Beaded Spiral Wire Pendant Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the beaded spiral wire pendant pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Step 21

Step 21:And here is the bead to be added! (well, it doesn't have to be this type of bead, any type is okay! But obviously try to find one that approximately fills the gap between the two spirals of the 20-gauge wire). It's not hard to add beads. In fact, it's exactly the same process as without the bead except you that strung a bead on before moving the 24-gauge wire from over the outer wire to under the inner wire! The space between the two rows of wire will get larger so I added larger and larger beads as I moved down until I got to a maximum size. Ideally you should use two-three sizes in total. I also tried to make it so that I put larger and larger gaps between the beads to be added. So I did 3 or 4 loops between the spirals of 20-gauge wire before the first bead, 4-5 before the second bead, 5-6 before the third bead, etc.

Step 22

Step 22:Here I am showing you that when you reach the end of your wire, make a couple of loops and then cut off the excess because you don't want to make too many extra loops or else when you start wrapping the new piece on top you will have a big bump. Anyways, after cutting off the excess, cut a new piece of 24-gauge wire and wrap the beginning right on top of the old one to secure it in place. Then keep going with it. Keep in mind once you reach the part where the inner spiral goes up towards the point, you stop going around back and forth from the outer spiral to the inner spiral and keep going with the 24-gauge wire, only wrapping the outer wire round and round with loops. For this part, be sure to throw in a colourful shiny seed bead at about every 10 loops for effect. You don't have to go all the way to the end right now. Just go until you run out of 24-gauge wire again, because we will be coming back to it later.

Step 23

Step 23:Okay once you are done your first "layer" of wire, go back around the backbone again, starting at the beginning at the starting loop, and going over all the previous 24-gauge wire wrapping, but only one one side of the model (the outer spiral). Don't go back and forth between the outer and inner spiral rows this time. Stick to the outer spiral and loop over it over and over until all the silver from the 20-gauge wire is hidden. Use the plyers to tighten your loops. You will have to maneouvre around the wire that goes back and forth between the inner and outer spiral. Just loop right between them. Don't worry too much about them. Remember also to add a colourful shiny seed bead at about every 10 loops for effect. We will come back in to loop all over the inner spiral later.

Step 24

Step 24:Here's another picture showing you to keep going only around the outer spiral. And it also shows you the approximate spacing for the shiny seed beads. Medium-sized seed beads are adequate, but small would be okay too. I think large seed beads would be too bulky though, and would weigh down the necklace quite a bit too.

Step 25

Step 25:Phew, here's a global view of where we are at so far. Bet you were dying for that. As you can see, in my particular case, I was lucky to have my piece of 24-gauge wire end right at the point where it was supposed to as the spiral turned upwards towards the centre of the pendant. So I didn't have to keep going around the outer wire with simple loops just yet. But you could have some loops beyond that point in your model. It doesn't really matter because in the end it will be totally covered with loops and seed beads. You can see that I did go over the whole outer spiral from the beginning with simple loops and seed beads. You can also see all the larger beads embedded in the model from earlier.

  Beader Comments:
 Della on February 13, 2012:
Emily - I wish Ben and I were enaitg out on your porch with you guys! We miss those nights. Come visit us soon and we will eat in the hot tub :)
 Allegra on September 23, 2008:
Hi Manjit! Mainly this pendant is used for hanging around your neck as a necklace. It looks best against a black lace necklace string. You can use a black velvety material as well. The black makes it show more vibrantly, especially if you use brightly coloured beads to make the pendant. Wearing on a black shirt really makes it pop. (in other words, get noticed!)
 Manjit on September 23, 2008:
Hi, Allegra. What can we use the Beaded Spiral Wire Pendant Pattern for.