Beaded Rounded Heart (Diagrams) Pattern by Laura

Welcome to the beaded rounded heart pattern instructions! This pattern was created by our fellow beader Laura. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page, and we'll do our best to help.


Beaded Rounded Heart (Diagrams) Pattern

Before you begin ...
- 150cm of nylon thread/fishing line,
- 76 seed beads of any colour but smallish in size (I used size 8/0)
- 37 5mm acrylic beads of any colour
(As long as you use beads of relatively different sizes you should be okay)
Time required: About 4 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Very Challenging

Step 1

Step 1:We will be starting at the blue dot on bead 1. This bead should be at the centre of your nylon thread - one end of the thread is your blue thread and the other end is your green thread. As the beads are numbered irrespective of their size, I will state either B (for big beads) or S (for small beads) next to the numbers in the typed instructions. We will be starting at the base of the heart, working upwards towards the peaks. Remember to pull tight regularly.
- Thread beads 1-4 (all S) and criss-cross through bead 4
- Thread beads 5-9 (BSBSB) and criss-cross through bead 9, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 5-9) back through bead 1
- Thread beads 10-13 (SBSB) and criss-cross through bead 13, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 10-13) back through bead 2
- Thread beads 14-17 (SBSB) and criss-cross through bead 17, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 14-17) back through bead 3 and bead 5
- Thread beads 18-20 (SBS) and criss-cross through bead 20

Step 2

Step 2:We are starting here at the blue dot on bead 20
- Pass the green thread back through bead 6
- Thread beads 21-24 (all S) and criss-cross through bead 24, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 21-24) back through bead 7
- Thread beads 25-28 (BSBS) and criss-cross through bead 28, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 25-28) back through bead 8 and bead 10
- Thread beads 29-31 (all S) and criss-cross through bead 31, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 29-31) back through bead 11
- Thread beads 32-35 (BSBS) and criss-cross through bead 35, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 32-35) back through bead 12 and bead 14
- Repeat this pattern until you criss-cross through bead 45, then pass the blue thread back through bead 19 and bead 21
- Thread beads 46-48 (BSB) and criss-cross through bead 48

Step 3

Step 3:We are starting this time at the blue dot on bead 48
- Pass the green thread back through bead 22
- Thread beads 49-52 (SBSB) and criss-cross through bead 52, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 49-52) back through bead 23 and bead 25
- Thread beads 53-55 (SBS) and criss-cross through bead 55, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 53-55) back through bead 26
- Thread beads 56-58 (all S) and criss-cross through bead 58, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 56-58) back through bead 27 and bead 29
- Repeat this pattern until you criss-cross through bead 82, then pass the blue thread back through bead 47 and bead 49
- Thread beads 83-84 (both S) and criss-cross through bead 84

Step 4

Step 4:This diagram is purely to show how you should squeeze together your piece to create the correct shape. This is just a guide and will help you to understand how the heart shape is formed - it doesn't matter if you can't squeeze it exactly. The numbered beads are the 'outer' beads from the last step and should form the upper rim of what you have made so far - a cone shape. This is the base of the heart up to its widest point. The blue dot and arrows on bead 84 show where your threads should be coming out. We will now be forming the 2 peaks of the heart.

