Beaded Pig Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded pig pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and we'll do our best to help!


Step 36

Step 36:Bead 1 in this step already exists in your pattern. Simply string through it. I restarted the numbering system at 1 because the numbers were getting too high, and I didn't want numbers in the hundreds. Beads 2 to 5 are new beads in the pattern. Good luck!

Step 37

Step 37:Okay, sorry for the confusion! Are you still with me? I hope so! From the last step, we added beads 2-5. Now, we are simple crossing both threads at bead number 5. We just made another circle of 6 beads, pull tight!

Step 38

Step 38:The two red dashes through beads 3 and 4 in this picture imply that you are not supposed to include them in your stringing! So add beads 6 to 8 (new beads) to the red end of fishing line, which is coming out of bead 5. Do not string through any existing beads (ie, beads 3 and 4). They are in the way in the picture, and there was no way for me to get around them with my line. Sorry!

Step 39

Step 39:Now, just cross at bead 8! Pull tight to make another circle of 6 beads.

Step 40

Step 40:In this step, bring your red thread through beads 23-24. They are already existing in your pattern! With your black thread, add three new beads. 9-11.

  Beader Comments:
 julio on May 28, 2012:
pretty hard to follow hear
 josh on October 21, 2011:
so I've seriously restarted this thing I don't know how many times to no avail with the alteration of directions. Any chance you'd make one with specific bead colors and I could pay you for it? Name your price.
 em on December 11, 2009:
to megan, how do we know where your string is?
 megan on October 31, 2009:
reply already!!!! this was supposed to be a b-day present a month and a half ago
 megan on September 17, 2009:
im suck on step one my string doesnt look like its in the right place

 Allegra on September 1, 2008:
Oh that's great Susi! You should post a picture of your beaded pig on the forum!!
 Susi on August 31, 2008:
Hi Allegra! Thank you for explaining, it really helped. I have now completed the beaded pig and it's sooo cute! \(^_^)/
 Allegra on August 30, 2008:
Hi Susi!! Thanks SO much for pointing out my mistake. I have posted a message on page 7 of this pattern that the arrows should be flipped, as should the bead numbers. I have fixed up the pictures too, and taken out the unlabelled one. Look over the pictures on pages 7 and 8 again. They should be clearer. For your other questions, bead number 1 already exists in the pattern, but I restarted the numbering system to avoid bead numbers in the hundreds LOL. Beads 2 to 5 are new beads to the pattern. In step 3 (used to be step 4 until I took out the bad picture), the two red dashes through the red arrow line mean that you are not supposed to string beads 3 and 4 onto the fishing line in that step. The red arrow goes over them because they happen to be in the way, but don't string through them! So basically, add beads 6 to 8 (new beads) to the end of the fishing line coming out of bead 5. Let me know if this helps!
 Susi on August 30, 2008:
Ok, it's me again (from page 7). I just can't seem to get it right.. Step 1 looks like my model - but then I get confused in step 2. I get that it's another angle of the model, but if I position my model the same way, the red end of my fishing line is the one pointing upwards and the black one is pointing downwards. The opposite from your picture. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And also, beed number 1 (in step 2), is that a new beed added or does it already exist in the pattern? My last question is: in step 4, beeds number 3 and 4 are marked with two short red lines, crossing the red end of the fishing line - are they there for any special reason? Sorry for all these questions!