Beaded Heart Pattern by Jen

Welcome to the beaded heart pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created by Jen. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page and one of us will get to you as soon as we can.


Beaded Heart Pattern

Before you begin ...
60cm fishing line.
32 x 3mm (size 8/0) pink seed beads
36 x 3mm (size 8/0) blue seed beads
Time required: About 0.75 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:Start at circle A, thread on 1 blue and 2 pink beads, crossover threads at bead 3. Continue circles B and C in this manner following bead circles and bead numbers, and keeping an eye on thread colours and bead colours.

At circle D be sure to add beads only on the red thread, then cross over at bead 12. Follow the pattern up to circle G.

For circle H, again be aware of the beads only on the one thread, and crossover on bead 23. This starts the next row of the pattern.

At circle I watch the numbers and the threads, the blue thread needs to go back in to a bead that you added before.

Continue in this manner for the rest of this diagram, pulling tight regularly.

You will notice the beading will want to curve a bit, allow this curve to come outwards towards the front. It should look a lot like the actual diagram.

Step 2

Step 2:You will now be working the top of the heart. The darkened beads means they're already in there, and just need to be threaded through again.

Both threads will be coming out of bead 37, all that's needed here is to add 3 blue beads to the blue thread, and cross over the last bead with the red thread.

Circle B needs the blue thread to go into the very first pink bead that you started the beading with in the front section (darkened), and just one pink bead is needed to crossover.

Continue in this way picking up beads from the front section whenever a shaded bead is shown.

Circle D needs 2 beads picked up from the front section.

Circle G is the turnover circle, where only the one thread has beads added.

Continue with the next row. Pulling tight regularly.

The piece should pull together at the top, so that you should now have a backless three dimensional heart shape.

Step 3

Step 3:You now need to turn the piece over to work the back.

All the outer beads are already here, and need to be picked up for every bead circle, except the last one.

Both threads will be coming out of bead 52. Bead circle A has pink beads only on the red thread.

Continue working along the edge, picking up beads from the previous sections and following bead circle letters, and bead numbers, and colours of beads and threads.

Circles D and K pick up beads previously added in this section, as well as previous sections (so watch the numbers).

Circle L doesn't pick up any new beads at all, it just picks up the beads added earlier to form this last bead circle.

Step 4

Step 4:You can thread an extra bead in each middle section of the filled in colour. If you use the same size bead, it will stand out higher, as in the photo. You can also use a smaller size bead for a subtler effect, as in Allegra's blue and clear heart photo.

You can also make this in bicones (as in Allegra's blue and pink heart), or any other size beads.

Your beaded heart is now finished!

  Beader Comments:
 Anne on September 2, 2015:
It looks difficult, but can't wait to try it. The pattern really helps me, I prefer patterns usually, so thank you so much for this pattern
 adan on February 8, 2014:
beaded heart pattern is fan but difficult
 denise on December 24, 2013:
looks difficult but will try now that i know you use 2 needles...thanks for the patterns!!!!
 kate bafa on December 31, 2012:
I just made it and it's very easy and simple. I used dark pink at the center and light pink bicones around it and after I finish the heart I add purple seed beads in each middle section of the front dark pink bicone and it looks so cute and shiny, thank u so much for the tutorial!
 Emília Câmara on October 16, 2012:
Vou tentar fazer, achei muito lindo. Obrigada por compartilhar o seu conhecimento com as miçangas.
 Hannah on October 4, 2011:
Hey Jen or Allegra! I tried this about an hour ago and they turned out GREAT! However I am wondering what you mean by threading an extra bead in the middle of the section. I am wondering if this is done after the whole heart is completed or should i do it while still beading the heart?
Thanks for you time. Once again GREAT tutorial!
thanks a bunch.
 Teri on August 26, 2011:
as a new beader, I take it sometimes the fishing line is going thur the bead in the SAME direction, and other times it is going thru in OPPOSITE directions. Is this the case? And how do I tell from the pattern which is which. I got to Step 2 and is the thread for bead 41 & 42 going thru in the same direction? Are the arrows the indicator? Thanks 4 any help.
 Lynn on April 23, 2011:
Nancy - yes this is a 2 needle project. The lines are colored red/black to make following the pattern easy (color one end of your line with a black marker). If you are using a stiff monofilament fishing line you do not need any needles... if you use 'fireline' fishing line you can use 2 size 12 beading needles... There is no video supplied here.
 nancy vail on April 23, 2011:
Am I missing something? Do I need two needles? I read comments and it sounded like their is a video. Where is it? I was so happy to find this pattern but am ver disappointed that I can't get past step 1. There is nothing in the supply list that says that two needles are needed. Please help.
 t-rex on April 21, 2011:
thanks god. finally i found this web site. i'm going to visit you more offen. tomorrow i will start this pattern. talk to you soon.
 c☺le on April 19, 2011:
 kash on April 19, 2011:
i it
 Jen on April 16, 2011:
@Beka. All these patterns take a lot of time and effort, and we all have our own lives as well. These patterns are for free or at least very affordable. But we can't make heaps of individual patterns to suit each age group or demographic. If you need help, ask an adult, that's what parents are for. Otherwise there are often classes which can teach you some things, there may be one in your area, if you look around.

