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Welcome to the 3Dbeading.com miscellaneous projects gallery. Check back every couple of weeks for updates.

Free Patterns:

Two Dimensional Star Pattern
Two Dimensional Star Pattern
Beaded Basket Pattern
Beaded Basket Pattern
Beaded Cross Pattern
Beaded Cross Pattern
Beaded Cube Pattern
Beaded Cube Pattern
Beaded Snowman Pattern
Beaded Snowman Pattern
Beaded Apple Pattern
Beaded Apple Pattern
Beaded Orange Slice Pattern
Beaded Orange Slice Pattern
Beaded Chinese Lantern Pattern
Beaded Chinese Lantern Pattern
Beaded Netted Star Pattern
Beaded Netted Star Pattern

Patterns for Sale:

Beaded Clutch Purse Pattern
Beaded Clutch Purse Pattern
  Beader Comments:
 Brenda on June 20, 2014:
Love the patterns
 karen on November 12, 2012:
I am very interested to learn,i love it..but I prefer to have my own copy ,easy for me..
 Lynn on April 17, 2012:
Elsje... There are numerous patterns on the site that are free and can be printed... Go to the home page first and read the instructions for printing (near the bottom of the page)... Then use each of the category tabs at the top of the home page to locate the free patterns in each category... Enjoy...
 Elsje Pieterse on April 16, 2012:
Dear 3D beaders. I have a group of kids that I have to entertain during the wet cape winter every friday for approx 2 hours and I thought that beading would be fun. I have done some 2D beading projects with them and they enjoy it very much and would like to try the 3D patterns. Is there a way that I can download some of the patterns and print it out because I do not have internet at the centre where the children are.
 Rani on March 24, 2012:
@charon- Hi there. Follow this link for a great beading website. http://beadjewelrymaking.com
 charon on March 18, 2012:
looking for beaded medallions or rosettes with a wolf, three in total 4' and 2'
 Allegra on November 25, 2011:
You could easily use black and white beads (larger beads) and follow the pattern for the ball bracelet (but just make one ball). Use black beads for the smaller sized beads, and white beads for the larger sized beads. Using larger beads that what was used in the bracelet and earrings would result in a larger beaded ball at the end. Hope that helps and inspires! Let me know if that answers your question.
 Jessica on November 24, 2011:
I meant can u make a 3d bead soccer ball please? If not it's ok
 Jessica on November 24, 2011:
Can u make a 3d soccer ball? If not that's ok
 philly on November 3, 2011:
i love this sight,
 cutie on September 10, 2011:
where can i get free patterns of beaded miniature dress? help please..thanks :)
 cATHY wILLETT on July 9, 2011:
beaded musical bassinette
 Kathy on May 14, 2011:
I am trying to find patterns for a beaded musical piano, beaded musical castle, beaded musical treasure chest. I have the pattern for a beaded musical bassinette. It was from Enterprise Art. But they are no longer in business. They used to sell the kits,but I can't find them either. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks, Kathy
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
What shirt? Is it the Ernie shirt?
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
Sorry j, but I can't. Again I'm sorry.
 Erin Small on March 14, 2011:
How exactly do you bead the panda? 1 of you guys may tell me how. Thanks for your help guys! Well, if you guys don't, than it's O.K.!
 amalia on January 6, 2011:
what a cute shirt...!!! thanks guys I love it...
 LYDIA CRUZ on December 28, 2010:
 j on December 20, 2010:
do you have a pattern of ernie from sesame street?
 j on December 20, 2010:
 LatonyaBarlow34 on October 18, 2010:
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 Tammy on October 5, 2010:
Here is the beaded shirt. there are more links that i have posted on the main forum page
 carol on April 8, 2010:
has anyone got the shirt pattern please my email is robinsonw@in2net.co.nz
 hm on March 29, 2010:
ma jok to nista ne valja
 bert on February 24, 2010:
can u pls. give the pattern of the x-mas decoration
 rama on January 18, 2010:
all r very nicetvmd
 manaya on January 11, 2010:
it,s wonderful
 Rose on December 30, 2009:
Could you please do the oragami rose, I understand you are busy but I wondered if you could do it before valentines day.

