Beaded Small Cat Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded small cat pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 36

Step 36:So, here we are joining all those beads with the blue X's together (with one yellow bead as well). All you have to do is take only one end of the fishing line, and, starting from where it is coming out of the yellow bead marked with a red dot, string it through all those 4 beads marked with blue X's, one after the other in sequence. But do not loop back through the yellow bead again. Simply tie the two ends of the fishing line together at that point, as shown in the picture. It doesn't matter which end of the fishing line you used to loop through the 4 beads with blue X's. You have successfully created the last circle of 5 beads in the kitty's head! Now, remember that you were not supposed to add any new beads in this step. They should all already be in your pattern, so look carefully and follow the picture! We're done the cat's head now, and moving onto the body! But you could stop here if you wanted to. The cat's head would make a really great pendant for a necklace by itself (like an inflated hello kitty head), especially if you used white beads and stuffed it with cotton like the hello kitty (or maybe coloured cotton?). Or, if you used small seed beads, you could make a cute pair of cat head earrings (note to self). Anyways, what follows is the instructions for the body.

Step 37

Step 37:This is just a picture of what the bottom of the head should look like (ie. the cat's collar).

Step 38

Step 38:And this is a picture of what the cat's head looks like from the front after everything is secured, tied and pulled tight. Notice the tabby cat appearance I have tried to convey by using a light pink patch of beads over one eye of the cat. Honestly, I didn't have enough white beads, but I think the light pink is a cute touch. Now, because I used pink in the cat's fur, I couldn't very well give the kitty a traditional pink nose! So I opted for a baby blue nose instead. I was debating blue vs. yellow for the nose vs. the collar. I finally went with blue for the nose because there were enough warm colours in the pattern already in that area. The yellow would have faded into the background. At least, that was my choice. Your kitty can look any way you want her to! Again, you could stop here with a unique cat pendant or a cute pair of cat head earrings made of seed beads, or continue on with finishing the full body cat pattern for a bold beaded feline mantle piece!

Step 39

Step 39:Onto the cat's body! This first step is really easy! Just make sure your fishing line ends are coming out of either end of the frontal yellow bead, as shown in the picture. You ended off tying a knot between beads, so all you have to do is take one end of the fishing line and string it through that bead, and you'll end up with the two ends of the fishing line on opposite sides of the bead. If not, just keep stringing them through beads until you end up with the configuration shown in the picture. Then, onto the outer side (ie. the end of the fishing line that is facing the exterior of the pattern, or basically follow the picture if confused), add 3 new orange beads. The last one added is labelled with a blue dot.

Step 40

Step 40:This step is really simple and routine by now! Just cross the last orange bead that was added (the orange bead labelled with a blue dot) with both ends of the fishing line. (Since it was already strung onto one end, just string the other end through the bead in the opposite direction). Quite specifically, string the end of the fishing line depicted by the red arrow through the orange bead labelled with a blue dot! You have created the first circle of 4 beads in the cat's body! This is half of the cat's frontal chest.

  Beader Comments:
 Shalandy on October 21, 2010:
awesome pictures and descriptions make it so easy and she looks adorable!
 Arizona on March 9, 2010:
why not a kitty civilazaion? (how do you spell it?!?)
 bead fanatic on January 8, 2010:
i just made 2 kittys--1 yellow and the other purple there both soooo cute!now im working on a seed bead one with see through colors like purple and pink.Soon, i will have a cat farm!