Beaded Pig Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded pig pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 66

Step 66:This step is slightly different, this time your black thread is going to be strung through three existing beads. Numbers 39, 40, and 41. On your red thread, add new bead numbers 23 and 24.

Step 67

Step 67:Cross at your newest bead, number 24! Pull tight, and you've got another circle of 6 beads. You've now done another row!

Step 68

Step 68:Your red thread is going to go through existing bead 25. On your black thread, add three new beads. 1-3. (Starting over in numbers again so we dont get too high.)

Step 69

Step 69:This step is super simple, just cross your thread at your newest bead, number 3. Your back to making circles of 5 beads.

Step 70

Step 70:Bring your black thread through existing beads 26-27. On your red thread, add two new beads. Numbers 4 and 5.

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