Beaded Teddy Bear Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded Teddy Bear pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Beaded Teddy Bear Pattern

Before you begin ...
375 brown 4mm round or crystal beads, or size 6/0 seed beads
1 brown 6mm round or crystal bead (for the tail)
2 black 6mm round or crystal beads (for the two eyes)
1 black 4mm round or crystal bead, or size 6/0 seed bead (for the nose)
7 red 4mm round or crystal beads, or size 6/0 seed beads (for the bow tie)
2 to 3 meters of fishing line, fireline, or strong string
Time required: About 3 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Challenging

Step 1

Step 1:First start by coloring one end of your thread blue and one end red to help keep them straight as we work.

The next thing to note is that I am using two phrases, cross and pass. When I use cross, this is the first time with are crossing through the bead with our other thread.

I will use pass when we have already crossed through the bead at least once and we are just going through it again.

We are starting with the back of the teddy bear's head, right in the center, and we are going to work our way outwards in concentric circular motions, beading rows of beads round and round our beginning bead circle.

Add 3 beads to your blue thread and two beads to your red thread.

Cross through the third bead added on your blue thread. You've just completed your first bead circle, of 5 beads, and all others will surround this one.

Add 5 beads to your red thread and cross through the last bead added, then pass through bead 5 in your original circle. Note that we have just created a circle of 6 beads. All the bead circles in this row are going to contain 6 beads each. Keep beading and following the diagrams and instructions until the next row.

Add beads 11- 14 to your blue thread, crossing your red thread through bead 14.

Pass your blue thread through bead 4.

Add beads 15 through 18 to your red thread.

Cross your blue thread through bead 18.

Add beads 19- 22 to your blue thread.

Pass your red thread through bead 1, then bead 22.

Pass your blue thread through bead 2, 6 add bead 23.

Add beads 24 and 25 to your red thread and cross through bead 25.

Step 2

Step 2:In this step, we are simply building more bead circles around the previous row, which is faded out in the center of the diagram, for clarity. Those beads are already in your pattern. Note that the bead circles in this row consist of alternating circles of 5 beads and circles of 6 beads. It helps to make this overall survery of the pattern so you don't get lost in the details. Okay, here goes.

Add beads 26-29 to your blue thread.

Cross through bead 29 with your read, add beads 30-32.

Pass your blue thread through beads 23 and 7, cross through 32 then add 33-35.

Pass your red thread through bead 8, cross through 35 then add 36-38.

Pass your blue thread through 9 and 11, cross through 38 then add 39-41.

Pass your red thread through 12, cross through 41, then add 42-44.

Pass your blue thread through 13 and 15, cross througth 44 then add 45-47.

Pass your red thread through 16, cross through 47, then add 48-50.

Pass your blue thread through 17 and 19, coss through 50, add 51-53.

Pass your red thread through 20, cross 53 then add 54 and 55.

Pass your blue thread throu 21, 24 and 26 then cross through bead 55.

Step 3

Step 3:Not much more to add here except that this is another outer row of beads for the back of the bear's head. Notice that every bead circle in this row contains 6 beads each.

Add 56-59 to your blue thread.

Pass your red thread through 55 and 27, cross through 59 and add beads 60-62.

Pass your blue thread through 28 and 30, cross through 62 then add 63-65.

Pass your red thread through 31 and 33, cross through bead 65 then add beads 66-68.

Pass your blue thread through 34 and 36, cross through bead 68 then add beads 69-71.

pass your red thread through 37 and 39, cross through 71 then add beads 72-74.

Pass your blue thread through 40 and 42, cross through 74, then add 75-77.

Pass your red thread through 43 and 45, cross through 77, then add 78-80.

Pass your blue thread through 46 and 48, cross through 80, then add 81-83.

Pass your red thread through 49 and 51, cross through 83 and add beads 84 and 85.

Pass your blue thread through 52, 54 and 56 then cross through bead 85.

