Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the beaded sun circle bracelet pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page, and I'll do my best to help!


Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet Pattern

Before you begin ...
2 meters of fishing line, 152 yellow 4mm round beads OR yellow size 6 seed beads ("E beads") (these are large seed beads); 7 orange or brown 8mm diameter disk beads OR 70 orange or brown size 11 or 15 (small) seed beads : this is for the central disk or seed bead circle (for each of the 7 repeating bracelet units); 250 brown size 15 (small) seed beads for the periphery of the circles and for the clasp
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Step 1:There are two possible ways of making this bracelet. The first way is to make the center using a circle of brown seed beads rather than 1 large disk bead. This method is more convenient if you don't have access to a disk bead of the right size to fit between your round yellow beads. This method is also easier to do if you are accustomed to right angle weave. Start by making the circle of brown seed beads in the center. Weave 10 brown size 15 seed beads onto the fishing line, and cross the last bead added to make a circle. Then start right angle weaving your 10 circles of 4 beads each around that inner circle, using the yellow round beads. As a final step, when you are done weaving around the central circle, thread back through the peripheral yellow beads, adding brown size 15 seed beads between them. Basically make 7 repeating interconnected units to make the bracelet. The units are connected via one of the peripheral yellow beads (that bead is the last bead of one circle and the first bead of the next circle).

Step 2

Step 2:The other way of making the sun circle bracelet is to use one single disk-shaped bead in the center of each "circle" unit of the bracelet. The diagram shows that this is one single bead in the center of all the other beads. The disk bead should be relatively flattened (ie, not a ball shape), and should have its hole right in the center like a donut. The disk bead should be of the right dimensions to fit snugly between your round yellow beads. Note that in the diagram, the disk bead appears oblong, but should be a perfect circle in reality. If you can't find a disk bead that fits perfectly between ten yellow round beads, then use a larger or smaller number of yellow round beads in the circle, depending on the diameter of your disk bead. The way you make this bracelet is by right angle weave through the yellow beads and the disk bead (wrap around the disk bead with the fishing line, such that the fishing line appears over top of the disk bead). Basically, for each repeating bracelet unit (sun circle), you will be weaving 10 circles of 4 beads each, except that with the disk, you are going to wrap around it rather than thread through it as you would with a normal bead. Then, once you have completed this, string through the periphery a second time to add all the dark brown seed beads. More detailed instructions for this method are coming soon, with step by step diagrams with arrows and bead numbers. The units are connected via one of the peripheral yellow beads (that bead is the last bead of one circle and the first bead of the next circle).

Step 3

Step 3:These are the steps to the seed bead circle method of beading this bracelet. Now within the seed bead method, you can either use elastic string or fishing line or other thread to string the beads of the bracelet. Any method is good. If you like to avoid clasps, then use elastic string. But just make sure that it's thin enough to fit inside your seed beads or you may regret it later (some beads must be strung through twice). If the holes of your beads are too small to accomodate elastic string (eg. 0.5mm thickness string works well for small beads), then opt for fishing line with a beaded clasp. I recommend either 8lb or 6lb fishing line. I know fireline is popular, but any brand of fishing line will hold the beads quite firmly. Or if you are comfortable using whatever threads you are used to (eg, nymo is popular), go right ahead! Whatever works.

Okay, onto the steps! The diagram shown represents beading from the bottom of the diagram to the top. If you are using fishing line or thread (not elastic string), then start stringing beads where the word "start" is in my beading diagram of step 1. Note that I didn't use the exact number of beads required because it will depend on your specific situation! If you are using elastic string, then skip the small brown beads, and start stringing at the bead labelled "1". This is because that circle of small brown seed beads after the word "start" are going to form the loop of the clasp for the bracelet. So if you are making a clasp, add enough brown beads to snuggly fit your closure bead, which will go on the other side of the bracelet (shown in diagram step 5). Regardless, once you reach bead 1, the whole rest of the bracelet is strung the exact same way until closure. So let's continue.

To be clear, you are to cut a single piece of thread, not two pieces. I am using two colors of arrows to represent the two ends of the same piece of thread (or fishing line or elastic string). From now on, I will refer to the two ends by color (eg, the red string, the green string), but know that they refer to the same piece of thread that was originally threaded through the first beads. So, after threading bead 1, thread beads 2 on the red string and bead 3 on the green string. String bead 4 onto both strings in opposite directions (hence it is marked "cross" in the diagram). At this point, you must string all the beads that will form the central seed bead circle of the sun circle. There are 10 beads that should be strung here. String them all onto the green string, then cross the last seed bead (bead 13) with the red string. This will ensure that the "cross" occurs right next to where we started (at bead 4) so that we can continue stringing yellow beads and going around the bead circle (had we strung 5 beads on one string and 5 on the other, we could have been crossing bead 9, and our threads would be in the middle of nowhere, making it difficult to advance.) Okay onto step 2!

