and someone i think lots of people should be like. I purchased a parrot from her, and she is raising so preciously and training it, feeding it that way to, all for me untill it is big enough for me to take home and love myself.
it would meen alot to me if you designed a 3-d parrot. maybe a maccaw or something colorful :).
she also loves unicorns and has a huge collection of them. could you also design a 3-d unicorn?
could you design these a little bigger than usual tho? like just the unicorn a little bigger tho, so she well be able to display it on a table or something. but the parrot could just be a keychain or something.
thankyou for reading this, and hearing me out.
if you well do this, i really really hope you do, then here is my e-mail you can send the directions to, and pictures if you'd like.
 Wolfufu on June 20, 2010:
Aw, thanks Nicole! Actually, I forgot to say that a lot of people do the 'zig-zag' thing with their creatures... hmm... but I guess she made the wings... I heard
her talking about how to do the wings, but it is way different than how I them...hmm... Well, each dragon for ME takes about 2-3 hours. I sometimes do
different wings, especially on my first bead dragon, took about 1 hour. Now my dragons take about 2-3 hours, because the wire sometimes gets cinks
in it, and it is hard to pull through, OR in the middle of the leg, one of the beads is to small for the wire to go through. So I would definitely check if the
wire fits through, and if your wire is sort of stubbly with bumps, cut that piece off carefully with a pair of scissors. Thank you Nicole for the nice comment!
I am glad you are happy I 'helped' you out! P.S. I'm glad you like my name... it was a picture of this really cute wolf named Wolfufu... hehe) :-D
 Nicole on June 20, 2010:
Thank you so much Wolfufu!!! You are a lifesaver..... i've been tryin' to find simple layered things like dragons... interrestin' creatures to make out of beads.
That's great you figured out how to make them.. you must have really good eyes!! I checked out Crazyclur's dragons.. I love 'em! i know what you mean,
'zig-zagging; like folding down the layers... that is really smart... but as you said it was sorta her idea.... congratz on making seven whole dragons!!! how long
do they take about?? okay, well thanks Wolfufu!!! ALOT!!! (P.S. I love your name!)
 Wolfufu on June 20, 2010:
I really love these! Did you figure them out yourself? Or did you get them from a book? I sort of know how to make 3D-ish things; the thing is I look at people's creations, and 'figure out' how to make them.
I can try to explain to anyone how I make it look 3D-ish with 'two layers'. First of all, I can make really cool and cute dragons with amazing wings. My grandma and I figured out the wings and how to do the
legs! :-) I've made about 7 dragons so far, but lets get back to the 'layers'. Okay, I am going to start us off with the neck, but not the head; you do make a head, but it will take so long for me to explain it.
How to do necks on dragons: first, put 3 beads of the color of your 'main body colors' on Wire A (or Wire B); or just choose the shortest wire, which is what I do, to avoid getting less and less wire. Mostly
on every row, you are going to use the 'Back and Forth technique.' Google it up if you don't know what it is- if you cannot find what it is, i will ATTEMPT to explain it in another comment. Once you are
SURE it is snug, choose a 'neck' color for the dragon. You could do the main body color for the neck, but in my opinion that is sort of 'boring'. I did my aunt a dragon, and the main body color was gold
and the neck was black. She told me her favorite colors, and I surprised her, and she loved it. So, in the future i MIGHT sell beaded dragons, and I know what colors look good on a dragon, but you
people who want one would have to fill in a form or something. Okay, back to the neck. After you beaded (is that a word??) on your neck colors, bead on 3 more main body color beads. NOTE: if your
neck color beads are smaller than your main body color beads, put 4 of the neck color beads on instead, so it looks 'equal'. Now you have one row of 3 main body color beads, then neck color beads,
then another main body color row of beads. Do this 5 more times, and remember to switch off from neck color beads to main body color beads, (or vice-versa). After you have done this, you should
have a total of 7 main body color beads and a total of 6 neck color beads. Here is a 'sort of diagram thing' of what it should look like. The zero's are the neck color beads, and the o is the main body
color beads. o0o0o0o0o0o0o This diagram is shown at the side, so you cannot see the beads on the top. Now, here comes the tricky, or for some beading experts easy part. You have to FOLD
down the neck color beads UNDER the main body color beads, to make it look like a zig-zag. The main body color beads are on TOP, while the neck color beads are on the BOTTOM. I will attempt
to make a diagram the same way. If it doesn't turn out right, please do not get mad.
000000 Sort of like this; remember zero's are neck color beads, and o's are main body color beads. It is a zig-zag; it really is so simple to do if you look closely at a dragon. This is how you make
your animals OR your bead dragon look 3D-ish looking. You can also do it on the head, and put more neck color beads on the bottom (or vice-versa) to make it curve upwards. I think that is how
those beads are curved upwards... hmm.. If yu guys know what DeviantART is, check out Crazyclur's bead dragons; that is what me and my grandma figured out from- how to do the wings, legs,
AND also the neck. Mine look like her dragons, sort of, but i am not trying to compete with her or anything - dragons are basically my life - i draw 'em, make them out of beads, etc. I might post
a picture of my dragons, BUT credit goes to Crazyclur's dragons, for HER creativity. Hope this helped! :-D (My username is from this picture I saw, and I am a girl)
 Anonymous on June 18, 2010:
yeah , i love this stuff but does it show u how to make it cause i really would love to make all this WONDERFULL stuff but please tell me actually to make it (instruction please).!!!
 krill_wrap on June 17, 2010:
Just wondering... why post the pictures of the patterns that haven't yet been uploaded? It's kinda mean, showing everyone who comes to this site loads and loads of really cool looking beaded animals and things when only a few actually have patterns. I appreciate that putting up the patterns is time-consuming, but maybe there should just be pictures of patterns that have links? What is already up is very good though :)
 sammie tambuzi on June 16, 2010:
i work raves and i make this animals and the people just love them ...... so do i
 Hettie Bernhardt on June 14, 2010:
Love all this stuff..!!Can't wait to start!!
 Hettie Bernhardt on June 14, 2010:
Love this!!!
Help me to get all this patterns Please ?
 Wolfie on June 12, 2010:
This is one of the best sites on the net, I await with baited breath for each new pattern. Thanks sooooooo much for sharing them
 tanner on June 11, 2010:
that draqgon pattern would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G i would love to make it.
 applejiali on June 7, 2010:
thank you jen for posting all these patterns! i am still in the process of learning beading but this site helps me out alot! i will be patient and wait for more! :D
 Paula on June 3, 2010:
Hey! I'm from Chile, southamerica, and this site is awesome!!! congratulations and thank you so much for sharing those lovely tutorials :-)
 Diane on June 2, 2010:
This is the most awesome site!! I have a book of designs (written in Japanese) and have made several similar animals. But your pictures and directions are so much easier to follow. Thank you!! I'm so excited......
 Jen on May 31, 2010:
Hi Elise, there will be some more patterns eventually, but as it is, there are things that are happening that are beyond any of our control, and we all have our own lives and jobs. This is only a hobby and none of us get paid to do it. Al of these patterns are given for free, and it takes a lot of time and effort to make them.

Everyone please just be patient and use all these great free patterns already listed. The ones without links to patterns, don't actually have patterns yet. Allegra still needs to make them.

The forum has some wonderful people in it that can help with all sorts of questions.
 Tish on May 31, 2010:
can you please send me the Beaded 3-D Peyote Hello Kitty pattern, the dumbo pattern and the 3D peyote girl bunny.
send to
Thank you
 Betty on May 18, 2010:
How do I get the pattern w/instructions?
 Stasia on May 18, 2010:
i used to have the 3D hello kitty and i figured out how to make the body but then i lost it so couldn't figure out how to make the head D:
 somebody on May 18, 2010:
there are books of these patterns and more that can be bought at
 someone on May 17, 2010:
when are they going to put the beaded panda pattern?!?!?!? its soooooo cute!!!!!!!!
 elise on May 10, 2010:
i think we can finally say that this site is NOT going to produse anymore patterna. think about it Allegra hasnt even commented on this site in months so just take what you got and be happy with the patterns here.
 chocolate on May 10, 2010:
those are cute i wish i knew how to make them but i dont have skills like that
 h on May 9, 2010:
where are the new patterns????? there r none up there and there have been no new ones since like 6 moths ago!! pls try to post some new ones soon because it is really annoying waiting this long!!
 Ana Newman on May 6, 2010:
My daughter is 8 years old and she loves the patterns. It looks complicated, are there any websites for children to get them started? Also, where do you buy the beads?
 marilyn on May 4, 2010:
looked at the animals
 mimi on April 15, 2010:
these are amazign things they make with only beads!! How do you do it??
 rihanna on April 15, 2010:
I want hello kitty pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Jen on April 15, 2010:
The pictures that can't be clicked on, don't have patterns available yet. It's very time consuming to make up the patterns. But more patterns will be coming very soon.
 Matt Contreras on April 13, 2010:
 Minty on April 12, 2010:
 minty on April 12, 2010:
Why is it that I can click on the first few pictures above for patterns and the frustrating, can you help I am interested in making the Panda, Horse and others that are on here...would be nice to create something completly different!!!!!!
 OLADEJO OLUSOLA on April 11, 2010:
 EV on April 11, 2010:
This site has loads of bead animals:
 josephine on April 5, 2010:
do you have a catalog?? or a book that shows how to do the things???
 Jocelyn on April 4, 2010:
Why can't I get the really cute patterns???????????????????????
 mckenzie on April 3, 2010:
wow seems impossible
 marie schmidt on April 2, 2010:
WOW! never thought this is possible.
 Lena on March 31, 2010:
I can't click on the panda but it is so cute :(
 Zikri on March 31, 2010:
just say , i like that couse that mine like
 Hilde from northern europe on March 28, 2010:
Hey, could i get the beaded Ducky Pattern and the beaded Dumbo Elephant Pattern.
And do you have a very easy for a beginer?
Thanks in advance(was it right? My English isn`t so good, I`m from northern europe)
 Becky on March 23, 2010:
Hi, could I get the dolphin & alligator patterns, please? Thanks!!
 mayang on March 21, 2010:
hi from the philippines..
your work rocks!
i'd like to impress my little boys..could you send me a pattern for beaded reptile, horse and beaded dolphin?
 Roberta on March 21, 2010:
I found some patterns at this web site
These patterns here are so beautiful and unique like the panda , dragon, dolphin, and everything else I just love them. What creativity! Thank you.
 Roberta on March 21, 2010:
Where do we get the other patterns from? I just love everything here! If anyone knows, or has the patterns can you please e-mail me at
 Suzie on March 21, 2010:
Your projects are so adorable! I love them.
 Kalinna on March 19, 2010:
I see where people requested copies of patterns but no posting of anyone of anyone receiving them. Has anyone received patterns requested? Is anyone willing to share patterns for the large cat, Dumbo elephant, turtles tramp dog, tiger, pig & or teddy bear. Favorite is Dumbo. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share (
 Felita on March 19, 2010:
i like the beaded Panda, beaded reptile, and beaded mousy teddy bear...
could you email me the patterns, please..??
 Maya on March 17, 2010:
Greetings from Hungary! Could somebody help me and send the pattern of Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny to, please?
Thanks a lot and congrat for all beautiful work! :-)
 Rosi G on March 16, 2010:
I found the pattern for the Dolphins on
 Ansie Rossouw on March 16, 2010:
Where can find the pattern of the "Beaded Hello Kitty with Skirt " on E-mail
 Anna-Karin on March 15, 2010:
Hi from Sweden. Could anyone please send me some of those patterns? I love all of them but Beaded Dumbo Elephant, Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny and Beaded Dragon is my favorit

//Anna-Karin from Sweden
 KaylaR on March 15, 2010:
I'd really love to make the -
Lady and the Tramp Dog
Coud you please email me the patterns or let me know if they're unavailable/still being created?
 Katherine Platt on March 13, 2010:
Him I am confused - where do we get the patterns?

i would like the dumbo and the lady and the tramp dog ones??

