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Welcome to the 3dbeading.com Beading Market! The library consists of beaded pieces for sale that have been crafted by your fellow beaders. To sell your beadwork on the Beading Market, please contact me. Selling on the beading market is free!

To submit your beadwork to the Beading Market, email pictures of your beadwork (can be from multiple angles), a written description of each piece, and the price of each piece to allegra@3dbeading.com. For now, I will have interested buyers contact you via your personal website or email. In future, I am planning to have a cash out system to make things easier for you.

beading market gallery of sujenbeading market gallery of sujen
Beadwork by Sue Jensen
beading market gallery of jen
Beadwork by Jen Lawson
  Beader Comments:
 Angela on October 24, 2016:
Hi, Can anyone help me, I'm trying to find in the UK where to buy beads (6/0s) in bulk. I'm trying to teach my daughter who is very ill and bed bound, to bead. 6/0 beads are the best for her to handle but I'm drawing on a blank where to get bulk beads from in the UK. To buy from abroad doubles with the shipping costs, so that's out of the question. Many thanks for your time and support in the past.
 Orbeck on January 8, 2016:
Is there software for Danish Weaving?
 Zdeòka on September 8, 2015:
 Edith Modupe on October 5, 2014:
 Edith Modupe on October 5, 2014:
Great work
 Carolyn on December 30, 2013:
nice looking beadwork
 Jeanne Zimmerman on January 23, 2013:
I forgot to put my email address for the 3D wildlife forms. atticcuss@centurylink.net Sorry and again, thanx.
 Jeanne Zimmerman on January 23, 2013:
Hello all. I am hoping that you can assist me in locating a 3D form of wildlife figures such as you will find on the Fire Mtn. Gems site. In the Gallery sections, there ar 3 of these that are incredible and would like to attempt something like this but cannot find a form/blank/mold to bead on. The artist I am speaking of is PKSStudios.com and the 3 animals are an eagle, parrot, and zebra. Pls look at the Fire Mtn Gallery for these so you know what I mean by 3D. The beautiful work by ones such as Jen Lawson and others is beautiful, but not what I am looking for. Hope someone can help me locate a resource. Glad I found this site. The work is stunning. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
 janet on September 22, 2012:
i have made a teddy bear bead already. the same as above. i'm planning to sell it to you,
Are you interested in buying? i have made 3 sizes : small , medium and large.
 janet on September 22, 2012:
how much is the teddy bear bead?
 marierogen on August 24, 2012:
Nice collection of beads. Please help me to choose the best bead material for making this type of art..
 Fatima on July 6, 2012:
Indian beading patterns--try http://www.beadingdaily.com/Native-American-Beadwork/ , http://www.bead-patterns.com, http://www.firemountaingems.com/beading_howtos/howtos_results.asp?doccat=patterns, http://www.makingfriends.com/ponybead/ponybead_animals.htm, and http://beadedflowers.tripod.com/international/patterns/tazetta.htm Now when you go to buy beads, if you need a large quantity of beads that are like crystals--opt for Ebay--much cheaper than beading stores. Mono fishing line will only take so much force so go for braided whether you buy from Walmart or another big box store for sporting goods --its cheaper to buy from these places than to buy beading line which is exact same thing anyways. You can get it in colors now but if its not exactly the color you want, you can run a big length of it under a perm marker--turn it a couple times and allow to dry completely before you use it although fireline now comes in colors for beaders. Next, the beading magazines have a number of free projects and all give decent directions on how to do the various stitches though I found youtube to be a great resource as I first learned a new stitch--if you can't follow 1 person teaching try another it may make more sense the way someone else describes a technique. Thanks for the free post. Trying to figure out a couple ideas right now in a couple different stitches so this was helpful! Anyone with questions can also query me @americanmasala in gmail.
 mangpor on March 10, 2012:
Very Nice *^-^*
 Betty on February 25, 2012:
Sorry. I forgot to leave my email: bbwindy@bajabb.com. Thanks for amy help in downloading the instructionals.
 Betty on February 25, 2012:
I would like to print the instructional pages. How do I do that?
 Donna Burns on February 10, 2012:
beautiful bracelet
 Lindagm on August 23, 2011:
Im looking for a fluer de lis pattern for earrings. Have any ideas where I can find one?
 Lynn on June 25, 2011:
Ic512blue - I googled 'peyote stitch boxes and found several links... try this one for the base... then look under 'categories' (on the left of page) for further instructions for sides etc..
 Ic512blue on June 24, 2011:
I am looking for a free peyote stitched boxed pattern with a lid I cant do the herringbone or raw stitch but I can do the peyote stitch any help would be great thanks.
 AMI-Peacock Bend Designs on June 24, 2011:
Great site, so glad I found it!
 regoria rodriguez on June 23, 2011:
son muy lindo todos
 Dottie Kinder on March 31, 2011:
Sorry I forgot to include my email address. Here it is: dottie3k@yahoo.com thanks
 Dottie Kinder on March 31, 2011:
I am in need of a beaded doll pattern that I just can't find. It is an 8" doll and was a floor length dress I believe. Can someone please help me?
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
How do you bead a panda? Please give me instructions.
 perriellen on February 14, 2011:
I have a 1 inch high little beaded indian person. He is so cute! I have had him for 30 years. Where can I find a pattern for him? Thank you!
