Beaded Jewelry Patterns

Welcome to the beaded jewelry patterns gallery! The library consists of free beading patterns for all types of jewelry, including bracelets, pendants, necklaces, chockers, earrings, hair accessories, brooches, and rings! This gallery also features a wide range of difficulty levels, from very intricate to very simple beading patterns, all free!

Below are the beaded jewelry patterns to choose from. Please choose the jewelry pattern you wish to learn by clicking on the image. Not all patterns are currently finished, so check back every couple of weeks!

Free Patterns:

Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Stardom (Domed Unit) Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Teal Temptation Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Opal Essence - Pendent Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Purple Emblem Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Seafoam Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern
Egg Timer Charm Pattern
Multiple Choice Pattern
Multiple Choice Pattern
Herringbone Rope Pattern
Herringbone Rope Pattern
Beaded Star Clip Pattern
Beaded Star Clip Pattern
Squaredelle Ring Pattern
Squaredelle Ring Pattern
Crystal Ears Pattern
Crystal Ears Pattern
Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern
Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern
Beaded Spiral Wire Pendant Pattern
Beaded Spiral Wire Pendant Pattern
Beaded Dainty Feminine Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Dainty Feminine Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Elastic Caterpillar Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Diamond-Shaped Ring Pattern
Beaded Diamond-Shaped Ring Pattern
Beaded Cube Bead Diamond-Shaped Ring Pattern
Beaded Cube Bead Diamond-Shaped Ring Pattern
Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Right Angle Weave Pearl Necklace Pattern
Beaded Right Angle Weave Pearl Necklace Pattern
Beaded Ball Earrings Pattern
Beaded Ball Earrings Pattern
Beaded Ball Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Ball Bracelet Pattern

Patterns for Sale:

Round to Square Pattern
Round to Square Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Forever Garden Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Purple Rain Pattern
Cushions Pattern
Cushions Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
'Big Ben' Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern
Cottage Gates Pattern
L.A. Revisited Pattern
L.A. Revisited Pattern
Goddess Pattern
Goddess Pattern
Clover Bracelet Pattern
Clover Bracelet Pattern
Elegance Bracelet Pattern
Elegance Bracelet Pattern
Faceted Bezel Ring Pattern
Faceted Bezel Ring Pattern
Laced Arch Bracelet Pattern
Laced Arch Bracelet Pattern
Double Sided Pattern
Double Sided Pattern
Checkmate Pattern
Checkmate Pattern
Color Crazy Baubles Pattern
Color Crazy Baubles Pattern
Cluster Dreams Pattern
Cluster Dreams Pattern
Independence Ring Pattern
Independence Ring Pattern
Lillypad Pattern
Lillypad Pattern
Bugle Bead Earrings Pattern
Bugle Bead Earrings Pattern
Cross your finger Pattern
Cross your finger Pattern
Silver Star Bracelet Pattern
Silver Star Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Luscious Hues Ring Pattern
Beaded Luscious Hues Ring Pattern
Beaded Herringbone Spiral Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Herringbone Spiral Bracelet Pattern
Beaded Flower Hair Comb Pattern
Beaded Flower Hair Comb Pattern
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 Kyra on August 10, 2015:
Thanks so much!
 banana on January 10, 2014:
Very nice website, looking forward to new stuff :) Keep up the good work!
 lili on July 11, 2013:
ses jolie
 Lynn on June 7, 2013:
@ omo D... I assume that you mean the 3D Teddy Bear Icon... It is a free pattern... click on the 'Animal' tab at the top of the page and you will find the pattern for the 'Teddy'.
 omo D on June 7, 2013:
Pls want to know if d design that is used as the icon picture on jewelry(free pattern) on d home page is actually free cos I did not see the tutorial despite it was used as the picture
 barbara on December 18, 2012:
love your designs. I was wondering if you could do a pattern for a 3d tooth.Thanks
 Dicey Garcia on September 28, 2012:
I am glad you offer such a program.
 Lynn on September 26, 2012:
@ debbie... Not sure what style of star u r looking 4... I googled 'peyote star pattern' & got 'hits' also googled 'beaded loom star patterns' & got hits (not all free)... have u tried designing yr own pattern?.. There is free software to do peyote/loom/brick etc. called ""... I use this for my peyote work... easy to use software.
