Beaded 3 Tier Flower Pattern by Jen

Welcome to the 3 tier beaded flower pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Jen. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.


Beaded 3 Tier Flower Pattern

Before you begin ...
170cm fishing line
100 gold size 8/0 hex beads (also known as 2 cut beads)
200 red size 8/0 seed beads
35 black size 8/0 seed beads
1 ivory 6mm imitation pearl
Time required: About 1.5 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:Start with 5 beads, crossover on the last one (bead 5)
Add beads 6, 7, 8 and 9 onto the blue thread. Cross through bead 9 with the green thread.
Add beads 10, 11 and 12 onto the green thread. Cross through bead 12 with the blue thread.
Add beads 13, 14 and 15 onto the blue thread. Cross through bead 15 with the green thread.
Add beads 16, 17 and 18 onto the green thread. Cross through bead 18 with the blue thread.
Pass the green thread through beads 1 and 6.
Add beads 19 and 20 on the blue thread. Cross the green thread through bead 20.
Pass the blue thread through bead 7.
Add beads 21, 22 and 23 on the green thread. Cross the blue thread through bead 23
Pass the green thread through beads 8 and 10.
Add beads 24 and 25 to the blue thread. Cross the green thread through bead 25.
Pass the blue thread through beads 11 and 13.
Add beads 26 and 27 on the green thread. Cross the blue thread through bead 27
Pass the green thread through beads 14 and 16.
Add beads 28 and 29 to the blue thread. Cross the green thread through bead 29.
Pass the blue thread through beads 17, 19 and 21.
Add bead 30, and cross over.
Take the blue thread and pass through beads 28 and 26.
Take the green thread and pass through beads 22 and 24.
Tie off, but leave the thread. The base is done. It should look like a ball with lots of holes. Now you will add the petals.

Step 2

Step 2:This diagram shows where the petals need to be added, basically there will be 3 rows on the beaded base. The first and last rows will have 5 beads, the middle row will have 10 beads.

Step 3

Step 3:For the first row of petals, just pass ONE thread through the bead next to it. You will be working with this thread only for now. And you will be working on this circle of 5 beads, which will be the outer row of petals, and is highlighted in yellow.
Thread on 20 gold hex beads, and then pass the thread back through the bead on the base where you started, to create a loop of beads. (The thread path for the first row of petals is shown in the diagram).
Pass the thread into the next bead in the circle, add 20 gold hex beads, and loop it back through again. Continue this all the way around the circle of 5 beads on the base.
At this stage I like to add a brooch back, if Iím using one, then tie off the thread.

Now pick up the other thread and pass the it through to a bead in the next row. This second row is highlighted in pink, and will have 10 beads in it. Note: this row of beads doesnít sit perfectly straight, but has a slight zigzag pattern to it.
This time add loops of red size 8/0 beads, I used 20 because the seed beads are smaller than the hex beads, but play it by ear, these loops should be a little smaller than the loops in the last row.
Make this row like before, passing through a bead, adding the beads for the petals, and passing back through that bead, then pass into the next bead. Continue all the way around forming 10 overlapping petals.
Now youíll be up to the last row, which will have only 5 beads in it again. This row is highlighted in green. This time add only 7 black seed beads to each of the five beads on the base.

Step 4

Step 4:To make the flower centre, bring the thread from the bottom of the work up through the centre of the base, add the pearl bead, and cross the other thread through the pearl. Pass each thread through a bead near it, as in the diagram. Weave the threads through some beads until the threads meet. Tie off, thread through a few beads and cut. Your beaded flower is now finished!

VARIATIONS: You can use seed beads or any other beads in any of the rows, but each inner row just needs to be a little smaller than the outer ones. You can also completely leave out the centre pearl, to give a different look to your flower.

Step 5

Step 5:The possibilities of bead size and color combinations are endless. Here are two other pretty versions. One is a hairclip and the other is an ornament. Notice that neither of these variations have a central large pearl on top of the flower. You can choose to add it or not.