The beads on this diagram that are highlighted in red, 40, 42 and 71-74, are where we will be connecting our bear's head to his body in a few steps. These beads represent the teddy bear's neck, so remember them! The bead numbers will be the same in the body diagram, so cross reference your bead numbers!

Also of note is the black borders around certain beads in this diagram, all around the periphery (border). These beads are the very edge beads of the back of the teddy bear's head. In the following diagram, we are going to flip the bear around to face his front side (face to face with him), and the only beads in common between this step and the next one are those beads with the black borders. So pay careful attention to that.

Step 4

Step 4:The first thing we need to do in this step is flip our bear's head around, keeping the top and bottom the same, like flipping a page in a book. We are now face to face with our teddy bear. The faded beads in the background of this diagram are the beads from the back of the teddy's head. Again, the same beads with black borders (numbered with the same numbers as the same beads in the previous diagram) are from the previous step, and they join the back to the front, so be careful of where they are. You are only stringing through them in this step, not adding them new. The rest of the beads in this diagram are all new. Also, note that we are starting from bead 85, where we left off in the previous step, even though this bead is now on the opposite side of the diagram in this step. That is because we have flipped the bear around.

We will also be working inward on this step instead of building out from the center. We still going to be making rows of bead circles, but towards the center (towards the bear's nose, which will complete his head).

Pass your red thread through bead 57, add 86-88, pass through bead 84 add 89 92, pass back through 84 creating a loop, pass through bead 82, add 93 and 94 then circle back through 82 again. This creates our first ear.

Pass your blue thread through bead 88 and add 95 and 96 then pass through 81 and 79.

Take your red thread and pass through bead 96, add 97 and 98, pass throgh 78 and 76.

Cross your blue thread through bead 98, add 99-(101)1 (please note we are restarting at 1 on the diagram due to three digits not fitting on some of the beads), cross through beads 75 and 73.

Cross your red thread through bead 1, add 2 and 3, pass through 72 and 70.

Cross your blue thread through bead 3, add 4 and 5, then pass through 69 and 67.

Cross your red thread through bead 5, add 6-8, then pass through beads 66 and 64.

Cross your blue thread through bead 8, add 9 and 10.

Pass your red thread through bead 10.

Now we are going to work on the other ear. Pass through bead 63, add 11-13 and cross through bead 63.

Pass through bead 61, add 14-16, pass through 11 and cross back through bead 61.

Take your red thread and add beads 17 and 18, pass through 60, 58 and 86, then add bead 19.

Cross your blue thread through beads 18 and 19.

Note that at the very bottom of this diagram, two beads are bordered in red. These are two of the beads that will form the bear's neck, the only two visible from the front.

Step 5

Step 5:In this step, we will be adding the bears eyes and the base for his snout. Don't turn him at all, it's the same orientation as the previous diagram. The beads for the snout base are bordered in black so you will recognize them in the following diagram.

Add beads 20 and 21 and your big eye bead (22) to your blue thread.

Pass your red thread through 17, cross 22 and add beads 23 and 24.

Pass your blue thread through 9 and 7, cross through 24 and add 25 and 26.

Pass your red thread through 6 and 4, cross through 26, then add 27 and 28.

Pass your blue thread through 2 and 100, cross through 28, then add 29 and 30 (your other big eye bead).

Pass your red thread through 99 and 97 cross through bead 30 and add bead 31.

Take your blue thread and pass through 95, 87, 20, 31, 29, 27, 25, 23, 21 and cross through 31. This helps pull secure his eye and pull together the base for his snout.

