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How to Make Bracelets

by Esperanza C. Page @, Saturday, March 03, 2012, 18:51

If you want to know how to make beaded bracelets , you need to also know that this activity could take time, effort and patience. However, there are many different benefits in making bracelets too. Aside from spending your time in a fun way, making bracelets also lifts stress and it could be a very relaxing activity.
Most people would want to know how to make beaded bracelets on a whim, and who blames them? Making bracelets isn't really what people would think of when they think of having fun. However, bracelets could be fun to make, especially if you have someone else working with you. If you’re ready to make one, here are the steps that you would need to do:
Pick the materials and decide on the type that you want. Beaded bracelets are the easiest to do. String bracelets made from embroidery threads are easy to do too, though they would take significantly more time. The next steps are for making beaded bracelets.
Wrap the string loosely around your wrist. Make sure that it isn't too tight that it would restrict blood flow to your hands and isn't too loose that it could easily fall off.
Tie the end of the string with a double knot, and keep tying until the knot is big enough to hold the beads without the beads falling off. Make sure you keep an excess inch or two. This could be left like this so that the other end would be made of a circle where you could attach the knot and close the bracelet in your wrists. However, it would be easier and more secure if you tied it to a clasp.
You could make a pattern or get one online. Insert the string through the beads, up until the very last one on the pattern. You can also make use of shells and other materials such as charms and pendants. You can make a bracelet without a pattern and get as crazy as you could in making one.
You can make bracelets easily and give them out as gifts. You could wear them and show them off for the world to see. Be proud of your creation and make others meant to go with different looks and outfits. Learning how to make beaded bracelets is quite easy, and putting your time into making one is a good idea, especially if you have nothing better to do.


How to Make Bracelets

by Donnie @, Thursday, August 08, 2013, 16:03 @ Esperanza C. Page


We have several patterns and kits available for bracelets on our website. About 50 different designs to choose from, and these patterns are also available on download and you can print yourself.

Happy Beading!


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