 DEBBIE on September 25, 2012:
I do loom and peyote beadwork. I am a mother of a fallen soldier KIA May 2, 2004 IRAQ and I am trying to find a pattern of a star to add to a american flag bracelet . I need a star pattern. Free if possible. Where can I find?
 Lorraine on September 6, 2012:
for diamond lovers check out
 Me on June 9, 2012:
Can you make some stuff free?
 Denise -Volta Redonda-RJ on April 13, 2012:
Lindos trabalhos...farei todos pra usar
 olivia maria on February 12, 2012:
 tiner1966 on February 11, 2012:
this site is great! i love the easy to follow pattern. i will pass the site on to my beading friends!
 shamine on January 14, 2012:
this is a fabulos website and i am highly impressed. Your beadart jewelery is simly marvelous, simce I am starting my business this website will help me in choosing different patterns and designs.
 BCEDS-JP on December 7, 2011:
Goto this web sight and learn the herringbone stich and more and then you wont have to pay for it
 sharon mahon on October 27, 2011:
trying this again
 louise waryawa on September 19, 2011:
They are beautiful
 Racheal on August 13, 2011:
They are beautiful
 Valinda on May 23, 2011:
You've hit the ball out the park! Incredlibe!
 josh on May 5, 2011:
 Allegra on April 20, 2011:
To Vera: there you go!
 Allegra on April 18, 2011:
To Vera: I know what you are talking about. I am going to make that pattern and post it. It's just not made yet. Unfortunately, Rome wasn't built in a day. I removed the pictures of patterns that weren't done so people didn't get confused as they did before. Thanks.
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
Same here!
 Evangel on February 22, 2011:
I love this website?
 Kori on February 12, 2011:
Love this site!!
 Vera on February 6, 2011:
You showed a beaded star hair clip in the free jewlery patterns a while back (To me it looks like it is more of a pendant than a hair clip) However when I clicked on it, it would never open. so I could not get the instructions. It was an open in the center - 5 sided star that looked like it was made of bicone crystals and seed beads. I was wondering if you could e-mail me the pattern at I do not know how to insert a picture of it here, copy and paste or insert picture does not work. Thanks
 Dee on January 12, 2011:
The link for jewelry patterns after the wirework spiral pendants don't work. :(
 Sue on January 8, 2011:
Thank you so much for this lovely site. I am very impressed with the detailing of all the instructions and photos. This is what I have been looking for for a long time.
 sarmite pegasova on December 17, 2010:
reznas 32-11
 Allegra on December 4, 2010:
Liz, these patterns will be posted as soon as we are able. They have not yet been completed by the site managers. We appreciate your patience!
 liz kincaid on December 3, 2010:
there are some patterns that I am interested in but can not download
 TMZ on November 20, 2010:
This is an awsome site. Thanks for the beautiful beading projects. The beaded flower bracelets are really cute.
 dar on November 12, 2010:
cant seem to get any patterns,problems??
 ymv (yvette!) :) on October 12, 2010:
Thanks so much Finland. I found the site late at night and was so excited and overwhelmed by all that I saw, I didn't read, OOPS!
I appreciate the advice...ymv
 Finland on October 12, 2010:
Dear ymv. Read what SUE wrote on June 28, 2010
 ymv on October 12, 2010:
I am trying to click on the last several rows of patterns above and am unable there a problem? The last one I can click on to see is the 'Wirework Spiral Pendant". Thanks, ymv
 Finland on October 11, 2010:
I just can´t wait to learn this: Beaded Hexagonal Pearl Bracelet Pattern.. My fingers are restless =)
 Lucy Hernandez on September 28, 2010:
I want to learn the different patterns
 luz e. hernandez on September 28, 2010:
I will like to learn alll

I will love to learn the ball bracelet
 Leonor on September 27, 2010:
This has to be the best site for patterns I have seen. There was no need to continue looking anywhere else. Thank you.
 Joni on September 6, 2010:
I have got to have that Pearl Bracelet pattern. I adore anything Pearl. Please let me know when it's done and I will keep checking back too.
 stacy on August 29, 2010:
I want to see all kinds of beads that are outstanding and new
 Allegra on July 31, 2010:
There are pictures because we have made the beadwork before, but we haven't made diagrams for the patterns yet. Sorry about that! Keep checking!
 annieamivickkybff on July 30, 2010:
but if the patterms aren't done yet how can they take picture..?
btw i cant wait for the beaded cloud earring :D:D:D
 SUE on June 28, 2010:
 Jan on March 25, 2010:
The beaded pearl bracelet is gorgeous--I'll anxiously await the pattern!! In the meantime I'll be tackling the beaded sun circle bracelet. Thanks for sharing!