  Beader Comments: on July 9, 2016:
Where am I able to download some of these patterns?
 hiba on August 21, 2015:
i like it can i use other kind of beads?
 Lynn on July 24, 2014:
@kela... page numbers are at the bottom of the screen (under the picture of step 5)... just click on the number page you want to go to... Pages are also listed at the top of the screen (to the right of the pic. of the teddy bear)... use either sets of page numbers...
 kela on July 24, 2014:
how do i go to the next page2 ?
 Mervat on March 6, 2014:
I like It Thank you
 Ilovebeading on August 23, 2013:
Camilla Jackson, there are many free patterns at Once you are on the website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ' beading patterns '. Im not sure if there are fish patterns, but look around! Good luck!
 Ilovebeading on August 8, 2013:
oops sorry its suposed to be dragons ARE awesome!
 Ilovebeading on August 8, 2013:
I agree with soccer_luver - could you pls do the dragon a little faster? Dragons ae awesome! oh, and if you have time could you pls make a dolphin, koala, and chetah? thanks guys! p.s. the teddy bear is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
 Camilla Jackson on June 28, 2013:
Someone mentioned they have 3d fish patterns that they are willing to share. My email address is I have been looking for the trout and fringe fish but would appreciate anything. I am a novice but patient and willing to work with more difficult payt
 Lynn on June 20, 2013:
@ Noshi... have sent e-mail to designer Allegra to help you
 Noshi on June 19, 2013:

I am using the 6 beads circle. Begining of the arm is confusing. Step 13.. If some one has fotoes of detail of arm making . Pleeez post it...I am trying that step for dayz to figure out...Oh God
 Noshi on June 19, 2013:
Need help in begining of arm pleeeez...
 lillian on April 29, 2013:
thanks, I looked up hello kitty pattern so will try that as it seems easier. Thanks
  on March 25, 2013:
very good
 Allegra on March 7, 2013:
Lillian, perhaps you could try an easier pattern before moving to this very advanced pattern. Might I suggest the hello kitty pattern which has two versions, one with photos and one with diagrams.
 abigail pamintuan on March 3, 2013:
thank you sooo much....been looking for this kind of beading site.
 lillian smith on March 2, 2013:
I have tried 3 times just to get past step 5, I am 72, am I too old to try to complete teddy, or is there a shop I can go to that will beable to help me further. I live in melbourne.
 Stephanie on August 28, 2012:
I had no prior experience in making both 2D or 3D bead works. I must say this is a really good guide! Being a first timer I was able to follow and the bear is real cute! Thanks so much!!
 Kilma on August 13, 2012:
>Wow lone beader that is so intsnee! I never have seen beading like that in my life! Thank you for intimidating me ahahaha!If you ever want a blog or shop feature, let me know I have blog and shop of the month as well as features and reviews on my blog.Know the Art Scene
 3D BEADING GIRL on August 10, 2012:
 Lai-Yee on May 11, 2012:
@ felicia, I have done this in 11/0 toho beads and it comes to 3cm, which is approx. 1.18 inches
 Naomi on January 25, 2012:
@felicia: Used 4mm rounds and the bear sits 2.5 inches from the top of its head to its bottom and 2.75 inches from arm tip to arm tip. Started an 11/0 Delica beads and it sits an inch tall. I assume it will be a little over an inch from arm to arm when it is done.
