Beaded Heart Patterns

Welcome to the beaded heart patterns gallery! The library consists of free beading patterns for beaded hearts from more rounded in shape to more flattened on the front and back, but all 3-D all the time! Open hearts beading patterns are coming soon! Beaded hearts can be used for many applications, from hair accessories, to broochs, to keychains, to pendants, etc.

Below are the beaded heart patterns to choose from. Please choose the heart pattern you wish to learn by clicking on the image. Not all patterns are currently finished, so check back every couple of weeks!

Free Patterns:

Beaded Heart Pattern
Beaded Heart Pattern
Beaded Rounded Heart (Diagrams) Pattern
Beaded Rounded Heart (Diagrams) Pattern
Beaded Rounded Heart (Photos) Pattern
Beaded Rounded Heart (Photos) Pattern
Beaded Tiny Hearts Hair Comb Pattern
Beaded Tiny Hearts Hair Comb Pattern

Patterns for Sale:

  Beader Comments:
 shi on August 24, 2014:
 Renata Oliveira on May 19, 2014:
 Patti on May 7, 2014:
Excited to find this site!
 Akayla Primrose on April 22, 2014:
Is there a free pattern for a flat two dimensional heart?
 zedjiga on February 28, 2014:
thank you for thid page.
 Lynn on August 9, 2013:
@Ilovebeading... you can find tutorials to learn Right Angle Stitch (both single needle & double needle) at ... a list of tutorials can be found at the bottom right side of the home page screen... It is a very addictive stitch once you get used to it... enjoy...
 Ilovebeading on August 8, 2013:
How do you do the right angle stitch?
 kelly on July 29, 2013:
i love to bead! Learning the right angle stitch!
 deniece on July 8, 2013:
 Adriana Ribeiro Alves on November 11, 2012:
lindo seu trabalho.
 Xadrian on October 26, 2012:
All things csondiered, this is a first class post
 Lynn on April 16, 2012:
Leimomi - There was a 3d strawberry discussed on the site previously... here is the link to the video...
Hope this is what you are looking for...
 Leimomi on April 15, 2012 on April 15, 2012:
Allegra, do you have a pattern for a 3D beaded strawberry charm. My sister has a key charm that's so cute, I was searching the web the pattern. There's another pattern, but it's not the same. My sisters has small black beads that's weaved within the red beads to give it that realistic strawberry look. Hope you can help me with this one.
 Cindy on March 31, 2012:
Noticed Ranis comment and I had trouble as a newbie beader as it was not real clear with what to or how to turn to start the other side. I havent even read the pattern. We did a 1 piece instead of sewing the left and right sides seperately,. We used 93 4MM beads
 Cindy on March 31, 2012:
Beautiful, Ive actually made one of these with all 4MM Swarovski bicone and 10MM pearls inside of the larger part of the hearts to make the depth what it should be, they look especially good and of course i am a fan but theyre beautiful in Swarovski, just about anything AB2X
 Rani on March 24, 2012:
@Less less- Hi there. Follow the instructions carefully, and maybe get someone to help you if you are stuck. These instructions usually work better for someone who is more experienced at beading, so you might want to start on some easier projects. There are some easy videos to learn from on YouTube. I hope this helps!
 Silvia on February 21, 2012:
love it all.
 mara on February 19, 2012:
 random dude on February 12, 2012:
cool :)
 paul on December 26, 2011:
cool idea
 Less less on December 21, 2011:
Omg it's so hard to make this stuff... Why??????
 Jacqueline on July 27, 2011:
my birthday is july 31,2011, could u make a craft for me specially???
thanks! :)
 person on July 27, 2011:
this is cool, my god mother taught me how to make the beaded heart pattern..... could u make a birthday cake??? that would be so awesome!!!!
 Sara Atencio on June 29, 2011:
Im looking for a 3d Heart necklace. It a silver chain with a beaded 3d heart shape in the middle of it. I would like to fine it so I can make it.
 Eresa on June 2, 2011:
Hi, I am trying to make a beading project and just love the beading creations. Simply amazing! TQ
 Marley on May 28, 2011:
 nikol on May 14, 2011:
omg this is the coolest arts and craft heart i've ever saw
 Faith on April 25, 2011:
wow i made the beaded tiny heart comb pattern for a necklace and every one in my school wanted one!! this is so easy and im eleven! please make more patterns!
 beka on April 15, 2011:
u need some more EASY steps like for kids cause i can't do this its way to hard
 Jen on March 8, 2011:
@Chris. Are you asking for help for a pattern from another site? has a very lovely owner who is more than happy to help people. Contact her, she'll help you get it right.
 Chris on March 3, 2011:
I am having a hard time putting together the open hear on the bottom from The double set of silver beads discontinues half way down the outside of the pattern and
I dont know how to get it to look half way decent. Does anyone have better instructions
 bob on February 22, 2011:
 shosh on February 10, 2011:
very nice
 Dede Wilson on December 30, 2010:
just what I was looking for
 dede wilson on December 30, 2010:
just what I was looking for
 pat on December 6, 2010:
I was kooking for heart pattern
 suge on December 2, 2010:
love heart
 brandon on September 15, 2010:
omg........your beads r so sexy ........(LOL) just playing but they r nice......... the best
 tamara on September 15, 2010:
hi my name is tamara i love your bead work
 Meenakshi on September 7, 2010:
OMG!! I LOVE the multi-coloured one!! Its sooo priity(:
 liana on July 14, 2010:
these braclets are so pretty it must of taken forever to make them
 Yvette on July 10, 2010:
 luisa on June 3, 2010:
 corrie on March 11, 2010:
are these hard
 maria on December 7, 2009:
I am looking for a pattern for a key 3d of course can anyone help
 Jen on September 8, 2009:
There are no books to buy, and nobody gets instructions emailed to them. These instructions are provided free on this website. Some of them haven't been listed yet, but they all will be. Others will come in as we get them made.

