Jen Lawson's Beading Market

Welcome to Jen Lawson's beading market on! Jen is selling gorgeous 3D beaded ornaments and beadweaved bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

To contact Jen, please send an email to To visit Jen's website, visit and

Jen can make any beaded piece upon request. If you don't like the colour scheme, or if any of these existing beadworks are sold, simply send Jen an email and she will make a new beaded piece for you. It should take her about a week to make a new one for you.

Please click on the images to see closeups and descriptions of each beaded piece.

3D beaded ornaments
3D Beaded Ornaments
beaded bracelets
Beaded Bracelets
beaded earrings
Beaded Earrings
beaded necklaces
Beaded Necklaces
  Beader Comments:
 Pras on October 24, 2014:
thank you
 Dynne de Leon on February 1, 2014:
its cute and would be helpful
 apple de vera on November 19, 2012:
looking for animals patters
 Debra S. on July 23, 2012:
Looking for these type of patterns
 aya on April 9, 2012:
 Jacqueline on July 27, 2011:
is that a purse?? amazing!!!!
 p on April 25, 2011:
 Jen on January 25, 2011:
Thanks KD Star. I have a pattern for a beaded purse on my blog:

Generally you shouldn't have to double the thread, just use a nice thick fishing line.
 KD Star on January 25, 2011:
Hi my names KDStar i found your website looking for ways to make a purse outa beads well i figured out ho its just that im not sure if i should double or maybe even triple thread it:/ cant wait for your reply
ps: i think what you do is flippin awesome:]
 Mitchie on August 14, 2010:
How many purchases of ornaments do you get a month? Please email me your reply at I am just wondering. Please&Thank You.
 Yumna on July 17, 2010:
 tess de borja on March 24, 2010:
i like the bag.can i have the pattern,pls? i want the handbag pattern,plsss. please send it to you.
 ana on November 5, 2009:
oh my god why we can not have all the pattern your webside is one of the best i find can you please send me the bascket and the handbag please i would be so happy please send it to you know eny other good beaded webside thank on August 22, 2009:
very thanks