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Finally, a website completely dedicated to full-colour, free step-by-step instructions of 3-D complex beading patterns! Easily learn to make 3-D beaded flowers, animals, hearts, and intricate jewelry of all kinds armed with only a piece of fishing line and beads!

Latest Free Beading Patterns:

Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern

Latest Beading Patterns for Sale:

Round to Square Pattern
Round to Square Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Cushions Pattern
Cushions Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern

Latest Beadwork for Sale in the Beading Market:
beading market gallery of jen
Beadwork by Jen Lawson
Beaded peyote Mosaic Cuff for sale by SuJen
Mosaic Cuff - SuJen
Beaded peyote Fiesta Cuff for sale by SuJen
Fiesta Cuff - SuJen

Introducing the 3Dbeading.com Beading Market!! Here you will find beadwork handcrafted by your fellow beaders. Everything is for sale, and everything can be custom made to order. Enjoy and please submit your own beadwork to the Beading Market! You can email pictures, descriptions, and prices to me at allegra@3dbeading.com. This is a free service.

All Free Beading Pattern Galleries:

learn to make 3-d beaded animals
Beaded Animals
learn to make beaded jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, hairclips
Beaded Jewelry
learn to make 3-d beaded hearts
Beaded Hearts
learn to make 3-d beaded flowers
Beaded Flowers

The two URL addresses for this website are 3Dbeading.com and 3DBeading.com. The best resolution for viewing this site is 1280 x 800. The minimum required in order to view without horizontal scrolling is 1024 x 768.

I have created instructions on how to draw a beading diagram in the free program Inkscape and in Adobe Illustrator. Scroll down for the links. Enjoy and please submit your beading patterns to this website! You can email them to me at allegra@3dbeading.com

How to Draw a Beading Diagram:

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About the site:

This website is a beading community website, where beaders meet each other and learn together on how to bead. There are quite a few free beading patterns, with 3D patterns being our specialty, but certainly 2D patterns are welcome as well. This site is a team effort, in order to bring the best possible service we can provide and in the hopes of sharing what we have learned about beading. The site is managed by Allegra and her team: Jax, Celeste, Lucy, Jen, Vanessa, and Lynn. Laura was a former manager, who unfortunately passed away. She will be dearly missed.

Allegra first discovered beading several years ago, when she was shopping in Chinatown and came across a lady's store which sold nothing but beadwork of all varieties, from animals to hearts, to jewelry. She had always thought beading meant stringing beads onto a piece of string and wearing it as a necklace. Although she had to wait an hour for the lady to have time to teach her how to bead, it was well worth it! She continues to try to invent new patterns, and started this site about 5 years ago. She's also a pharmacist on the side (but beading is her favourite profession!)

Unfortunately, Laura has passed away from cystic fibrosis. But we will leave her paragraph here in memory of her and her profoundly positive impact on this website. Laura first came across the Japanese technique of beading after visiting this website in Feb '08 and tried several of the free patterns posted by Allegra. After this she was hooked! She used the site to learn how to 3D bead and also began using Japanese Beading Pattern books to make a whole selection of beaded charms. She started selling them to family & friends and now she's starting out online too. Last summer, she got involved in helping Allegra come up with the new pattern designs and will be submitting new patterns to the site as regularly as she can.

Jax began her interest in beads as a teenager but never got much farther than a few loomwork pieces on her own. After moving to California in 2004, she learned peyote from her neighbor Mary and couldn't get enough. She took a two year break from beading while she completed an LVN program. After graduation, she began beading and selling items again. Finding Allegra's site sparked her interest in dimensional beading and she is looking forward to being able to contribute more patterns in the future.

Celeste discovered the world of beading in October of 2008, and ever since, she's been hooked! It all started when she looked for animals made of beads. She came across 3-D versions, and immediately had to find out how to make them! Allegra's site struck her as the website with the best community, where she could learn the art. Beading is one of her many hobbies, along with making bedding for small animals. She opened a shop specializing in bedding and toys for small pets, and also offers beaded jewelry and animals. She lives with her boyfriend of six years, and has an incredible passion for animals, great and small.