You just need to be patient, and keep your eye on the forum, there's always new links for other sites and other istructions going up in there.
 Laren on August 29, 2009:
cool projects
 Karen Haines on August 26, 2009:
I like the animal 3 d bead work, but how and where do i purchase the book?
 lucy on August 23, 2009:
can u email me the pattern 4 the beaded multi-colour abstract heart pattern please
 jo on July 19, 2009:
I was just looking for ideas and then i found this site and the patterns look realy good thanks
 Diane on June 14, 2009:
Thank you! It makes sense - it has to fold forward away from you, not backwards towards you when you do the top. Thanks!
 DJ on May 8, 2009:
this is stupid you need to explain how to read the intructions for beginers
 Mouse on April 4, 2009:
 KANTHITA on March 24, 2009:
 kanthe on March 24, 2009:
 marteaka on February 19, 2009:
thay look cool
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
That's great! Another good news I have for you Debra is that Jen Lawson was kind enough to actually make that diagram of the filled-in heart pattern for me!! She sent it to me by email, to my great surprise, so I'll be posting that one very soon. Hope it helps!
 Debra on January 10, 2009:
Hi Allegra, I gave it a go and I think its so lovely!! I did make a mistake on the back so I'm going to try another to perfect it!! many thanks!! and I shall be poping back to your web to make a bracelet! Your site is really good because it gives others a chance to give beading a try! great site! well done!
 Allegra on January 10, 2009:
Hi Debra, the pink and purple heart is actually the exact same pattern as the tiny hearts hair comb pattern. Only the colour scheme used is different (one is striped and one is bordered). You can easily follow the tiny hearts hair comb pattern with larger beads (like bicones, bigger seed beads, or round beads, pearls, etc.) and get a much larger heart, like the pink and purple one. And then after you have made one, you will probably find it easier to change the colour scheme to the one you want. I'll eventually make a real pattern for that bicone bead heart but for now, that is a good solution for you. Hope that helps!
 Debra on January 9, 2009:
I forgot to mention the one I like is the pink and purple one? I cant seem to click on it? is theprinciple the same as the ones above that you CAN click on? sorry!!
 Debra on January 9, 2009:
Hi, I would love to give one of these a go?! How do I get the patten/instructions?
 Allegra on December 14, 2008:
Don't be discouraged just because these hearts are 3D. Try it and you'll see (hopefully) that the patterns are quite doable and get easier with time. Good luck!
 mona on December 13, 2008:
nice!!!! but, the steps look hard. lol. i'll try anything one time. thanks
 Jaymie on October 6, 2008:
nice color I love them
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
T, please see the comment to Eileen! The filled in beaded heart pattern is identical to the tiny hearts hair comb pattern, except for the colour scheme. Do the hair comb heart in bigger beads (ie, crystals or E seed beads) and it will look like the filled in heart. Then experiment with colour schemes. The official pattern will be done one fine day, but I'm extremely busy right now!
 T on September 22, 2008:
Can you please post the steps on how to make the filled-in heart pattern?
 Allegra on September 17, 2008:
Hi Eileen, the secret is that the pattern for the filled-in heart is identical to the pattern for the tiny hearts hair comb. So make the tiny hearts hair comb heart, but with bigger beads. The only difference is the colour scheme. With the filled-in heart, the 2nd colour goes in the center instead of striped like in the hair comb. But you can experiment with colour easily once you get the pattern down right. Try it!