 NANNY VICKI on March 19, 2010:
 Anna on March 5, 2010:
Your designs are beautiful, greetings from Polish
 ronni on February 4, 2010:
I too would like to make the pearl bracelet, can we get the pattern.
Thank you
 alrubayaa on February 3, 2010:
I would like to make the pearl bracelet but the pattern is not available.
what technique is it?
thanks, happy beading
 Vera Perković on January 29, 2010:
Thank you for this nice jewellery but I can not find how to make a lot of them, so if you can tell me why?
 Mary Cunningham on January 14, 2010:
I am just about to fly from Australia to Las Vegas, and was going to do some small projects on the plane. I was therefore interested in your 3D beaded ring patterns, but when I click on them they dont work. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.
 JUDITH on January 3, 2010:
please would it be possible to have the 4 flower bracelets patterns and the earing, love the site just flound it.Thank you
 Laura on December 1, 2009:
When are you going to have the beaded pearl bracelet pattern on the jewelry section? It's the 12th picture down from the top where the jewelry pictures start down in a straight line on the left side, down 12 pictures, it's a pretty pearl spiral bracelet.

I would like to learn how to make this as it's so pretty. I've been checking back since spring and haven't seen the pattern yet.
 cindy on November 11, 2009:
when will the beaded pearl bracelet pattern be available. I just love it and can't find it anywhere.
 Sherry on November 10, 2009:
OK, sorry...I figured out the flower is over to the's not the whole bracelet. 3D ball is at the top...I was trying to click on one near the bottom.
Where would I find the pattern for the Beaded Seed Bead Choker Necklace (and is that the same pattern as the green bracelet with the flower on it?) Thanks again.
 Sherry on November 10, 2009:
I have just found this site and I think it's great that you are willing to share your patterns. I was wondering if all of these were supposed to have patterns....I can only click on some of them. I can't seem to get the beaded flower bracelet patterns or the 3D ball pattern. Thank you for sharing.
 Amanda on November 1, 2009:
great site but on dial up it takes a long time to load waits impatiently for my wireless dsl to kick back in
 Mui on October 13, 2009:
Can you show me how to make the beaded pearl bracelet. It is very nice. Love it. Thanks for the oher tutorial.
 Vivian on September 23, 2009:
What's a good website to buy cheap good beading supplies?
 Rabia on September 12, 2009:
this site is really awesome!
i cant wait to try all this stuff!!

thanx alot!
 Niomi on August 22, 2009:
This is the best beading site i have come upon. I have died n gone to bead heaven. Now that's what i call art
 Nana-Sg on August 21, 2009:
wOw, beautiful, amazing, wonderfull.... thks for sharing and guiding, May the learning more easier for us... hope you able to share more, Thks once again, it FREE
 Marilyn on August 18, 2009:
what a wonderful site, I'm a newbie beader and find this site to educational thank you
 Shobha Kumar on August 13, 2009:
I just love this wonderful site which i just happened to see. I love it as it displays all images with names at one go. Wonderful. Thanks.
 Carol on August 6, 2009:
I am amazed at this site. I am just learning to bead. This is certainly going to be my first port of call for my projects.Thanks for taking the time to put this site together. It is wonderful.
 Tany on august 5,2009 on August 5, 2009:
I don't know how can you make this, it's so beatifull, thanks for let us learn about you. And thanks becouse is free.
 Solchromatic on August 4, 2009:
I am speechless with the images and the effort in drwing such easy pattern drawings... A sure must visit for every new beader.
 sue on July 23, 2009:
this is my first time im going to try to make a box. wish me luck
 Sheena on July 22, 2009:
Great site. I will log in often to look at (and use) the patterns.