 felicia on January 18, 2012:
That's true however I would rather have the whole bear which I can make smaller by using smaller beads but I need to know what the completed size of the bear is with the 4 mm beads listed. i could make it a lot smaller using say 2.5mm beads. The larger would be easier to work with if the tem wont be too big. has any one measured their completed bear? (approx. is fine)
 Jenna on January 14, 2012:
@ felicia ... if its too big using the crystal beads, you could always just use the head as your pendant :)
 felicia on January 4, 2012:
The reason I am asking is I want to make a necklace for a friend and wonder if the finished size would be okay as the focal charm or if it will be way too big. I could always use smaller beads to get a smaller bear but since i will be using swarovski I would rather not have to buy more beads because it was too big and I know the smaller the beads the more difficult it will be.
 felicia on January 4, 2012:
could someone please tell what size this is when finished? will bicones work or only rounds?
 Chureineii on December 1, 2011:
many thanks for the tutorial instruction,it really took me about 3 hrs like what you written there ,it was very useful and awesome too. This is one of the most beautifulest beaded teddy bear i've ever seen ^v^
 Judy on September 20, 2011:
Thank you so much for the tutorial instruction. I found the instruction is so wonderful and easy to follow. I previously tried to make one beaded teddy bear from some instruction booklet and I had so much trouble and struggle for months and finally gave up. Thanks for your precise and detailed instruction I was able to complete the teddy bear with joy. :)))))
 Bell on September 12, 2011:
Sorry the patterns are here many thanks
 felicia on August 21, 2011:
what is the finished size of this teddy bear?
 joy cui on July 19, 2011:
thank you for the pattern that i long search now i can make my own. God bless and keep up the good works!
 joy cui on July 19, 2011:
thank you for the pattern that i long search now i can make my own. God bless and keepup the good works!
 Lynn on July 11, 2011:
Amy...You don't say which beads you are looking for?...4mm or 6mm & size 6/o seed beads are readily available at any craft/bead store. If you want Czech or Austrian crystals try the following sites... - - - - be sure to check shipping costs... some are free shipping, just don't remember which.
 Amy on July 10, 2011:
anybody knows where i can buy some more of these beads?
 aaa1 on June 8, 2011:
ok these insturctions are hard. i was taught the way the cat instuctions were so if possible can u just post side and back views that will be great.
 DA on February 2, 2011:
i love it so much. i hope that can learn more about it and also update all the time.
thank, i love it.
 KKB on October 7, 2010:
I'm having trouble with the ears...can someone post close ups of it?
 AnDy on September 9, 2010: easy...i took only 5 hours...muahahahahahhahahaha=p
 tenchy on August 25, 2010:
i cant do it :(
 H.S. Pope on August 6, 2010:
This is brain tasking but interesting, I got it at a go. Kudos
 lovemefroggies on June 30, 2010:
thank you
 jen on June 30, 2010:
Hayley, you just need to push the head inside out, that's all. The curve of the head can either be facing the front, or facing the back, depending on how the pattern-maker wrote it. I don't remember exactly which way this one goes, but if it's back-to-front, just push it inside out.