 gferreira on March 12, 2010:
gostaria de ter o grafico do elefante Dumbo
 Debbie on March 10, 2010:
Hi everyone.. Firstl i love your work :) secondly would it be possible for someone to email me the patterns Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern and Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin Pattern. Many thanks my email addy is
 raven0206 on March 8, 2010:
I really want to learn how to do the panda pattern but I can't find it anywhere :(
 raven0206 on March 8, 2010:
I really want to learn how to do the panda pattern but I can't find it anywhere :(
 jac on March 4, 2010:
Hi does anyone have a RAW right Angle Weave pattern for a mouse? Also I was wondering if the terrier dog has a pattern that I can get. I just love all of the animals.
 jessie on March 1, 2010:
these r very beautiful and talented designs. i would like to be able to do this as well
 louie on February 27, 2010:
i really like the beaded pikachu, turtle, and terrier dog! do you think you can post the patterns? i need them for my friend's birthday!
 Lotte on February 27, 2010:
I love the duck and the panda! When will you post the patterns?
 norma on February 27, 2010:
muy buenos patrones
 norma on February 27, 2010:
muy buenos patrones
 Surfer Goal on February 26, 2010:
Hey! These are so cool!!! Not to complain, but could u guys do the dolphin,tiger, and the terrier instructions... I needed them because I was going to make the designs for my mom and dad's birthday... Thanks!!!
 Tiesna, on February 23, 2010:
That dragon so beautiful. Could you send to me the complete pattern and i can make it as my birthday gift.
 NNB on February 22, 2010:
i love all these patterns! They are so cute! Can you post the beaded panda pattern and the beaded terrier dog pattern? Thanks
 Beebee on February 20, 2010:
I have a friend who makes rabbits out of beads but uses plastic beads instead of seed beads and it looks really cool. It also has a little orange bead in it's hand with a green top to look like a carrot. I would love to know how to make one so maybe you could post the pattern but it's just a suggestion and I love your other animals. :)
 Haley on February 20, 2010:
hi- these are all so cool! i am working on the small cat and i am almost done! It is so cute. I can't wait to do the elephant when the pattern is done!!
 Hrocks! on February 19, 2010:
I love it! I wish I knew how to make them because I love arts and crafts!
 Olga on February 19, 2010:
Hi! Could anyone please send me some of those patterns? I love all of them, esp the dolphin, horse, dog etc..
Send it to
 Howling for Dogs. on February 18, 2010:
I love the dragon, Panda, Reptile and Turtle if only there were working instructions. You know Miyuki sell Mascot animal charms- Frog, Panda, Rabbit, Dog and few others. There are lovely beads used, are they miracle beads by any chance. A lot beading recipes uses expensive Swarovski bicones it look like they can substitutes for rondells ,small round beads and maybe seed.
I want the diagrams for the dragon, please a love the sculptural body. Right angle weave is easier method to use than peyote because it uses less beads and takes less time.
 Bowling for Cats on February 18, 2010:
Here's a link to make a Pretty Cat
Japanese I'm afraid the diagrams are clear. The cat looks similar to Hello Kitty.
 Bowling for Soup on February 18, 2010:
Hi MJ, Do you mean 'Sparking Fantasy Animal motifs' by Kimiko Sasaki using Swarovski bicones? If so I may have the book you mentioned. Yes, it's in Japanese but the diagrams are clear. All you need to do is find Katakana list then use this to translate into English and might help to get a list of Swarovski colours. I don't understand Japanese I can read the Chinese ideograms and never stopped me. I have created some animals from the book and in the process of retaking pictures. Would like to show you other time.
I noticed a lot of beaded animals featured on this site still not have any diagrams and instructions even though it say come in 3 week. I first went on this site Last February and nothing seems to be updated. You might as well buy a beading book from Yesasia and make an attempt to learn the Japanese language instead of moaning it is not in English.
 Tom on February 18, 2010:
Hi could you send me the 3D peyote hello kitty pattern at would love to make it for someone special=) thanks
 angelica on February 17, 2010:
hi,could u send me the beaded panda pattern at i love pandas and would like to make this pattern. thanks
 bowling on February 17, 2010:
hi, could you send me the 3d peyote hello kitty pattern at It is very pretty. Thanks
 Dawn on February 16, 2010:
Kathleen, you might try this one, don't know if it is what you want
 thazia..... on February 15, 2010:
ano.....i really love your patterns...they so cute (uber cute)
is the patterns for the Girl Bunny, Elephant, Pony / Horse, Dolphin, and dragon finished already?
can someone please send it to me???
thank you and more power to your site.....
 kathleen on February 14, 2010:
looking for a beaded frog pattern
 Pikachu on February 14, 2010:
wow... these look hard... I can only make some flat beaded stuff, so this is kinda challenging to me...
 BeadyBear on February 14, 2010:
hi, i started beading 3 years ago, making lizzards. im 15 now, and i looove your site, please send me the 3d peyote hello kitty, terrier dog, ducky, tiger, 3d peyote dolphin, panda, 3d peyote girl bunny, and turtle patterns please.
i tried the apple pattern and i loved it so i would really appreciate if you sent me the patterns.
thanks. oxo
 BeadyBear on February 14, 2010:
hi, i started beading 3 years ago, making lizzards. im 15 now, and i looove your site, please send me the 3d peyote hello kitty, terrier dog, ducky, tiger, 3d peyote dolphin, panda, 3d peyote girl bunny, and turtle patterns please.
i tried the apple pattern and i loved it so i would really appreciate if you sent me the patterns.
thanks. oxo
 Jacqueline Pluck on February 13, 2010:
Hello, your site is brilliant. I love all the different animals. Could you send me the pattern for the beaded reptile, ducky,hello kitty and terrier please. My email address is
 anita mcdonald on February 11, 2010:
Hello, your site is great: could I please get the beaded jumbo elephant pattern, beaded lady and tramp dog pattern, beaded tiger pattern, beaded deer or giraffe pattern, and the beaded teddybear pattern.
 angie on February 9, 2010:
please send me the patterns for the dragon, turtle, panda, tiger, elephant, peyote hello kitty, dolphin, duck the mousy teddy bear and the dogs... please....
 fern on February 8, 2010:
please may i have the panda, dolphin and dragon instructions please... i absolutely love dragons.. im really into chinese thigs..
than you so much x x
 Kyra on February 7, 2010:
Can I have the patterns for Panda, Dolphin, Pikachu, Peyote Girl Bunny, and Peyote Hello Kitty? They're really cute, and they make perfect little gifts for friends!
My email address is .
 Tierney on February 6, 2010:
I would love to try the"Beaded Large Cat" pattern! I've made many beaded bracelets and rings, but I've always wanted to make a beaded animal. They're so cute! Thank you!
 Jen on February 6, 2010:
Hello! I love your site!!
Could you pls email me the Dolphin and the elephant?
Thank you
 kaitlyn from bethesda md on February 5, 2010:
could you also make an owl
 isa on February 4, 2010:
can you send me th turtle pattern and the panda pattern
 MJ on February 4, 2010:
april, last email on the subject. Here is a Korean website that has a variety of bead patterns: I know people who used the blue penguin and poodle patterns, and their charms came out really nice. If you're new to beadweaving charms, the blue penguin is a good project to start with. It is the "ball" with eyes, beak, wings, feet and a tail. If you can master the "ball", the rest just takes practice. Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. I don't log in daily. Good luck.
 MJ on February 4, 2010:
april, I found a place where you can see a bead pattern from a Chinese bead book. Go to the Home page on this website. Then go to Beader Comments and look for Oct 14 entry by Carl Teng. Google his website but click on the one that says FLICKR: Shining-Jewelry from Carl's Photostream. If you click on the one that says, you'll get something else. And, if you click on the alligator on the right hand side of his website, you'll see more charms. They are amazing.
 MJ on February 4, 2010:
april, go to, then type in "bead motif" in the search cell, and find book no. 14 called "Beads Animal Motif". Unfortunately, you cannot see inside the book and the instructions are written in Japanese (which I cannot read), but the graphics or patterns are like the ones on this website. I saw the instructions on how I can post patterns on this website but it looks complicated and time-consuming. I'll have to read the instructions more carefully when I have time. Besides, I am not very computer literate. I do enough just to get by.
 mackncheese on February 2, 2010:
very good your excellent at this!
 april thorpe on February 2, 2010:
how do i get these patterns from?
 april thorpe on February 1, 2010:
how to get the patterns?
 MJ on January 31, 2010:
This website is awesome! Beadweaving charms is very popular in Hawaii. is another website full of examples of what can be made using the techniques found on this website. I don't believe their instructions are sold over the internet. I buy my instructions (books) from a Japanese bookstore in Hawaii. Their website is: They have more books on this subject than their website shows. Happy beading!
 Vera Perković on January 29, 2010:
Oh now I have seen Bunnies girl and the boy they are wonderfull, when it will be possible to see the pattern, my email is
 Juli on January 27, 2010:
I like this "bunny girl" with te pink skirt. where can I find the pattern?
or can you e-mail me the pattern?
my e-mail is
Thanks a lot <3
 Nyx on January 25, 2010:
Think you could send me the bunny girl pattern please? my e-mail address is and thanks much =3
 Vera Perkovic on January 24, 2010:
I like Beaded Pony, Girl Bunny Pattern and Hellow Kitty. Where I can see how to make it, is it possible? My mail is
Thank you
 maria on January 24, 2010:
i would love the panda pattern could you e mail me the pattern, thanks a million!!!!!!!
 Beccci on January 23, 2010:
Hi! I live in Hungaria (magyarország) and I love them al.......ömm ......sorry the faults of spelling..:D
 Yomiko on January 22, 2010:
These are awesome, I would love to try some!
Could you email me the following patterns?
Beaded Panda
Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin
Beaded Terrier Dog
Thank you!
 Cathy on January 22, 2010:
could someone please send me the patterns as well I love doing beading...Havent been doing them for awhile but want to get back into it so any sites will be great....looking for the night lights..frog,turtle,
 Ainara on January 19, 2010:
they are great! i love all of them, can you send me the patterns??
 engel on January 19, 2010:
love it
 BIEBERFAN on January 18, 2010:
hey i love the Beaded Large Cat Pattern, Girl Bunny =, Terrior Dog, Dumbp elephant, beaded elephant, ducky, Beaded Mousy Teddy Bear , Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin , tiger, dolphin, and turtle. Do yu think you can send me the patterns? THANKS!
 rebeka on January 17, 2010:
I love the Beaded Large Cat ,Beaded Turtle , Beaded Baby Kitty and Beaded Ducky. Do you think you could send me the patterns? THANKS!
 Rosi on January 16, 2010:
I love the dolphin and the girl bunny. Do you think you could send me the patterns?
 louie=] on January 15, 2010:
hi i absolutely LOVE the beaded turtle, dolphin, ducky, elephant and pikachu patterns!!!!! do you think you could send me the patterns? thanx! <3
 JannyTran on January 14, 2010:
Hi , I love the patterns of Peyote Girl Bunny ,Pony / Horse,Ducky, Peyote Dolphin very much. Please send them to me . Thank u so much!
 wesley on January 13, 2010:
any chance of anyone able to email the instruction of Beaded 3-D Peyote Hello Kitty & Beaded Terrier Dog Pattern ?? thanks,..
 Jennie on January 12, 2010:
I love all of these little guys! I'm new to the "beading scene" and am looking for patterns. If anyone has a pattern for these, or any of them at all, can you please email me at Any of them will be appreciated. I'm unemployed and looking for things I can make that I dont have to pay for the pattern...I know, sounds cheap but I gotta do what I gotta do! :o)
 shima on January 10, 2010:
Hi im dieing for these patterns!! i just found this site about 2 days ago and ive tryed everything to get these cute animal patterns so plesaseeee if anybody has them please send them to me! im haveing so much fun and i dont wanna stop so please!! thanks u so much

Beaded Large Cat Pattern
Beaded Dumbo Elephant Pattern
Beaded Ducky Pattern
Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin Pattern
Beaded Reptile Pattern
Beaded Turtle Pattern
Beaded Panda Pattern
 ron john on January 9, 2010:
i love them all
 ann joseph on January 9, 2010:
the animal are beautiful can i have three pattern please thank you
 karee on January 8, 2010:
nothing has been updated for a whole year! this stinks
 nhan on January 8, 2010:
hello . duniamanik 70. would you please share with me your dragon pattern on my email i migh have other patter nto trade . let me know which one you need. thank you
Thanks very much
i have other patterns if you would like to trade :)
let me know which one you are looking for

Thanks very much
 Gabriel on January 5, 2010:
i just found this website yesterday night, and i've already made some of the stuff here!!!! this is soo cool! i love this!! Allegra, you make this so easy to understand!
 joni bertelle on January 4, 2010:
Does any one have the pattern for the cat , the horse , and the dragon email me at thank you so much
 Mia on January 4, 2010:
Could you please send me the beading pattern for zoo animal have your collections?thank's.
 Rin on January 1, 2010:
I love the dragon. He is so lovely! Does anyone have a pattern for this that they can share?
 Rosi on December 31, 2009:
Could you please send me the pattern for the dolphin and the girl bunny?
 megan on December 30, 2009:
hi can you open the patterns for the dragon the deer the reptile or the panda or at least the panda or the reptile on December 30, 2009:
@ Nanciee: I have chinese dragon pattern. and I would love to share with you....
 Nanciee on December 28, 2009:
Does anyone have a chinese dragon pattern that they can share?????
 Daphne on December 27, 2009:
Hi, I was too stunned with your beads of pattern! Soooooo nice... ! Can u pls email me @ :) Thank you!!
 michelle on December 26, 2009:
could you please send me the patterns for the beaded turtle, beaded terrier dog and beaded duck please...they aresooooooo cute!! my email is
 anonymous on December 23, 2009:
why aren't there any new patterns?

 Serena on December 15, 2009:
It's wonderful, can i have the steps for doing "Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern", i like it very much. Thank you!
 kate on December 14, 2009:
hey get easier bead patterns how advanced do you think we are We're just kids come on people has this world gone mad!!!! :0( freaks
 Abbiee on December 13, 2009:
Havent seen any new bead patterns for almost a year, what's happened? =/
 Monica Andrea on December 12, 2009:
Hola soy Monica, de chile, puedes enviarme los patrones del ducky, terrier dog and lady, mi correo es, porfavor estoy aprendiendo y he buscado modelos por todos lados, esta es una terapia que me encanta, saludos
 don5347 on December 12, 2009:
Sorry my email is Thanks.
 don5347 on December 12, 2009:
I would like the patterns for the 3D beaded turtles, and the beaded dragonfly
 Annette on December 6, 2009:
I would like the beaded dumbo elephant , and the ducky please it would be really nice if you could send them to my email this is my first time working on these types of patterns thank you
 jah on December 5, 2009:
wow! im BEADazzled!

