Beaded Guest Patterns

Welcome to the beaded guest patterns gallery! The library consists of free beading patterns generously provided by visitors of this website. Enjoy the beading patterns and please consider submitting!

To learn how to create a beading pattern, visit this website's detailed Inkscape beading diagram tutorial. Inkscape is a completely free software tool that is very useful for creating beading patterns easily. To submit your pattern to this beading gallery, email a picture of your finished product, your beading diagram file, and your written description, to me at

beaded cross by Lucy
Beaded Cross Pattern by Lucy
beaded orange slice by Jax
Beaded Orange Slice Pattern by Jax
beaded apple by Laura
Beaded Apple Pattern by Laura
beaded snowman by Celeste
Beaded Snowman Pattern by Celeste
beaded spider by Jax
Beaded Spider Pattern by Jax
beaded cubes by Celeste
Beaded Cubes Pattern by Celeste
beaded bird by BeeJang
Beaded Bird Pattern by BeeJang
beaded sea star
Beaded Sea Star Pattern by Alexargai
beaded basket by lobo1
Beaded Basket Pattern by Lobo1
beaded snowflake earrings by jax
Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern by Jax
beaded netted star by jen lawson
Beaded Netted Star Pattern by Jen Lawson
  Beader Comments:
 Yousef on July 28, 2015:
To Whom this may concern, I love the pink rbbion crystal heart. I realize you have the video but it was alittle to fast for me I was wondering is there a pattern for this beautiful heart? I would love to make it for a survior. Sincerely Linda
 Angel on September 11, 2013:
I'm looking for a 3D duck pattern. Anyone know where I could find one?
 Marlene on August 22, 2011:
How do I print your patterns? When I send them to my printer they leave big gaps in the directions. Ive tried resizing my pages to 90% but that doesnt really help, the gaps are just in another place.
 Christine:) on March 28, 2011:
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
 Sally on February 21, 2011:
I am enjoying making beaded Christmas ornaments and would like more patterns. They seem hard to come by. Any suggestions for patterns would be appreciated.
 Amanda on January 27, 2011:
does anyone know how to make a 3-d panda bear?
 Candy on January 7, 2011:
I'm trying to find some kind of bead/ chain sizing sheet. I can't tell the difference between 2mm and 13mm. Any ideas short of buying beads/chains and taping them to a wall would be appreciated. Thanks
 Donna on January 6, 2011:
Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a 3D crystal cancer awareness pattern? Thanks so much.
 leslie on January 5, 2011:
i tryed to print out the 3d cross pattern by lucy and it doesn't print what am i doing worng
 debbie on November 13, 2010:
looking for more patterns using crystal beads ... pls email them @
 amber on November 12, 2010:
I am lookind for mickey mouse and or mini mouse patterns in 3d. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much !!!
 sheryl dickenson on October 20, 2010:
im looking for a 3d mouse pattern. any help would be greatly appreciated
 Kimmy on September 19, 2010:
does anyone know how to make an easy penguin pattern?
 marsha haskins on June 9, 2010:
what kind of necklace drshao i use for the cross
 roy on March 9, 2010:
does anyone know of Indian beadwork patterns?
 arizona on March 5, 2010:
If anyone knows a cute boston terrier pattern , please let me know
 jonah on February 27, 2010:
how can i avail your other pattern??
 kustomwurx on February 7, 2010:
Hey check out this is an excellent site.
 kustomwurx on February 7, 2010:
Thank you so much for providing the cross pattern I looked everywhere for it. I will customize it for myself and customers to pay for law school (some of it anyway). Again, Thank You Thank You Thank You, I will share this site even on my own www. site.
 pely on January 18, 2010:
thanks! I apreciate the patterns that you provide us
 Jennie Jasper on January 12, 2010:
This is awesome. I appreciate each and every person that has patterns on here! I'm new and am looking for stuff like this. Thanks everyone!
 eisha on January 5, 2010:
hi! hope u can help me by sending patterns.. (purse, bag and amulet) tnx or any pattern. my email tnx....
 Julie on December 27, 2009:
happy christmas to everyone.
I would be very grateful if anyone could send me any 3d beaded animal or people patterns. I am disabled and can't get out.
my email is Good Luck for the new year to all - many thanks. on November 30, 2009:
can send direction of your project to my e-mail address
 Randy on September 13, 2009:
 farhan on August 21, 2009:
hi there my name is farhan i want to submit pics of my bead work . what should i do?
my email is (
 Fatima on July 18, 2009:
 Penny on July 15, 2009:
WOW what a fantastic array of creativity!! I can't wait to try some of the patterns - thank you
 Laura on May 26, 2009:
Also tried to see pattern for dolphin,turtle and duck.Would love to get these patterns.Thrilled with this site.South Africa
 Adriana - Brasil on April 21, 2009:
Maravilhosos trabalhos e muito simples de fazer!!
 celeste on April 9, 2009:
hi, just found the site and it's wonderful but the pattern for the dolphin & turtle is not clickable. How can I get the pattern. Amazed in South Africa
 Dawn on March 24, 2009:
Claudette. That link hasn't been posted yet, but you can try using this pattern, it is in Japanese but looks pretty easy to follow

Also the bead sizes on the right from yellow downare:
possibly seed bead
If you work it out send a picture I haven't gotten around to making it yet. Perhaps when I do I will get Allegra to post it
 claudette on March 16, 2009:
I really would like the pattern for the beaded dragon. But it isn't "clickable". What do i do?
 Allegra on November 28, 2008:
Hi Grace, you can easily view and print the patterns by clicking on the pictures above. To print cleanly, go to File>>Print Preview, then select Landscape orientation, select the option to fit the page width to the paper size, and select the option to remove the background colour. Then your print should come out just great.
 Jen Lawson on November 23, 2008:
I was going to have a go at making those beaded cubes myself. Now I can just easily follow the pattern. Thanks Celeste
 Grace Vibal on November 21, 2008:
I am new here and i wan to ask if i can download this patterns?...thank you so much for sharing your patterns ..your ideas..thanks a lot..
 Alissa on October 9, 2008:
Thanks for all the cool guest patterns everyone! They're all very cool!
 Jaymie on October 6, 2008:
cool small baskets I like them
 Elise on October 5, 2008:
WOW!!!!!those little baskets are cute!!!!