Beaded Pig Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded pig pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 56

Step 56:Bring your red string through existing beads 29 and 30. On your black thread, add beads 8-10.

Step 57

Step 57:Another easy step, cross at your newest bead, number 10! Pull tight to make your circle of 6 beads

Step 58

Step 58:Your black thread will go through existing beads 31 and 32. On your red thread add new beads 11-13.

Step 59

Step 59:Cross your threads at bead number 13! Pull tight to make another circle of 6.

Step 60

Step 60:In this step, bring your red thread through existing bead numbers 33 and 34. On your black thread, add beads 14-16.

  Beader Comments:
 6th grader on September 24, 2009:
this is hard i changed my mind i dont get it
 6th grader on September 24, 2009:
i think im finaly getting this