Beaded Flower Patterns

Welcome to the beaded flower patterns gallery! The library consists of free beading patterns for small button flowers up to extravagant corsage flowers! Beaded flowers can be used for almost any application, whether on a stem in a bouquet, as a hair accessory, as a brooch, as a bracelet, etc.

Below are the beaded flower patterns to choose from. Please choose the flower pattern you wish to learn by clicking on the image. Not all patterns are currently finished, so check back every couple of weeks!

Free Patterns:

Beaded 3 Tier Flower Pattern
Beaded 3 Tier Flower Pattern
Beaded Victorian Flower Pattern
Beaded Victorian Flower Pattern

Patterns for Sale:

Beaded Flower Ring Pattern
Beaded Flower Ring Pattern
  Beader Comments:
 Adenike Kolawole on August 23, 2015:
These are lovely
 Jenn on July 27, 2015:
This site is like a clssraoom, except I don't hate it. lol
 Natalia on April 22, 2014:
Is there a pattern for an orchid?
 Elyana Catherine on April 22, 2014:
Never beaded anything other than little balls before (;
The 3-tier flower might be next on my list
 erin alfred on December 9, 2012:
 Nitzae on October 26, 2012:
>That is extremely beautiful. Being a bead embroider myself I know just how much work has gone into it, and it's worth every second and every bead!
 jessica on September 13, 2012:
 janieb on September 5, 2012:
I need a pattern to make a beaded lilly
 carol on May 27, 2012:
oh my goodness i just happened upon this site, gotta love that bing search engine. this is amazing.. i have been beading for years so it is so cool that other people share their love of the art with the rest of us... thank you
 Rhea on April 11, 2012:
Hello to all, how is everything, I think every one is getting more from this web site, and your views are nice in support of new users.
 Bettie on March 29, 2012:
i do french beaded flowers and earrings, but looking for something different.
 fortune on March 26, 2012:
this is wonderful
 sonia zedan on February 5, 2012:
very nice
 Elba on February 1, 2012:
WOW this site is great.
 Lynn on January 10, 2012:
Doris - just click on the image of the free pattern you wish to look at.
 doris stroll on January 8, 2012:
how do i get to look at the free pattern ?
 smcco54998 on November 20, 2011:
beautiful work, would love the pattern.
 PSP on October 3, 2011:
Does anyone have a beaded pattern for an iris? Particularly a purple iris?
 esther on September 17, 2011:
i need a new pattern of beaded flower vase
 Zohreh on August 7, 2011:
That's great!
 Lark on May 23, 2011:
Your answer was just what I nedeed. It’s made my day!
 Joanne on March 20, 2011:
Hi I recently made the humming bird and a few of my friends have asked if I could make a dragonfly a similar size and design but I cant find a pattern, can anyone hep please?
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
Wow! jane, I think your a little-bit crazy!
 Shayleen Greyeyes on December 12, 2010:
 jane on November 17, 2010:
i need the fee pattern of pearl flower bracelet and beaded flower pattern beaded base
 anyelina on November 11, 2010:
todo esta muy hermoso
 Nettie21Bullock on October 22, 2010:
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 Jhanna Rizo on October 11, 2010:
El brasalete de perlas esta super lindo, me gustaria que presentaran el paso a paso.
 agne on October 11, 2010:
 Em on September 2, 2010:
Thank you all for the wonderful beaded patterns! I used to do these as a kid and recently found my old glass seed beds and am back at it again. The flower patterns are so beautiful.