 Eva on July 12, 2009:
thank you
 chappy on June 25, 2009:
this is so awesome i love it
 elle on June 14, 2009:
I just found this site how AWESOME I no longer have to search for free patterns I love it!
 nunuart on May 27, 2009:
what a great web
 camille on May 21, 2009:
amazing!! can you show me flower bracelet patterns please ...!!~!! thanks :)
 elizabeth goldberg on April 21, 2009:
Wow . I love, love, love the beaded 3-D ball bracelet, the star hair clip . you are really a gift beyond words. I love the things you are doing /
 amsa on April 17, 2009:
WOW! you are really a gift beyond words. you study pharmacy and still do these cute guys? you are a role model. hurry with flower bracelets, please.i can't wait to make them and show off. lol.
 kant on April 2, 2009:
 Friidish on March 6, 2009:
You are really good at this. C:
 torie on February 9, 2009:
star hair clip plz n the Beaded Crystal Bracelet Pattern
 Barbara on January 22, 2009:
And another thank you here! You deserve it. It's wonderful to know of someone who is a sharing, caring person!
 Allegra on January 21, 2009:
The ball bracelet (and earrings) pattern has been posted!
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
The ball bracelet is the very next pattern on my list!!! Should be up in a few days, but I won't make a definite promise because I don't want to disappoint you. But I've drawn it on paper and I've just got to sit down for an afternoon and draw it in the computer. I must warn you though, making a bracelet takes a whole day. Each ball takes half an hour to make. LOL!
 Diane on January 13, 2009:
I love, love, love the beaded 3-D ball bracelet, the star hair clip, and the hex pearl bracelet. Please put these patterns high on your list to finish. I am a big fan, you go girl!!!
 qubail alfajr on January 10, 2009:
take your time allegra, and thank you for this beautifal site:)
 Allegra on January 10, 2009:
Hi Donna and Qubail! The patterns are slowly being made. Just today I added the beaded spider pattern. You can see the upcoming patterns in the side bar on the right side of the page, under the lastest patterns list. I'm making the ball bracelet pattern right now. Sorry I haven't posted it yet. I have to balance making my own patterns with posting those of others that are sent in to me! Anyways, don't worry, the patterns are coming. Every few days I try to add a new one. I'm a student by the way, so that's also another reason I'm a bit slow with the site, but the patterns are coming!! And I'm about to graduate, lol! Just doing my final practice rotations now with a pharmacist.
 qubail alfajr on January 9, 2009:
cant waite,thank you for sharing
 qubail alfajr on January 9, 2009:
I like them,when will the patterns be availbale
 Donna on January 8, 2009:
I just love your website. Beautiful colors, shapes and patterns. You are very talented. I love the beaded pearl flower bracelet, when will the pattern be available? Can't wait to start the ones you have posted. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
 Allegra on November 28, 2008:
Hi Barb, I'm not done all the beaded jewelry patterns yet, which is why some are clickable and some aren't. Thanks for your warm comments and please check back regularly as new patterns are constantly being added as they are completed. The guest patterns is also a nice place to visit, as many beaders have been contributing their own patterns!
 Barb on November 23, 2008:
Have *I missed all the 3-d ball patterns? There seems to be many of them shown on the jewelry page, but clicking on them brings no pattern up. Sure would love to get that pattern! Great work on this site!
 nastaran on October 18, 2008:
 Allegra on October 10, 2008:
Thanks for replying to Lucecita, Cat!! I didn't understand what she said! And thanks for pointing out that great beading website. It's hard to find good pattern sites in other languages because they won't show up in google if you search terms in english! So thanks!
 Cat on October 7, 2008:
Lucecita, la unica puedo encontrar es este:
Hay muchos tutoriales y videos, pero no se si es necesario para pagar. No creo que hay. Gracias y buena suerte.
 Allegra on October 5, 2008:
Wow that's so generous of you! I'm not sure if Manjit will accept because I've offered to send her a beaded animal and she refused, saying she didn't want me to spend any money on her. She's so sweet! I don't know her email address so we'll just have to see if she responds to this!
 va on October 3, 2008:
You have found a wonderful new skill. Keep playing and creating with those little balls of glass and the world is YOURS!! (Allegra, I would love to send Manjit some there a way to do this without revealing her identity or address publicly?)
 va on October 3, 2008:
Hi Allegra,
Great site. I would love to see the instructions for the 3-d beaded ball bracelet! And welcome to Bead Unique!