  Beader Comments:
 christy Archibong on October 11, 2012:
the partarn is lovely
 carol on May 27, 2012:
i love the way you explained and made the drawings with the numbered sequence. this is wonderful!!!
 momo on August 23, 2011:
It's a bit dificult. Isn't it?
 u r new on June 11, 2011:
still dint understood..
 kareena on April 19, 2011:
i like th

i luv it
 nonny on April 19, 2011:
 Awesome on February 8, 2011:
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 mbc on October 2, 2010:
i couldnt do the base ball,icant just locate which of the bead is
 annieamivicckybff on July 30, 2010:
um.... i liked it bettter when there were pictures, this is hurting my brain :S
 very puzzling for me on June 12, 2010:
very puzzling for me | componenti elettronici
 DeAnn on April 24, 2010:
very puzzling for me
 suzie on February 22, 2010:
Thankyou for offering your talents for free, as I improve on this fun hobby, or should I say pationate I too will offer mine.
 me on February 20, 2010:
Wow!!!!! This looks absolutely amazing........... They would look really good as earings!!!!!
 Cristino on January 11, 2010:
Thanks dear i love that patterns and its Nice flower blog. flowers really lead to creative art. Even i owned a flower shop and I love to see colorful flowers there. Thanks to that help customers to find my shop.
 Jen on December 22, 2009:
adele, there's info on printing the patterns on the home page
 Jen on December 22, 2009:
Thanks Tricia and beader. Beader I hadn't even thought of toppers for xmas presents. What a great idea
 adele on December 18, 2009:
Is there a way to print out the instructions I keep losing my place going from screen to beading so my project is not coming out right.
 Beader on December 13, 2009:
It makes an awesome flower!!! It;s great for pins and toppers for christmas presents!!!
 Yuki on October 9, 2009:
almost done with this piece!
 TRICIA on October 8, 2009:
 Jen on August 20, 2009:
Maria, it's probably not as difficult as you think. Just start at the start, and work your way through it. I think you'll surprise yourself.

Marlene, I've had the same thing happen before with Firefox, but we couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'm not having this problem now though, maybe you need to update your browser. I found there was no problem when using Internet Explorer, you may need to use it, even if it's just for those times you have trouble.
 Marlene on August 17, 2009:
good effort but pattern in Step 1 and 2 is overlapped by printing on LH side
 maria on June 29, 2009:
Thank you for the pattern. The flower is lovely . But the pattern....It seems so difficult !
 ebtesam on June 13, 2009:
its so amazing so beautiful thank you
 juan on April 27, 2009:
ring cat bead
 juan on April 27, 2009:
3 tier flower
 Jen on April 4, 2009:
This pattern is for the flower just like in the above picture.

I will be making a pattern for a variation on this flower some time in the near future. But coming soon will be a peyote beaded pen
 Digi on April 3, 2009:
would this make a flower like the one in the picture?
 CatsEyes on March 10, 2009:
This is brilliant thank you I have been looking for a pattern for a flower.
 Peggy on March 4, 2009:
I love the 3D beaded work. I am just begining to try this.
 nagwaazklany on March 4, 2009:
I'm so glad to join to this site

 nagwaazklany on March 4, 2009:
I'm so glad to join to this site

 kitty2 on February 28, 2009:
thank you for the lovely flower pattern,i cant wait for the others patterns to come,,
 qubail alfajr on February 25, 2009:
thank you for this lovly pattern
 stav on February 25, 2009:
 trevar petrik on February 25, 2009:
there is also 3d rose patterns by dragon that are really cool also
 Jen on February 25, 2009:
You're welcome all of you. Have fun making it. Let me know if there are any problems.
 khatijah on February 25, 2009:
I really lovev this design.Thanks alot
 Linda on February 24, 2009:
This is lovely - thanks a lot!!!!
 Halina in Australia on February 24, 2009:
Thank You so much..I have been after a tutorial for a 3d flower.for some time (I am a beadwork novice).
Imagine my joy, when I recieved this tutorial today.
These instructions are GREAT, even I can follow them.
(((HUGS))) Halina in Australia