Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern by Jax

Welcome to the beaded snowflake earrings pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Jax. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.


Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern

Before you begin ...
5 feet of nymo thread size 00, 143 seed beads of size 11/0, in two colors (can use larger beads, but will require more nymo thread)
Could also use fireline or fishing line, or any kind of string of choice.
Time required: About 1 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, netting
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Step 1:A- White beads
B- Blue beads
E.g. "String 6 A" means "String 6 white beads"

1. Thread a needle and double your thread, securing it at the end by tying or for nymo you can also burn the end.
2. String 6 A.
3. Circle back thru coming out bead 6.
4. Add 1 A and pass back thru bead 1.
5. Repeat 5 times adding 1 A bead between each bead in our primary circle. Beads numbered 8-12.
6. Pass back thru bead 7 and add 1A 1B 1A.
7. Pass thru bead 8.
8. Repeat 5 times around the circle. Beads 13-30.
9. On the last set, pass thru bead 7, 13 and exit bead 14.
10. Add 2A 1B 2A.
11. Pass thru bead 17.
12. Repeat 5 times around the circle. Beads 31-60.
13. On the last set, enter thru bead 14, 31, 32 and exit bead 33.
14. Add 4A 1B 2A 3B.
15. Circle the last 3B added and pass the opposite direction back thru the 2A and 1B.
16. Add 4A and pass thru bead 38.
17. Repeat 5 times around the circle. Beads 61-143.
18. Pass your thread back thru bead 33.
19. Weave your thread in a random pattern back thru the beads toward the center to secure the thread.
20. Tie off the thread.

You can attach a jump ring and earring loops to make earrings, use as an ornament, attach to a necklace or use with a gift tag.

  Beader Comments:
 Moon_Lillac on August 21, 2013:
Maybe 3D could use more videos since reading and looking at diagrams is really hard:)
 Katie on January 6, 2012:
I love beading for fun and this is a good thing to make when Im bored. I just loved to make it.
 Ali R. on November 7, 2011:
These are the easiest and best instructions I've seen! Thanks so much!!
 Allegra on January 25, 2011:
1A means 1 bead of type A, which is white. I guess it could have been W instead of A, but that was Jax's doing! 6B means 6 blue beads. So "String 6 B" means string 6 blue beads. Hope that helps!
 JH on December 29, 2010:
I don't understand this. The final product looks beautiful...but, what are all the 1A, 1B.... numbering in the written instructions and what to do is very confusing... i would love ot make them, but i don't understand these directions.
 Erica on December 8, 2010:
Great idea for both earrings and ornaments! Thank you for numbering the diagram. This makes it very easy to decipher.
 susan on December 3, 2010:
I used this pattern for Christmas ornaments
 Tonya on October 31, 2010:
Just learning how to bead, looks like a good pattern, Thanks ..Eskimopie
 SweeneyAurelia26 on June 20, 2010:
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 Peggy Daniel on February 12, 2010:
I am sending this to the members of the Mount Zion Women's Choir, Arlington, VA
 Terrie on February 6, 2010:
Actually, this looks harder than it is. If you just print out the pattern and follow it carefully, you will see it's not so hard. Find someone who knows how to sew or bead and they can show you. :) I love this pattern and am going to make some for gifts this year.
 Mary on December 27, 2009:
This looks very difficult and I am only just 12