The other thing is to start with an easier pattern.
 beka on April 15, 2011:
this is very very hard i have no clue what to do this is like making my head spin u should make 1 for kids that they can do cause thats what i need one for kids thanks though bye
 Maria on April 9, 2011:
Is it really as easy as you guys say it is? I want to try...
 lilacanglia on July 10, 2010:
thank you very much for this easy to understand pattern, this is only the second thing that I have beaded and loved it, thank you x
 Momi on June 16, 2010:
This is such a cool site, glad I looked around and found exactly what I needed. Want to learn to begin something small and this is it. Mahalo plenty, now I can try and create something cute and wearable.
 applejiali on June 7, 2010:
YAY! thank you! i did mean to say that i would make them myself.
 Jen on June 6, 2010:
Hi Applejiali, thanks so much for checking about permission. You can't sell these patterns themselves, but you CAN sell the product you made with them. They're yours to do anything you want with.
 Jen on June 6, 2010:
Hi Daisy, you can use any colours or sizes you like.
 Jen on June 6, 2010:
Sorry Renie, I hadn't seen yopur question yet. The pattern was made correctly in the first place, it just wasn't clear for some people.
 applejiali on June 6, 2010:
are we allowed to sell these to raise money? i am trying to save up for more school supplies. i want to get permission first!
 Daisy on February 18, 2010:
Can I use same color and size beads
 nhan on February 4, 2010:
hello. the pattern is so easy to follow. thanks very much. I can make two within an hour :) :) :). thanks very much Jen
 jaya on January 30, 2010:
thanks for your clear tutorial.
 Renie Hoffman on January 4, 2010:
Have been looking for a pattern just lke this for some time.
My question is, have the corrections been made to the pattern, as per below comments, or do I need to follow the directions with the updates below. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.
 Jen on May 21, 2009:
Sorry, I made a mistake in the last message. Don't turn it till after the second step.
 Jen on May 20, 2009:
I know exactly whats happening here, I've tried to make it clear at the end of step 1 "You will notice the beading will want to curve a bit, allow this curve to come outwards towards the front." If the rounded side is curved towards the back you will get all your numbers the opposite way around

All you have to do is push the heart inside out. The hollow will be at the back. Then turn it around.