can u email me the patterns of girl bunny and tiger?
my e-add is
please?please?pretty please? ... can't wait to work on them!
 Macie on December 1, 2009:
These are such awesome 3d animals
 Macie on December 1, 2009:
These are such awesome things
 Caris Button on December 1, 2009:
These are all sooooooooooooo cute!!!! I just wish I had all those beads:(
 ruby on November 24, 2009:
how come we cant do the dog? i love the dog!
 TruePikachu on November 24, 2009:
The people who write these patterns put them up on here as soon as they are availible - they cannot e-mail them to you. Additionally, requests will not make a specific pattern availible sooner.
 Mistirose on November 19, 2009:
I would like the Beaded Elephant, Beaded Ducky, Beaded Mousy Teddy bear, Beaded Dragon and Beaded Panda Patterns please. Mainly the last two. These are so cute! You can send them to :) I cant wait :)
 TruePikachu on November 17, 2009:
Two things-
1. If a pattern is availible, it would be clickable in the above array,
2. I have been watching this site for 2-3 months, and there still hasn't been any update
You can probably guess what I'm waiting for :3
 Cindy on November 17, 2009:
Awesome Designs
 Suey on November 15, 2009:
Firstly this site is fantastic. You all must be very proud as we who come here are grateful. There are several patterns that I would still like the pattern to - Dumbo Elephant, Pony, 3D dolphin, Dragon, Reptile, Turtles, Panda, Hello Kitty with skirt and the poodle. Can you please tell me when they might be available or could you possibly e-mail me any of them.
Firstly, I make things for all the family, I started this to help give me something to do. I come from a cancer family, in the last ten years, have lost 3 to cancer, and then through other things have lost a brother and sister and this year lost Nanna. My father is now fighting cancer, but his thai wife has made it too difficult in the past to see him, and she is now going to take him to Thailand, we are not sure we will see him again. If you could send anything would be soo much appreciated.
Once again thank you for the wonderful site, it has helped me get through so much already.
 Natalia on November 14, 2009:
Aww! These will be the perfect gift for my teacher! <3
 kitty on November 14, 2009:
could u plz send me d beaded panda pattern
i need it 4 a skwl project.
 annie chan on November 13, 2009:
Would you kindly send me the free patterns of beaded 3-D Peyote Hello Kitty, Beaded Baby Kitty, and Beaded 3- D Peyote Boy Bunny to me at I would really appreciate it. Thanks
 Norma on November 13, 2009:
Could you please send me dolphin pattern?, thanks
 Gumamela on November 10, 2009:
I loooove the Duck! Would you be so kind to send me the pattern? It would make a great christmas present for my mother!!! Thanks!
 Inke70 on November 9, 2009:
This is so cool! Talk about therapy, really good if you have to test your patience. Really nice to give as gifts!!
 Dee on November 7, 2009:
Will you please send me the pattern for the dolphin. email: Thank You
 ana on November 5, 2009:
hello cool animal pattern i love the beaded mousy teddy bear,the payote hello kitty,and the dolphin please can you send me the pattern because i can not find then in other webside yours is the best one i find please send it to if you please send it i will be so happy please thank!
 Luwy on November 2, 2009:
I would love to have all the animal patterns but really need the elephant, terrier dog and lady and the tramp dog. ( I used to have them in spanish but misplaced them before i got a chance to try to make them) if anyone has them please send them to me, thank you.
 AMY on November 1, 2009:
I am having real trouble finding patterns for different animals. Alot of the sites don't have flat beaded patterns. I was wondering if you could help me. If you could send Ideas that would be great!!!
 Cassidy on November 1, 2009:
Sorry but could u email me all of them if not i just want the panda bear
 cassidy on November 1, 2009:
Awww how do u make these plz email me how heres my email
 Deb on October 29, 2009:
Hi there.. Im new to making these kinds of things and i was wondering if someone could email me the Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern and the dolphin and also the Beaded Lady and the Tramp Dog Pattern. Many thanks. My email is
 Celia on October 29, 2009:
Hi, I assume since ppl r commenting n asking 4 patterns, could u pls send me the lady n the tramp pattern and the beaded pearl bracelet. My mail's...
 cherie smith on October 29, 2009:
I would love the lady and tramp dog pattern and the beaded elephant pattern if you could send them to me please.
 PandaEyes on October 28, 2009:
Could you please send the dolphin, tiger, panda, and beaded small cat patter to me at Please and Thank You! :] much appreciated!! and the artwork here is amazing!
 holly on October 26, 2009:
omg they look amasin lol
 A on October 23, 2009:
Anyone have a fox pattern? My email is

Thanks :)
 Vicki on October 23, 2009:
Could you please send the dolphin pattern to me at I would really appreciate it. Thanks
 Dieter on October 22, 2009:
Hi, there. I'm looking for a nice bumblebee pattern to make for my partner (somehow, his nickname became Bumble Bee). I had a look at the one in Italian, but the translations don't make any sense! also, the patter appears to me a bit small for what i had in mind. Do you have anything for me? my e-mail address is Thank, ladies!!
 Ellen on October 22, 2009:
Very cute little critters. Can you please send a pattern for the 'Panda', 'Dolphin', and 'Dumbo Elephant' if possible. Many thanks! My email address is ''
 terri b. on October 20, 2009:
Does anyone know where to get the pattern for a 3d beaded eagle? The only one I can find is in a French book named, "Animals in Pearls of Rubble" by Marilyne Kereneur. I can't find the book on any English sites to purchase. Any ideas?
 SUSIE on October 19, 2009:
 SUSIE on October 19, 2009:
 Judy on October 19, 2009:
Great animals I would love to have the Dolphin pattern
 kordy on October 16, 2009: nice i want to make some of it can u send me some of the pattern..hello kitty and the girl bunny pattern plss..thanks a lot heres my ymail
 Carrie on October 13, 2009:
very cute little critters! However, if you want to see some totally amazing talent you need to check out the beaded animals on
 Bree on October 13, 2009:
wow! I wanna try the Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern and hello plz email the pattern. Thanks!
 minhae Kang on October 12, 2009:
I'm making something for my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary, so if anyone could send any/ or all of the patterns or websites to free patterns. Any suggestions, anything I would really appreciate it, to
 Van on October 11, 2009:
Hi! Can anyone please send me the pattern for the panda, the turtle, dragon, heck I want all of them from the 3rd row of picture down. . My email address is Thanks
 Mary on October 10, 2009:
Do you have a pattern available for the reptile?
 Lisa on October 10, 2009:

Could you please send me the "Beaded Panda Pattern" and the "Beaded Dumbo Elephant Pattern " (or just one of them) They're both so cute. My email is

 Becky on October 5, 2009:
Could you send me the pattern for the elephants. Either one or both. My e-mail is
 Kath on October 4, 2009:
I would like to make the beaded panda, could you send me the pattern please? my email is thanks
 Donna on October 4, 2009:
Hi could you send me the Lady dog and duck. and any else you might share? Thanks and God Bless You.
 john w lind on October 3, 2009:
here my addders e-m
 john w lind on October 3, 2009:
where to find the books on how to make them step by step
 Chhichi on September 30, 2009:
I love this - everything is so cute
 Tallulah on September 29, 2009:
there gr8 i gonna make some of em

did i say there gr8
 Nargis nasab on September 27, 2009:
i liked ur bead work very much. i also make bead animals but in a different way. i liked ur teddy bear, 3D hello kitty &3D girl bunny. pls could u send for me the pattern of this 3, i will be very thksful to u. My email is Thank you
 Kari on September 26, 2009:
Hi can u email me Hello Kitty pattern,beaded 3D peyote girl bunny pattern, and Pokemon(pikachu)pattern.My email Tx u very much
 Shay on September 18, 2009:
Does any one know where I can get patterns for the Beaders 3-d beaded animal kits. I would love the kitty, duck and frog.

Please e-mail me:

Thank you!
 Shay on September 18, 2009:
Hi. I would love a few patterns, if you could please send them to my e-mail:

Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern, Beaded Panda Pattern, Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin Pattern, Tiger, and Dumbo Elephant.

Thank you!
 meyna on September 17, 2009:
can you send me a dolphin pattern?? (
my friend also can make the dolphin. she made 1 for me and then i ask her to teach me,but she is too busy.....
thank you very much...
 ramani on September 16, 2009:
do you give out sheets that tells you how to make them or we can print on September 13, 2009:
 Anastasia on September 12, 2009:
Hi...You can check my site on DUNIAMANIK70@MULTIPLY.COM....I have plenty of beaded animal collection and most of my collection made from filled beads....Thanks
 Susan/Water on September 10, 2009:
If I come up with an animal I have no idea how to translate it into a written pattern but Im going to try to come up with my own dragon and dragonfly. The dragon you have here is cute but its not the Chinese dragon Im looking for but the Western version. I've seen many dragonflies also but Im going to alter the patterns Ive seen to do whats in my head I hope. I did alter a hummingbird pattern to make my own red tailed hawk. I have a picture of it if anyone wants to see it but I dont have a pattern as I dont know how to write them down lol. My email is and my yahoo IM is waterfall_woman if anyone wants to talk beads though. Love this site and the patterns are awesome!
 Susan/Water on September 10, 2009:
If I come up with an animal I have no idea how to translate it into a written pattern but Im going to try to come up with my own dragon and dragonfly. The dragon you have here is cute but its not the Chinese dragon Im looking for but the Western version. I've seen many dragonflies also but Im going to alter the patterns Ive seen to do whats in my head I hope. I did alter a hummingbird pattern to make my own red tailed hawk. I have a picture of it if anyone wants to see it but I dont have a pattern as I dont know how to write them down lol. My email is and my yahoo IM is waterfall_woman if anyone wants to talk beads though. Love this site and the patterns are awesome!
 Shay on September 10, 2009:
Hi. I would love to make some of the animals, but there aren't any patterns (large cat, panda, basically alot of the items below the dog). I know your busy with life, but when will you have them available?

 Jen on September 8, 2009:
Sushi. There are heaps of different beadweaving methods. This type is just one of them, it's called right angle weave or RAW, and it's great for 3 dimensional objects. We'll also list some other beadweaving patterns eventually as well.
 Jen on September 8, 2009:
There are no books to buy, and nobody gets instructions emailed to them. These instructions are provided free on this website. Some of them haven't been listed yet, but they all will be. Others will come in as we get them made.

You just need to be patient, and keep your eye on the forum, there's always new links for other sites and other istructions going up in there.
 jenny on September 7, 2009:
is there an easier way to handle the long fishing line??
 Kate Sterling on September 7, 2009:
Where is the beaded elephant pattern?
 Suki on September 7, 2009:
some of these figurines do not patterns...... can you please upload those patterns?
 Lucy on September 3, 2009:
I use to think beading was boring, but after I tried these I totally changed my mind. Would you mind sending the ducky and the dolphin patterns to me please. BTW my e-mail is
 hiii on September 3, 2009:
can somebody send me the patern of the panda, dolphin and the turtleee? pliiiiz ssure pleaaaseee thaamkjuuuu
 A on September 3, 2009:
wow i love these patterns so much please can yu send me the giraffe, pony and hello kitty to
 Sushi on September 1, 2009:
I do beading but in a slightly different way, but no where near as good as theese
 hope on September 1, 2009:
thank you for all the help. this is a wonderful site.we need you
 Marleen on August 31, 2009:
Love the patterns can not wait to try one
 robert aston on August 27, 2009:
 diane on August 25, 2009:
anyone know where i can find a pattern for a mario & luigi in their cars?
 Valeria on August 23, 2009:
Oi, Teria como compartilhar ***Beaded Hello Kitty with Skirt Pattern**Beaded Mousy Teddy Bear Pattern...Grato
 julie on August 23, 2009:
i love it sooo much.. i hope i can learn how to make it... hohoho...
 lucy on August 23, 2009:
please can u put the patterns of the panda the elephant & the duck please asap
ly xxxxx
if not can u email them 2 me its
 chooken on August 22, 2009:
can you send me dumbo elefant and the turtle
 Jen on August 20, 2009:
To everybody. Thanks for your patience, more patterns will be coming soon.
 aill on August 19, 2009:
 Kia on August 18, 2009:
Hi Iove the animals there are soo cool. Can you send me the dragon, pikachu, duck, dolphin, tiger at Please and thank you.I reallly amier your work.
 Theresa K. on August 17, 2009:
I really like these animals beads. i am trying to create a carol-sel out of beads with beaded animals and children. I saw on a web site for a zoo, zoo animals that are beaded. I am trying to find patterns and detail instruction for something like this for my 4-H kids.
 bea on August 10, 2009:
all of them are great i would like to see the dolphin pattern please!
 Emily on August 5, 2009:
These are all brilliant. Can't wait to try some of these out
 EV on August 1, 2009:
I love all of these, their incredible!!! I've just made the cat, and really want to try the elephant and the horse!!! Please can you put the patterns up A.S.A.P.?! Thanks!!!
 L on August 1, 2009:
I love your terrier dog pattern and i'm really looking forward for it to be posted on this site =D
 crystal on July 30, 2009:
I love your panda! cant wait for the pattern!
 zee on July 29, 2009:
I have been trying to search for 3d alphabets but cant find.
Appreciate if you can put up the patterns.
 :) on July 24, 2009:
oh and my email is
I'd be so happy if someone could send me the patterns! :D
 :) on July 24, 2009:
I just learned how to make a beaded ball and now I want to do all of these! >:D
Please put up the pikachu and the panda!