 lucecita on October 2, 2008:
soy de la ciudad de mexico, los diseños de tu joyeria estan padrisimos muchas felicidades, ojala y me pases tu link para elaborar aretes, no se ingles pero ya elabore una pulsera de tu catálogo, espero recibir respuesta en español. mi correo, DIOS TE BENDIGA
 Allegra on September 21, 2008:
Hi Manjit! I've posted the preliminary version of the beaded sun circle bracelet pattern. I haven't had a chance to draw all the arrows yet just because the bracelet is done in stages, so I would have to create multiple diagrams of each piece and then put them together. So I'm going to finish that next weekend, but I think you'll be able to figure it out based on the diagrams I've already posted. I can tell you're so smart, so give it a try!
 Manjit on September 18, 2008:
Hi, Allegra. Yes, I have made all the things on the site. Today I did not go to school beacuse I am sick today so i am bord. I am waiting for you to but something new on the site so I can try to make it. Wow, your last semester at school forever and GOOD LUCK on your tests
 Allegra on September 17, 2008:
That's great! So which is better, Ontario or Newfoundland? Thanks for the compliments!! Please try all the bead patterns, and let me know how it goes. I'm going to add the sun bracelet pattern this weekend.
 Lynn on September 17, 2008:
I have been searching high and low for beautiful bead patterns, and I can honestly say that your site is the nicest I have come across so far. I absolutely adore your patterns and can't wait to try them all! You are very talented and have such a good eye for design...Congratulations on a job well done...I am in Newfoundland now, but originally a fellow Ontarian...Born and raised in Brampton.
 Allegra on September 13, 2008:
Wow, what a small world. We are fellow Torontonians! Have you already done every pattern on the site? I will do my very best to try to add the beaded sun bracelet pattern as soon as I can. Please understand that I am extremely busy right now because my school year just started and I get a lot of homework and tests. But the good news is that this is my last semester of school ever!! This december I will be free of school forever.
 Manjit on September 13, 2008:
Hi, Allegra.Iam taking about the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, Canada. I am disgarged now, i am at home now, but I go there for medecation and chick up's stille, thats why i am sying that i relly want to do the beaded sun bracelet, beaded 3DTiger Pattern, and the beaded 3D. Peyote Dolphin. I relly want to make these things. I relly relly relly relly like to bead beacuse it keepes me bissy.
 Allegra on September 11, 2008:
Wow, I love your story Manjit. It's inspiring. What's more inspiring is that you managed to do these complex 3D beading patterns at the age of 12!!! I can't believe it. And a beginner too!!! Truly amazing. Did someone at Sick Kids actually show you this website? Wow. Are you talking about the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada? If so, that hospital is across the street from where I go to school, at the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Toronto!! What a small world. The beaded sun bracelet is very easy compared to the stuff you've already made, so it should be a piece of cake for you. I will add it as soon as I can. I'm in school right now so it's hard to find the time, but for you, I will do it!
 Manjit on September 9, 2008:
Hi! I would like to tell you that I am a 12 year old girl. Beading first inspiered me in a hospital called sick kids. They gave me some beades and a website, then I tryed the 3D pig it terned out very nice looking and i gave it to my nerse, so got very happy and she put it in her name tage. The 3D pig was the first thing i had ever mad out of beads. I have also made a 3d heart and I made it a necklace and with two more 3D hearts I made earings this was the one I was tallking about on september 3. I realy like to do beading now and it keeps me bisy. So PLEASE could you post the Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet Pattern next. PLEASE.
 Barbara on September 8, 2008:
I want this pattern (Beaded 3-D Ball Bracelet Pattern ) in the worst way! Is is coming up in the future?
 Allegra on September 4, 2008:
Oh that's so great!! It's such an honour to hear that my designs are being worn by someone! I'd love to see pictures of what you made! You can post them on the forum on this website (click forum at the top of any page).
 Manjit on September 3, 2008:
I relly like things you have posted up. I have made some of these and I relly like it. I am waring one thing rite now.
 Allegra on August 13, 2008:
Haha, thanks Nikkie. On top of an overflowing to-do list, I've also had major server troubles these past two weeks which have prevented me from working on the site. The company I'm with is not that reliable, and they keep crashing and potentially losing my data. So I'm now in the process of leaving them and moving to another company. I'm afraid to post new stuff until I've moved because they might lose it! I should have the site transferred to the new server by the end of the week (the address will be the same). Thanks for your continued support!