I hope that makes sense, and it fixes your problem.
 Marianne on May 18, 2009:
I have the same problem as Diane does listed below. My bead 52 ends up on the right side instead of left. Help!
 Diane on May 15, 2009:
I love it but I'm only able to finish correctly half the time. My bead 52 is not always ending on the correct side. When I turn the heart over to complete the back it's on the right instead of the left. Any suggestions? I've taken it back to bead 37 many times and it seems like nothing is wrong. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks for your time.
 ɃɃɃɃɃɃ on April 9, 2009:
I LOVE THESE PATTERNS!! Thank you!! (>_<)
 Betty on March 16, 2009:
Anyone having trouble following the instructions should try using 2 different colored beads just as in the instructions. I used 4mm round crystal and 4mm semi precious round beads. It looks beautiful.
 Mui on February 25, 2009:
Got the heart done. Thank you again for the effort to get all these done and to share it out.
 Jen on February 25, 2009:
Oh My Gosh! I'm so sorry Mui. I'll fix it up shortly. but in the meantime just follow Lauras suggestion.
 Laura on February 24, 2009:
Hi Mui. Sorry for the confusion. I just had another look at the pattern and the threads actually swap colours from Step 1 to Step 2. It's probably easier if you just look at what you've made so far in comparison to the current step you are up to. For example, if you tried to thread beads 38-40 on the wrong thread you would end up in an awkward position after crossing through bead 40 (instead of being next to bead 1 - which is what you thread through next). Hope that makes sense!
 Mui from Malaysia on February 24, 2009:
Sorry, should be Hope you understand what I meant. Thanks
 Mui from Malaysia on February 24, 2009:
Thanks for sharing this heart instruction. Just wants to know whether does the pink and blue thread on Diagram Step 1 correspond with the pink and blue thread on Diagram Step 2 at bead no 37.
Hope you under what I meant. Thanks again
 Sandra on February 17, 2009:
Mys sister gave me her copy of a puffy heart pattern a year ago and I lost it. I've been looking for weeks. Thanks much!
 Jen on February 1, 2009:
The bail is just the ring or piece of metal that you attach to the heart, so that you can hang it onto something. For more information just see the comments from Allegra and myself.
 qubail alfajr on February 1, 2009:
english is not my mum language so ....can I ask what do bail mean?
 Jen Lawson on January 21, 2009:
Hi Nancy, just to add to Allegra's comment, another thing is to tie a loop of beads to the top of the heart, and you can join that to whatever you need with or without a jumpring. I'm sorry I missed your question.
 Allegra on January 20, 2009:
Hi Nancy, I'm sorry we overlooked your question about bails. I had to google the word bail to find out what you meant, but I believe you are referring to the piece of metal that the heart is hung from. You can either make a metal loop out of wire (use 20 gauge thickness so it keeps its shape). Just loop the wire around and around a round nose plyer to give the right shape, then cut right through the loops with a metal cutter or scissors if they are sharp, to make several metal loops. Or you can just buy metal loops from a beading store or probably even a hardware store. I prefer the ones that are like miniature key rings, where the ends overlap, for security. Then you can hang your heart however you want. It looks like Jen used a cell phone charm to attach the heart to. You can buy those in the crafts department at walmart. I hope this answers your question!
 Jax on January 19, 2009:
Hi Paris, one of the great things about this site is we love to share. I would love to see the videos you found. Could you post the link for us? All I found in the way of beaded animals was pictures of stuff that was already made. Thanks.
 elisabeth navarro on January 18, 2009:
Nossa este esquema muito facil!
 Jen Lawson on January 18, 2009:
Paris, once you've done a couple, you should be able to follow these instructions pretty easily. You may also want to start with some of the easier ones.
 Jen Lawson on January 18, 2009:
Karen, there's a good lot of information on the home page on the best ways to print the patterns, both on IE7 as well as Firefox.
 nancy on January 18, 2009:
great pattern!!! I've already made two crystal hearts. Just wondering how you make your bails? Thanks
 Paris on January 18, 2009:
All your free patterns are lovely but they are just to confusing for me. But I don't have to worry as I found a friend on-line that does video tutorials is a lot better then trying follow your patterns.
 Maria Teresa on January 18, 2009:
This heart Is very beautiful, Allegra. Thank you!
 Karen Vess on January 18, 2009:
How do I print out these instructions? Copying this page just gets everything jumbled all over the page.
 Judibeads on January 17, 2009:
Thanks, this is great and also very well written! Now to find my 3mm crystals!