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Diamond Victorian Perspective

by Steve Collier @, Wednesday, September 03, 2014, 22:04

I have been having these beautiful Tila drops in classic flower that somewhat reminded me. That is how I were left with the colour structure I selected for this small collection, although could be me.<br />I've some clear lilac covered light increased that simply installed correctly with the Tila drops. Both of these shades were kinda but I needed to include only a little perspective that is unique towards the color-scheme to create it "pop". I chose to include lemon that was hyacinth in using the two shades.<br /><br />I selected creating a band, utilizing the Tila drops whilst the primary emphasis. I simply merely applied ladder stitch to create three distinct lines using the Tilas. By the addition of the colored seed drops between just like a mix I subsequently joined them. Where I'd usually include the hyacinth lemon seed beads and there in a routine to include anything only a little additional I also chose to put in a hyacinth center bead here.<br />I applied seedies increased to get an edge that was picot simply to hide that line on top of the Tilas.<br />And yes, obviously I'd to include that lilac/amethyst polymer switch for that one (I applied one additionally for that crimson weaver band made out-of double drops) because it match so properly onto the available hold I created. In the beginning I went to put in a heart-shaped hold, but after attempting out that I chose to simply include the switch. The steel (magic or platinum) simply got away the interest in the band itself, and so I sensed that I'd to destroy that because the band was the primary emphasis of it (duh, lol).<br />[image][image]

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