Beaded Tiny Hearts Hair Comb Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded tiny hearts hair comb pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Beaded Tiny Hearts Hair Comb Pattern

Before you begin ...
For each heart bead you make, 1 meter of fishing line, 68 total beads of size 15 seed beads (or larger beads for a larger heart, can even use round plastic beads for a very large heart); for this pattern, use 23 beads of one colour (in these instructions, the translucent yellow beads), and 45 beads of the other colour (in these instructions, the opaque yellow beads)
Time required: About 5 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:Welcome to the beaded tiny hearts hair comb instructions!! As we are using 2 different types of beads in this pattern (translucent and opaque) I will refer to them as T-beads (trans.) and O-beads (opaque).
Start by adding 3 O-beads onto your thread. One end is now your red thread and the other end is your black thread.

Step 2

Step 2:Cross your red thread through bead 3 to form a circle of 3 beads.

Step 3

Step 3:Add 1 T-bead to each of your threads (total of 2) and then add 1 T-bead (bead 6 in the diagram) and cross through it.

Step 4

Step 4:This time add 1 O-bead to each of your threads (total of 2) and then add 1 O-bead (bead 9 in the diagram) and cross through it.

Step 5

Step 5:Add 3 O-beads (10-12) to your black thread.

  Beader Comments:
 Alice on April 25, 2014:
Can you please tell me whether I can ues the method I posted on April24, 2014 to attach the 3D hearts to hair comb? Thanks a lot.
 Alice on April 24, 2014:
Hi! Can you please tell me when I attach the beaded heart to the hair comb, I just need to loop around and around and putting the thread through the bead design and around the top of the comb. Finally, tie knot at the back of hair comb.
 Willy on January 9, 2013:
Great tutorial Allegra!! ..Very very informative. Thanks!!
 Anne on March 2, 2012:
Do you have a printer friendly pattern?
 Sherry on March 17, 2011:
 Gail on January 31, 2011:
Do you have a printer friendly pattern?
 Megs on December 4, 2010:
great pattern! it was my first time making a 3d bead pattern and it was fun! only thing was that i used just one color instead of two so it was kinda confusing at times to figure out which bead i was supposed to go through. also, i used wire instead of fishing line (didn't have any). advice for nyone who uses wire, don't pull too hard and make sure it doesn't twist as u pull it through. otherwise, itll break. (i know from experience. i got half way done n my wire broke so i had to start over). otherwise a fun pattern!
 Maria on November 9, 2010:
Hey my heart turned out a little lopsided but looks so cute... you are wizards with beads... I just love mr piggy too
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 m on May 5, 2010:
trying to find where i stopped before
 marilyn on May 4, 2010:
this looks very easy, i hope so. I want to do 3d beadwork so much, but couldnt find it. this looks like a gold mine thank you, thank you.
 liza on January 25, 2010:
you guys have good patterns
 Gaea on December 29, 2009:
Can i turn this pattern into a ring?
 Gaea on December 29, 2009:
i love this pattern! thank you somuch for posting it online!
 Becca on November 8, 2009:
Can I substitute 4mm Swarovski bicones for the beads? Thanks!
 rachel on October 28, 2009:
i dont understand
 Mary-Jane on June 16, 2009:
This was the first project I attempted and I could have only done it because of your incredibly clear instructions. Thanks so much for making this pattern. I'm very happy with the results :)
 Allegra on February 18, 2009:
Jax is our resident needle expert, after all. I have found needles but they weren't labelled as to what size they were, and the thinner ones were too short to work with comfortably, and half the time they didn't go through the bead hole. I'll have to try a craft store like Michael's.
The words for this pattern should be posted within a couple of days, as they are now done, thanks to Laura!
 Jax on February 14, 2009:
Hi Eveylyn. If you use regular fishing line, no needles are fine. If you use a nylon beading thread or a thinner fishing line like fireline (it's more expensive, just a warning!) you would want to use beading needles. I like size 10 for most projects but size 12 for 11/0 seed beads. You can find them in most craft stores, JoAnn's in my area has them like 4 for $1 ish and you can also find them at beading stores. And don't be scared of RAW, I had the worst time with it, I learned peyote first and had trouble transitioning but everybody is here to help guide you through. Just post where you have a problem.
 Allegra on February 13, 2009:
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I completely forgot that I haven't added words to this pattern yet. I am so sorry. I'm going to get on this right away and finally finish it once and for all. Anyways, to answer your question, you don't even have to use needles at all. Just use fishing line and your fingers and beads. I have never used a beading needle to make any pattern. I don't even have needles thin enough to fit through my beads and I have no idea where to get one. But if you do use needles, then yes, you would use two needles for this type of pattern. Right angle weave is a fancy term for a really simple technique (even that word is too fancy for what it really is), so I'm sure you will do wonderful. If you have trouble, post another comment here and we'll do our best to help (all 5 of us monitor all the comments).
 evelyn on February 13, 2009:
is this done with two needles? i'm a beginner..not sure if i even know how to right angle weave..thanks
 Vicky on December 19, 2008:
Really its so beautiful! Thank you for doing this site!
God Bless you all!
 beader on November 25, 2008:
when are you posting worded instructions
 Allegra on October 5, 2008:
This heart pattern is a bit challenging compared to the animals. Please let me know if you have particular difficulties with certain steps!