Connie - I recommend starting out with the beaded lizard. There is a pretty good step by step pattern here:
The beaded lizard is very basic and cute when you are finished. If you use wire instead of thread he becomes a bend-able lizard. Also the blue Beaded Victorian Flower is pretty straightforward. You have to twist wire together which isn't shown in the pictures. Have lots of fun! It is a great hobby.
 Monique on July 26, 2010:
Hi im hoping that i can make my bouquet for my wedding in 2 years...i really dont want a traditional real flower one !!
 connie on July 24, 2010:
I am a senior and I would like easy direction or instruction on how to get start something like add 3 beads , to the right then add 4 more to yhe left , something like that . please ,is there anyone doing it like that to make these flowers. please help me .
 diana on July 24, 2010:
they are super
 Jen on July 3, 2010:
sally and Jacqui, any picture you can click on will take you to a pattern, the others patterns haven't been made yet. The only pattern you need to pay for so far is the beaded flower ring. We will separate free from paid soon. Also I have a free pattern for a Victorian beaded flower that just hasn't been listed here yet
 Jacqui on July 3, 2010:
I love these beaded flowers. Are there any of these patterns available for free?
 sally dore on June 25, 2010:
how do you download the patterns? They are great and I am itching to get started.
 Crystal Flower Rose Pearl Bracelet on June 24, 2010:
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 Qabby on June 10, 2010:
Amazed at the variety of beaded flower designs!! I would wish to request for the tutorial of the upper right (white with black beads as the center). My email is
Will be very grateful!
 Melissa on June 9, 2010:
could you please email me the pattern for it says beaded flower bracelet pattern the blue one right above Thank you for your time
 applejiali on June 7, 2010:
where did the link for the beaded pattern crystal rose go? i try to click but it won't appear. i am not sure if there is supposed to be a link, so email me the pattern at if you can! thanks
 kelli on June 1, 2010:
could you please e-mail me patterns for the pearl bracelets. They are email is you for your time
 Gwenhwyfar on May 11, 2010:
Could you please send me the pattern for the Crystal Rose and the Red Layered Rose? My email is . I <3 all of your patterns!
 mim on April 15, 2010:
these are still so amazing
 jeanie on April 15, 2010:
love the designs! would love to have the beaded flower bracelet pattern in blue or the pearl one!
 zipi on April 12, 2010:
 Dianne on April 1, 2010:
How do you get to the instructions to make these. I printed the picture, but need the directions
 Louise Bromfield on March 25, 2010:
These are really really pretty I've been thinking about doing flowers for a while and now I really want to, could I have the beaded flower pattern on the metal base and the beaded flower bracelet pattern in blue please. my email is thank you so much.
 Becky on March 23, 2010:
Hi, I was wondering if I could get the Blue Sunflower & Crystal Rose patterns? THANKS!! My email is:
 Ella Z on March 13, 2010:
HI there, i love your flowers!! please you can email me the patter of this ones: Beaded Flower Pattern - Metal Base and Beaded Flower Pattern - Beaded Base THANK YOU. here my email:
 digi on March 3, 2010:
Your flowers are wonderful, indeed! Could you share, please, with me beaded flower pattern (black and white), beaded flower pattern + metal base and + beaded base? Thanks a lot and have a nice day! My email:
 K. Holmes on March 2, 2010:
Could you please email me the patterns for "2 rows of petals + metal base" (the white flower) as well as "Beaded Flower Pattern - Beaded Base + Metal Base" (the green/multi colored flower.) These are great! I love them!!!!
 candice on February 26, 2010:
hey i love everything about this site.... well except that not all the things have available patterns...
anywho. could u send me like allll of those flower patterns?
 Tara on February 19, 2010:
hello I love your bracelets, They really caught my eye, can you please share your Beaded flower bracelet pattern thank-you
 Lily on February 13, 2010:
Please can you e-mail Beaded flower pattern - 2 rows of petals + metal base, beaded flower pattern metal base and also beaded flower bracelet pattern to thanks
 Digi on February 10, 2010:
Your flowers are wonderful, indeed! Could you share, please, with me beaded flower pattern (black and white), beaded flower pattern + metal base and + beaded base? Thanks a lot and have a nice day! My email:
 Doris Ward on February 8, 2010:
I asked for the beaded flower bracelet pattern and didn't leave my email. It is
Thanks again.
 Doris Ward on February 8, 2010:
Could you PLEASE send me the pattern for the beaded flower bracelets? They are absolutely georgous and exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks so much.
 courtney pepin on January 10, 2010:
how can people make these designs
 Wivi Larsen on January 9, 2010:
Can you please send me beaded flower pattern braclet and button flower pattern? Thank You have a nice saturday :)
 Sharon on January 6, 2010:
Can you send me a copy of the beaded flower bracelet
 magdalena on January 4, 2010:
please can you send me any beaded flower pattern at email THANK YOU
 Rose on December 30, 2009:
Please oh please I'm begging you someone can you do the instructions on one of the roses send me the instructions (with pictures please) at
 Sherry B on December 25, 2009:
may I please have the beaded pearl flower bracelet pattern. The ivory one is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to make it.
 Magdalena on December 21, 2009:
Please can you send the Beaded Flower pattern - metal base
 Leila Higgs on December 20, 2009:
Can you please send me the Beaded Pearl Flower Bracelet pattern at Thanks so much and Happy Holidays
 Michele on December 10, 2009:
Can I please get a copy of the pattern for beaded pearl Flower bracelet? My email address is or; it's beautiful, Thanks.
 Lanie2761 on December 2, 2009:
Can you send me the pattern for Beaded Flower Pattern Crystal Rose? Please send to TIA, Lanie
 beth on November 28, 2009:
very nice work - I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing the patterns!
 carol on November 16, 2009:
 Natalia on November 13, 2009:
these are gorgeous!!! i'm making one for my teacher :D
 Seun ijaware on November 13, 2009:
They are all wonderful works.i've tried the 3-tier flower,its superb.i used it to make a ring.pls send me pattern for beaded flower-crystal rose,button flower.this is my e-mail,
 Emelie on November 12, 2009:
Hi I would like to get a hold of that pattern of the pearl flower bracelet...hope you can send it to me...thank´s
 Yenlinh on November 2, 2009:
Hi. can you please send me the pattern for Beaded Flower Pattern - Crystal Rose and Beaded Flower Pattern - Metal Base . my email is
 Ramona on October 26, 2009:
Hi, can you, please e-mail me pattern for Beaded Flower Pattern - 2 Rows of Petals + Metal Base? my e-mail is thank you so much!
 Flavina on October 15, 2009:
Awesome bead work. Hey can u email me the Button Flowers Pattern and Beaded Pearl Flower Bracelets Pattern liked them very much. My email id is tks a million.
 Lisa on October 10, 2009:

