Beaded Small Cat Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded small cat pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Beaded Small Cat Pattern

Before you begin ...
2.5 meters of fishing line
50 orange 6mm round plastic beads
19 pink 6mm round plastic beads
4 yellow 6mm round plastic beads
2 black 6mm round plastic beads
1 blue 6mm round plastic bead (can also use seed beads for all beads in the pattern)
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:Welcome to the tutorial for the very first 3-D beaded animal pattern on!! It was a challenge cramming it into my busy pharmacy school schedule, but it's here, and with summer coming, hopefully many more will follow soon! This is also the longest beading tutorial yet on this website (and this is the easiest animal!). In the particular model which I have done for the tutorial, I used tabby cat colours, but you are free to use any colour scheme that pleases you (in the picture to the left, you'll see a black and white kitty, which I used as my model in making this tutorial)! The beads I used are the bottom half of the picture to the left. See the last page of this tutorial to see the picture of the finished product that we are going to make. It's a cute tabby kitty with a big light pink spot on her orange face over her eye, and a button blue nose! The materials for this pattern are an approximately 2-meter-long piece of fishing line, and approximately one hundred round plastic beads (or any bead of your choice, as long as it makes the pattern look okay; swarovski is okay for all you big spenders!). I have now completely finished this tutorial, text, pictures and all, so enjoy!

Step 2

Step 2:This is a picture of my black and white kitty model, from the top view (top of the cat's head). What I am showing you with the red dots over those 4 beads is that this is where we start making the pattern. We are going to make a circle of four beads to start out our cat pattern, and this is where they fit in the pattern (the forehead, so to speak, I suppose).

The kitty pattern shown in the picture is made entirely of seed beads, so that is another option for you, if you don't have enough plastic beads/swarovskis, or whatever else you'd use (don't use pony beads though! They are too bulky). The only disadvantage is the seed beads make a very small kitty indeed, and because seed beads are made of glass (a heavy material), and because the cat's head is much larger than its body, the kitty made of seed beads tends to fall forward a lot. Also, you have to use the biggest size of seed beads. The smaller size makes a very minute kitty indeed (invisible to the naked eye, LOL! Just joking).

Step 3

Step 3:So let's get started. Now we are making the circle of 4 beads to start the pattern. For the black and white kitty pattern, I would have used two white beads and two black beads. But for the tabby cat pattern, where I made only one of the two eye areas pink, and the other one orange, we will only be using one pink bead, and 3 orange beads for this circle of four beads. So basically, as shown in the picture, string 4 beads (3 orange, 1 pink) onto your 2-meter piece of fishing line, and centre them. Then, cross the last orange bead that you strung (which is marked by red dot in the picture) with both ends of the fishing line approaching the bead from opposite sides, as shown. After you've crossed, again make sure the beads are centred on the fishing line to make sure you don't waste any fishing line (remember that you are limited to the shorter of the two ends you are working with).

Step 4

Step 4:This step is basically showing you the end result of the previous step. Your circle of four beads is pulled tight to form the cat/kitty's forehead!

Step 5

Step 5:This is a combination of steps, but they are very simple. So, at the end of the previous step, you have both ends of the fishing line emerging from the orange bead marked by a red dot. To one end of the fishing line (that depicted by a black arrow in the picture), add 3 new orange beads, followed by 1 new pink bead (marked by a blue dot). Then cross the pink bead with the other end of the fishing line (that depicted by a red arrow). To this same end of the fishing line, after crossing through the pink bead, add 3 more pink beads on the end of it.