Nephertite, I've emailed you. If you want, you can email me at
 Kara on October 4, 2008:
I don't know why but for the life of me i just cant get the hang of this. I used to make beaded animals all the time. Maybe this is an off day. =\
 Allegra on September 29, 2008:
Hi Loretta, what do you mean "the second side"? Have you figured it out since you posted? Sometimes it takes looking carefully and walking away and coming back to it later, and suddenly the path becomes clear. LOL! Let me know how I can help. I am going to post written instructions here, I just haven't gotten a chance because I'm in school right now. But I graduate in December!!
 Nephertite on September 25, 2008:
Thanks for the great pattern! Im waiting for new posts...
Your work is splendid! With this, we can learn new things, and more: youre helping with our difficulties.
If you dont care, I have a Star pattern and a heart pattern that i can make a diagram and send to you! Theyre cuties! =3
IF you want, send me a mail or post here, because im always here! S2

PS: Sorry about my english, still learning the language.
 loretta on September 25, 2008:
I'm trying to master this heart but am having trouble. I got to the second side at bead 5. I can't figure which bead is bead 5.
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
Uhhh... correction, awesome Allegra! LOL!
 Beadyone on September 23, 2008:
Awesome CJ--I have definately put this in my favorites!!
 Allegra on September 17, 2008:
Hi CJ, are you unable to follow the diagrams with arrows and numbers? I'm back in school right now, so it might not be done for a little while. I will try my best to find some time to work on it this weekend. It may end up being a bit by bit project. Please try with the diagrams and let me know how it goes! You can post on pages where you have difficulty following the diagram and I'll answer your questions (I track all comments centrally).
 cj on September 16, 2008:
still waiting...again... lol thanks so much for these patterns my friends all want me to make them some! HA!
 cj on August 26, 2008:
still waiting...but thanks 4 the piggy
 cj on August 14, 2008:
 Allegra on July 31, 2008:
Hehe, hopefully there are enough other beading patterns to tide you over in the meantime!
 cj on July 30, 2008:
kk i cant waiiiiit!! i wanna do this AND the pig so badly!!

thanks so much for doing this site its AWESOME!!
 Allegra on July 29, 2008:
Hi CJ, the words will be posted hopefully within a week. It's definitely on my immediate to-do list, except that I'm doing the pig first, then this.
 cj on July 29, 2008:
when will the words come???
 Allegra on July 24, 2008:
Let me know if you have any difficulty with the heart instructions. The arrows and written explanations are coming soon!