Beaded Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet Pattern

Welcome to the beaded elastic caterpillar bracelet pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Step 1

Step 1 : Here I show you how to finish off the bracelet once you have reached the end. Do not add a new large bead to your last segment!! Instead re-use the very first bead you put on the bracelet (the one sticking out at the other end). Just cross that one as if you were crossing a newly added large bead. This should approach the two ends of the bracelet and close the loop! In this picture, the newest segment bead is labelled with a green dot, and the beginning large bead of the bracelet is labelled with a red dot. The same old bead with the blue dot (which was the true first large bead added) is shown also for clarity. It's not the bead on the very end of the beginning of the bracelet if you recall. It had ended up being the second one in.

Step 2

Step 2 : After crossing the first bead of the bracelet (the one labelled with a red dot), you must add the small seed beads that form the X just like with all other segments of the bracelet. So just like before, add 3 small seed beads to each end of the elastic string, cross a medium-sized bead, then add 3 more small sead beads to each end and then STOP for a second. DON'T cross the large bead labelled with a green dot as you would have every other time. Instead, pass only one of the two ends of the elastic string through it (in my picture, the one labelled with a red arrow), and NOT the other end. Leave that one loose because here you want them to be on the same side. And in fact, once you have passed the large bead with a green dot with one end of the elastic string, you will find that the two ends of the elastic string are on the same side of the bracelet. This is good because you now want to tie a knot. In fact, tie two or three consecutive knots for security and then cut the strings short. If you are using fishing line, go through some other beads before cutting the ends short because the knots in fishing line are less secure than those made with elastic string. Also, because elastic string is stretchy, even if you shove the elastic string through some more beads to secure it, it will come out again.

Step 3

Step 3 : A note about tying knots with elastic string: It is not the same kind of knot at you would tie with fishing line or other string. You must pull both ends of the elastic string together and then fold them over themselves together (like doubling the string), and pull the two ends out of the knot together and pull them tight together. Contrast this to a regular knot where you intertwine the two ends but you don't hold them together. Hope this helps a little! I hope my picture is clear enough!

Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet

Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet : Here is a picture of the finished product using the beads in this tutorial. Beads used: 23 of the "large beads" (8mm plastic pearls), 23x12 (=276) small seed beads, and 23X5 (=115) 3mm small plastic pearls. So the way I counted was that for each large pearl, there are 12 seed beads and 5 small pearls.

Tess's Pink Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet

Tess's Pink Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet : This is a picture of your fellow beader Tess's caterpillar bracelet! Here is her description of it, including materials used (looks like she has smaller wrists than me!), time spent, and inspiration for the colour scheme. You can make your own too!

Materials: 3 meters of .5mm Stretch Magic string material, Size 11/0 seed beads, 19 8mm round beads, and 95 4mm round beads. This is just enough for a 7 1/2 inch bracelet that is 1/2 inch wide. Not sure what kind of round beads they were but I'm sure they're some type of glass beads.
Time Spent: I was watching some anime videos on the internet while working with this project so, I'm not sure how long it took me exactly. If I had all the beads in hand that I needed, I think it might have taken 3 hours or so.
Inspiration: Well, inspiration was you of course. I was hunting down for some pearls at the closing bead store when I walked by the counter containing the beads I've chosen and I think it just called out to me. When I saw them I was like, "oohhh....pretty!" Like I was mesmerized by them or something, lol!! Of course the store had different colors of the same bead but they didn't call out to me. As for color combination, after I picked out the beads I went and stood in front of a display consisting of tubes of toho seed beads of different sizes. Originally, I wanted to use some type of pink seed beads but couldn't find anything good that would make the bracelet stand out. But of course, that didn't stop me from buying seed beads...LoL!!! Anywho, after several minutes or so of staring at the seed beads and getting dizzy, I ended up looking at the different gold colored seed beads, which is what I was dreading at first. I don't care too much for gold. Then I came across the gold ones that I ended up using and they matched perfectly. While working on the bracelet (I've decided to do the challenging way) after finishing 2-3 segments of it, I was surprised how the colors just blended well together. I'm really picky when it comes to color combinations...I think I've pointed that out already...or did I? I guess you can call it the mini caterpillar or something I don't!!

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