Step 4

Step 4:Yay, we are now adding the beads that make this bracelet so sunny!! So we are at the same starting point where we left off (bead 13). All beads are numbered the exact same way as the previous diagram to help you follow along. I used different arrow colors just for fun. Don't pay attention to that! Anyways, with one string, thread through bead 3, then add beads 14 and 15. Keep in mind that bead 3 was added in step 1, shown above. You are simply threading back through it. Cross through bead 15 with the other string. Then, continue adding beads 16 and 17 onto the same string. The red string passes through bead 12 (the brown seed bead already in your pattern), crosses bead 17, etc. Continue all the way around the brown seed beads in this manner to complete the "sun circle". Carefully follow all the arrows and bead numbers as shown. All beads are labelled in the order in which they are added to the pattern (the brown beads were already added to the pattern in the previous step!). When you get to stringing through bead 5 with the black string, pass through bead 2 (which is already in your pattern from step 1), then add bead 30. With the red string, you will be threading through bead 6, adding bead 29, and crossing through bead 30. It sounds complicated, but it's quite easy if you think it through slowly! We've now completed the yellow beads portion and will add the peripheral brown seed beads.

Step 5

Step 5:Starting from bead 30, where we left off in the previous step, we will now string the peripheral brown small seed beads (size 15/0 works best, but you might get away with using size 11/0 seed beads). Rest assured that this is the easiest step! All you have to do is pass the thread through the peripheral yellow beads, while inserting two brown seed beads in between each two larger yellow beads. For instance, pass 2 small brown seed beads onto the yellow string (yes I've changed colors again!) then through bead 28, which was added to the pattern in the previous step. On the other side, string two small brown seed beads then thread through bead 1. Keep going like this all around, and make sure the two strings meet at bead 22. This is very important!!! Don't have them meeting at beads 20 or 24! So in other words, the brown seed beads added to each string will be different (asymmetrical) because you are not in the middle at bead 30, but you want to end up in the middle at bead 22 (ie, directly across from bead 1). Don't forget or you will be lost for starting the next bead sun circle!

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 sabmov on April 13, 2013:
thank you
 Serry on March 21, 2013:
Thank you I like is
 hema on December 28, 2012:
wow what an easy step by step explanation thankyou......will try as soon as possible
 Soy on August 12, 2012:
Hello, your work is beautiful, have you used Preciosa cenopmonts in your designs at all? They have an extensive range and you can get more information here on our Facebook page: `Preciosa Inspirations`
 Shane on December 21, 2011:
Great work.. Its awesome... love to make one.... :)
 Karrie Hummel on August 5, 2011:
Loo bking forward to beading this circle bracelet
 tonya on July 26, 2011:
lovely pattern! I look forward to trying it out!
 Bead n Be Happy!!! on June 17, 2011:
Hiya Allegra!!! This is a real cool bracelet! Jus so ya know, I'm frm S'pore,n by d by, I'm 11 yrs old Lolz

I wanna suggest something. U know in ur steps? I feel that it is better 2 beads that r already threaded or beaded lighter so that it's easier to differentiate. Or easier than they already r anyway. Or put a mark or something on those beads:):):):)
 luz e hernandez on January 23, 2011:
Is very elegant
 badger on November 9, 2010:
It looks so hard to make!
 Kewi on November 9, 2010:
That's sooo cool! I'm going to try it.
 Miranda~ on January 5, 2010:
It's really pretty, but I was wondering how you could put a disk bead in the center... I don't think it tells you how. :(
 Birdy on July 27, 2009:
This bracelet is so fun to make and is very styleish. i LOVE this braclet and i wear every single day. i never take it off.
 pandapanda912 on July 7, 2009:
Oh my gosh that beaded sun circle bracelet is like.. like.. like.. omgsh.. im so desperate to make one ;-;