 BeadyBonkers on December 30, 2010:
I found the coolest new store. They have beautiful cabs, and very interesting metal pieces. If you like 3-D beading, some of these accents could be a must have. They're at www.filigreesupply.com ... they give you a discount on your first purchase too!
 tina on December 24, 2010:
i love to bead but i just cant find instructions to the things i like
 Bernadette on November 19, 2010:
Thanks for all the wonderful patterns. I've enjoyed making so many pieces. I do have a questions. Not long ago I saw a pattern to make 3D PEACE SIGN. Just like the 3D hearts you have on this sight. Unfortunately I can't find. My son would like me to make it for his girl friends mom. A Christmas present.......Does anyone know where I can find a pattern? Thanks and appreciate all your help. Bernadette --> ladymerlin9@yahoo.com P.S Happy Holiday's!
 ruthylee on June 29, 2010:
 pat on June 13, 2010:
do you have a book with patterns. i've been searching for years for one. i make french beaded flowers and looking to expand my skills
 Daniele on April 8, 2010:
I jusst found your site today, there is all kind of things I want to try, I have been beading for 3 years, I leave in Canada I have been selling some of my jewellery but it is very hard to find places. would you know anything in Ontario
 Roy Swagger on March 9, 2010:
Im looking for some Indian patterns, I have looked every where and cant find anything.
 jace on January 16, 2010:
did anyone know how to read bead pattern from japanese bead book..they made it like a table but i find it very confusing
 Rose Mary Perineau on December 16, 2009:
I'm just learning to bead and it's so much fun looking for simple patterns
 Rose Mary Perineau on December 16, 2009:
I just learning to bead and it's so much fun looking for simple patterns
 angelika geingos on October 29, 2009:
Im a housewife and doing beads at home necklaces,earings,bracelets and want a market to sell them do have also 3 other unemployed ladies which i cave training and the producing know items to sell but we dont have a market to sell in namibia we are based in arandis is it possible that you can link me with somebody in namibia which can come and have a look at our products.and i want to bye also quality beads.
 ANurag on October 10, 2009:
Please take a look www.indianbeadssupplier.com
 swe on July 30, 2009:
i can't speek so good english so i speek swe jag älskar den här sidan !!! <33
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Holy tamoli, your baskets are intricate!! I'd be happy to post some of your stuff on the beading market to help you get some exposure of your beadworks. Let me know what types of things you want here, or if you want, I can have a look and pick out some pieces that I think might have a better chance of gathering attention here. It might take me sometime to get to you, so I appreciate your patience. Maybe a couple of weeks. So plenty of time to get back to me too.
 Wayan Sueta on January 10, 2009:
We create beaded baskets here in our village with a group of beaders. We hand strung the glass the seeds beads on to a steady woven rattan basket using two drop peyote sticth technique and we are looking for a market to sell our works. We set up a free online store but it doesn't help us so much in selling our works yet. Our store is http://shantiseedsofbali.ecrater.com We would love to get some help in promoting our works. Thanks for your attention.
 Allegra on November 13, 2008:
Hi Ohionana! What do you mean beaded cards? beading in the shape of a card? Like a deck of cards (jack, queen, king, etc.)?
Glad you like the site! I hope you try beading!! Beware though, it's not something you can stop once you start!
 Ohionana on November 10, 2008:
Allegra, just found your site tonight (lol, followed links after I wikied Mauritania!!) and I must say I have a newfound respect for my mother-in-law, bless her heart! She spent years making 3D ornaments for 27 grandkids and NONE of us appreciated it! If we could have seen your site and really paid attention to what she was doing, I think we would have been more properly amazed! I think you have inspired me to try it! Have you ever done any beading on cards? I remember seeing a beautiful fish in a book a long time ago, but only some of the details were 3D, just wondering what you think of that style. Anyway, good luck in school, I have a son and a daughter in law going for their masters now, so I know what you are going thru! Hang in there, love your site!
 Jen Lawson on November 3, 2008:
I can't make them up from scratch either, I can just manage to alter sections sometimes. I still need to search to the end of the earth for the patterns too. I rely on the Japanese books a lot, and you and Christine. I just checked some dates, and I only just learnt the stitch 3 months ago! The first couple I struggled with, then it all just clicked and I was on a roll. Maybe after I've been doing for a bit longer I might be able to make it up from scratch.
 Allegra on November 2, 2008:
LOL! Well, that's good you can make stuff up and it still looks great. That means you've got beading skillz!!! There's a big difference between people who can follow patterns and people who can make them up. If we could all make up beading patterns, we wouldn't all be desperately searching the ends of the earth for them!! Hopefully one day I'll buy some pattern books off ebay myself. Just have enough patterns on my plate that I haven't finished yet, no point in buying more patterns yet! Thanks for the good wishes, I'll need them!
 Jen Lawson on November 1, 2008:
Thanks. Yeah I've got lots of things from Christine, she's wonderful for giving free tutorials, as are you.

