Beaded Spider Pattern by Jax

Welcome to the beaded spider pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Jax. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.


Beaded Spider Pattern

Before you begin ...
30 4mm black beads (I used czech fire polished crystals)
32 3mm black beads
2 3mm red beads or size 8/0
32 size 8/0 black seed beads
24 short black bugle beads
3 yards fishing line
12-15 inches 26 gauge wire (or whatever fits inside your bugle beads) *optional
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:Color the ends of your strings, one red and one blue. String on 5 4mm (or larger bead size of your choice) on the red thread and cross both ends of your thread through bead 5. Add beads 6-9 on the blue thread, crossing through bead nine. You should have two circles that look like the number 8. Thread your blue thread back through the first bead in the main circle ad add beads 10-12 to the red thread, crossing both through bead 12. Repeat this process two more times until you have added a total of four more circles to the main circle. To add the fifth circle, take your red thread and pass it through the fourth bead of the main circle and up through the 1st bead you added in the second circle. Add beads 19 and 20 to the blue thread and cross the red through bead twenty. Your piece should now look like a small bowl. Pass your blue thread through the next bead in the 2nd circle you added (bead 7 in the diagram). Add beads 21-23, crossing the threads through bead 23. Pass your red thread through the next two closest beads (8 & 10), add two beads (24 & 25) crossing through bead 25. Repeat this pattern two more times, creating a total of four new circles. When you have added and crossed through bead 29, thread your blue thread back through the next 3 beads, 17, 19 and 21, this creates a U shape. Add bead 30 and cross both threads though this bead. Cinch this tightly.

Step 2

Step 2:If you look at your circle, you will see you have created another circle of five directly opposite your starting circle. You now want to take your threads and run them in a circle through these 5 beads. You can add a couple half hitch knots as you go around to keep your tension as we move on to the next step.

Step 3

Step 3:Take your longest thread left and add one 3mm (or smaller size of your choice) black bead pass back down through the big bead and through the next big bead. Add one more small bead and repeat until you have added one small bead on top of each big bead in your last circle of five.

Step 4

Step 4:Thread both of your threads in opposite directions around the small circle of five, cinching this tight as you go. This will create the main circle for the head like you did in the first step for the body.

Step 5

Step 5:Repeat the head exactly as you did the body, except replacing two of the black beads with red beads as indicated in the diagram. When you add the last circle, circle back through the five beads creating the last circle.

You now have your spider head and body.

  Beader Comments:
 ganaa on December 13, 2014:
4 deh uildelig oilgosongui
 al on September 2, 2013:
Not a bad spider
 Beytullah on October 26, 2012:
Es muy facil, solo no debes leer ningun libro de Domingo Cavall que fue mitnsiro de economia de Argentina, sino seras un poor boy for ever, thank,
 Vera Perković on January 29, 2010:
I don't know how to print it all corectly,so please help me
 Allegra on January 16, 2009:
Well, that's pretty good! Actually, I'm going to put that link right on the main page with the explanations on how to print. A visual is always worth a million words. Thanks Laura! Is that link good forever? Well, I might as well upload the picture to our site just in case.
That's similar to how it looked for me as well, with the large margins on the sides and top. I guess that's the best we can do LOL. Not bad I guess since ink is about 100 times more expensive than paper anyway. But actually when I tried it both ways (with and without selecting the pattern), my print preview still looked exactly like that (except with the comments at the end, but you can always just not print those pages). But thanks I guess printing with IE is better than with Firefox, since Firefox prints the sidebars (but not the background colours or the title bar...which I always found peculiar lol).
The only difference with yours is that your view is portrait, not landscape. I prefer landscape 'cause there's plenty of room for the words beside the picture that way.
 Laura on January 15, 2009:
Also, in your Internet Options under the Advanced tab, scroll down to Printing and make sure that 'Print background colors and images' is unchecked.
 Laura on January 15, 2009:
This is what I see in IE 7 after highlighting the text/diagrams I want on the page, clicking on Print Preview and selecting the options seen in the screencap.
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Okay I just checked it out in my IE 7, (yes I do keep it installed for situations just like this!) and selecting the pattern and not selecting it didn't actually change anything. It didn't push out the selection right to the borders of the page. But on the bright side, the sidebars and the title image don't show up in the print preview, only the instructions (pictures, diagrams, and text). So that's good! And it's black text on white background. Quite frankly, it's pretty easy to print these patterns with the right options checked off. I've done it many times and they come out great. Have you guys tried it?
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Well, certainly not my favourite one, but apparently it has a leg up on firefox in terms of printing options! I should add that to my blurb on how to print the patterns on the homepage!
 Jax on January 14, 2009:
I tried on Firefox and couldn't find that option under any of my menus.
 Laura on January 14, 2009:
I'm using IE7 - your favourite Allegra, I know ;-) - and to print the selection I go to the drop-down menu under Print, click Print Preview and then when the preview comes up there's another drop-down menu at the top where you can select 'As selected on screen' (the default is 'As laid out on screen').
 Jax on January 14, 2009:
Hey Allegra, the option to print the selection is only available when you hit print, not with print preview.
That's cool Celeste! I was wondering how she would look in different colors.
 Celeste on January 14, 2009:
He looks great! When i make mine im gonna make the top circle of beads on her bottom red, so she'll look like a black widow! Thanks for the pattern!
 Allegra on January 14, 2009:
Hey Laura, I just tried selecting the pattern part and going to Print Preview, but I didn't see that option to only print the selected parts. What browser are you using? I'm using Firefox. That would be awesome if that was possible. I'd never even heard of it before lol.
 Jax on January 13, 2009:
Hi Bonnie, Allegra also added some instructions on the home page on how to print the patterns out
 Jax on January 12, 2009:
You are welcome Beth! I hope you post a picture in the forum if you make him!
You are welcome Beth! Eu espero que você postar uma foto no fórum se você fizer com ele!
 Laura on January 11, 2009:
Bonnie, if you highlight the text/diagrams from the pattern with your mouse and then go into your Print Options/Preview there should be an option to just print the highlighted selection instead of the whole page. Hope that helps and welcome to the site!
 Bonnie on January 10, 2009:
Is there any way you could put an option on that would allow us just to print the pattern? This way takes so much ink and I do thank you for your consideration!
 elisabet on January 10, 2009:
Obrigada pelo passo a passo da aranha, adorei, esta bem explicado.
Beth (Brasil)
Edit - Translation by Laura: "Thanks for the step by step instructions on how to make the spider, I loved it, it's very well explained. Hugs."
 Anne Fetters on January 10, 2009:
that is a great pattern, I copied it off and will save it for omy grandkids to have some fun with, thanks for your efforts.
 nancy on January 10, 2009:
Great pattern, Jax. I'll have to make a few for next Halloween. Thanks for posting the pattern!