lovemefroggies, you're right, you don't need to go through 55 again. You go through it at step 2. The start of step 3 just means that's the bead you are coming out of.
 love me froggies on June 29, 2010:
end of step 2 red thread add 54-55 pass your blue thread through 21,24,26 then cross through 55 step 3 add 56-59 pass red thread through 55,27 and cross 59 how can i pass through 55 if red thread is the one that pick it up to begin with help i rewote cause my first message did not make sense thank you
 Hayley on February 26, 2010:
the diagram instructions are hard to follow- i had two failed attempts where i accidentally got the head back wards- don't ask me how because i really have no idea
 bear on December 23, 2009:
looked complicated at first, but was a pleasure to make. Just in time for Christmas. Its not as hard as it looks. Thank you for the wonderful pattern.
 kk on October 13, 2009:
van you make a pattern for the elephant one all it is is a picture
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I have enjoyed just the few minutes of looking @ all the beautiful arts of work
I will be back again to browse Love the site
Hugs Kim
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Oh, God... They look so complicated. Can anyone do this if you follow the instruction ?
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nice picture... can u do a fish?
 Bosede on September 8, 2009:
It is quite challenging but I got it. What about the other parts?
 nat on August 4, 2009:
this looks way to confusing and fiddly
 Jax on July 16, 2009:
Hi Katie, just click on the page numbers after step 5 on this page and it will take you to the rest of the pattern.
 Katie on July 16, 2009:
Is there more to the pattern? How about the body, the arms and legs?
 soccer_luver on June 24, 2009:
cool! looks real! and cuddly! could u be a little quicker with the terrier, duck (ducky), tiger, dragon, and panda? they're totally cool (especially the dragon, tiger, and panda.) and i'd like to have the instructions so i can make them.
 Jenn on May 5, 2009:
I am trying to do the teddy bear pattern can anyone tell me if it is 1 continuous thread or 2 separate pieces of thread I would appreciate it. Thank You
 Bead Lover on May 3, 2009:
So cute!
 Mini-squishy on April 24, 2009:
I made one of these using 1.8mm orange seed beads(i don't know how the size thing works) and it is real cute. thanks so much for these instructions!!
 Manjit on March 29, 2009:
Hi, Allegra i just wanted to noe are you going to make the insrukions like the other one's.
 Chrissy on March 20, 2009:
This pattern looks just like the one in a Japanese pattern book that I have, I don't mean to be mean mean at all but just to take notice. All steps seem to be the same, and just want to give a warning since you could get into maybe some copyright issues possibly even if you may have made this up yourselves.
 jackelinemazo ramirez on March 19, 2009:
que chevere!!!!!!
 Jax on March 14, 2009:
Hi Braddy, no this is a different bear. I don't know if anyone else has photos but I know I don't. If you can tell us a little more about what is confusing you, we may be able to explain it better. We would be thrilled to see your pictures of the pig. You can post them directly in our forum . Just click on the image button next to the smiley faces.
 braddy on March 11, 2009:
is the pattern the same with one found in beadmaking website? Do you have a photo of step 4 and 5 of page 1?i cant seem to understand it. By the way, i'm finished with my pig. where can i send the photo?
 Ginn on February 25, 2009:
I'm not sure what size to use, but will probably use 4mm round or maybe the 6/0 seed beads. I can't imagine using size 11 seed beads, way too small. I do beaded ornament covers with the seed beads so would be use to them
 Allegra on February 25, 2009:
It truly depends on what beads you use. For the beads listed in this pattern (4mm round beads), he'll be about 10cm tall. If you use seed beads (size 6/0, the biggest size, approx. 2.5mm), he'll probably be about 5cm tall. If you use smaller seed beads (size 11/0, about 1.5mm), he might be as small as 2 to 3cm tall. So it all depends what size of bead you use. What are you thinking about using?
 Laura on February 22, 2009:
Hi Ginn! It depends what size beads you use but if you use the beads recommended in the pattern, the bear should be about 4cm-5cm tall. Allegra has the original bear so she should be able to give you a more accurate size. I hope you enjoy making yours. :-)
 Ginn on February 21, 2009:
I haven't tried this pattern yet, but how big is he when finished?
 Allegra on February 20, 2009:
Well, the teddy bear has a snout, whereas the hello kitty nose is rather flat and small. And hello kitty's ears are pointy. But it might not be a lost cause. LOL. Laura is working on a hello kitty pattern right now, so it's coming!
 Cora-Lynn on February 19, 2009:
Would there be a few simple modifications, I could use to transform this 'bear' pattern, to a 'hello kitty' pattern, with the bow on the ear...??? PLEASE & THANKYOU :D
 Allegra on February 13, 2009:
HAHA, now we know how google translation handles words it doesn't recognize, rather than leaving them alone, it makes things up!
 Louise on February 13, 2009:
 Kayleigh on February 13, 2009:
Very cute! Going to start it now :)
Thank you! xx
 Laura on February 13, 2009:
I hope you all enjoy making the teddy!
By the way, I think what Beth was trying to say was that the teddy bear is cute - 'que lindinho' doesn't translate very well from portugese to english and google obviously had a problem with it as it seems to have invented a word of its own - nellomadureira!
 Lucy on February 13, 2009:
I'm looking forward to trying this one!
 elisabeth navarro on February 13, 2009:
Que lindinho!
Obrigada, abrao.
Beth (Brasil)


What nellomadureira!
Thank you, hug.
 leah on February 13, 2009:
I cant wait to try this,i love teddy bears
 Laura on February 13, 2009:
You're welcome, kathy (from all of us!). Let us know how you get on with it. :-)
 kathy on February 13, 2009:
thx for the beading pattern! its fabulous!=D