Can you please send me the pattern for "Beaded Flower Pattern - Crystal Rose". My email is

 Kari on September 26, 2009:
Hello can u email me the beaded flower bracelet pattern and beaded flowers pattern(2 rose of petals+metal base ).My email is :
 Paola on September 18, 2009:
Hi, awesome work! could you please send me the instructions for the crystal rose? my mail is
Thank you very much !
 Rivka on September 7, 2009:
I can't get the links to some of the patterns to work. I wanted to try the beaded flower pattern on metal base but neither picture comes up as a link. Is it my computer or are the patterns no longer there?
 marissa on August 29, 2009:
these are all really pretty. :D
 lucy on August 23, 2009:
hii can u email me the beaded flower pattern- layered red rose and the beaded flower pattern- crystal rose my email is
 maria on August 22, 2009:
 maria on August 22, 2009:
 maria on August 22, 2009:
 zipi on August 15, 2009:
very beautiful
 Sue on August 2, 2009:
Hi, Thanks for your patterns and lots of lovely ideas too - just need the time to do them.
 alhena on July 28, 2009:
Very beautiful all the works, i would like to know if you have a 3d rose pattern like those animals you do, its that i saw one but in a jewlry it was beatiful its not made with wire or french beading it only nylon line and swarovski beads 5301 3 and 4 mm, hope you can help thanks
 Joy on July 28, 2009:
Beautiful !
 Jen on July 26, 2009:
More patterns will be coming. It's just that we all have a life outside of this site. And we all do this site voluntarily.