Step 5

Step 5:We will now be using the beads specified in the previous diagram (and originally threaded in Step 1). The numbers of these beads are greyed out and the numbering of the new beads to be added has been reset to 1. We are starting at the blue dot on bead 84 (where your threads should currently be). Be careful to look at the instructions closely in this step, as they don't follow an obvious pattern. Remember to pull tight regularly.
- Pass the green thread through bead 50
- Thread beads 1-4 (BSBS) and criss-cross through bead 4, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 1-4) back through bead 51 and bead 53
- Thread bead 5 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the green thread back through bead 54 and bead 56 and pass the blue thread back through bead 3
- Thread beads 6-7 (SB) and criss-cross through bead 7, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 6-7) back through bead 57 and bead 59
- Thread beads 8-10 (SBS) and criss-cross through bead 10, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 8-10) back through bead 6 and bead 2
- Thread bead 11 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the green thread back through bead 1, bead 83 and bead 81 and pass the blue thread through bead 9
- Thread bead 12 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the blue thread back through bead 80
- Thread beads 13-14 (both S) and criss-cross through bead 14, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 13-14) back through bead 78
- Thread beads 15-16 (both S) and criss-cross through bead 16, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 15-16) back through bead 77 and bead 75
- Thread beads 17-19 (BSB) and criss-cross through bead 19, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 17-19) back through bead 74 and bead 72
- Thread beads 20-22 (SBS) and criss-cross through bead 22, then pass the blue thread (the one you used to thread beads 20-22) back through bead 71 and bead 69
- Thread bead 23 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the blue thread back through bead 21 and pass the green thread back through bead 68 and bead 66
- Thread beads 24-25 (BS) and criss-cross through bead 25, then pass the green thread (the one you used to thread beads 24-25) back through bead 20 and bead 18
- Thread bead 26 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the blue thread back through bead 17 and pass the green thread back through bead 24, bead 65 and bead 63
- Thread bead 27 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the blue thread back through bead 62 and pass the green thread back through bead 15
- Thread bead 28 (S) and criss-cross through it, then pass the green thread back through bead 60, bead 8 and bead 13
- Pull the threads extra tight and tie your threads together in a double-knot

  Beader Comments:
 Sarah Cain on April 22, 2014:
I love this. Im a beginner. I found I had to stay on top of the direction I was going. now I make them two sided. thank you so much for the pattern I want to make a for all my sisters and .friends

 Rintxy on February 12, 2014:
Good job! Very useful pics, thanks! ^_^
 mustafiz on September 3, 2013:
very challenging, i could beat the odd. thanx for this tutorial
 Luisa on June 5, 2013:
 Carol Rawlins on April 4, 2012:
Hi, I have been beading now for less than a year. I was told about beading animals and thought I would try it, but could never find patterns for them. Thank you for your pattern. God bless and have a really wonderful day.
 may may on March 6, 2012:
It is a great site, I am glad I find you, a very big thank
 C.C. on August 16, 2011:
This is a great pattern, I really enjoyed it. One suggestion I have is to use "Tiger Tail" or "beading wire" as it is thin enough to go through seed beads twice but strong and requires less tightening as it retains it's shape.