I get the patterns from anywhere and everywhere, and I change some a bit to suit myself. I think both the frog and the poodle were from Japanese beading books. With the Japanese books I often make bits up when I can't quite understand what to do.

Good luck with your exams, and try not to stress too much!
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
Oh my gosh, you've been a busy bee! I recognize a lot of those patterns from Christine's site hehe. Good job! Everything is so superb! I especially love the poodle with the fancy hat and the frog. Where did you find those patterns?
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
Sorry about that! I've made it into a link, even with words to describe it hehe! I'm definitely going to take that off and find a better solution, but right now I'm so stressed out at school. I've just gone through 4 weeks of midterm insanity, with 3 per week! It's almost over but exams are coming up. But that's a good thing because then I'll be done forever!!! I really appreciate your continued support and patience! No more school ever after this one more month guys!
 Jen Lawson on October 31, 2008:
By the way, right click still isn't working.
 Jen Lawson on October 31, 2008:
Just thought you might be interested. I've listed more 3D ornaments on my website. Jen's Crafts and Beading Store - 3D ornaments
 Jax on October 21, 2008:
Kelsey I just looked at your site, wow it is amazing.
 Linda B on October 20, 2008:
I love your beaded patterns. My jewelry is different.

http://lindab142.etsy.com, http://LinorStore.com, http://linorstorecom.blogspot.com
 Allegra on October 17, 2008:
WOw, your site is so professional, and your jewelry is so pretty. I especially love the star earrings!! (the wirework earrings with blue stones in the center). I'm Canadian too by the way. From Toronto.
 Kelsey on October 16, 2008:
Hi there! I just launched my own Jewellery business this past month and am hoping you could take a peek at my site!