Beaded Small Cat Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded small cat pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 61

Step 61:So we finished the hind paws of the beaded cat pattern, and you're wondering what the heck am I looking at now? Well, as the picture states, you are looking straight into the cat's rear end / behind / bum. And there are fireworks coming out of it!?! Anyways, just turn the cat so that you are seeing what I'm seeing and string the two ends of the fishing line up that central bead as shown. Make sure they are both going through it in the same direction, as shown in the picture. This is unusual, because usually we cross beads by approaching them from opposite directions with the two ends of the fishing line. But the tail is a bit special. By the way, the two horizontal flappy things at the bottom of the picture (made up of orange beads) are the rear paws seen from the side view!

Step 62

Step 62:This is the exact same thing as in the previous picture. No steps to be done here! (Good news for you, just sit back and relax while looking at this picture!). I'm just showing you what that looks like a bit less zoomed in. Fireworks out the bum!

Step 63

Step 63:Okay back to business. So add the 3 beads of the tail to one end of the fishing line. It doesn't matter which end. Just add 3 beads of the colour of your choice to one end of the fishing line as shown.

Step 64

Step 64:Now pay attention here. You have to follow the picture carefully because it's hard to explain in words. Just take the end of the fishing line to which you just added the three tail beads and loop it back down through two of the three tail beads. Skip the first one on the way down and string through the two second ones. This is a technique I like to call the uni-cross (because you are using the same string to cross, but not crossing the same bead), but really that's just a name I made up (just like self-cross, where you cross the same bead with the same string in a loop fashion). It might not be obvious to you what bead you are "crossing" in this step. You are actually crossing two beads, which are the two orange beads in the picture. Anyways, pull the fishing line down tight all the way.

Step 65

Step 65:Now that you've pulled the fishing line all the way down and tight from the uni-cross step, you can tie the two ends of the fishing line together in several knots. See where the arrow is pointing at the base of the cat's tail, which is where your two ends of fishing line should be meeting each other. Tie several knots here because it will be the last knots that you tie on this pattern because..... you are DONE! The cat is done, so you will soon be able to proudly display her... that is, after you secure the fishing line ends. Do this by first tying several knots, as stated, then string both ends through several random beads in the pattern (doesn't matter which ones, just be logical in choosing beads that are next to each other so that there's no fishing line showing in the end). Then cut the ends short with scissors. You're DONE!! Reach for the mantle piece! Just see the next page of the pattern in case you want to see what my finished product looks like. If you are satisfied with what your finished product looks like (which is right in front of you), you don't have to go on. LOL. Enjoy!

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 lulu on December 17, 2008:
so cute