Also, I've been searching everywhere on how to do a heart shaped key, like on this site: (down at the bottom)...
does anyone know where I can get a pattern?
 Estelle on July 20, 2009:
the beaded animals are all beautiful, can u send me the dolphin pattern please.... thenk you
 Raee on July 18, 2009:
Someone , please put up the tutorial for the pikachuuu !! I'm so eager to make it, I hope you guys will ~ D: I'm making it for a friend..
 Allegra on July 17, 2009:
Sorry about the page being messed up for a few days... someone posted a comment with a lot of m's in a row with no spaces and so the page expanded to fit the comment. I edited their comment to take out the m's. Thanks!
 Victoria on July 16, 2009:
How about a seed beaded polar bear and kola bear. Thanks for the panda , can't wait for the pattern!
 quiz on July 11, 2009:
can i have some outlines for some bead animals?
 quiz on July 11, 2009:
can i have some outlines for some bead animals?
 xxx on July 7, 2009:
zaujimavee.....=D..ale namna zlozite..=D
 Kim Earnshaw on July 6, 2009:
I was wondering if you could do the Beaded Lady and the Tramp Dog Pattern and Beaded Mousy Teddy Bear Pattern. With the mousy teddy bear is that the same or similar to the teddy bear pattern. I love you site. I keep coming back to see if you have done anymore pattern
 lymabel on July 4, 2009:
 no nammes on June 29, 2009:
this is shit
 emily on June 29, 2009:
this is stupid
 jenny on June 28, 2009:
 no name on June 25, 2009:
these are hella bad ass!
 me on June 24, 2009:
Ugh so simple why not try advance ones
 torie on June 15, 2009:
terrier dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Riley on June 8, 2009:
It's been forever since I've been back here, and the bear is up!
Yay <3
 miriam on June 4, 2009:
hi! can I please get the pig and the hindi elephant pattern!! TA!!
 sake on June 3, 2009:
i went to violet's store last weekk and i was able to make a beaded dog! i used the color patterns of my pup's coat and gave it to his vet as a gift and he loved it. ;) i did a lot of pearl pigs from this site. VERY AWESOME SITE. keep it up!
 vanessa on June 1, 2009:
do you have a beaded octopus pattern to share? thank you
 Jess on May 25, 2009:
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Can you finnish the panda and turtle patterns? I love this site! I tried them and they are great! Please finnish them next!
 Liz on May 24, 2009:
Can I get the pattern for the Beaded Elephant?
 Jen on May 20, 2009:
More patterns will be coming soon, you just need to be patient. Everyone is very busy. There are plenty more patterns from other sites that you can find in the forums.
 Teal on May 20, 2009:
I was wondering when you'll finish the pattern for the bunny girl. Its so adorable!
 Debi on May 18, 2009:
I was wondering if you could tell me when approximately you might have the Beaded Panda Pattern done, Thanks, I enjoy you site allot
 Amyee on May 18, 2009:
Hey can you send me the pattern Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern to this e-mail
 Jessica on May 17, 2009:
Take a look at my 3D Beaded Honey Bee - approx. size of a quarter - at
 Amyee on May 17, 2009:
wow can you show me how to make the Beaded 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern please and thank you
 Nai on May 17, 2009:
 Deus on May 14, 2009:
Este sitio es genial! Lo adoroooooooooo!!! Me encantan todos los patronesss!!! Sigan adelanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GRACIASSSS!!!
 Caitlyn on May 13, 2009:
This is the best site!! I was told to make beaded paterns for my 5th grade graduation, and i wanted to make a panda and this helped A LOT!!! I encourage everyone to use this, it helps a lot!!!!!
 nilar on May 13, 2009:
i enjoy this site, i want to know the pattern of beaded large cat, thank
 melissa on May 10, 2009:
these r really cool! i luv the panda,gator, dolfin, and turtle, not 2 mention the tiger duck, elephant, dog. i luv them u should make more patterns, cause alot of ppl will use them. this site seriusly rox!!!!! :D
 Kim on May 9, 2009:
Love this site and its about time that we all share techniques because we will never grow as bead artist if we don't....... I have beading grow throughout the years and I love where its going
 stephanie on May 8, 2009:
hello i would like the patterns for the
Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin Pattern ,Beaded Pony / Horse Pattern , sent to me @ my email. thank you very much and i like the animals on here to .. there cute.
 LISANDRA on May 6, 2009:
 lisandra mercado on May 6, 2009:
hi interested in peyote hello kitty pattern, beades large cat pattern and the 3d peyote girl bunny patternshow can i get them email me at
 Sharon on May 4, 2009:
I just discovered your site this morning. It is wonderful! I am going to visit my sister for a month. I have put you in my favorite places to come back to you when I return. I can't wait!
Thank You, You! for sharing with us
 Sil on May 3, 2009:
Those patterns are great. I did my first beading work with your pig pattern. The explanations were so easy to follow that I had on problems at all. Thank you so much!!
 Eva on May 2, 2009:
Hi, does anyone know how to make the pig? But just the head. :)
 Jelinkatjn on April 26, 2009:
I want the Beaded Lady and the Tramp Dog Pattern we have such a dog at home, i want the pattern!
 Teenahh on April 24, 2009:
I want the 3D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern! Why cant we have it!
 Blah-Blah on April 24, 2009:
i want the panda and pikachu pattern!
 Annuska on April 23, 2009:
Hi, They are all great. Does somebody have the Panda Pattern. I give Angel Bear Yoga and Angel Bear is a panda. Would be nice to give the children one.
 Mazenik on April 17, 2009:
i know a wery good sait there are beading patterns
 izzy on April 16, 2009:
very nice projects! certainly will try to make them.
 kay on April 5, 2009:
Hi! anyone out there have a humming bird or hello kitty pattern to share ?? If so send to
 Pam on April 4, 2009:
Hi! I was wondering if anyone has the pattern for the turtles seen above. If so, please let me know, thank you!
 Dawn on March 25, 2009:
Thank you so much Lucy and Felicia! You have no idea how cool this is to me!
 Lucy on March 25, 2009:
Dawn, I have a goldfish, a seal and a whale :-)
it'll be a few days before i scan them though (i'm methodically scanning all of my book at the moment...but i'm not even half way through the first one yet!)
I'll send them to you as soon as they are scanned though
 Felicia on March 25, 2009:
Dawn, im pretty sure i have a seahorse pattern in one of the books i had gotten in China and a few of the characters from Finding Nemo like nemo and that scorpion guy that im willing to scan and share them with you. my email is
 Dawn on March 24, 2009:
Lucy, no problem what so ever, I am always glad to share my patterns (although not my originals until the entry date is over for Fire Mountain Gems!) I love getting patterns and just pick and choose what I want to make. Anyone can send me anything they think is interesting.
I really would like to find some oceanic patterns....seahorse, clams with pearls, fish, sharks the like. If anyone has any or knows where to find them LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!
 Lucy on March 24, 2009:
Dawn, That would be awesome if it's not too much trouble. I'd love to make a pokeball :-)
My email address is
I have a lot of japanese patterns myself that I'm happy to scan in and share. (Might be a few days though since my scanner isn't plugged in!)
 Dawn on March 23, 2009:
LUcy, as far as I can tell only delicas work right for boxes. I can scan in a pattern that is pretty good at explaining the peyote and everything. My husband and son are watching "Orange Island" Pokemon right now. I think we have just about everything that is out excluding the DS games! I also have some Japanese patterns for Pichu, Pikachu, Jigglypuff and a Pokeball I an sca in for you if you'd like. Just let me know your email address.

Felicia, if youhave trouble with patterns by any chance (this goes for everyone) try doing them first with 6mm beads and wire, it makes it a lot cleare and so when working with the seed beads a lot quicker!
 Lucy on March 23, 2009:
Dawn, If you ever do make patterns for beaded Pokemon I'd love to see them. My husband and I play pokemon together when we are on long journeys (Haha, we are so grown up!)
I love beaded boxes but i'm rubbish at peyote stitch and thats what most of them seem to be made with :-(
Maybe I should try using delicas though since I usually just try any old seed beads I find on my desk and my finished piece is all wobbly (as well as full of mistakes!)
 Felicia on March 23, 2009:
thanks Dawn, that penguin looks sooo adorable. yeah i love doing beading too and the idea of making pokemon sounds so cool!

Brandi, i have to agree with you, these are really good money making projects. my friends love everything, the only problem i have to find the time cuz of school and everything! and of course theres always the deal with pricing >_< ugh
 Dawn on March 22, 2009:
Lucy, I love doing all sorts of beading. I just finished a triangle box with lid made of delicas and I am working on "Jacques" from the movie finding Nemo. The next project I have in mind is to start making a Pokemon collection for my son. I have tons of picture and I think with the 3D RAW and peyote stitches I ought to be able to come up with something! Ha Ha too bad I could sell those patterns since the already belong to Pokemon I guess!!h and by the way Jigglypuff is still my favorite
 Lucy on March 22, 2009:
Hi Rachel, the patterns that don't have links havent been disabled. They just havent been made yet. If you look at the righthand side of the page there is a poll where you can vote for which your favourite pattern to be made next.

Dawn, I love the idea of making a Piplup. They are so cute.

Also Felicia, I have 2 penguin patterns but they are in Japanese. The diagrams are pretty clear though so if you can follow a diagram without written instructions then i'm happy to share. Email me at if you'd like them. (The same goes for anybody else who would like one)
 Rachel on March 22, 2009:
The link for many of these patterns are disabled... Is there anyway thay could be put back up?
 Brandi on March 22, 2009:
these are a great money making project. I earned $50 in the first day.
 Dawn on March 21, 2009:
I have this great pattern. check out for lots of great projects.
The penguin project is really neat, make sure if you use seed beads to place balls inside it the keep its shape. I did make it with larger beads and 30 gauge wire and it turned out about 4 inches tall maybe a little smaller but holds up wonderfully. In fact if you like Pokemon, do it in blue and white and it looks just like Piplup.
 Felicia on March 21, 2009:
hi! these are so cute! they are amazing! by the way, does anyone have a penguin pattern they could share with me? its my friend's favorite animal and i know she would LOVE it if i made her one!
 braddy on March 20, 2009:
hey! violet, do you think we could start a beading club here in manila? then we could invite allegra to visit us?here is my email
 chole~* on March 19, 2009:
can you please make the pattern for the terrier dog ? it looks reali cute!! <3
 beetke on March 18, 2009:
Hi, please send me somebody 3D Peyote Girl Bunny Pattern! I like it soooo much! Thank you ( :)
 violet on March 17, 2009:
hi braddy! thanks for visiting our store! hope you could visit us again... :)
 Claudette on March 16, 2009:
Does anyone have a Chinese Dragon pattern they could share with me?
 braddy on March 16, 2009:
hey, violet, I went to your store in sta mesa. Wish i go there again and buy your wonderful and amazing bags of beads.
 Dragonfli on March 14, 2009:
Does anyone have a 3D frog pattern?
 violet on March 14, 2009:
hello everybody! for those who lived in manila or quezon city phillipines only, our store GOOD MORNING COMPANY, is offerring a FREE LESSON on how to make beaded wallets, bags, animals, fruits and more! you'll just buy the materials in our store. for worth 100 to 200 hundred pesos, you can do your own wallet! So, if you are interested, pls call (02)7142291 or (02)7142292) and look for yolly or lot lot
 crissy on March 12, 2009:
hello is there anyone who has the panda pattern? my friend birthday is coming up and i wanted to get her a panda charm. its her favorite animal and i know that she would love this!
 Summer on March 10, 2009:
Aloha from hawaii, Hey everyone! Just wanted to know if anyone had the panda pattern? I wanted to try and make it for my daughter birthday party. So i would be so happy if i can get it! Mahalo for you time & god bless!
 Lucy on March 7, 2009:
Oops, i just noticed you've asked for one too Kathleen.
Again, just email me if you'd like the pattern :-)
(and the same goes for anybody else who'd like a copy)
 Lucy on March 7, 2009:
Hi Felicia, i have a monkey pattern that i've just finished scanning for Katia. The instructions are in japanese but the diagrams are pretty clear.
Email me at if you'd like it. :-)
 Felicia on March 7, 2009:
hey everyone! Does anyone have a monkey pattern? i REALLY want to make one for my friend for her birthday :) and does anyone know when that dumbo elephant pattern will be ready?
 Madison on March 6, 2009:
Hello everyone, Does anyone have the PANDA PATTERN!!! i would like to try and do it...^_^*
 Kait on March 5, 2009:
So, i don't know when the last pattern was added, but are there going to be any more soon? I would like to try the panda and the dumbo elephant pattern. Just wondering, thanks! Awesome work here!!
 a.n. on February 26, 2009:
Hello all. i'm almost done making all the patterns that are available. Does anyone know when the little elephant will be available?? -- Thanks
 Kathleen on February 24, 2009:
Hi, does anyone have a monkey pattern they can send me
 Laura on February 23, 2009:
Hi katia, welcome to 3dbeading! We don't currently have a Tigger pattern although there is a tiger pattern photo on this page which you may be interested in. The pattern for it isn't up yet but you can vote for it (or any of the other patterns listed) in our new Poll.
kaitlyn and kelly - again welcome to the site. We don't have any monkey or owl patterns yet but keep checking back as we may have soon (or we might have another pattern that catches your eye!) and sign up to the newsletter to be sent notifications of when new patterns are posted (located in the right hand sidebar).
Hope you all enjoy the patterns!
 katia on February 22, 2009:
Hi, I am looking for a Tigger pattern. Can anyone help me
 Lucy on February 19, 2009:
Wow, Rita I love your work! Where do you get your patterns? I particularly love the girl with pigtails and a purple dress.

Also, Kaitlyn I have a monkey pattern in a book that i can scan for you. If you want it then Email me at
 kaitlyn on February 15, 2009:
heyy heyy heyy
do you have a monkey one pwease
 kkkkkzaaaitttttttlryufvvf on February 15, 2009:
 kelly on February 14, 2009:
hi i m looking for and owl patten do you have one
 Jax on February 14, 2009:
Yeah, I have thought about that. My only issue would be where to bead. My apartment doesn't have much extra room with the kids so I would have to find somewhere to host it.
 Rita Melo on February 14, 2009:
Hello friend!! My name is Rita Melo, I am brazilian and artisan, I work with mini pets beads
Your work is beautiful,
Please, visit my web site our
thank you!!
 Allegra on February 13, 2009:
Jax, you could always just organize your own private classes, can't you. How expensive is it for an ad in your local paper just to advertise a beading club or something. Say you don't have to know beading to join. And show a picture of some really irresistible pattern so their eyes are drawn to it. lol. That's a neat idea to teach the patterns to locals.