(btw i haven't made any of beaded jeweleries yet. its my first time ;-; and you could tell how nooby i could be at making one. oh poor me.)
 Manjit on January 13, 2009:
Hi Allegra, no i am not moving there permanently i am just visiting my cousen because i have never sean them and i am having lots of fun. Ok i will let you no when i make the bracelet.
 Allegra on January 7, 2009:
Oh wow, are you moving there permanently? Let me know when you've made a bracelet! If you can, take a picture of it to show us!
 Manjit on January 7, 2009:
Thanks but it is highlighting like before. It is now much easer now to make the bracelet thanks. Just to tell you that I am in India now.
 Allegra on November 28, 2008:
You tried printing the page as is with the settings like I told you? I wish I could be there with you to show you what I mean. How strange that it works for all the other beading patterns and not this one. Have you gotten someone else to try and help you with it? What browser are you using? I'm using Firefox. Maybe you're using Internet Explorer. Try printing it with firefox (which you can download for free from firefox's print preview is really great and gives you lots of options).
 Manjit on November 17, 2008:
Hi Allegra, I tryed to do it like you side but I can not do it like that. I can do it from the other pattern's that you have posted put not this one.
 Allegra on November 10, 2008:
Oh I see. Well, you can totally save yourself the trouble of copying and pasting stuff by printing the page. You go to File >> Print Preview, then click Options. Then tell the computer to print landscape orientation, without the background (makes the background white), and set the width to the paper width. It should come out just fine, I've done it before. You can cut off the comments and other unwanted details of the page in the print preview (eg, if the comments are on page 2, don't print that page). Hope this helps!
 Manjit on November 10, 2008:
Hi Allegra. I am saying that sometimes we want to print a picture but there is writing around it, so we highlight copy only the picture and take it to microsoft and then we paste it and we only have the picture. But I can not do that here, but the other pattern's we can do that.
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
Hi Manjit! Did you know another girl who is 13 years old wants to talk with you on the forum? She posted asking to speak to a girl her own age and I told her about you! The thread is "the 13 year old beader" and you can click "post reply" to reply, you don't have to sign up. Anyways, I don't quite follow what you mean by highlight the pattern. The actual instructions are on page 2. Does that answer the question?
 Manjit on October 27, 2008:
Hi, Allegra. I am trying to highlight the Beaded Sun Circle Bracelet and I can not highlight it, and i made the 3D bird it looks very nice.
 Allegra on October 25, 2008:
Hi Kathryn, which boxes do you mean? The pictures printed and not the text?
 Kathryn Corbitt on October 21, 2008:
I just tried printing the pattern by going to the print preview first. It did cut out all the ads and links but the only problem is that it didnt copy the actual patterns, it just had the boxes which were blank. I think I should be able to recreate your design based on the picture though since it is so clear. Cant wait to try it. Thanks again.
 Allegra on October 12, 2008:
Hmmm, well I guess you could save the pictures and text to microsoft word or something? I heard that the search engines punish sites for making "printable" pages that are identical copies to their existing pages, so I've always been afraid to try it. They see as you trying to double your text without really adding anything new, and they lower your ranking. The other thing I can suggest is to go to "print preview" in your browser, rather than just going to file>>print, and then clicking on "options" and telling the page to print without the background. For me, it works. I have printed darkly coloured sites before, and it just makes the text black and the background white. Sorry about my layout being busy!! It's hard to fit everything in on one screen! And then you also have to account for different monitor sizes, resolutions, etc. It's hard to please everyone! I hope this helps^^
 Bonnie Nagle on October 12, 2008:
Just a there anyway we can just print out the instructions without all the other ads?...Love the bird...she's adorable ..but to print it out? very expensive. Really like your new bracelet are very generous to do this and we thank you.
 Maria Teresa on October 12, 2008:
Very beautiful, Allegra! Thank you!!!!!!!!
 Bidiboum on October 12, 2008:
Hi Allegra!! This bracelet seems very nice - so as your site, by the way...! I visit it as often as I can (my studies are very absorbing... I really miss beading - this is so frustrating!) and I find it greater and greater. You are really doing a generous work, I admire you! I hope everything's going well for you : )
 Allegra on September 25, 2008:
Hi Nancy, I'm going to post the full pattern this weekend for sure. I have all the beads in my diagram drawn, just need to add the steps and arrows. I posted the bead set up so that you can see how the beads are laid out in each sun circle bracelet unit. In the meantime, finish the pearl necklace and this one should be ready by the time you are done! LOL
 Nancy on September 24, 2008:
Hi Allegra, have you posted the pattern for this bracelet. It is beautiful and I would like to try to make it. I love your forum.