 kaila on June 11, 2011:
for me this only took about 30 min- 1 hr. not 4 hrs!
 Maria on April 9, 2011:
This looks very confusing and complicated...I don't think I'll try it. I want something REALLY simple for my first try? (But something nice too)
 otakugirl on April 4, 2011:
wow, this was so easy. I've already made 2 of them, and they are so cute.
 Margaret on July 11, 2010:
So cute and it was easy. Thank you so much for sharing it ;o)
 emilee on July 6, 2010:
these patterns turn out really cute they are just a little hard to follow
 Allegra on June 14, 2010:
The flower ring is on its way! I just finished it.
 Coocs on April 11, 2010:
Love it!!!! Do you have other patterns like a heart ring or a flower ring?
 Caren on March 22, 2010:
How do you do that because it confuses me and are you going to do it at greenwich market like show childern how to do that?
 Super Happy!!! on February 15, 2010:
this is great! i think the diagram r great!!!and there r also instructions that help alot!!!
 Kirsi on February 6, 2010:
Thanks for the new instructions, I like seeing "the big picture"!
 Darlene on February 4, 2010:
Hi! I just want to say thank you for this beautiful heart,I thought I'll never get it but now I own one.It was hard at first but piece by piece,I was able to follow the pattern.Many thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!
 Jackie on February 4, 2010:
I having a big problems getting pass step one. In step one you make us go back to bead 3, bead 5 ect. How do I mark the bead to remember which is bead 3, 5 10 etc.
 Renie Hoffman on January 4, 2010:
I am working on this heart and am a little puzzled. When you say "repeat this pattern" do you mean to repeat the pattern previous or all the patterns under the particular step? I am working on the steps in Step 2 and the shape of my heart is already forming. Am I doing this correctly? Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
 hannah on December 28, 2009:
That is really complicated. Itried it and now I'm kind of lost
 Dolapo on November 16, 2009:
Hi,i am not able to view some of the diagrams.pls help
 Natalia on November 14, 2009:
clumsy me, i think i'd be better at something less...precise?
 kelly on October 30, 2009:
thanks for the great pattern! I made this heart out of blue beads in a few hours and it looks so awesome!!
 Salma on October 9, 2009:
È perfeito o esquema do coração.
Salma (Brasil)
 Ami on September 19, 2009:
I love it , i have made abot 3 or 4 hearts ...
They're beautiful ...
Tanx for the idea :))
 nancy on August 5, 2009:
me gustan sus patrones son faciles.
 rafaela on July 10, 2009:
el mejor corazon q alla visto espero q agan muchos mas.
 Mini-Squishy on May 21, 2009:
Ever so happy since finding this site lots of people in the class asked me to make them stuff, looks like another trip to the bead shop for me!! :D XD
 Laura on April 24, 2009:
Hi Lola, welcome to the site! Have you managed to make the heart yet?
That's great, Mini-squishy, you should be very proud of yourself! I hope you enjoy making some of the other patterns too.
Dessislava - Do you have a photo you could post on the forum of your red and blue heart? We'd love to see it. And well done on just using the first page - all the patterns are going to be in this new format so it's really good that you managed to follow it!
 Dessislava on April 18, 2009:
This is awesome!!! I managed to do it by using only the 1st page so I am very proud of myself. :) Thank you for the idea. It looks great with blue and red beads too...
 Mini-squishy on March 30, 2009:
Wow this site is da bomb, I am 12 years old, 3d beading is new to me and I successfully(only just learnt to spell that) made two of these rounded hearts. I am so happy with the results, thanx 4 da kool site!!!!!!!!
 LoLa on March 11, 2009:
it's beauliful !!! I going to make it... I'm from Poland hihihi...