Anyways, the teddy bear pattern has been posted. Enjoy!!
 Jax on February 11, 2009:
Hey Shelly6. No I work for a hospital right now as a clerk, just got my LVN license last October and am trying to find a nursing job. The bead store I go to doesn't have classes, nor does the Jo-ann's (I used to work there) or the Michael's. I did find one that offers classes across town that I want to go check out. I would love to teach classes someday.
 Laura on February 11, 2009:
Hi amy, welcome to the site. It's fine to use different beads. The shape should be the same, it will just give a different effect. You'll have to post a pic on the forum so we can see what it looks like with the different beads!
 amy on February 10, 2009:
can i use 3mm crystal bead to do the pattern, it come out a differ shape
 Shelly6 on February 10, 2009:
Hi Jax. I teach in the Sacramento area. Do you teach or work in a bead shop? I love the Japanese and Chinese books. I've got so many books to work from. I am self taught and have a very good understanding of the concept.
 Kevin on February 9, 2009:
Can you help me with the pattern for the Beaded 3-D Peyote Dolphin Pattern
 Jax on February 6, 2009:
Hey Shelley6, I am in CA too, San Jose. Do you teach close to me?
 Shelley6 on February 4, 2009:
I just wanted to say that your site is very interesting. I teach 3D animals in CA at my local beadstore. It is fun to see what others are making.
 nancy mendola on February 3, 2009:
I'm trying to get the reptlie pattern.Can you help....thnz
 lilach on January 31, 2009:
if you looking for some more free pattern, try a new web
 Jax on January 31, 2009:
Don't worry! Just rearranged, all the links will still work. We just want to make it easier for everyone to see what's done, and in what order things are coming next.
 Lisa on January 30, 2009:
I have a question. You say that everything will be rearranged. But we'll be able to enter in the same way, right? You know, putting
 Kayleigh on January 30, 2009:
Thanks lots, appreciate it :) making the ball jewellery at the moment, tis fun. Have a good day!!
 Jax on January 30, 2009:
Yay! I can't wait to see them Riley!
 Riley on January 29, 2009:
Waiting waiting waiting .w.
Oh, Jax! I got a camera and might be able to take pics of all the little beaded cuties I have :]
 Jax on January 28, 2009:
Hi guys, glad to see you all here, I am going to answer a few questions in one. Valerie and Kayleigh, all patterns are coming soon. We are working on them as fast as we can. We will be rearranging things soon to make it easier to see what is done and what order things are coming in. So if you can't click on one, it means its on our to do list! Maureen, it's not just in Indonesia that they only come in Chinese or Japanese! We can't find much in English either! Nurse VH, I have seen a lamb, it was one that I was considering trying but thanks for the suggestions. I try to keep my eyes open for anything we don't have so maybe me or one of the others will stumble on it somewhere.
 Nurse vh on January 28, 2009:
I really enjoy your patterns! I am a collector of lion and lambs and would love it if you could make patterns for those. I'll be checking back in the future for new patterns! You are really gifted, thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
 Maureen Santoso on January 28, 2009:
I have been looking for this 3D beaded animal patterns for some time now, as most books available in Indonesia are either in Chinese or Japanese. I am really happy to have come across your website. Thank you for letting us have most of them for free.
 Valerie on January 27, 2009:
Pliissss!!! Sorry, I'm used to say please before I ask the question. jaja!!! Well, I was wandering if you could post the kitty and bunny with the skirt. They are really great, and I have a sister who's birthday is coming soon and I want to make them for her. (I also posted a comment in the first hello kitty). :) Well, I wait for you're answer!!! :P
 Kayleigh on January 27, 2009:
Love the patterns and animals, oh so cute!
Just wondering, have you put up the patterns of more than the cat, poodle and hello kitty? If you have it is my computer that is being a pain. Can't wait for more patterns to be put up, look forward to it muchly!
 Jax on January 25, 2009:
LOL, Not yet. Are you the one who I have seen in the group forums that does the beaded emu eggs? They are gorgeous.
 blinkypoet on January 25, 2009:
What, no emu?:)
 Jen on January 24, 2009:
To Elham, Amy and Kelly. Allegra will get to them all eventually, you just have to be patient, it takes her a while to work them out, and draw them up and post them. You can see which ones are coming up next by looking in the right sidebar.
 elham on January 24, 2009:
Can the next pattern u do be the ponny/horse plz. i really want 2 make him.
thnx a lot
 Cla on January 24, 2009:
Very beautiful..
 Amy on January 23, 2009:
Can you please post the beaded ducky, the 3-D Peyote Girl Bunny, the Beaded Terrier Dog, theBeaded Lady and the Tramp Dog, & the Beaded Dumbo Elephant ! please! they are my favourite ones!
 Kelly on January 23, 2009:
Please show us how to make the beaded panda! It is really CUTE!
 elham on January 23, 2009:
Can You Please post the ponny horse pattern next
 Allegra on January 20, 2009:
Haha, actually balletndnickjonas4ever, we are in the process of rearranging the structure of the site a bit, and one of our plans is to separate the finished patterns from the unfinished patterns so it's less confusing. But the way to tell easily is that the patterns with bolded letter captions are available, while the ones with plain text are not yet made. But they are all coming, bit by bit. The next one is the teddy bear, by popular vote, lol.
 elham on January 18, 2009:
I want Beaded Pony / Horse Pattern please .thanx
 elham on January 18, 2009:
i want the horse free pattern pleaseeeee
 CS on January 18, 2009:
What wonderful beaded animals? A friend of my mum gave me beaded octopus she made and I would like to create something in return. Pretty glad I found this site, there so many to choose from.
 balletndnickjonas4ever on January 18, 2009:
this is a bad site, i can't make nething i want 2
don't post a pc till the instructions r ready, k??? grrrrrrr : P
 balletndnickjonas4ever on January 18, 2009:
oh, I can'tdo it yet: (
Can the next pattern u do be the Dumbo 1 plz. i really want 2 make him.
thnx a lot
 balletndnickjonas4ever on January 18, 2009:
OMG, I love Dumdo and am going 2 make him right... NOW!!! : ) <3
 elham on January 17, 2009:
please I want the horse pattern thanx
 Riley on January 14, 2009:
Oh that's sad :[
I work on a majority of projects that I give to others and never have the chance to photograph them.

I made a stuffed teddy bear with a decorated hand made top hat for a friend, and planned on having her take pictures for me when we spent the weekend at her lake house. Well we forgot the camera and I had to go home shortly after and She also never got around to taking them.

The wait for the bear is fine. All forms of art take time :]
And I spent weeks looking for a pattern before finding your site through a friend.
Knowing I will get it at all makes the wait fine for me ^^
Thank you very much for all the tutorials :]

After the bear I will start the wait again for the panda and turtle haha
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Hi there Riley and Rebecca! Riley, I am doing the bear next, right after the ball bracelet (but that one will be real quick because I've already drawn it on paper). So it will be soon!! I know the wait was long, but that was actually because I was in school at the time, but I'm done now! Also, I am now blessed to have a team of friendly people who have joined the site as my fellow managers (you've met Jax and Laura already, I see).

As for giving away your stuff before taking pictures of it....that's a sore spot for me. I once made a beaded sunflower for my summer job supervisor, for his mother. I took a ton of pictures of it while I was making it. At the time, I didn't own my own camera, so I was borrowing my friend's. I had been borrowing it for a while, so I only occasionally transferred the pictures to my computer, to save time. Well, I guess with all the other pictures I was transferring, I forgot to transfer those ones and he deleted them off the camera, thinking I had. Well I had already given the flower away when we realized it. For months, I asked the supervisor if he could take pictures of it, but he always had some excuse or another why he couldn't (oh, I haven't seen my mom, maybe in two weeks; oh, I took some but they were all too blurry, so I better take more next time, etc.). I think he was either too lazy or something happened to it, and I will never be able to make it again *sigh*. I actually really liked that one too...oh well
 Laura on January 13, 2009:
Hey Rebecca, welcome to the site! I agree they make great gifts - a few people I know bought some off me to give as 'stocking fillers' for xmas.
Jax - I do exactly the same! I've made things in different colours and thought "that looks better than the original, I'll take a photo for my site before I give it to the person" - but then I forget. LOL
 Rebecca on January 13, 2009:
Hello... happy new to all... i did the small cat & pig and give it to my friends' kid. They really like it... Thanks
 Jax on January 13, 2009:
I am really bad at that too! I am always giving away things and then I realize that I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it away.
 Riley on January 12, 2009:
I'll see about getting some :]
A lot of them were made for friends, as gifts, and I don't have them anymore. But I'm sure I can get them to send me some if I ask.
 Jax on January 12, 2009:
Hi Vanessa, I don't think I have seen an ox yet but that is something to be on the lookout for.
Riley, if you have pictures of what you have made, you can post them in the forum to share. It's always neat to see the finished project!
 Riley on January 12, 2009:
Oh, I visit the site very often :]
I've made many of the patterns she has posted here and love them all.
I've been waiting for the bear for a really long time xD
It's going to be a late christmas gift for a friend
 vanessa t. on January 11, 2009:
hi, just want to ask if you have a ox pattern, thanks
 Laura on January 11, 2009:
Hi Riley. Welcome to the site! I think Allegra is working on the bear pattern next (see Allegra's comment further down the page), so you shouldn't have to wait too long! Have you tried any of the other patterns already posted?
 Riley on January 11, 2009:
Can't wait can't wait can't waaaaait for bear .w.
 Jax on January 7, 2009:
Welcome Grace, to find the available patterns, just pass your mouse over the pictures and the ones you can click will link you to the page with the pattern. The rest are pictures of patterns to come and you can find a list of the order on right hand side of this page under patterns to come. There is also a newsletter you can sign up for on the left that will keep you updated to new patterns and tons of discussion, links and pictures in the forum.
 grace, dagupan phil on January 7, 2009:
are other animal patterns still available? i love the bear! :)
 Frank on January 5, 2009:
awesome site!
 Jax on January 3, 2009:
Hi Sonja and Rabecca and welcome to the site. The hello kitty head, small cat, pig and poodle patterns are posted right now. There is a new list on the right side of the page with the next patterns to come and the list will update as Allegra gets them added. There are some other links listed in the forum for patterns that have been found and we love it when you post pictures there of things you have made. You can also sign up for the newsletter (link is up on your left) to be updated when new patterns are posted.
 Sonja Idema on January 3, 2009:
Hi there! I was was wondering if you will have the Tiger and the Panda pattens done soon? I am anxious to try them out! Thanks so the way...this is an absolutely AWESOME site! I LOVE it! :-)
 Rabecca on December 31, 2008:
Hello will you be adding the 3D Peyote Hello Kitty pattern, girl bunny, ducky & elephant patterns anytime soon?
 Jax on December 31, 2008:
Hi Beth,
I am adding a translation for what you wrote for the rest of us from google translation. Welcome to the site!
Thanks for the layout Beaded Poodle Dog Pattern. This quite easy to understand.
Oi Beth,
Estou adicionando uma tradução para o que você escreveu para o resto de nós a partir de Tradução de Google. Bem-vindo ao site!
 elisabeth navarro on December 31, 2008:
Obrigada pelo esquema do Beaded Poodle Dog Pattern. Esta bem facil de entender.
 Lena on December 30, 2008:
Everyone is requesting for the bunny pattern : )
Could you please make a tutorial for it soon?
 Allegra on December 29, 2008:
Hi guys, I've just finished making all the poodle diagrams!! Go click on the poodle to make a beaded poodle!!
 mel on December 29, 2008:
Hi allegra, is there any way that you can just post the 2D picture diagrams of how to make the bead animals? like most instructional bead books do? That would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo super awesome!
 Jess on December 28, 2008:
Please put for the elephant, turtle, panda, horse and lady and the tramp. they R sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!
 Allegra on December 28, 2008:
Tell you what, I'm posting the poodle as we speak. I've already added two new diagrams. He'll very soon be done and then I'm moving on to the teddy bear 'cause everyone seems to want him. Then the panda, then the elephant. Oh boy, I've got my work cut out for me.
 bubbles on December 27, 2008:
can you please put up the instructions on both the 3-D peyote Hello Kitty and the Pikachu?
o and the panda?
please??? i guess that will make 3
 Allegra on December 26, 2008:
Merry Christmas to you too!
 torie on December 25, 2008:
merry xmas <3
 monkey on December 23, 2008:
....( " )......................haha, my typed monkey is better than yours!
 iluvbeading on December 22, 2008:
(oo) Sorry, my typed monkey didn't work before!
( " ) AML,me
 iluvbeading on December 22, 2008:
this is soooooooooo cool- i love the horse-please can you find time to do the elephant!LOL also, a monkey would be cool
( " )
AML, me- thanx
 grandma on December 22, 2008:
can you please send in instructions for the teddy- i want my granddaughter to make it- thank you
 elise on December 21, 2008:
so how did you do on your report did you pass!
 jolly on December 21, 2008:
I like all of them !!!!! u should make santa!!!!!!!! and u should start putting how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Lockie on December 20, 2008:
Hiie! Next year is Cow Year..Can u make a cow?? I want to give it to my mum..Thx..Hope u can pass ur exam!!!^^
 B.V. on December 16, 2008:
i think all of your designs are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Kaila on December 13, 2008:
I love all of them they are so cool!! And i cant wait to make them!!!!!!!!!!!
 Abbie on December 10, 2008:
Leah, personally I think the bird is which is on the home page :] great christmas presents :D
 leah on December 10, 2008:
what is the easiest to start with, i love all of them i just need to learn how to start
 mona on December 9, 2008:
when is the teddy bear instructions going to come? lol. hurry up can't wait they are so cute.
 Alex on December 8, 2008:
Please make the beaded turtle next PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Tracy on December 7, 2008:
I cant get the Teddy Bear pattern how come?
 lulu on December 7, 2008:
good luck with your exams allegra hope you pass
 tanis on December 5, 2008:
Is it possible to get the cute teddy bear patterns? They are adorable
 Allegra on December 5, 2008:
Hahaha, oh man, that's the thing, if you go by my website, I won't ace it 'cause I spend all my time working on my website. LOL! I'm up at 4am right now studying for one of my exams (which is tomorrow or I certainly wouldn't be doing this lol). I can't wait for it to be over!! It's the final year of my degree, after 6 long years. In 1 week I'll be a pharmacist! (if I pass)
 Abbie on December 4, 2008:
I want the duck soo baaad!
 Theresa on December 4, 2008:
this is exactly what i have been looking for!
 Louise on December 3, 2008:
Oh Yes My key board was having a slow night and not keeping up with my fingers........... l did yell at it once l noticed l missed the S........ That will be so nice if you could........ I have googled till my eyes have bled but no luck........... The lady l work with loves teddy bears and l would love to make him out of crystals for her....... I wish you all the very best with your exams..... If going by your web site I am sure you will ace it........... Good Luck......
 Allegra on December 2, 2008:
Hehe, Christmas! I'll do my very best. I'm writing my final exams right now, and in a matter of days I will be done! Then I will immediately resume posting new animal patterns! The teddy bear has been heavily requested, so he'll be the first one I do for sure.
 Louise on December 2, 2008:
That would be CHRITMAS............ he is oh so cute...........
 Louise on December 2, 2008:
Any chance of getting a copy of the teddy bear ......... l would love to make him for christman
 Hafairy on November 28, 2008:
Yay for the panda! I'm so excited to make it
 Allegra on November 28, 2008:
Hi everyone! Here comes another promise of wonderful things to come...I know I've been busy lately, but my final exams are literally next week. After that, I promise I will focus on posting more patterns. I have the poodle pattern all planned out and I'll be posting it very shortly after my exams. I'm really really grateful for your patience and I have NOT forgotten you. I'm still here and the patterns are coming!! Given the overwhelming demand for the beaded panda and teddy bear patterns, those will be first on my list.
 Squance on November 27, 2008:
Awesome work! But I would like to see more patterns up soon (especially the panda one :P)
 TANDRA on November 23, 2008:
 Razo on November 22, 2008:
LOL! I love these beading patterns. I do beading myself. FOr any one who wants a huge selection of beading animal patterns go to margos beaded critter site! IT IS AWESOME!
 Korrinne on November 21, 2008:
Can u put the methods on how to do the terrier dog pattern and ducky pattern? They r so cute,i love it so much that i want to try making one!!
 Riley on November 20, 2008:
Panda, turtle, bear cute cute cute :]
Can't wait for patterns
 Lisa on November 20, 2008:
was wondering how I can get the lady and tramp pattern and also the dolphin.
 torie on November 14, 2008:
good luck on ur exams :)
 Allegra on November 13, 2008:
Hi guys! I really appreciate your patience! I'm working on finishing the poodle right now and then I'll get to the others. I really appreciate your continued patience and support as I finish my exams in December and finally graduate and get back to focusing on finishing these patterns!
 Vivienne on November 13, 2008:
I like the terrier and duck pattern a lot, can you post them soon?
 torie on November 7, 2008:
PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 CANT WAIT <3 <3 <3 SOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
 Allegra on November 2, 2008:
hehe, it's not an inborn talent. I had a "teacher" for the first few things I made (a heart, then a cat, then an elephant, then I basically got the hang of it and was able to figure them out). It was a lady in Chinatown who sat down with me and taught me how to make them. I was pretty lucky, she only charged me about 20 dollars per lesson. And now I don't need her anymore, haha..LOL! We're still friends though, she's one of my animal "suppliers" LOL!
 Becky on November 2, 2008:
I actually just ordered 2 japanese pattern books. I hope I can understand them! I'll be pretty upset if I don't!! If I manage to make any progress I'll try to send pictures.
I have no idea how you can do that though. the most I was able to do just by looking at something was a watermelon, and that didn't even come out right!!
 Marthese Vella on November 2, 2008:
I like the giraffe pattern and i would like you to post me the pattern soon cause i like your site very much and very interesting,thanks
 Jennifer on November 1, 2008:
WOW I love the panda! I hope you post the pattern soon, my hands are itching to make it =)
 Catie on November 1, 2008:
thank God for your site! im looking forward to your new patterns!
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
Wow, does that mean you're a university professor? Where have you gone for your sabbatical? (for those who don't know, sabbatical is 6 months off work!) Yes, I buy models in Chinatown and figure them out, that's how I make my patterns. I've never tried following a japanese book pattern. I've glanced at online scans of them, and they look scary! I find it easier to figure them out from holding them and looking at them than from looking at those complex beading diagrams. The problem is they are mapping 3D into 2D!
 Becky on October 30, 2008:
Wow, Allegra, this site is amazing. I found it as a link from
I'm also a Canadian, though I'm away on sabbatical this year. I actually wasn't interested in these 3D animals until I got here. My friend actually bought a little 3D dog in Chinatown. I never thought to look there! But it's great that you have this site, cause I can't find any beading books that aren't in japanese. Did you make all these patterns just from looking at charms you bought? Do you have any of those japanese books that you would recommend?? I can't wait until the panda pattern is finished. It's so cute!! Keep up the great work!!
 Sesame on October 29, 2008:
It's funny, I found the exact same Peyote Hello Kitty on the floor of my school today and kept it. (Look, if someone ever claims it I'll give it back...) So i think the Hello Kitty, Peyote Girl Bunny, Pikachu, and more are all from the same book. I'm dying to have a pikachu so I'm trying to figure out what book this is. XD
 Michele on October 26, 2008:
Do you think you will be posting the reptile pattern soon? Just wondering because it would be wonderful to make.