Please and Thank you,
 marapicar on December 19, 2009:
this is amazing. very helpful site. :)
 Natalia on November 14, 2009:
Wow, the oragami rose is stunning. I hope the pattern is up by Valentine's Day
 Hung Ii on October 26, 2009:
Do anyone noe how 2 do the beaded shirt? Can teach me? can e-mail me : siilinda@hotmail.com
 Lucy on August 22, 2009:
Louisa, im not sure if this is the same but it might work,
hope its ok...
 TheBeadChild on April 29, 2009:
You can find a basic shirt pattern at this Korean site: https://www.artbeads.co.kr/recipes/ They have hundreds of patterns for 3D objects such as animals, handbags, shoes, etc, plus jewelry patterns for rings and such. Instructions are in Korean but the illustrations are pretty clear. Have fun!
 Jelina on April 26, 2009:
How can i get the Beaded Shirt Pattern ??? i really wanna have it!!!!
 Louisa on April 21, 2009:
 nilar on April 21, 2009:
i made beaded shirt pattern, it is very good,
thank a lot !!
 Mini-squishy on April 15, 2009:
I'd love it if there was instructions to make friendship bracelets, before i started 3d beading I made about 20 friendship bracelets from all the embroidery floss I got for $2(I got 20 skeins!!!)
 Lulu on March 23, 2009:
to nancy
theres a good kawasaki rose instructions on
 Allegra on January 7, 2009:
Yes it is the kawasaki rose! And that is how I learned it. My friend was supposed to teach me, but she didn't have time, so she gave me a couple of them, and I took one apart and left the other in tact, and figured it out with careful examination. I was lucky she at least told me how to start it though, which is the key step, to fold your paper into dozens of tiny little squares. Only then can you start making it actually look like a rose lol. It does take a while. Even with years of experience, it still takes me about 20 minutes to make one. At first it takes about an hour when you are first getting the hang of it.
 nancy on January 7, 2009:
Hi Allegra,
Is the origami rose you made the Kawasaki pattern? I would love to try to make the rose. I've tried the Kawasaki pattern but it is very complicated. You must be very analytical to be able to recreate the rose from a folded one. Do you have a pattern? Thanks.
 Allegra on December 14, 2008:
That's a pretty one! Sure I can make that pattern soon!
 Alona on December 8, 2008:
Please make the origami rose next!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Allegra on November 13, 2008:
Hi Alexa! I'm going to make all the patterns one by one. I haven't gotten a chance to finish them all yet. I'm working on it, so I appreciate your patience! I'm currently going through my final month of university (ever!), but very soon I'll be done all my exams and then I'll make finishing the patterns my focus. I've got a vision for the shirt, to make a hello kitty head on top of the shirt, and a skirt underneath. Should be cute!
 alexa on November 13, 2008:
can u pls show the instructions for the beaded shirt pattern?
 Katia on September 17, 2008:
Can you plese make the Chinese Lantern, please!!
 Allegra on August 18, 2008:
Yes, that's a nice one, the origami rose. I learned it in first year university when my friend gave me one, and I took it apart to learn how to make it! I was very lucky that I was able to figure it out because otherwise I would have just ruined a nice present lol. I guess you have to take chances in life! It's a slightly complicated design, but with pictures you should be fine. I'll add that one to my to-do list. Thanks for visiting!
 Alex on August 18, 2008:
post the origami rose please its so beautiful!!!!!
 Allegra on August 15, 2008:
hehe, the reason it didn't work is because this comments system uses a very basic text editor that doesn't allow page breaks just when you hit enter as you type. To enter a page break in your comment, you must add HTML code into your comment. In case you are interested, the HTML code for a page break is <br> Just type that in your comment and the typing before it will be on the previous line. The typing after it will be on the next line. As for inserting a link, you'd also need to add HTML code for that too! It is <a href="linkaddress.com">link title</a> The "link title" is what appears as the link, and in my case, I just used the link address as the link title. Hope this helps, and hope it doesn't scare you!
 Monii on August 14, 2008:
haha thanx allegra for putting the links up lol it didnt work for me...
 Allegra on August 13, 2008:
Have you tried following the pictures, Anthony? I bet if you looked carefully and took your time, you'd figure it out. Or you can try one of the patterns in English on this website to "train you" to be able to follow beading patterns. Once you get the hang of it, you won't even have the patience to read the written instructions!
 Nikkie on August 13, 2008:
Those are really cute purses
 anthony on August 13, 2008:
thank you for the websites there very nice
but can you find english ones
 Allegra on August 13, 2008:
That's so sweet of you to share with us, Monii! Let me put up your links for you:




 Monii on August 12, 2008:
LOL that didnt work either *sigh* theres 4 different links
 Monii on August 12, 2008:
wait, its a bit confusing... let me fix it
 Monii on August 12, 2008:
anthony, here are some links to beaded purses i found...http://www.beadsmania.com/Contents/recipe/html/322274.aspx http://www.beadsmania.com/Contents/recipe/html/282011.aspx http://www.beadsmania.com/Contents/recipe/html/10015.aspx http://www.beadsmania.com/Contents/recipe/html/15769.aspx -they are not in english but you can follow the patterns :)
 anthony on August 9, 2008:
i am looking for some instruction on how to make a purse i hope u can post one up soon
 Katia on June 16, 2008:
I'm realy loking forward to see the Beaded Chinese Lantern Pattern, I realy want to make that one!
 leena on June 16, 2008:
I luv your pattern, it's very beautiful. Hope to get the more info from u in the future.
 Allegra on June 8, 2008:
Okay I will add that one to my to-do list!
 Katy on June 6, 2008:
I like the little tassle thing. It's cool. I would love to learn how to make that so I can hang it in my car.
 Allegra on May 3, 2008:
Hi Helayna, I just finished my last exam yesterday, so today I'm on summer vacation and I definitely plan to finish all the beading patterns this summer! So stay tuned, and feel free to make special requests for which ones you'd like to see first!
 Helayna-Annabelle Julie Hanyes on May 3, 2008:
 Valeh on April 9, 2008:
Omg... everything is so beautiful! Love it <3
 Allegra on March 29, 2008:
Thanks Shannon! I actually named the site FriendshipBeading.net because I was going to make it shared between friendship bracelets and beading tutorials. But then the beading took over because it's hard to teach a friendship bracelet pattern, and then friendship bracelets take forever to make, so it would be a month at least between each tutorial if I had all day to work on it (which I don't since I'm a student). But I'm glad to post the tutorial for that friendship bracelet! Maybe one day when I have more time, I will make a section devoted to friendship bracelets! (and putting beads in them!)
 Shannon on March 29, 2008:
The friendship bracelet looks really cool! I love the native american-style motif! And you put beads in it! Awesome.
 Allegra on March 28, 2008:
Hi Martha, I drew that picture. I'm so glad you like it! The tutorial is going to teach how to make the black frame around the drawing. It's really easy and it looks great! It's a great alternative to buying an expensive frame, and can be adapted to any size picture (not just standard size). I am happy to also write a tutorial on how to go about drawing a picture too! It just takes practice and anyone can do it!
 Martha on March 28, 2008:
Who drew that picture? It's lovely.