Jen has been doing all sorts of crafts for as long as she can remember. She’s always had a natural affinity for it. Beading was discovered when she was looking for ideas for chainmail, which led to other jewellery sites including beading. Like Allegra, she thought beading was just stringing some beads onto thread. She learnt many sorts of different stitches in beadweaving from all sorts of places. In August 2008, beadjewelrymaking.com and 3dbeading.com were the main sites that helped to teach her 3 dimensional beading. From there she was hooked.

Lucy, Vanessa and Lynn are avid contributors to the site. Although they have not created bios of themselves, you will be sure to see plenty of them around on the site (in the forums especially).

Enjoy the site, and know that your dedicated team is working continuously on trying to make this website more interactive, so that the visitors can participate and contribute as well, so we can all learn together! Anyone interested in either posting their patterns free or for payment, may contact me via email at allegra@3dbeading.com. There is a small commission from sales that go towards hosting and maintaing the website and domain name, but the vast majority goes to the author via paypal.

Pattern Policy:

We don't like to get serious, but recent events have required us to make this statement. Please don't reproduce the patterns on this site onto your own site, or sell the patterns for money. You can post a picture of the finished product and tell your visitors where to find the pattern. Reproducing the same thing on the internet is not of use to anyone.

You may sell the finished products of any pattern on this site, however. In other words, you can sell any beaded animals, hearts, jewelry, etc. that you make by following the instructions on this site. If you're selling on the internet, a link to our site in your links section would be nice! Good luck!

Printing the patterns:

We recommend you print the patterns using Internet Explorer 7, rather than Firefox, because IE7 does not print the sidebars, while Firefox does. You may otherwise view the site online in either browser, with an identical experience (we recommend a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 to view the site optimally, or at minimum 1024 x 768 to prevent horizontal scrolling).

In Internet Explorer 7:
To make the menu bar appear in IE7, click the Alt key on your keyboard. Then, in the Tools menu, go to Internet Options, and under the Advanced tab, make sure that "Print background colors and images" is unchecked. Next, highlight with your mouse over all the images and text on the page, to select them. This step isn't necessary, unless you want to save a bit of ink by not printing any of the comments at the bottom of the pattern page you are printing. Next, go to the File menu, then click Print Preview. In Print Preview, select the Landscape button (the "A" on a sheet of paper icon, on the right of the Portrait button). Printing Landscape allows the text and diagrams to both show with ample room. Finally, select from the drop-down menu, "As selected on screen". Here is an example screen shot of what your preview will look like. The only exception is that this screen shot shows you Portrait view rather than Landscape view.

In Firefox:
Although Firefox is great for viewing the site online, it is not as efficient with printing the beading patterns, because it does print the sidebars, which can be a bit ink-intensive, with the pattern thumbnails and all. But you are welcome to try it.
The best way to print the patterns is by clicking on the File menu, then select Print Preview. In Print Preview, click the "Landscape" button (to the right of the Portrait button). This allows the text and images ample room to sit beside each other on the paper. Beside "Scale", click on "Shrink to Fit". Click on the Page Setup button. Make sure that under Options, "Print background (colors and images)" is unchecked. You should end up with a black text on white background printout of the pattern fit to your paper width, in landscape orientation, so that there is ample room for the picture next to the text. You can also preview all the pages to see if there are any pages that are just filled with comments about the pattern. If so, print only the pages containing the pattern (ie, when you click on Print, select the page range containing pattern material only). You can't tell the printer to print only the selected pattern elements like you can in IE7. So you can try with Firefox, but if you have IE7, try with that one too. Good luck!

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 Frances M. Hancock on October 19, 2009:
I am looking for a program that will create a pattern for earrings, from a picture.
 Allegra on March 28, 2008:
I just spent a couple of hours modifying the comments section of the site. Do you think it's better than it was before? (I put the comment form right in the page window instead of making you open a new window to post a comment). Also I vamped up the colour scheme to match the website! Thoughts/opinions?
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