Thank you
 Michele on October 26, 2008:
The reptile is great!
 Allegra on October 25, 2008:
hehe, well the difference between the small cat pattern and big cat pattern right now is that the small cat pattern is done and I haven't finished the big cat pattern yet! LOL! Other than that, the large cat is quite a bit bigger than the small cat. I was just comparing them on my shelf and the small cat is small enough to fit in the big cat's head, and that's using the same sized beads. LOL! Don't worry, one fine day the big cat will be here for all to enjoy. I'm going through some brutal midterms right now, but they will soon be over and I'm already working on the poodle pattern and have him all planned out!
 kim on October 25, 2008:
can u finish the terrier? i want to know how to make it plz :]
 Ducklover :] on October 24, 2008:
ducks duck ducks!! i love themm btw, but not 3D ducks :]]
 elise on October 23, 2008:
Is there any big difference between the small cat pattern and the big cat pattern?
 torie on October 20, 2008:
 J-S on October 16, 2008:
Cat - here's the address for Mabel's Good luck, I've never bought anything from there, because I already have the patterns that are posted.
 Cat on October 16, 2008:
Thanks so much, these are AWESOME! I can't wait for more! I vote the tiger or the teddy bear next.

Thank you thank you thank you soooo much!!!! <3<3<3<3xinfinity!
 Allegra on October 6, 2008:
Thanks Jaymie! I've just posted the beaded bird pattern in the guest patterns gallery. Enjoy! This pattern was generously provided to us by BeeJang.
 Jaymie on October 6, 2008:
I love your patterns I bet it took a long time to do this but it looks awesome
 Maria Teresa on October 6, 2008:
Nice collection, Allegra
 Cat on October 5, 2008:
J-S, do you have the address for the Mabels site with the 90 cent patterns?
 Allegra on October 5, 2008:
Awww you guys are so sweet! I'll be done school forever in December, so mark it on your calendars! LOL! But in the meantime, I'll do my best to get a couple of patterns up during school.
 Cheryl on October 5, 2008:
Greetings from the uk :) You're doing a great job, I'm in no rush for any particular pattern I just wanted you to know you're doing well. I have a hard enough time doing bead work and uni without trying to do patterns as well, so keep it up lass :)
 leanne on October 5, 2008:
Please post the teddy pattern next!!! and then maybe the full body hello kitty?
 Elise on October 4, 2008:
Hi!!!! I was wondering if the horse pattern will be up soon. I understand that its hard for you to juggle putting up patterns and school so if you cant put up the pattern its ok but if you know were i could get a pattern for a horse then that would be great!!!!!
 vicki on October 3, 2008:
omg i love the panda 1!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 plz post that 1 soon plz <3 <3
 J-S on October 3, 2008:
Hi Allegra: thanks for making this site. I'd like to add another vote for the bunny pattern next, whenever you get a chance. If anyone wants the panda or dolphin right away, I saw them for sale on a site called Mabels - you have to buy 10 at a time, but they're only like 90 cents each or less.
 Allegra on October 3, 2008:
Hi Niko and Joanna, I'm constantly working on it so please be patient and the patterns will be posted in good time. I appreciate your patience and support. Please understand that I am a student, and that I am working on this alone and am not being paid to do so.
 Niko on October 2, 2008:
Hallo. I love your hello kitty design. is it possible to add the steps for the bunny?
thanks :D
 Joanna on October 2, 2008:
Please add a CUTEE Cow pattern i wanna learn how to make a cutee cow for my friend as a [Going Away Present] D:
Please Add it quickly shes leaving Soon D;
 Allegra on September 30, 2008:
Hi Manjit, while you are waiting, maybe you'd like this pattern of a beaded 3D baby bird:

Beaded 3-D bird pattern

It was made by another girl. It's a very cute pattern! It's soon going to be added to my guest patterns gallery, but until then, you can just try it on her site.
 Manjit on September 30, 2008:
Hi Allegra. Do you have the pattern for the Beaded Teddy Bear. If you do can you post it when you have have time.
 Manjit on September 30, 2008:
Hi Allegra. Thank you for the offer but I would not want you to spend money on me. So learn the pattern and then you have leaned it , then post it and then I'll make it and give it to my brother.
 Allegra on September 29, 2008:
Hmmm, some people have presented this issue to be before. I know it's possible to print without the background. When you want to print, go to File>>Print Preview, then go into the Options, and find where it lets you print without the background. Let me know if it works out.
 Carolyn on September 29, 2008:
I love your site! I wish it was easier to print your patterns though. There's no way for me to bead in fron of my computer.
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
Hi Manjit! You know there is nothing more I want than to make you happy, but I truthfully don't even know how to make that beaded pikachu! I picked it up in Chinatown for $1. It's done in 3D peyote stitch, and I'm right now just starting to learn how to do peyote stitch (a different type of beading). I foresee being able to figure it out in the future, but it might be a while yet. However, on the bright side, you are conveniently located in Toronto, like me. So I can buy another pikachu from Chinatown and give it to you. If you are too far, I can mail it to you. You can email me where you live because it's too private to say here. Would you like me to buy one for you? It's only $1! My email address is
 Manjit on September 23, 2008:
Hi Allergra! When me brother saw the 3D pig that I made he saide that I want a pokemon and then i remembered that there was a picture of the Beaded Pikachu. Can you post the Beaded Pikachu (Pokemon) Pattern when you finish it. Please because my brother's birthday is in october and I want to give him the beaded Pikachu for a supprise.
 Darlene-Marie L Vitarelli on September 22, 2008:
I would like to see dolphin - sea hourse - and the ability to download pdf file or even have printable set up I am a rookie and need all of the help I can get I oove the dog patterns they are so xute . I would love to learn 3d beading I do payote. They would make great ornaments for childerns Christmas tree for my grand niece. God Blessed you with talent - Thank You for sharing!! God Bless Always
 T on September 22, 2008:
does anyone know the pattern for the dolphin, panda, and turtle? and maybe a monkey r a turkey too?
 Donna on September 21, 2008:
Where have you been all my life, Bless you for the free patterns, there are many out there that love to bead but books and pattens are a bit expensive.
 Allegra on September 17, 2008:
The price of the beads, or the price you should charge to sell the finished product? Well, if you're asking how much to sell them for, it depends on your cost... So how much money did the beads cost you to buy? I realize you probably buy in bigger quantities, but maybe you can divide the total price by the amount you will need to do your project... that is the cost of the materials. Remember to include fishing line and other such materials in your cost assessment. Then, factor in the time (labour). How long did it take you to make the beaded cat and turtle? Simply multiply how long it took you by your desired hourly wage. Then, add the cost of materials + the cost of labour. That is your overall price! Now, keep in mind, if the price is too high or low, you may have to adjust it to meet the demand for your products. If demand is high, raise the price. If demand is low, lower the price. Hope this helps! (oh and remember that you can sell your stuff on the beading market on this site if you'd like).
 grace on September 15, 2008:
i luv ur site!!!! but can u tell me how much i should price the small cat and the turtle if i used seed beads for the cat and swarovski for the turtle?
 Carrie on September 13, 2008:
SO cute! plz add a penguin, chick, bunny, giraffe,finish dumbo omg awesome! by the way they have awesome books on ebay, serach in buyjpop on click on the link from ebay and youll find the buyjpop store they have AMAXING BEADED STUUF(books)
 Iria on September 6, 2008:
Yes, the turtle next, please!
 Allegra on September 4, 2008:
Thanks you're all so sweet!! I'm definitely working on it! Thanks for all your patience and devotion. It's a very time-consuming process to make a beading pattern. LOL. But that shouldn't discourage you from submitting your own pattern to the site for the Guest Patterns gallery!! (yes I am really pitching for it, and plugging it everywhere I can LOL)

Might I suggest trying Bidiboum's beaded sea star pattern from the Guest Patterns page. It's 3-D and very cool!! I can't wait to get a free moment to try that pattern myself.
 Wendy on September 3, 2008:
Hi There!
Thanks for posting all these wondering beaded patterns..I have actually made them all haha. I am desperate for the beaded terrier dog pattern, ive even tried to improvise on the design because it reminds me of the cat pattern however it is alittle more difficult than it looks :( please keep up the good work & i will look forward to the next design
 Jessica on September 3, 2008:
Hi! I want to make the 3-D Dolphin can you PLEASE post it next. PLEASE
 Alex on September 1, 2008:
Please post the turtle next. Its so adorable please please please! when you finish the one your working on do the turtle next! PLEASE!
 Allegra on August 31, 2008:
Thanks for visiting Tandra, and for your warm comments. I am constantly working on the patterns, so keep checking back every once in a while, or subscribe to my new newsletter (link on the side of every page). I email whenever I've posted a new pattern. No spam I promise! Please also consider submitting a pattern of your own to the site to make it even better!^^
 Tandra on August 31, 2008:
Hello.. I am amazed at a site giving patterns for free.. I am gobsmacked with how in depth the patterns are. I cant wait to see the horse, teddy bear, turtle, tiger, dolphin
 Allegra on August 30, 2008:
Shannon, Elean, and Carol, I wish I could send you those patterns. But they don't exist yet!! I should take down these tempting pictures because you guys keep requesting new beading patterns faster than I can make them!! I appreciate your patience and keep checking back because I am constantly updating. Or join the newsletter! I send out a newsletter every time I finish a new pattern.
 Elean on August 30, 2008:
well done for the site. would love to see the patterns for Peyote Hello Kitty, Dumbo Elephant, TeddyBear, Mousey Teddybear & Lady and the Tramp Dog.
 shannon on August 29, 2008:
could you please send me the instructions for the elephant, giraffe and bunny????? Would love to make them for stocking stuffers for family for Xmas.....if not, where can I get them? I keep finding japanese and french, with no translation, very frustrating!!!!!!! Thanks ~~Shan
 carol norton on August 28, 2008:
please sign me up for the patterns
 Allegra on August 25, 2008:
Well, I have the beaded shirt on the crafts page (didn't know where else to put it LOL!), but I haven't made a pattern for it yet!! As with most things around here!! It'll come eventually! If you find any others, let us know! Thanks for visiting again, nice to hear from you.
 Monii on August 25, 2008:
hey umm i was wondering if you know any patterns for beaded clothes or furniture like mini dresses or couches :P lol they are soo cute! ive seen them on the web but there are no instructions.. :(
 Allegra on August 25, 2008:
It was the cow pattern that lured me into her store for the first time, in fact. But it was over 30 dollars, and I hadn't been planning to buy anything so I didn't have much money. But then it sold on me! She said she'd make another one for me, but I haven't checked in a while. She's probably sold that one too! Anyways, as long as that lady is still alive, I can always get my cow! LOL!

News on the site: I've posted the Tutorials on Inkscape (free program without adware for easily drawing beading diagrams) and Adobe Illustrator! Visit my Inkscape tutorial to learn how to create a beading pattern easily with Inkscape for free!
 Aghra on August 25, 2008:
ouch! good luck~ =)
 Allegra on August 22, 2008:
The cow pattern is my favourite one of all, and it exists in Chinatown, but when I went to buy it, they had sold out. I should go look again!
 Aghra on August 22, 2008:
would you be trying out any cow patterns? ^^
 Allegra on August 21, 2008:
Finally a fan of the beaded horse pattern! It's my favourite one, and nobody has ever requested it until now. Yay!
 mds on August 21, 2008:
am looking forward to the horse pattern (soon?) thanks for sharing!
 1456 on August 20, 2008:
i love the kitty cat pattern! it is sooooooo cute!
 Allegra on August 19, 2008:
Hehe, thanks! Yes, it's a struggle. But I wouldn't want it any other way. When I sit around and watch TV, I feel bad about myself, and guilty that I could be doing something more useful. My exceptions are Dancing with the Stars and Desperate Housewives, LOL!