 Nikkie on August 13, 2008:
The beaded sun circle is beautiful. I can't wait until that make it on your to do list. I know it's overflowing right now, so I want even ask :). It's worth the wait. Keep up the good work. It's amazing how one site is connecting people all around the globe.
 Marilyn on August 12, 2008:
I love your link. It was sent to me by someone on one of my groups.
 Allegra on July 17, 2008:
Sure, that's a really nice one. Everyone always compliments it when I wear it in my hair! They think I bought it and they want to know where! The beaded star is actually nicely flat on both sides, so it would be a good chance to practice using diagrams to show the beading patterns. Okay I'll add it to my to-do list!
 Alissa on July 17, 2008:
I was wondering if you could do the Beaded star Clip pattern next please, Love the site keep up the great work.
 Jen on June 17, 2008:
Yeah post the bear pattern
 Alex on June 17, 2008:
Can You Please post the teddy bear pattern next
 Allegra on June 10, 2008:
Oh my gosh, then I've just got to keep posting new patterns!! LOL! Right now I'm working on the beaded pig in the animals section because that was requested a while back, and I try to cycle through one request in each of the sections and then back again. So I can do the ball bracelet and earrings after that. You guys are keeping me on my toes! (or should I say more literally on my bum LOL). In the meantime, try the heart! I just posted it a couple of days ago! In fact, after doing the heart, you may even be able to do the ball without even waiting for the instructions, because that is actually how I figured it out. I learned the heart and then I deduced how to make the ball from that! LOL!
 Katy on June 10, 2008:
Why yes I do! I'm new to beading and my friend Nikki found this site and told me about it. We love your beadwork. You've gotten us hooked. LOL
 Allegra on June 8, 2008:
Do you mean those big fat ball bracelets at the bottom of the page? You have a good eye to be able to tell those are the same pattern! I can do those next then for the jewelry section. It's a very similar style of beading to the rounded heart pattern. But it's easier because it's all very symmetrical, whereas with the heart pattern, you have to use your head and think a lot. That's a good one to do next!
 Katy on June 6, 2008:
I really like the ball earrings and the bracelets that's made like them. I can't wait to learn to make them for my daughter.
 Lena on May 25, 2008:
I'm just a random person passing by. I'm absolutely in love and impressed by all your beaded work! Stunning and now I'm in love with beading thanks to you :P I'm very much in love with the "elastic caterpillar bracelet." I can't wait to try it! :D
 Allegra on May 21, 2008:
Hi Christina, the reason why many of them are not links is because those patterns are not done yet!! This website is very new (about 6 months old), so I'm still working on it! Thanks for your patience. Right now I'm working on two heart patterns and an animal pattern. They should be up soon!
 Christina on May 21, 2008:
I like many of the above, yet I can't select any of them to get the pattern, there is either a brocken link or no link at all.
 Allegra on May 3, 2008:
This is just to let Kitty know that I was forced to delete your comment because my system doesn't let me edit them, and you had too many exclamation points that made the page extra long and the page layout got all messed up. Feel free to repost it or post any other comments you wish, just please be reasonable with the number of exclamation points. Thanks!
 Allegra on May 3, 2008:
I have good news! I just wrote my last exam yesterday, so I'm now on summer vacation and the website is officially my summer's priority! So here come the beading patterns! Obviously not all at once since I am but one human, but definitely expect them to roll in one by one! And of course, I'd love to hear some requests for which ones to do first!
 Allegra on April 26, 2008:
The previous one that was up there is actually the "same" one, except that I didn't like the transparent bugle beads that were on it, so I took them apart, and put shiny black seed beads instead! I just never bothered replacing the picture until you sent me yours to post, so I got motivated to post my own improved one too, LOL. Who knows, maybe the switch will get more beaders to try to pattern!
 Tess on April 25, 2008:
I like the caterpillar bracelet in the middle. That is soooo cute!!!
 Georgia on March 29, 2008:
i love them all!
 Christina on March 28, 2008:
That blue necklace made of sea shells looks like an egyptian-style necklace fit for a pharaoh! I can't wait to try it. Post the tutorial soon!
 Suzy on March 16, 2008:
I want to learn the pretty beaded star in the bottom corner!