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Welcome to the 3Dbeading.com beading directory! This directory contains links to beading websites that offer quality content to you. If you'd like to be considered for being listed in the beading directory, please contact me at allegra@3dbeading.com. What do you need to be listed? You need a website or blog with relevant beading content, and you should hopefully be gracious enough to link me back! If you can't link me back, you can most certainly pay for your listing, and I'll also accept payment for displaying a banner for your website. If you link me back, I will list your beading website for free, provided it is a quality beading website or blog.


A Little Bead of This n That
A Little Bead of This n That carries a full line of jewelry making supplies. We carry cabochons, glass beads, metal findings, tools, big eye beading needles, Bead Smith wire wrapping wire and hundreds of more items. Come check us out and don't forget to type customer in the search box and you will find a super buy on an item which will vary from time to time as our way of showing we appreciate our customers business.

Sandstones, for all your Beads and Jewelry Making needs!
Welcome to Sandstones, Beads and Jewellery Making! Please browse our pages and dive into a breathtaking world of beads, semi precious gemstones, jewellery findings, accessories, equipment and tools for jewellery making, beading, embroidery and other arts and crafts. You will also find jewellery design ideas, jewellery making projects, hints, tips and tutorials to get those creative juices flowing! Please feel free to contact us if you require help or advice on beading and jewellery making subjects, when we will be only too pleased to help.

The Glass Butterfly, Etc
The Glass Butterfly, Etc, is a beading instructional website run by Karole. Click on Galleries to see her extensive beaded butterfly collection. This is something not to be missed, as they are all incredible! See her Free Patterns section for great butterfly patterns, as well as some other types of beading patterns. Her Tutorial section will show you how to make a toggle clasp. Thanks Karole!

Bead Jewelry Making
Bead Jewelry Making is a top notch beading instructional website run by Christine. Find step by step beading patterns for a large variety of patterns, from 3D beaded animals to beaded jewelry, and a wide range of techniques, from right angle weave to peyote stitch. All beading patterns on Bead Jewelry Making are free.

Good Quill Hunting
Good quill hunting is a beading website run by Christina. It features some beautiful free peyote beading patterns, a nice directory of beading tutorials, as well as a gallery of her work, beading kits, and interesting beading stories. Did you know that Christina made a beaded necklace that is being worn by Carly Simon?

Jax's Beads
Jax's Beads is a beadwork website run by Jax. On it, she sells her beautiful beadwork for very reasonable prices. Have a browse! Jax also regularly posts and submits patterns to this site, and is now a moderator.

Jax's Blog: Unproductively Productive
Jax is also an avid blogger and posts daily on her blog. Usually it's about beading, so check it out!

Celestial Creations
Celestial creations is a website run by Celeste, where she sells all her creations. Celeste is also a regular poster and contributor to this site, and is a moderator.

Craft Cove: Jewellery and Crafts by Jen Lawson
Craft Cove is a beading website run by Jen Lawson, and features free beading patterns, as well as her beautiful beadwork for sale for very reasonable prices. Have a look! Jen is a regular contributor and managing editor on this site.

Flower Cove: Beaded flowers and bouquets by Jen Lawson
Flower Cove is a beading website run by Jen Lawson, and features free flower beading patterns, as well as her beautiful beadwork (flowers, bouquets, hair pieces) for sale for very reasonable prices. Have a look! Jen is a regular contributor and managing editor on this site.

Laura's Beaded Charms
Laura's Beaded Charms, as the name implies, is a beadwork website run by Laura where she sells her 3D beaded charms at very reasonable prices. Laura is a regular contributor on this site. Have a browse!

A fair trade business offering you top quality recycled and ethical Ugandan beads. All handmade by a cooperative of women in Uganda. We offer the jewellery maker a beautiful range of unique coloured and beautifully textured beads, which also super light weight.

  Beader Comments:
 Betty on August 31, 2016:
Pls how to make d bear
 bmw117.bw on May 11, 2016:
I'm very new @ beading, but I'm having a great time trying everything out. Love the 3D animals.
 Lynn on July 29, 2011:
luv2quilt... what sort of help are you looking for...?
 luv2quilt2@gmail.com on July 28, 2011:
I love all of lady's work...I'm a beginner and I'm trying to learn how to read the pattern..Help please...I'm new to your site and I love all your beautiful work....Thank you all of you
 Donte on May 23, 2011:
Great thinking! That raelly breaks the mold!
 Nita on April 7, 2011:
I just love all of you lady's work, I hope someday I learn to the beautiful work...I'm new at beading.. Thank for the beautiful work.....nitaz
 ggg on January 7, 2011:
 Roy Swagger on March 9, 2010:
Im looking for Indian designs, patterns. Please
 Roy Swagger on March 9, 2010:
Im looking for ndn beadwork patterns, Please!
 dwaddle on September 30, 2009:
I just found this site and wanted to check it out.
 carol on July 15, 2009:
hello ladies i am new here i do bead knitting and have heaps of patterns but want to try something newso am going 2 try 3d beading
 wastewinyan on May 25, 2009:
looking for ndn peyote beadwork patterns
 sandhya on May 11, 2009:
good I want to leart it but how ican learn
 tasha on March 4, 2009:
I listed your site on mine and mine is all done now so please could you do the same I have been emailing you for a while now havent heard anything as of yet
 Reina on October 16, 2008:
Hi do you have the design for 3D pineapple