For news on the site, I registered the name yesterday, so that address now points to this website! I will soon be rebranding the site to, but will always point to the site as well.
 Aghra on August 18, 2008:
u're welcome. i'm sorta impressed that u could handle both studies and this together, and this being alot of web work and handicraft stuff. End of Sep will be kinda too late to begin on the favors, but i've tried the 3-d heart and it turned out marvelous, might use that instead~! still, i cant wait to try out the teddy when it's out~ good luk~! =D
 Allegra on August 18, 2008:
Thanks for your support Aghra, I really appreciate your patience! I expect the teddy bear to be finished by the end of September by the latest. I'm still finishing up the pig and heart patterns, then I need to finish my horribly incomplete poodle pattern, then I need to move the whole site onto the new layout (if you've noticed, I'm split between two layouts right now, one for the main site and one for the forum! the whole site is soon going to look like the forum). All that I *hope* to accomplish before September, when the dreaded school bells reopen lol. Then, after school, I plan to finish the teddy bear, and be done with it by the end of September.
 Alex on August 18, 2008:
post the panda please
 Aghra on August 18, 2008:
awww i only wish the teddy be up soon. Lots to figure when i'm diy-ing my own wedding favors~ ^^ Hey slow progress' still progress, u keep up the good work alrite! i'll check back often =)
 hhhhhhhhhhh on August 17, 2008:
You idiots! I need pony bead patterns! take your site off of that on google!

 irit on August 17, 2008:
I'm looking for horse pattern!!
have u finish yours??
 Allegra on August 10, 2008:
Hi guys, I wish I could say they are going to be up tomorrow, but they are very time-consuming. My immediate to-do list involves the poodle and teddy bear. The elephant has also been requested for a while. It's probably the most involved pattern on this site. Know that I am constantly working on it, and I apologize for the slow progress, but it's because I am in the process of learning how to draw beading diagrams efficiently. Diagrams have the potential of being a much faster method than pictures, so I'm learning how to do it! And I'm also in the process of preparing a tutorial that teaches how to draw a beading diagram using a free program called Inkscape. Coming soon!!
 Aghra on August 10, 2008:
the teddy bear is lovely... may i know when's it coming up?
 momo on August 9, 2008:
omg your site is soo cool!!! im gso glad i found it because there arnt many sites with free 3d beaded animal patterns........I LOVE the giraffe do you think you could put it up soon?
 wench on August 8, 2008:
What a wonderful site!! Please, please, please have the Pikachu up soon - it's the best looking one I've seen! Really good detail and 3d! Love it.
 Allegra on August 6, 2008:
By the way, for all of you that enjoy making beading diagram patterns, I have just recently discovered an amazing completely free program called Inkscape that is very user-friendly and powerful for that purpose. You can download the full version for free from
 Allegra on August 6, 2008:
Haha tutusara, I would love nothing more than to snap my fingers and have all the beaded animal patterns done with and posted. That would make my life a lot easier! On the bright side, I am constantly hard at work on getting them done, and new stuff is constantly rolling in, so keep checking! As for making a sphere out of beads, actually the poodle pattern involves making a sphere out of beads, so I will soon be posting the diagrams on how to do that. Hold tight, they are coming soon!
 tutusara on August 4, 2008:
can you make all the patterns asap?

 tutusara on August 4, 2008:
can someone teach me how to make a sphere out of beads?(assuming that its just plain red)
 Kojiru on August 3, 2008:
thank you so much Allgebra ^^ love all the differnt patterns
cant wait for the new ones
 Melissa on August 3, 2008:
Thank you Allegra, If you know anyone who is selling finished product, please send my email their way! ~ Have a Blessed day!
 Allegra on July 31, 2008:
Oh I've been there. You just have to step away from it, take out your frustrations on a pillow or a wall or something, then come back to it calmly and tell it who's boss. LOL! Just look very carefully and hold your model up to the pictures. Eventually it always becomes clear what happened.
 cj on July 30, 2008:
ok. i started on the cat last night but i got stuck when it came to the body..ill try again right now and if i still cant figure it out then ill ask.
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
Hi Melissa, I bought all the beaded animal patterns I have (that you see pictured on this page) from my local Chinatown (in Toronto, Canada). Do you have any Chinatowns in your city? They are full of this stuff!!! I'm not currently selling finished models just because I don't think I'd have the time to keep up with the demand right now, since everyone also wants the patterns! But one day when the patterns are done, I'll think about it.
 Melissa on July 29, 2008:
Would you know where I can order these animals for resale?
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
I'm going to transform the main page of this site to an announcements page so that I can keep everyone updated on what's new, because an organized system seems to be lacking here!!
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
That's great!! You should post a picture of your hello kitty on the forum. We'd love to see it!! I think if you can do the hello kitty, you can totally move onto the cat because it's the same difficulty level (fairly easy). Also, I made the cat instructions very detailed, more so than the hello kitty instructions. In fact, I've always wondered whether I should redo the hello kitty instructions because I made them a long time ago when I wasn't very good at making beading instructions, and now I can explain much better. But then, everyone wants new patterns so I'll leave it for now LOL!
 cj on July 28, 2008:
when do u think u could do the panda? its so CUTE!! i a beginner and i just completed the hello kitty. do u think i could move on to the cat now??orshould i stay and keep practiceing the hello kitty??
 Allegra on July 28, 2008:
I'm very soon finished the pig pattern instructions! And I am planning to do the teddy bear pattern next because it is in such high demand. However, to learn how to make diagram patterns, I am practicing on the poodle pattern. check it out and tell me what you think of the diagrams! If the poodle goes well, I will make the teddy bear the same way. The poodle is easier so that's why I'm practicing on it.
 Sijay on July 28, 2008:
I hope you finish the the instructions for the pig soon!
 Alex on July 27, 2008:
Can u please post the teddy bear next please !!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!
 Allegra on July 24, 2008:
Hi guys, those instructions are coming very soon! I haven't written them yet, so that's why they aren't posted. But I'm constantly working on new patterns!! To Diana, the hello kitty and kitty patterns are a very easy level for a beginner. I think the instructions are detailed enough for someone not familiar. Just start with the right materials, fishing line and round beads!

For those who do want a new pattern right away, just today I posted the 3-D heart pattern instructions at this page:
 Teresa Gran on July 24, 2008:
Your site is amazing. I'm wondering if I can get the 3d pattern of turtle, bear and some animals. Thank you in advanced.
 Teresa Gran on July 24, 2008:
Your site is amazing. I'm wondering if I can get the 3d pattern of turtle, bear and some animals. Thank you in advanced.
 diana on July 23, 2008:
your wabsite is realy cool
however can you do some for starters
 Cheryl 23 July,2008; on July 22, 2008:
I would love to get the Elephant pattern.Is there any chance of getting it? I love 3d patterns and are there other sites on 3d animals?
 Allegra on July 22, 2008:
Hi Zainab, I wish I could send you the instructions, but they don't exist yet!!! I wish I could give everyone the instructions, but I haven't had time to finish them all. I'm continuously working on the patterns, and regularly post new ones, so keep checking back!
 ZAINAB on July 22, 2008:
hi superb work i love them all i have a request can you send me the instruction on how you made the ELEPHANT..........GIRL BUNNY................HELLO KITTY WITH SKIRT..................DOLPHIN.........and DUCKY please my daughter love all these and i want to make them for her so please if you can send it thank you
 Allegra on July 17, 2008:
The pig is up!
 Allegra on July 16, 2008:
LOL!!! I've talked to Christine before (she runs all the way from Singapore!!). Small beading world, eh? (haha, and yes, I'm Canadian eh...) Anyways, she uses photoshop. Alas, I was also hoping she had some special custom program. Actually, the diagram making effort is progressing nicely because Laura and I have almost decided on an easy way of drawing the diagrams in photoshop using customized brushes shaped like beads, so we can just stamp them on the page.

You can see our diagrams here:

Please comment on them as well!!! I would totally love if you have patterns to post on the site! It would be so great of you, and I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. Anyways, as for the pig, she is on her way!! Just today I discovered a technique in photoshop called "automated actions" and basically you tell photoshop what to do to each image (what I would normally slave away doing manually for hours) and it does it all automatically before your eyes! It has literally taken editing time down from 10 minutes per picture to 10 seconds per picture.
 Nikki on July 14, 2008:
I was just wondering how long before the pig pattern will be placed on the website. I know you're looking for a new program. Do you allow other people to place patterns on your website? Maybe that would keep us a little busy while you finish other pattens LOL :). Keep up the good work. By the way, check out I think the site is setup kind of like you would like yours to be. Maybe you could contact them and ask what program they use. They have free patterns as well, Katy and I think yours are prettier.
 Nikki on July 14, 2008:
I was just wondering how long before the pig pattern will be placed on the website. I know you're looking for a new program. Do you allow other people to place patterns on your website? Maybe that would keep us a little busy while you finish other pattens LOL :). Keep up the good work and I will be on the lookout for a program
 JJ Jins on July 14, 2008:
i think this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if i could i do it i would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Allegra on July 14, 2008:
Hi Ruby, it will probably be a couple of months before that one is finished because so many others have been requested!!! Plus, I'm still working on a new method of making patterns using diagrams so that they are done much faster (picture cropping is SOOOO slow). If you have any suggestions for making diagrams, or a program to use, method, etc. I'd love to hear it!
 Ruby on July 14, 2008:
omg! ur site is so cool!! =) .
when is the "Beaded Hello Kitty with Skirt Pattern" gonna be finished?
i really want to learn it!! =)
 Alissa on July 13, 2008:
Could you please do the tiger(when you get the time) please or the dragon! My kids would love me to do the crocodile(reptile0 pattern as well, love the site, keep up the good work!
 Nikkie on July 11, 2008:
You have picked out some really cute animals. I can't wait to start making them. You're still one awesome chic :)
 Allegra on July 10, 2008:
LOL, Laura and I are working on a better/faster method of making patterns, so if that works out, the patterns should be made much faster soon. If you guys have any suggestions, ideas, etc. for making clear pattern diagrams, let me know!
 elise on July 9, 2008:
 Allegra on July 9, 2008:
The new pictures are up!!! You like? Again, if you know of any programs to draw pattern diagrams easily, that would be so great!
 Allegra on July 9, 2008:
Laura and I are now working on trying a new method of writing patterns, with the aim of making them go much faster, because right now it's obviously very slow! I'm thinking it will be a combination of pictures and diagrams, since diagrams would be the much faster way to go. Does anyone by any chance know of a program that lets you draw beading diagrams easily? That would be of great help!
 Katy on July 8, 2008:
Please make the terrier dog whenever you are able. No rush :)
 alice0001 on July 8, 2008:
hello how do you make these can you please send me the instructions on how to make them because they look great!
thank you
 Allegra on July 6, 2008:
To Debbie, I would love to see the teddy bear pattern! I can post it on the site if you want. Is it a PDF? You can email it to me at I have a friend called Laura who is very good at decoding cryptic oriental patterns, so if you also want to email me the Fawn pattern, I can send it to her! To Katy, I can make whichever dog pattern you wish, but it probably won't be for a couple of months because there have been so many requests before that!
 Katy on July 4, 2008:
Are you making the terrier or the poodle dog next?
 Debbie on July 3, 2008:
I have a translated teddy bear pattern if you would like to see it. I also have a fawn pattern but it is Japansese,,,can oyu help with that???
 Sharon on July 2, 2008:
I was searching on how to make beaded animals and i came across your webpage & i have to say your explanation on how to make the beaded small cat is perfect :D I have made 2 already! THANK YOU!
 Allegra on June 30, 2008:
I took a trip to Chinatown yesterday and found a whole bunch of really neat beaded animals, so I'll be posting pictures of them tomorrow! I found a 3-D peyote stitched hello kitty pattern (and she's wearing a sweet yellow dress with a red flower!), a beaded right angle weave panda (with a branch!), a beaded turtle family (a mommy and baby turtle), a 3-D peyote stitched dolphin, and a 3-D peyote stitched bunny rabbit. Now I've never actually done peyote stitch, let alone 3-D peyote stitch, but hopefully it's not that hard! Or is it? LOL!! I can at least do the turtle and panda patterns because they are in right-angle weave.
 Allegra on June 29, 2008:
Hi guys, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support! I really really wish I could say they will all be done tomorrrow, but I'm only one human being, and each pattern takes about a week or two to finish, if I work on it every single day!! So look forward to the pig pattern coming out really soon! That is the one I'm working on right now.
 Elise on June 29, 2008:
Is the beaded pony coming out any time soon cause I really llike it and I want to try to make it!
 Elsie on June 28, 2008:
Hi! Just stumbled onto this site while looking for patterns and oh boy are those nice! Really cute for Christmas tree decorations and as gifts! Have you gals thought about selling your creations for people simply too lazy or un-inspired to make those themselves? I believe with the kind of talents you have you're sure to go far in this! All the best to you. =) P.S. I love those animals alot!!!
 lynn on June 28, 2008:
i would love to do the teddy bear,if you have pattern ,that would be great,and hoping you will do a gekco (lizard pattern) as love gekco's. I do bead and know it takes a lot of time to create these patterns.Love your work .
thank you so much kitty is really cute also.
lynn many thanks again
 Allegra on June 27, 2008:
The pig is on its way! It's coming soon I promise! I'm working on it right now!! I know it's been a while, and I'm sorry, but it's coming!!
 Amalia on June 26, 2008:
THE PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Allegra on June 26, 2008:
Hi Laura, you've stumbled upon my unfortunate predicament of the moment, that my website is horribly incomplete and heavily under construction!! I don't have most of the patterns done. But I'm working on it every single day!!!! So expect one by one they will slowly ooze on in. I just finished putting up the forum, so that unfortunately took some time away from making patterns, but it's done now so back to the patterns!!!!
 Laura on June 25, 2008:
I clicked on the teddy bear to view the instructions and it doesn't do anything.

