Beaded Rounded Heart (Photos) Pattern by Allegra

Welcome to the 3-D beaded rounded heart pattern instructions! If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page on which you are stuck, and I'll do my best to help!


Step 86

Step 86:As promised, in this step, we are crossing the small white bead labelled with a green dot, that we just added in the previous step. So we are now finished our second circle of 4 small white seed beads. Next we are moving on to the third one and then the fourth one and then we are done the heart!! So the next beads we will be stringing through are labelled with blue X's.

Step 87

Step 87:So, take the end of the fishing line depicted by a black arrow and string it through the two small white beads labelled with blue X's. Then, to the same end of the fishing line, add 1 new small white seed bead, labelled with a purple dot. You could have also added this new bead to the other end of the fishing line, since you will be crossing it in the next step anyways. You can see that we now have all 4 beads ready to form this circle of small white seed beads.

Step 88

Step 88:So now cross the last new bead that was added to the pattern! That is, cross the small white seed bead labelled with a purple dot. We are almost done the beaded heart pattern now! And you can see that we already have four beads at our disposal for forming the final circle of 4 small white seed beads. All we have to do is string through them and we don't have to add any new beads to the pattern!

Step 89

Step 89:So in this step, we won't be adding any new beads. Just take one end of the fishing line (doesn't matter which, but I used the red arrow to show it in the picture) and string it through the 4 beads that make up the last circle of 4 beads on the top of the heart. That is, in order, the small white seed beads labelled with a purple dot, two pink dots, and a yellow dot, then back again through the one labelled with a purple dot, so that you end up back where you started (ie, a loop!), except that the four beads are now attached to each other to form a circle! That's it! The heart is done! Now all we have to do is add the very bottom bead of the heart, which will sit under it to make the bottom of the heart more pointy.

Step 90

Step 90:Phew!! 18 pages of tutorial later and we are finally done the beading part of the heart!!!!! Now we must finish it off. If you notice, right now our heart's apex (the pointy bottom part) is not that pointy. So we must rectify that. Right now, your two ends of fishing line should be situated at the top of the model (where we left off). So, as shown in the picture, take one end of fishing line and string it right through the interior of the heart until it comes out of the very bottom of the heart (right in the middle of the circle of 4 small white seed beads that make up the apex). Then repeat with the other end of fishing line, so that both ends of the fishing line are now coming out of the apex of the beaded heart.

  Beader Comments:
 Kay on December 18, 2013:
Love how you set out the instructions and my heart turned out pretty GOOD!!!
 Sue on January 2, 2011:
I can't find where any pattern tells me how to add a bail to hang the Puffy Heart. Have I just missed it??
 Felicia Goh on March 18, 2009:
omg this is so amazing and of course very beautiful. all my friends LOVE it! and i do too! thank you sooo much!
 qubail alfajr on January 18, 2009:
thank you:) and be sure that I'll try again...just after exams lol
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Hi Qubail, I hope the heart went okay on your second try. I know beading can be sooo frustrating when it doesn't work out, which seems to happen more often than not, but honestly, you'd be surprised at how quickly things can turn around on your second try. Good luck and let us know if you manage it! Also, Laura has offered to make a diagram overview of the heart pattern for you to compare to the pictures. Hopefully that will help you as well.
 qubail alfajr on January 10, 2009:
that is realy beautifal but I'm sad cuz I have lost nearly page 14 or 15 and the heart I made is not a heart! after all thees steps! but I'm sure that I'll keep it and make another one just after exams in sha'a allah, and thank you again for all this work to show clearly the pattern stepe work )
 Julie on December 10, 2008:
this is really cool
 jabeen on October 26, 2008:
laura u did a wonderful job of this 3d heart....excellent instructions a new beginner will be happy....yr instructions are so clear....thanks a lot
 Aghra on August 18, 2008:
i do hope i'll be able to find a magnet with a hole or 2 to try out, cos tying the fishing line round & round the magnet doesnt appeal to me... =P i'll look ard for the magnet first. maybe i'll try to glue it in place and try if i can pluck it out (security testing)! and yea... first end-product will be placed on my fridge ~ ^o^ it'll be so cool, 3-d heart magnet XD i'll post the pic on the forum if it works (only if it works keke).
Thanks for your reply =)
 Allegra on August 18, 2008:
Hmm, that is an interesting predicament. I have always just either attached a brooch pin, or a hair clip, or something of the sort that can be tied to the heart using fishing line, rather than glued. Could you by any chance find a magnet that has a small hole in it somewhere? Because if you could, you could tie the heart to the magnet. Or I suppose you could also just tie around and around the magnet (if there are no holes) until there's just no way for it to come out from any direction. LOL! Are you planning to put the heart on your fridge?
 Aghra on August 18, 2008:
any idea if this 'heart' can be made as a magnet? i've just done one with abt 3mm brown and white 'crystal-like' beads, kinda small lol. and i'm thinking how i can glue on the uneven surface. or would it be easier to glue on the magnet with the beads Laura has used?
 Allegra on June 13, 2008:
Hi Julie! I had to do a google search for "swarovski puffy heart" to find out which one it is! It's not the same pattern. In fact, from the looks of it, this heart pattern is much more challenging because it features beads of two different sizes in the same heart. Good luck with it! I don't actually know if this beaded heart pattern has an official name because I learned it from a Chinese woman who barely speaks two words of English. Anyways, good luck! I'd love to see your finished product too!
 julie b on June 12, 2008:
Is this the same pattern used to make the swarovski puffy heart? Your directions are fantastic by the way - and I will be making one of these soon. I am addicted to beads :o)