  Beader Comments:
 garrick on June 25, 2015:
im not good with pictures so can you tell me if their is a video on how to
 Doge on July 12, 2014:
much simple so awesome no confuse such amazing wow
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back in soviet Russia, this tutorial hard
 AAAAAAAAA on July 5, 2013:
This is so fun and simple, thank you! Other sites did not even give what supplies you need or the directions on how to make it.
 lillynire3 on September 21, 2012:
I made two of these ages ago (2 years) and I loved them. They are soooo cute! If you find yourself confused, stop working on it for a couple of minutes, and re read a few steps
 blasmophey on September 13, 2012:
umm............. wha?????????????????
 Hi on June 9, 2012:
Wazzup??? :P
 HLP on August 26, 2011:
It is adorable I would love to make it, but I can't because these photos don't work for me, can you or someone else add a diagram?
 Lan on August 11, 2011:
Can u put up like a diagram or step by step photos. I keep messing up
 Samantha on July 28, 2011:
Im at 3D beading and I cant get the pattern
 jade on March 5, 2011:
cool I have been loking for a 3-d beading pattern for a turtle if any one finds one tell me how to make it
 hop on December 5, 2010:
MY kitty is perfect!!!!!!!!!!! I made two!
 aree on November 12, 2010:
I watch and read so many many times.
I did it now.
It looks so cute.
 anat dor on October 16, 2010:
Training Japanese beads
 kat on October 4, 2010:
wow this is sort of easy! maybe its because i had some practice! i bet it'll look cool and cute!!
 Lauren on September 27, 2010:
I got lost at step 5 :( Can you explain it?
 LH on July 5, 2010:
Is there going to be instructions for the large cat soon?
 MK on July 1, 2010:
My 10 year old daughter made this in one afternoon following all the instructions all by herself. She loves it!
 =) on April 10, 2010:
This looks so cute!!
I think I'm going to make two and turn them into earrings!!!
 Eva on February 28, 2010:
Hi, I`m just starting to practice this and so far I really like it. I would like to make the large cat, how can I get the pattern? Tnx a lot!!!!
 hb on February 25, 2010:
maybe you could tell us how to make the kitty with the colors in the main picture because i can't figure it out
 Haley on February 21, 2010:
I love this kitty! I have made 3 already with different colors for my friends- They love them!!! I can't wait to try the terrier when the pattern is done!!!
 grr! on December 22, 2009:
These instructions are way too hard to follow. I cant even interpret step 5. D:<
 Clarise on October 1, 2009:
I'll be making this for my friend whose birthday is tomorrow. It's the perfect gift for her because she's a cat lover.
 Jen on September 8, 2009:
Hi Darcy. which part of step 3 don't you understand? It's basically just threading 4 beads on the fishing line, then going back through the first one, so that it's made a circle. Then just pull each thread until you have the circle in the center. It might help if you looked at the techniques page as well.
 Darcy on September 7, 2009:
 Darcy on September 6, 2009:
Explain step 3 please. Thanks.
 ebee on August 23, 2009:
thanks! i really wanna try making this!
 Cho on July 25, 2009:
coolios. thank for putting up these patterns. :)
 Amy on July 20, 2009:
i made this one in one week.
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 pinkcandy on June 23, 2009:
I like small cat,lovely
 Laura on February 20, 2009:
a.n. - I'll try and help but post again if you're still having problems.
Look back at Step 4 to where the black arrow is. Use this end of the thread to add on 3 new orange beads and one new pink bead (blue dot). Then pass the other thread (red arrow) through this pink bead (blue dot) but the opposite way. Use this thread to add 3 new pink beads.
 a.n. on February 20, 2009:
Hello can you further explain step #5 . its very confusing to me. = / . Thanks.
 taylor swift forever on November 18, 2008:
can u hurry up on the panda plz?
we need it for something
and it's vry cute
thank u
 Allegra on September 14, 2008:
Oh... I never thought of that. Well, I could instigate a rule that if you sell the beadwork made from this site's patterns in this site's beading market, you must all sell them at the same price, and then it's more about what colours the buyer likes better. Obviously, I wouldn't put any such rule on selling them elsewhere. On the other hand, if one person made a kitty in swarovski crystals, and some one else in seed beads, there's a difference in cost. Well, I guess it'll have to be on a case by case basis. Anyhow, I think probably it will mainly be people who are already trying to sell their stuff elsewhere and need extra exposure. People who aren't already selling won't be ready to just start. They will need to buy a ton of beads, make extra time for it, set up a paypal account, figure out a shipping method, etc. We'll see how it goes anyhow!
 Jen Lawson on September 13, 2008:
I just mean, because this is basically a site for the tutorials, people who don't normally make or sell stuff could all just learn these tutorials and just sell them, and so whoever can sell them the cheapest would get the sale. But as I said, that's being very cynical, and most people who would use it would have other things to sell as well.
 Allegra on September 13, 2008:
Hi Jen! I don't understand what you mean that it would be a competition? Anyone can sell anything, I wouldn't just post people selling stuff cheaply. I don't follow!
 Jen Lawson on September 12, 2008:
I'm in 2 minds about the market idea. The cynical side feels that it would become a competition for making your tutorials, and whoever sells them the cheapest wins. The other part knows there are many talented beaders out there that do a lot of other stuff as well, and it would be a great way to show their stuff. Having said that, I'll give it a go, and we'll see how it goes.
 Allegra on September 12, 2008:
Yes, I've seen that site. The girl who runs that site is called Christine. She has actually participated on my forum a few times. It's pretty funny what a small world beading is. Everyone's interconnected and knows each other somehow. Her site definitely came first. I didn't know about it until I started mine though. I know her stuff is very nice. I wish I had the time to try her stuff out, but I'm just barely keeping up with the demands of maintaining my own site. By the way, I am actually moving more towards her style of instructions. I'm no longer taking pictures to explain patterns. I haven't actually finished any diagramatical instructions yet, but you can check out my poodle page to see where my instruction style is going in the future. In future, I am numbering each bead rather than using dots. This should make referring to beads a lot easier to follow. And the diagrams are just cleaner looking.

By the way, did you want to try putting up any pictures of your stuff for sale on this site?
 Jen Lawson on September 11, 2008:
I'm finding that some of your instructions, actually have "too much" information, that it's actually almost confusing me. I also noticed that you said this is the first 3D instructions. I thought I would mention this site I don't know which came first, but she also does some beautiful 3D stuff. I can't decide whose instructions I prefer, but you might want to check hers as well.
 brenda on August 20, 2008:
very nice beading animals love them