Do you have the instructions for the teddy bear?
 Clairissa on June 25, 2008:
Thaese are cool, is there any lizard patterns? I LOVE lizards!!!!
 Katia on June 25, 2008:
The turtle people are talking about is an awsome idea, but seriously, the pig should be first, then again, TURTLES ROCK!!!
 Allegra on June 25, 2008:
Interesting requests!!! I've also seen beaded turtles in Chinatown, and so that wouldn't be a problem at all to get. The only thing is of course time!! I still have to finish the vast majority of the patterns I already have, so it may be a while before I go buying new ones!! But stick around and I promise to slowly add the beading patterns one by one until they are all up!!! If you haven't noticed, the fruits of my labour for the past two weeks has finally been realized, because the NEW FORUM is posted!!!! Click on the forum link!!!!! Please participate because it was SO much effort to get it all up and running!!!
 kelly on June 24, 2008:
Will you make a turtle pattern???? I really
like the other animals BUT I love turtles.
 taylor on June 23, 2008:
these r awsome they r the best
 Me on June 23, 2008:
Can you make a turtle one?
 Allegra on June 22, 2008:
That's a good point! I actually have seen beaded monkey patterns before, but I haven't gotten around to buying them yet. LOL! I can barely keep up with what I have! One day!
 monkie on June 21, 2008:
why don't you guys have any monkey patterns?monkies are like everyones favorite animals
 Allegra on June 20, 2008:
I'm SO sorry for the unsightly delay in posting the pig pattern!! I swear all the pictures are done! LOL! The thing is right now I'm struggling to get the forum system working on the site. It "works", but it needs to be customized and embedded into the layout, and it's giving me a fair bit of aggravation. LOL!! I will dedicate next week to posting the pig pattern!!! LOL
 Jen on June 20, 2008:
I want the pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dunia on June 20, 2008:
When are you going to post the pig pattern?????
 Jen on June 20, 2008:
This site is amazing ^^ My friend really wanted me to make him either a duck or an elephant charm for his psp and you just happen to have both...unfortunately your patterns aren't finished for either : / Hopefully you post them soon :D
 Jackie on June 17, 2008:
I think your website is AWESOME!!! I can't wait till you are done all of the patterns.
 frances winkelman on June 15, 2008:
i found these patterns a real delight well done to those people who design them
 tina on June 12, 2008:
i love you
 Allegra on June 10, 2008:
I wish there was a magic button for that as much as you do lidogirl!! I'm still working on them!! In fact, I'm not even at that point yet. I'm doing the pig right now. I just hope you will all bear with me on the gradual journey of adding all the patterns to the library. I'm definitely taking requests, but again, I'm but one human being. LOL! Just know that I'm constantly working on this website every single day to constantly add new beading patterns.
 lidogirl on June 10, 2008:
i just wanna know where to click to find the instructions for the bear and the cat, these looks very pretty
 Allegra on June 8, 2008:
The elephant that was requested was the one beside Dumbo (the first one on that line). But I can do Dumbo too! I don't even think I will be getting to either elephant for a few weeks just because there have been so many requests!! LOL! Basically everything on the site has been requested at some point. I'm doing my best to keep up. I just finished posting the rounded heart tutorial, after two weeks of working on it almost every day. So now I'm shamelessly plugging it on other pages for people to go see it! LOL! I've also seen beaded turtle and penguin patterns, as well as strawberry and grape patterns, oh and I think I've seen beaded apples as well. They are all very cute! I hope to add new stuff bit by bit, but obviously the site is shamefully incomplete right now, so I am trying to just fill it up with the patterns I already have! Also I'm working on adding new sections to the site, like a forum, a visitor's gallery, a beader matchmaker, and a newsletter about beading. Bit by bit, day by day. LOL!
 Nikki on June 7, 2008:
I just read another comment you posted about your new items, so disregard my previous question. We must've been responding at the same time yesterday. You was one step ahead of me. :)
 Nikki on June 6, 2008:
Do you have any strawberry, pineapple, penguin, or turtle patterns? I've seen some pictures of them and they are adorable.
 Katy on June 6, 2008:
Whcih elephant will you be posting? I hope it's Dumbo.
 Allegra on June 6, 2008:
Wow, thanks so much everyone! I just finished posting the heart pattern in the hearts page, so now I'm going to post the pig pattern very soon! (within a week). I've already got all the pictures ready for the pig pattern and I only need to draw arrows on the pictures and then post the tutorial pages. Thanks so much for your patience! I know it's a slow process! One sweet day they will all be done!!^^
 Kentra on June 5, 2008:
I can't wait to see the duck, bear, and tiger. They are soooooooo cute :)
 nikkie on June 5, 2008:
I like all of your designs, I can't wait to learn how to make them.
 Katia on June 3, 2008:
Hi Allegra, awsome site, I´m dying to see the pig, the duck, tha horse and the first elephant, oh, and also the tiger you mentioned before. Congratulations on your work, and I wanted to tell you I´m realy hoping to see the pig pattern because I bought a pig pattern, but it turn out to be in chinese and it's only half sheet. I´m frustrated, lol, that's why i'm dying for the pig. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
 nicole on May 30, 2008:
well i didn't do any of your bead pattern, because i can't do 3d things. but if you had non 3d ones i would do them.
 Jax on May 29, 2008:
Ok Allegra, put the horse next in the cue!
 Allegra on May 28, 2008:
Sorry, the link didn't paste as a link, so here it is as a link:
 Allegra on May 28, 2008:
Thanks Sandra!! Well, the reason I haven't been putting pictures of many angles and larger photos, etc, is because I'm planning to post step by step instructions for all of them. It just takes time LOL! But eventually they will all be posted. One fine day. Right now I'm cropping the pictures for making the pig tutorial. Next I'm making the elephant, then the dog, then I can make the teddy bear (that is the "cue" so far according to requests, though I'm so sad that no one has requested the horse yet, because it's my favourite one!). My boyfriend and I are also currently working on a system for this site that would allow visitors to post their own stuff (like pictures, even patterns if they want) into a visitor's gallery, as well as into their own "beader profiles", and I'm going to match beaders with similar interests together! To give you a sneak peak into the profile "beading friendship-maker" form, I finished the form and it's here in the new layout: . You can't fill it out though yet! We haven't programmed it yet to accept answers. LOL! If you can think of any other questions to match people on, that would really help me out with making better matches!
 Sandra on May 25, 2008:
Your animals are really cool, I especially love the teddy bear! Would be great to see photos with more angles of the same animal. I've been making 3D animals for a while, I make them real small and sell them as keychains, and I hope to someday put my patterns on the Internet like you do. Thanks!
 Laura on May 21, 2008:
Lol - that last "laura" comment wasn't me - I guess she was just amazed at all the pictures you have already posted!
I recently found a few japanese beading books on the internet (on eBay) but I'm not sure if I'll be able to understand them from just the diagrams as the text is obviously in japanese!! Ah well!
Can't wait to see the new patterns.
 Allegra on May 20, 2008:
LOL, what do you mean "wow"? I hadn't even posted the pictures of the new beaded teddy bear and beaded tiger! I just picked them up from Chinatown and the patterns will come *eventually* LOL. Sooner if they are requested. I have great news for your animal lovers: I finished the pig pattern! Now I just have to edit the pictures to make them fit in the tutorial (with arrows and such), so your patience is greatly appreciated!! It's coming soon, along with two new heart patterns!! (well, one of them old, but I've remade it to really fix it so it's clear). Thanks so much for your patience! I know I haven't updated a new tutorial or section yet, but I'm working on it all the time and soon it's coming. I promise!
 laura on May 20, 2008:
 Laura on May 4, 2008:
Congrats on finishing your exams, Allegra. Now all you have to do is wait for the results!! I'm sure you'll have done well! I'm looking forward to the new patterns but give yourself a bit of a break first - you deserve it ;-)
 Allegra on May 3, 2008:
Hi guys, the good news is I wrote my last exam yesterday and I'm now on summer vacation! So the beading website will be my number 1 priority, and I definitely plan to post as many patterns as I possibly can, as well as move us into my new layout! The pig will be the first pattern I do, followed by the elephant, and then the dog, as per the requests that were made. Thanks for your patience!!!
 Helayner-Annabelle Julie Hanyes on May 3, 2008:
Heya guys i've just found this site and it's got some super nice things. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH THE PIG AND ELEPHANT PATTERNS AS I REALLY LIKE THE LOOK OF THEM!
Helayner-Annabelle Julie Haynes
 Kitty on May 3, 2008:
they are cute!
 Johanna on May 2, 2008:
 Allegra on April 20, 2008:
I'm so glad everyone's trying the kitty pattern! I can't wait for my exams to be over to put up the rest of the patterns!! Jax, when I put up my visitor's gallery section of this site, you'll be able to upload a picture of your beautiful butterfly for everyone to see it and give you the credit you deserve for making it! I don't actually know how to do peyote stitch. It's a more North American way of beading. I guess I learned from Chinatown so I do oriental style! I hope to learn peyote stitch this summer, so that I can try inventing patterns that integrate different types of stitching together. I don't really know why English-speaking countries and Asian countries have two different ways of beading and why they don't learn from each other and adapt each other's techniques! Oh well. One aim of this website was to unify all the different types of beading and break the language barriers so everyone can enjoy every type of beading. I'm so excited to keep making this site better and better for everyone to enjoy!
 Jax on April 20, 2008:
I agree, most of the 3D stuff that I have found has been all in an Asian language of some sort. There is one book that I came across called Three Dimensional Beadwork by Sigrid Wynne-Evans. Everything is done in peyote stitch and while that is my favorite stitch, these items are very slow to make. I think my butterfly, beautiful as it was took me at least 20 hours to make. I have also found some done with wire (the site mostly transfers with babel fish). I have done a few pieces of those but I am finding they don't hold their shape as well as I would like them too. I just picked up a slightly thicker gauge of wire so see if that will help. The Asian style ones do work up much faster though and thats great for me as I don't always have long stretches to sit and bead and setup/ tear down of my work station makes a project like that even longer. Plus, they have all sorts of 3D beaded things, I saw a whole book on doll house furniture so I think I might see what I can do on my own, I have always wanted a to make a doll house, lol. Great idea about the Chinese shops, I am close to San Francisco so I will have to be sure to make a stop in China town soon and see what I can find. And before I go, I have to tell you my son just walked up and said hey mom you want to make that for me thats cool (He is seven), good thing you have the kitty pattern up cuz that is what he wants. Looks like that will be the first I try!
 Allegra on April 17, 2008:
I think the reason there are few sites that feature this type of beading is because it's actually much more commonly done in China and Japan than in English-speaking countries. I've seen books for it that are all written in either Chinese or Japanese. I've never seen anything in English. I'm so fortunate in that there is a Chinese mall that is commuting distance from my house, and there is a small store in it that is owned by a Chinese lady who basically spends all day beading and selling her products. On my first curious visit to the mall, I happened to pass by her store and I fell in love with it. I'm lucky that she speaks a bit of English and gave me a few lessons on how to bead. Now, I regularly go back to see her and buy a beaded animal or two on every visit. I'm pretty sure she gets them out of books (which she understands LOL). I have no clue who invents these things, but they must be really really smart people! (or go through a heck of a lot of trial and error!). It's much easier to invent jewelry and flower patterns, which I have (I invented most of the jewelry and flower patterns on this site). I encourage you to visit any Chinatowns that you have in your area, because I've found a few beaded animals in small Chinese stores as well. You never know what you might find! I hope you get better from your illness, though I don't wish studying on anyone! LOL
 Laura on April 16, 2008:
Oooo, good luck with your exams! I'm a molecular bio student (although I'm on a year off due to illness) but I really enjoy all biology-related studies - pharmaceuticals sounds really interesting.
The pig looks really sweet - lol - and I've got some pale baby pink beads which I think might look good for the body :-)
The elephant I was hoping to learn was the golden/yellow one. By the way, I was wondering how you come up with all the patterns? Did you buy a book or something or do you actually design everything yourself? I've found very few sites that have patterns for this type of 3d beading - is it quite a new technique?
 Allegra on April 15, 2008:
Thanks Laura!!! Well, the first person to have posted a request (at the bottom of this page) was for the pig, so I guess I can do that one next. It's the easiest one anyway. It's just a beaded symmetrical cylinder, with paws, ears, and a tail sticking out. LOL! The reason I did the cat first is because I was already working on it when she requested the pig. Then, I see that the elephant was requested next, and then the dog. I'm not sure which elephant (there are two) and which dog (there are also two), but I guess I can alternate, elephant, dog, elephant, dog. LOL! Did you have a favourite elephant pattern? (One is Dumbo and one is a more realistic looking elephant). By the way, I'm not working yet. I'm a pharmacy student, and in one year, I will be a pharmacist! In two more weeks, my exams will be over, and then I will be on summer, so the beading patterns should start rolling in after that.
 Laura on April 15, 2008:
Thanks, Allegra, for the new pattern! I've not tried it yet but it looks great. Which pattern will you be working on next? (I hope you're not too stressed at work. xxx)
 Allegra on April 12, 2008:
The first 3-D beaded cat pattern is DONE! Check it out (upper right corner of this page)! Many more to come!
 Allegra on April 10, 2008:
I'm SO sorry for the longer-than-expected wait for the patterns!! I'm SO close to finishing the kitty at the top right corner. I'm just putting the pages together now. I'm done all the cropping of the pictures.
 Laura on April 7, 2008:
These patterns are fantastic - really easy to follow. Can't wait to learn how to make the elephant! I've been trying to work it out myself from the photo but it's not really worked so far! Lol.
 mmol on April 6, 2008:
I really luv your site. i would like to see a beaded lizard and a beaded doll
 Allegra on March 29, 2008:
By the way, for all of you who are waiting patiently for your favourite patterns, I really appreciate it! Because these beaded animals are 3-D and complex, it's taking a while to finish the patterns (unlike the jewelry). I'm currently busy at work and hope to have them posted soon!
 Allegra on March 29, 2008:
That's really great Florise! I got into beading when I was shopping in a Chinese mall (Pacific Mall in Toronto) and happened to pass by a store owned by a lady who beads all day and sells her creations. She makes all sorts of things from animals to jewelry, and I instantly fell in love with the art form. I took a few lessons from her on how to bead, and the rest, as they say is history. I started to invent my own jewelry and flower patterns (I invented most of the jewelry and flower patterns on this site), but I cannot conceive of inventing a 3-D animal pattern!
 florise cha on March 29, 2008:
A little japanese girl me gave me a beaded dog and that got me interested in beading. Trying to find out on the internet if it is hard to learn to make this cute dog
 Georgia on March 29, 2008:
these are really cool and so realistic.
 layla on March 28, 2008:
i love the new site! will you please do the pattern for the elephant next? thanks
 Allegra on March 28, 2008:
I just spent a couple of hours modifying the comments section of the site. Do you think it's better than it was before? (I put the comment form right in the page window instead of making you open a new window to post a comment). Also I vamped up the colour scheme to match the website!
 Joanne on March 26, 2008:
please and thank you
 Allegra on March 26, 2008:
Hi Simon, I'm currently working on the beaded cat pattern (the first row on the right). It should be posted by the end of the week.
Joanne, if you like, I can do the pig pattern next.

I'm slowly getting through the patterns, but in the meantime, feel free to make further requests for which patterns you would like posted next.
 Simon on March 26, 2008:
I want to see the cat/kitty pattern!!
 Joanne on March 25, 2008:
please finish the pig pattern soon