Beaded Rounded Heart (Photos) Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded rounded heart pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Beaded Rounded Heart (Photos) Pattern

Before you begin ...
1.5 meters of fishing line, 76 of size 11/0 (small) seed beads, 37 of size 6/0 (large) seed beads
Time required: About 4 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Very Challenging

Step 1

Step 1:String 6 pearly small seed beads in sequence onto the fishing line. Then, as the picture on the left shows, "cross" the last bead you added (or the first) with the fishing line. The red dot depicts the bead that is to be crossed by the two ends of the fishing line, and the red and black arrows depict the two ends of the fishing line. I have been very consistent throughout the entire tutorial with the arrow directions, and that is to help you figure out what to do with which end, because it matters unless the pattern is symmetrical!

Step 2

Step 2:Now pull the two ends of the fishing line tightly through that small seed bead labelled with the red dot, and the picture in step 2 shows how it should look: a tight loop of 6 small seed beads. Now keep in mind as always that at this point, you should be making sure that the two ends of your fishing line are the same length. You can only bead with that fishing line piece until you reach the end of the shorter side. So, you should always make the two ends of fishing line equal in length after crossing the first bead in the pattern, and you do this by making sure your crossed bead is in the center of your 1.5-meter piece of fishing line. Now, onto the end of the fishing line depicted by the red arrow, add the 5 beads shown (one large blue seed bead, one small white seed bead, one large blue, one small white, and finally one large blue bead that is depicted by a yellow dot).

Step 3

Step 3:Now the reason I labelled the last large seed bead to be added with a yellow dot is because it's the bead that you will be crossing in this step. So just take the end of the fishing line depicted by the black arrow and string it through that bead, as shown in the picture. Pull it tight.

Step 4

Step 4:There is something a little bit subtle going on in this step. You take the end of the fishing line depicted by a red arrow and you string it through the pearly white small seed bead that is labelled with a pink dot. This bead is already in your pattern, so don't add a new bead! To the other end of the fishing line (depicted by a black arrow), add the four new beads shown, the last one added being the large blue seed bead labelled with a green dot.

Step 5

Step 5:The large blue seed bead labelled with a green dot is being crossed in this picture by both ends of the fishing line. So all you have to do is take the end of the fishing line depicted by a red arrow and string it through that blue seed bead. Pull tight and your heart pattern should look like the picture! I know it doesn't look like a heart yet, but stay tuned. Actually it probably won't start looking anything like a heart until page 15 or so. LOL!

  Beader Comments:
 Lynn (site moderator) on August 29, 2014:
@ lyasushi... yes.. pattern can be done in crystal bicones... looks good...
 Iyasushi on August 28, 2014:
Curious if this can be done with bicone beads? Of if anyone has tried with bicone beads. (Like the crystals ones.)
Or maybe I should try it myself... >>
 Luana on January 25, 2012:
Gostaria de parabenizar pela didática do tutorial! Consegui realizar e ficou lindo, fiz com pérolas e miçangas douradas, ficou um luxo! Obrigada. Gostaria de fazer uma bola, tentei fazer, mas não consegui! Se vocês tiverem um PAP, ficarei muito feliz em fazer também!
 Tanya on December 2, 2011:
This is very very nice, I would like to try it. Do any one maybe know of a book that is on the market we could buy with patterns in like this ones?
 katie on November 3, 2011:
loved it
 Beading<3luver on October 25, 2010:
This was not hard at all, and i JUST finished my very first beaded figure.
and it was easy, thanks to the colorful and step-by-step instructions!
 Beading<3luver on October 24, 2010:
i love your patterns! :)
please keep on making these, there are literally NO 3D patterns online, so i really appreciate what you're doing!
 IotaGirlie34oo on August 18, 2010:
Hey Allegra!
I really luv ur patterns i understand everything its soooo amazing!
keep the good work! xd
 jackie zamora on October 27, 2009:
hi!thanks for sharing us these wonderful projects.may you continue doing this,you are heaven sent!
 DokDoka on August 2, 2009:
so great thank u
 Vicky on December 24, 2008:
Hey Allegra.
Thank you so much for your time in doing this project as well as this site! I have always been making only jewelry with beads, but now a new, exciting field is opening up to me. I really enjoy your projects. Only, if you have time, will you be able to do the back of the hello kitty? I tried to do it but sort of messed up. I tried to follow your pattern for the front, but I don't seem to understand how to leave the blue beads out. Please do that if you have time.
By the way, I read some of the comments on your home page, congratulations on your graduation!
Hope to be able to do that hello kitty's back soon,
 Jax on July 12, 2008:
I don't know how it was before, but I can attest to it being better. I got to the bottom of page two just from the pictures!
 Allegra on June 10, 2008:
Ignore my last comment on April 19 because this tutorial has been totally revamped and is totally clear now! Try it!
 Allegra on April 19, 2008:
Hehe, I don't know what to say. I did a bad job doing this tutorial, LOL. I assure you that all the other tutorials that are done are MUCH clearer than this one, because I learned from the mistakes of this one and took way more pictures (in fact, nowadays I take so many pictures I end up deleting half of them because they are showing the same thing). I never got around to fixing this one because I thought it was more important to get the other ones posted for everyone first. I'm thinking you're probably the first person ever to try this tutorial because you're the first to voice confusion, and it is a confusing tutorial. Okay, first thing I do when my exams are over is to remake the heart and fix this tutorial! If I fixed it up to really show every step along the way, I bet I could reduce the difficulty rating I gave it from "hardest" to moderate or challenging. Thanks for trying it! Don't be afraid to try my other ones, as I said because they are much much clearer and show every step.
 Tess on April 19, 2008:
Okay, after many errors and repeating the steps on page 1. I've finally made it to the end of page 2. Yay!!! I don't get where to go from here.