 Eileen on September 16, 2008:
Please put the pattern for the filled in heart pattern, I have been looking for this pattern for over a year. I too want to make it in 3mm beads. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
 Allegra on August 23, 2008:
Kim, the filled-in heart is actually the same pattern as the tiny hearts hair comb, except with a different color scheme. Try it! (with practice beads of course)
 kimbelry love kim designs on August 22, 2008:
Please please pretty please put the beaded filled-in heart pattern up! I would like to do it with swarovski bicone 3 or 4mm beads. HELP! and please make it "kim proof" (aka dummy oriented!)
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
Billy, the abstract colour beaded heart is actually the same pattern as the tiny hearts hair comb, except that I used random coloured beads to make it!! So just follow that one and use randomly coloured beads. Let me know how it goes!
 billy on July 29, 2008:
hey whens the beaded color abstract heart oe gunna be here?
 Allegra on July 24, 2008:
The 3-D heart pattern instructions have been posted!!! Written instructions and arrows are coming soon.
 Allegra on July 21, 2008:
Hi Pegasus... which of these hearts are you referring to as the 3-D beaded heart? I'm currently working on the hair comb hearts pattern, and it should be posted within the next few days.
 Pegasus on July 20, 2008:
I love the beaded 3D heart but can't get the pattern. Just wondering why?!?
 Allegra on July 14, 2008:
Hi Carrie, the other heart pattern is on its way! I've already taken the pictures, I just need to crop them. It'll be within the next couple of weeks for sure!
 carrie on July 14, 2008:
i really want to learn the other hearts, are they almost done? Thanks for all your hard work!
 Grace on July 7, 2008:
This site is amazing! I've been looking for hearts for ages, and the ones i found were either really simple or extremely hard!! These ones are perfect, and they look gorgeous... Thanks Heaps
 Nikki on June 30, 2008:
You're doing a great job!
 Allegra on June 26, 2008:
Those are really cute animal patterns! I especially love the swan and the bull dog!! Thanks for sharing! Sorry about this site being so incomplete. It's such a young site and it's a work in progress!!
 Laura on June 25, 2008:
Hi everyone!

I know of another website that you can buy 3d animal kits, if interested, here is the site link:

The kits are reasonable, shipping is reasonable and they send you a free kit with your order.
I don't know, if they require you to buy more than 1 kit, to get the free kit. I've always bought at least 2 kits, since I'm paying for the shipping and I get an extra bead kit.

This site is great also, as there are alot of 3d animal bead instructions to print and then make the project.

I hope this helps anyone, who is looking to purchase some of these 3d animal kits, they are great as gifts too.

 Allegra on May 21, 2008:
You have a keen eye! There are actually only two real patterns here, and the pictures posted are variations on the colour scheme. It's important to provide more than one tutorial here even though the "pattern" is the same because it's 3-D, so it's hard to change the colour scheme just by looking at a picture hehe. The hair comb is the same heart pattern as all the hearts below it on this page, and the only other pattern is the first picture on the page (the one whose pattern is done, but I'm currently working on fixing it). I've also done the heart comb and that one is coming soon!
 Laura on May 21, 2008:
That tiny hearts haircomb is amazing! Is the heart pattern the same as any of the other photos?
 Nadia on March 28, 2008:
The blue heart (2nd row on the left) looks like the blue diamond necklace from Titanic! I can't wait to try it!