I'll be posting a Victorian Beaded Flower next month
 Annette from Namibia on July 24, 2009:
soooo beautifull., like to try it very much!!
 vera on July 21, 2009:
Yes I'd love it if al patterns were ont the site.
 levana on July 1, 2009:
i like all the flower but its sad that not all have pattern
 Roberta on June 18, 2009:
Any ideas where to find free Japanese Style Beaded flower ring patterns? Beading Bees used to show them but must pay. I saved the site as a favorite but the language is now also changed to Japanese...sigh...Thanks for your thoughts.
 mary-pat shaw on May 24, 2009:
nice and bright to cheer us up in these gloomy times!
 Patti on May 21, 2009:
Very beauitful beaded flowers,love them.Nicely done:}
 natalie on May 19, 2009:
wow whoever creates these patterns is a rocking artist!!!!!!
 AnSofie on May 9, 2009:
Its very beaytifull
 diana vella on April 25, 2009:
you can match one with outfit you wear specially now that summer is near
 Kathleen Skookum on April 1, 2009:
beautiful work, different
 torie on March 9, 2009:
rose plllllzzzzz i need the pattern really bad lyk cuz i cnt find anything else tht pretty!!!!!!!!!! <3
 amanda on March 3, 2009:
its amanda again i made a pig and hellokitty head the double side i said before i am 13 and i realy wana try the crystal rose i wana make alot and put some in a small vase or a cute present for my best friend jessica can u try to post it mayb?thnx:]
 Laura on February 22, 2009:
For all you beaders that have been waiting for a flower pattern...
I have just posted Jen's 3 Tier Beaded Flower Pattern! Enjoy!
 Jen on February 16, 2009:
Hi Linda. I'm working on the three tiered flower now. I should be done in a couple of days.
 Linda on February 15, 2009:
Beautiful...but I would love to have the tutorials!!
Will you please grant us favor to have these tutorials?
 kitty2 on February 12, 2009:
thank you laura,i will wait i know how busy you are,,,,,bye for now,
 Laura on February 11, 2009:
Hi kitty2, I'm afraid this page has been neglected a little because most people have been requesting patterns for the animals/hearts/jewelry, so we have been busy trying to get them done. Don't worry though we'll get round to them at some point! All new patterns are announced in the newsletter (you can sign up above-left) and once a pattern is available its photo will be 'clickable'.
 kitty2 on February 11, 2009:
hi just wondering if any of these flowers have patterns yet,they are very nice to look at,,,
 torie on February 9, 2009:
rose? plz? ^^
 Vicky on January 28, 2009:
Ok thanks for informing me. I'll be waiting
 Jax on January 28, 2009:
Hi Vicky, no you don't need to sign up to see the patterns. The reason you can't click on some is because they are not finished yet. We are working really hard to get them done and posted as fast as possible. Be sure to sign up for the news letter to get updates every time a new one is posted. We are also working on re vamping the site so it's easier to tell what is done and what is coming soon.
 vicky on January 27, 2009:
why I can't see any pattern by clicking on the images? I have to register first?
 vicky on January 27, 2009:
very nice
 capri on January 2, 2009:
i really like this patterns!!
 torie on December 31, 2008:
happy holidays again can u put up the crystal rose soon?
very nice flowers must take a lot of time
 Allegra on December 28, 2008:
Hi Sarah, I'm so sorry I've taken so long to get to the flower patterns. I'm glad you understand that I've had limited time. But I've already drawn several of these flowers on paper (in diagrams), so all I have to do is redraw them on the computer. Thanks for waiting! The good news is I've now graduated, so no more interruptions on the patterns!
 Sarah Khan on December 27, 2008:
hi Allegra, I am so happy to see these beaded flowers ... i was wondering.. when are u going to put the patterns for these lovely flowers... cuz i'm in love with them.. i have tried several time by my ownself but have failed each time... take ur time.. i know u r bz with the final and then holidays.. just take ur time.. have a wonderful new year..
 grace on December 22, 2008:
they are all so nice to look and wear but where are the patterns? can you please give a free pattern for these beautiful stuffs? thanks!
 diana on December 19, 2008:
cute to look and wear
 manuela on November 21, 2008:
verry beautyful, its a pleasure too look at it
 jenny on November 6, 2008:
jenny is here i had a chance to look at ur website from a-z. and I must say u did a wonderfull job here. i loved all of the stuff u have done, especially the rings. i loved them. i would try to make one ... soon. i hope..
Good luck
PS: i put ur website as one of my favorites.
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
I promise you they are coming!! I think I can show how to make a flower relatively easily using beading diagrams. It's just a question of finding enough time to sit down and draw it out. I appreciate your patience!
 jenny on October 27, 2008:
hi, i loved ur flowers.. especially the red and blue of the top...can u plzzzzz plzzz plzzzz show how u do it..
 DIANA on October 22, 2008:
very nice to wear all items
 DIANA on October 22, 2008:
very pretty to wear
 Jax on October 15, 2008:
Yildizim Sizin iş, güzel. Temenni söyledi. bir çevirmen, gda sizin sayfa ingilizce! I finally figured I hope, that yildizim's site is in Turkish? Neither yahoo or google translate turkish pages but if you scroll down to the bottom, you can still see the work, there are some beautiful pieces!
 cindy on October 6, 2008:
found your web-site! Am looking forward to downloads! Peace!
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
I'm sorry T, I promise one day that pattern (and all patterns) will be done!! Please have patience as I am a student (and extremely busy right now...sleeping about 2 hours per night)
 yildizim on September 23, 2008:
 T on September 22, 2008:
does anyone know the steps to make the crystal rose.
 Missy on September 18, 2008:
Wow those are beautiful!
 Allegra on September 3, 2008:
Sure, that's awesome, I'd love to see pictures of your modified versions!! You can post pictures on the forum, or if you have posted them on your site, you can tell us the link! And maybe one day you can submit your modified pattern for the guest patterns gallery!!!^^
 Kyra on September 3, 2008:
all your patterns and works look aweosme but i wish to really see the flower patterns especially the rose. so if you can squeeze in a that i'd be soo delight.
Ive been modifying some of the current ones you put up (to be more gothic) to make keychains for my website. I hope you dont mind. I've accredit you for the original patterns =D
 Allegra on August 28, 2008:
I'm SO sorry Ruth Ann for the delay in posting my flower patterns. I don't charge for patterns. I give them for free! But I am only one person and I have a hard time doing all the patterns as they are requested. It usually takes some time to get things done. Be patient and thanks for visiting! I promise to do a flower pattern very soon!
 Ruth Ann on August 27, 2008:
Is there a way to purchase your flower patterns?
 Alissa on July 17, 2008:
Love the ssite, if you could put up the crystal rose or the button flowers, I`d love to see how you made them, Thanks for the site
 Allegra on July 14, 2008:
I'm really sorry about that! I haven't put up any beaded flower patterns yet just because of the overwhelming demand for animal and jewelry patterns!! Is there a pattern you would particularly like on this page?
 blah blaher on July 12, 2008:
what patterns? boo
 josie on May 30, 2008:
your rings are beautiful
 Caroline on March 28, 2008:
That flower-bejeweled purple and white beaded hair comb is divine! (top right corner) I can't wait to see the tutorial for it!