Beaded Poodle Pattern

Welcome to the 3-D beaded poodle pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Step 1

Step 1 : In this step, you see the bottom of the poodle's torso, looking up at it from below (our perspective has still not changed from the previous step. This is what the poodle's torso should look like from below when you pull the strings tight. This step is very easy, no new beads are added to the pattern. We are merely getting the strings to the right position to be able to start stringing the beads of the abdomen. So, your strings should be at bead 1 having left off from the previous diagram. String the black string through beads 2 to 5, and the red string through bead 5. Now your two strings should be crossing the blue bead 5.

Step 2

Step 2 : Okay, it's important to note here that we have changed orientation now. We are no longer looking up at the poodle. You can tell from the ears that you are now looking into the poodle's abdomen. To put it simply, if the poodle were finished, you'd be looking at his bum. The poodle's face should be looking directly away from you. I hope that explains it. Beads 1 to 5 in this diagram are the blue beads from the previous step (the blue beads on the poodle's torso). This set of beads look like they are strung into a sphere like the previous beads, but they are actually going to form a cylinder shape. Notice that there are no circles of 5 beads. All bead circles are made of 4 beads each, except the first one (beads 1 to 5) and the last one (the orange beads, which are going to start the poodle's posterior). So, do the exact same thing you did for the other bead spheres, except you'll be stringing circles of 4 beads. Starting from bead 1, where you strings left off, add beads 6 to 8 onto the red string, and cross bead 8 with the black string. Add beads 9 and 10 onto the black string, pass through bead 2 with the red string, and cross bead 10. Continue like this, following the diagram, until you have crossed bead 25 with both strings, at which point, you will take one end of the fishing line and string through all the orange beads to complete the last circle of orange beads, which will start the poodle's bum. Now, as usual, I have to tell you to remember to add the orange beads when you have to (eg, string orange bead 17 between beads 16 and 18) because it's easy to forget!!!

Step 3

Step 3 : Okay by now I'm sure you guys know the drill, but just to be clear, beads 1 to 5 in this diagram are the orange beads from the previous diagram. The abdomen is done and now we are stringing the beads of the posterior (ie, the bum) of the poodle. We have not changed orientation from the previous diagram. The beads of the bum will form a sphere identical to the torso and head. It's all circles of 5 beads. Bead 1 is where we left off from the previous diagram. Add beads 6 to 9 onto the red string, cross bead 9 with the black string. Add beads 10 to 12 onto the black string, pass through bead 2 with the red string, and cross bead 12. Keep beading like that round and round in circles of 5 beads each, until you cross bead 30 with both strings. Then, as usual, string through all 5 beads in the last circle (bead 22, 24, 26, 28 and back through bead 30). Pull tight with both strings, you should be crossed through bead 30 and the poodle's posterior should look like a sphere.

Step 4

Step 4 : This step is easy, we are just adding the poodle's tail. We left off at bead 30 of the previous diagram, which is bead 1 of this diagram. With either one of the strings, you can add the tail, but I have shown it with the red string. The other string does nothing. With the red string, string through beads 2 to 5, which are already in your pattern. Then, add beads 6 to 9. Bead 8 is a large pink bead, as you can see! This is what makes the poofy ball appearance of the poodle's legs, so make sure it's a poofy bead! I used a pony bead. Anyways, from bead 9, string back down through beads 8 and 7, add bead 10, then string back through bead 5. When you get through bead 5, pull everything really tight, then tie a knot with the black string to secure everything in place. You can string back through the tail beads with 24 gauge wire if you want to be able to bend it into a desired shape of some sort, but it's not necessary.

Step 5

Step 5 : Finally, we are adding the legs so your poodle can stand up on his own! The legs are the funnest part because you make them with wire so you can bend them however you want and make your poodle stand in funny positions. Like for instance, a frisky poodle will stand with his front legs hunched forwards/bent down and his hind legs standing up perfectly straight and tall. And of course his tail will be wagging. A sleepy poodle will be lying down (back legs flat on the ground, front legs bent over themselves at the elbow). Anyways, you get the idea. The wire makes the poodle more fun. But you don't have to use it if you don't own any. BUT I should tell you that you can get really cheap wire from the hardware store. The best to use is 24 gauge, but you can also use 28 gauge, which is thinner (basically use thin wire, because thick wire will be hard to string through with). The colour doesn't matter much. This view of the poodle is like the one in diagram 3 on page 1, looking up from below at the bottom of the poodle (I even added his nose so you could tell, although his nose is not sticking out of his torso!) But now, his whole abdomen and posterior are also attached to him! All you have to do is string wire through the beads labelled 1 to 8. You can use 4 different short pieces of wire, or you can use 2 pieces, one for each set of legs. For the first leg, string through bead 1 with the wire, add 2 yellow beads and 1 larger pink bead onto the wire then 1 more yellow bead. Then string back down through the pink bead and the first two yellow beads, then string through bead 2 with the wire. Do the same for all 4 legs. You can secure the wire in place by passing through one or two more beads in the poodle. The wire shouldn't come out if you bend it enough. It has never come out of my poodles, and I've had them for a couple of years now. Now your very first beaded poodle is complete. Make him a brother or sister or son or daughter now! (by the way, use smaller beads to make his kids).

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