Beaded Pig Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded pig pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 31

Step 31:Cross your black thread through existing beads 20 and 21. On your red thread you'll add three new beads, numbers 16-18.

Step 32

Step 32:A simple step, cross at newest bead number 18. Pull tight. You've just made another circle of 6 beads!

Step 33

Step 33:In this step we well be doing something a little different. Instead of going through two existing beads, we're going through three. Bring your red thread through beads 22-24, (bead 24 is from your first circle of 6 beads.) Now add 2 new beads to your black thread, beads 19-20.

Step 34

Step 34: Cross at your newest bead, number 20. Look, you've got a pig bottom! Your doing great!

Step 35

Step 35:It has been rightly brought to my attention by Susi that the red and black arrows should be reversed in this step and the remaining steps of the pattern. In other words, in this picture, the red arrow should be pointing upwards, and the black arrow should be pointing downwards. I made a mistake in rotating the picture (steps 4 & 5 are mirror images of each other, but I forgot to flip the arrows.) And in fact, the numbers should be on opposite sides. Ie, beads 19 and 24 should be switched, and 18 should be the bead to the left of 24. I'm so sorry for the confusion! I hope this helps. For the remainder of the pattern, just kind of "start over" with the numbering and arrows, because they are consistent from here to the end of the pig pattern.

  Beader Comments:
 Angel on October 12, 2016:
I was also very confused by step 35 and step 36 on page 8. I could not do step 36 on page 8. What I did is (after step 34) I turned my piggy inside out and disregarded step 35. I was then able to do step 36 on the next page. I really hope this helps others.
 Selena on January 5, 2013:
I was doing really well until step 35, I'm totally confused, which is a pity cause I really wanted to make this cute little pig.
 Susi on August 30, 2008:
Thanks for reading my comment! I got a bit confused at step 5 - but you've explained that now! Thanks, I appreciate that! Unfortunally I got some more problems at the next page... I'll post a question there as well. Sorry - I really don't want to complain, the photos are great, I'm just not that good at keeping track of numbers, I guess! ^_^ Oh, by the way - two different colors for the two sets of numbers is a great idea for the next pattern!
 Allegra on August 30, 2008:
Hi Susi, I am most certainly going to add the words soon. In fact, I'm working on it. On which step did you get confused? The last picture is the same as the second-last picture, except from a different angle. Or is it the numbers that confuse you? Basically I am using two sets of numbers. One set of numbers is to describe the beads that are strung through, and the other set of numbers is for the beads that are newly added to the pig pattern. I realized afterwards that two different colours for the two sets of numbers would have been a better idea because the numbers got too close to each other. For example, beads 19 and 20 in Steps 1 & 2 on this page are not the same as beads 19 and 20 in Steps 3 &4. Sorry for the confusion!!
 Susi on August 29, 2008:
Hi, I just love your beaded animals - and I've managed to do both the Hello Kitty and the Small Kitty, without problems! Your patterns and written explanations are really easy to follow! While doing the beaded pig, however, I got totally confused when I got to the 7'th page and I messed up. I realize that it's a lot of work for you to go through all the steps verbally, but it's so appreciated! I hope you'll add some text to these photos eventually!

Thanks for sharing your super cute patterns!