 Allegra on December 26, 2008:
Thanks so much for answering for me! It's hard to keep up with all the questions myself. To add to this, yes you can use one size of bead, but the heart will be significantly smaller than if you used two sizes (or bigger if you use a large size for both beads). But it'll definitely look like a heart lol.
 ab on December 22, 2008:
hi, as a first project i made the heart -from size 11/0 seed beads only, in red and white- it was so cute . it took me less than two hours, and the tutorial made it so easy. thanx sooooo much! :-) P.S i would love to make the beaded elephant-the one from the bicone crystals.LOL
 Digipets5 on December 20, 2008:
hi, i was wondering if it would come out right if i used only beads of the same size.
 Allegra on September 29, 2008:
Hi Rareflower, I think you should be okay. Your heart will just end up a bit bigger overall. The heart comes out to being about 1 inch in length. Yours might be 1.5 inches. No biggie!
 rareflower on September 29, 2008:
Hi allegra I just discovered your wonderful website! i would really love to make this heart but I only have size6 beads (4mm) and size11 (2.2mm).. although your instruction state to use size 15 and 6.. do you think it'll come out if I use 6 and 11? TY!
 Allegra on June 13, 2008:
I found a guide to seed bead sizes on the internet (boy was it hard to find though, you would think there would be better tutorial sites out there!), and it said that the ranges of seed bead size are size 6 (largest) to size 15 (smallest), and the size 6 seed beads are also referred to as E-beads. The size 6 seed beads fit 6 beads per inch, and the size 15 fit 15 beads per inch, hence the naming system. The size 6 seed beads measure about 4mm, the size 8 seed beads measure 3mm, the size 11 seed beads measure 2.2mm and the size 15 seed beads measure 1.5 mm. So judging from that, I used size 6 and size 15 seed beads to make this pattern. I also read that people use the nomenclature of "6/0", "11/0", etc to refer to the sizes. I don't know what the "/0" is for. LOL!
 Tess on June 6, 2008:
Hmm....from the pictures. I'm guessing you might have used size 10 or 11 for the smaller seed beads and size 6 for the larger seed beads.
 Allegra on June 5, 2008:
How do you like the "before you begin ..." section? I thought it would be a good idea to actually display the final object at the front of the tutorial so people know what they are aiming for! And it was the perfect opportunity to list off the materials, which is indeed quite lacking in my tutorials. I usually just start with the first step and you don't know what you are getting yourself into! LOL!! Does anyone know what specific seed bead sizes are used in this pattern? I'm not very familiar with bead size terminology!
 Allegra on June 4, 2008:
Ta da! Now this tutorial has 19 pages of instructions!
 Allegra on June 4, 2008:
Okay Laura, I posted your heart on page 9 at the end of the tutorial! You like? I photoshopped the picture a bit too to make it brighter and sharper. I hope you don't mind! I'm so grateful for your and Tess's continuous support. It really helps and motivates me!
 Tess on June 4, 2008:
What?!! What do you mean? Can you somehow tell how many times I go here or is it just my postings? LOL!!! I've been occupying myself with books that I've purchased and borrowed from the library. Fiance gets ticked off with me lately. I'll I've been doing for the past week or so lately is reading just about all day and night. Then I end up falling asleep in the livingroom. I tried going to bed with him last night, but that didn't work. About a half hour or so of sleep I woke myself up and got up and read somewhere. Again ended up falling asleep in the livingroom. He's even asked me why I haven't really be chatting with you lately. Sorry about that didn't. Hope you don't think I'm ignoring you or anything. Just knew you had a lot of projects and things to do so I didn't want to bother you. LOL!!!
 Allegra on June 4, 2008:
Hehe, I can't keep up with you. You check more often than me! I guess you really want to finish that heart you started LOL! Well, I can tell you that I'm now very happy with this layout, so I'm going to start posting the new pictures tomorrow morning and every chance I get throughout the day until it's done!
 Tess on June 4, 2008:
LOL!!! It looks really nice. Great job!
 Allegra on June 4, 2008:
Ta da! Your wish is my command!
 Tess on June 3, 2008:
Hey, this looks really good. The step labelling for each picture and paragraphs would really help with the new layout while getting rid of the extra spaces. Highlighting each step label would probably help a bit, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. But the bold lettering for each new step looks good too. Nice job by the way.
 Allegra on June 3, 2008:
Okay, this page has been completely made over the way I envision this layout going. Does it look better than before? Notice the captions and the bigger title font and the step labelling, and the less wasted space. I'm not sure if I should put green highlighting over the paragraph headings as well (ie "Step 1.") I'll play around with that I guess. LOL! I keep having to learn this as I go using internet tutorials. Sorry this is distracting me from posting the pictures already!!! But I figure it's an investment towards making this site better forever, 'cause I'll make all future new tutorials in this format rather than the old one. I promise the pictures are coming very soon!! They are done, believe me!
 Tess on June 2, 2008:
I thought it looked a little different. I like it. It looks good.
 Allegra on June 2, 2008:
LOL!!!! I also bow to Laura's intelligence! I have trouble figuring it out even after having made several of them in my lifetime. LOL! Anyways, I've started changing the layout around to make the tutorial look better and more manageable. Does it look better? I've done pages 1 and 2, so compare those to pages 3 and up. I think it looks a lot better with less wasted space and it wraps much nicer for smaller screens. I'm going to do this for all tutorial pages. Once I do that, I'll add in the new pictures in the right places. Not sure what I'm going to do with the existing text. I might just replace the whole thing. Anyways, thanks for your patience, this tutorial should be done by tonight hopefully!
 Tess on June 2, 2008:
Holy crap!!! Laura your heart is adorable. I got stuck on page 3 then couldn't figure out the rest. I studied the photos over and over and still had issues. I bow to your intelligence on figuring out. You go girl!!! And Allegra, you are definitely not wasting your time on redoing this tutorial. It definitely will help out the others who try this out. I'm just soooo mind boggled on how Laura figured it out. Geez....
 Allegra on June 2, 2008:
Okay guys, this is it. I just finished adding arrows to all my new heart tutorial pictures! So tomorrow I am posting them all in one big swoop! Sorry again that it took so long to do this! I am always too optimistic and then life gets in the way!!
 Laura on May 26, 2008:
Okay, I'll have to examine the heart again and try and remember the sizes of the beads! The larger beads were ones I've had for ages and were in a little plastic bag - I'll try and measure them LOL.
 Allegra on May 24, 2008:
So I am really really close to finishing this heart tutorial! I've already cropped 70 pictures!! I'm very close to the end and I hope to have this tutorial posted (the fixed version) by monday or tuesday. Laura, I'm going to need a description of your heart as well to post with your picture (like Tess's description on the last page of the elastic caterpillar bracelet). You can email it to me here:
 Laura on May 23, 2008:
Yes, please, that's really kind of you. I don't know about being 'unusually gifted', LOL, but thanks :-) I think a new tutorial will help although I don't know how you have the patience! There are so many steps for this heart it is easy to get confused.
 Allegra on May 22, 2008:
Laura, I can post that picture of your heart on this tutorial if you want to show people your version! I did that for Tess's version of the elastic caterpillar bracelet. You can see hers on the last page of that tutorial! Would you like me to post yours? (I can get the pic from your link).
 Allegra on May 22, 2008:
Wow, your heart is so pretty Laura!!! I can't believe you just figured it out! LOL, and here I am cropping the pictures from the "new and improved" version of this tutorial! Oh well, I guess you're unusually gifted, so maybe I'm not wasting my time. LOL!!
 Laura on May 22, 2008:
Sorry, that link didn't work so just copy and paste it into your address bar.
 Laura on May 22, 2008:
Just had a go at this heart - very complex!! I'm afraid I got a bit stuck on the actual tutorial (page 2 - like a few others did) and I ended up just kinda making it up myself from the photos. I used 2 different sizes of red beads for mine. Here's a link to a photo I took if you want to see it -
 Tess on April 18, 2008:
Thanks. After writing the my last comment. I studied the pictures a bit more and figured it out. It took me awhile to see that the X's were the existing beads that are in common with the next set. At first I was just using different sized seed beads and got confused. Then I decided to try seed beads with my Swarovski 4mm faceted ones (like you did in one of your pictures) that I've bought awhile ago cause they were pink and pretty. LOL!!! After I finished the whole circle of 6 in the beginning. I was really excited that I got it and it looked like a snowflake which I think I might make earrings out of. Thanks for the idea. LOL!! Good luck on your exams. I have exams coming up too...ewww!!! Thanks again for the help.
 Allegra on April 18, 2008:
No you're not supposed to make two. My friend and I were both making them together so that's why there's two. It never occurred to me that that might be confusing LOL! Sorry!!! I know this pattern is confusing at the beginning because it was the very first pattern that I tried making (ever) and I took way too few pictures. I'm planning to make another heart and revamp the beginning of this tutorial (first two pages or so) to make them much more understandable. Hopefully I can get that done soon (in two weeks my exams are done). Anyways, the basis of this pattern is just to make inner circles and outer circles. If you managed to finish page 1, I think you get the idea already of how to do it. All the white small seed beads form circles with each other, and then the bigger blue beads stem from them and join those circles of white beads together. What I meant to show with the pink X's on page 2 was to show you the beads that are in common from one picture to the next. Basically, just make another circle of 5 white beads stemming from one of the 6 pairs of white beads that are all around the model as shown at the bottom of page 1 (so only need to add 3 white beads to make a circle of 5 white beads). Then go around that circle with the blue and white beads again like the first time. I hope this helps. Again, I plan to fix this tutorial up to make it much clearer once my exams are over. Thanks for trying the pattern, I appreciate it!
 Tess on April 18, 2008:
Alright!! I'm totally confused with this pattern. I've finished the steps on page 1. Going on to page 2 I got lost. Am I supposed to make more than one of those circle things like the last picture you have on page 1?