Beaded Cross Pattern by Lucy

Welcome to the beaded cross pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Lucy. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.


Beaded Cross Pattern

Before you begin ...
2 meters fishing line.
Any Beads of your choice. 4mm bicones used in this example.
Time required: About 0.5 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Very Easy

Step 1

Step 1:A. First string 3 beads onto your thread and allow them to drop to the center.

B. Add one more bead to one end of your thread then cross through it with the other end also. This creates a circle of 4 beads.

C. Add another bead to each thread

D. Add another bead and cross as before.

Step 2

Step 2:E, F, G. Add another bead to each end and cross a third bead for a total of 5 sets.

H. This step is a little different. Add 6 beads to one end of your thread. Pay attention to the bead that is red, it will be used in the next step.

Step 3

Step 3:I. Cross the 3rd bead. It was the red bead in the previous step.

J. Add one more bead.

K. Cross through the bead shown in red.

L. When you pull the thread tight you should see something like the current diagram.

Step 4

Step 4:M. Now we are going to make the second arm of the cross. We will basically be repeating the last few steps but this time using the other thread. Add 6 beads.

N. Cross the third bead.

O. Add another bead then cross through the bead shown in red.

P. You should now have something that looks like this.

Step 5

Step 5:Q. Cross both of your threads through a new bead.

R. Add another bead to each end and cross a third bead. Add two beads to one thread and one to the other then tie a knot. Well done. You have finished the first side of your cross. Now make another one.

S. Get a new piece of thread and thread one bead on it. Get your 2 cross shapes and thread one end of the thread through each of the beads shown in red.

T. Add another bead and cross it. Thread the 2 red beads. Add another bead and cross it. Thread the 2 red beads. Be very careful; make sure you are threading the right beads.

Continue to follow this pattern on crossing a bead and then threading through the next edge bead in each cross.

You should be able to see now that this pulls the two together. When you have done this all the way around, simply tie a knot and you are finished. Well done!

Your beaded Cross is now finished! If you'd like, you can decorate the pattern by adding some rounded shiny beads in between the two layers, with one bead laid between each circle of 4 beads in the cross. Lay down your beads before stitching up the two crosses together.

  Beader Comments:
 Rosalyn Soon on September 25, 2016:
Interesting pattern I like it.
 devasia on April 27, 2016:
thank you. but still there is another type pf the cross which is broader than this.if this is 2 by 1 beads that is 4 by 3 beads to make it broader. how to do that? can you show it the same as the above diagram. email please
 Dee on February 21, 2016:
Thank you...;-)
 Kim on January 7, 2016:
Hadn't thought I'd ever need a cross but my 1st stepmom asked for one. So here I go into uneven terrain for me! Thank you for keeping this page up & going.
 Margarida on October 16, 2015:
Una belleza, gracias por compartir
 Nancy Norklun on July 15, 2015:
I tried to download this pattern too but was unable to. Can you e-mail it to me? Thank you so much. Really want to make this cross.
 Lynn on November 7, 2014:
Gail... free patterns are not available in .pdf format... sorry, you have to print each page... check the directions for printing at the bottom of the home page.
 Gail on November 6, 2014:
Sorry my e-mail address My comp tells me I have already installed from DOC to PDF, but does not prompt me to print PDF
 Gail on November 6, 2014:
Hi there, I have tried to download to pdf, but am unable to . please e-mail this beautiful pattern.
 Lucy on October 18, 2014:
Hello Brenda, what kind of keychain holder are you wanting to add, and what size beads have you used to make your cross?
Kimberly, if you send me a picture of the kind of stand you are looking for I might be able to add something similar to the pattern for you.

You can both reach me at
 Brenda on October 18, 2014:
Can you tell me how to add a key chain holder on the cross
 Kimberly Franks on August 25, 2014:
Do you by any chance have a pattern for a cross, kind of like this, but with a stand? my mom used to make them all the time before she passed away, and I would love to be able to make one now....
 Lynn on June 18, 2014:
@Pam... you are using about 2m of line for complete project & yes 3 pieces.
Diagram T shows you the 3D SIDE JOIN. You are using an existing bead from each piece of cross, front & back which you pass thru and then join them with a new bead to continue the RAW pattern thru out.
 Pam on June 18, 2014:
How can I get instructions for the bail?
Are you referring to the 3d triangular bail?... If so, leave me yr e-mail and I will send you a copy. Your e-mail will then be removed to avoid being spammed. (Lynn - site moderator)
 Pam on June 17, 2014:
The written direction for T does not look like diagram T. Please clarify the additionall lines and beads in diagram T
 Pam on June 17, 2014:
The materials says 2 m of line. Nowhere are directions to cut the line. Do I need 2 pieces for the two crosses and another to connect the two crosses? That would be 3 pieces. How long should each be?
 Lynn on March 25, 2014:
@Marie... Not my pattern, but doing a rough count, I make it about 90 beads...
 Marie on March 25, 2014:
How many beads I need to make the cross? 74 for the both cross and then? I was never able to finish it.
 kathy on September 25, 2013:
very easy except the end, was never able to finish it.
 Bettty on August 19, 2013:
Please email me a copy of this cross. I can't get it all to download.
(Have removed your e-mail so you don't get 'spammed' and have copied/sent pattern to you)Lynn.
 Lynn on May 10, 2013:
@ Joni Ellis... I am on vacation and cannot access my bail pattern... will be home at end of month... if you leave me your e-mail address, I will send the pattern when I get back.
 Joni Ellis on May 10, 2013:
Can I get a copy of the beaded bail emailed to me?
 z on May 3, 2013:
very confusing!
 cindy on April 30, 2013:
does not print L throught T, would really love to have this pattern.
 Lynn on March 18, 2013:
@molly... sorry you are having problems... will get it checked out to see if it is our end...
 molly on March 17, 2013:
only 3 steps of pattern were pprinted. what happened topages 4 through 9?
 Jen on March 9, 2013:
8lb fishing line. You are correct, once the 2 sides are together it does straighten it out. But it seems you still have to fuss with it as you are wearing it. I think I will try putting seed beads in between the next one and see if
it helps as well. As soon as I figure out how to do it. :) Thanks
 Lynn on March 6, 2013:
@jen... If your work is 'curling' are you pulling too tight on one thread and not the other...? or is it possible you have missed a bead on one side...? try looking at the alternative pattern in the link below your post to see if that clears anything up... and what fishing line are you using...? once you join the two cross sections together you may find your problem solved as they would be stabilized...
 Jen on March 6, 2013:
I am having a hard time keeping the cross straight. Anyone have any tips?
Fussed with the fishing line before I made the cross but still doesnt seem to stay straight. :)
 Sarah on March 5, 2013:
Here is the link:
 Sarah on March 5, 2013:
Does anyone have more clear directions on the pearl beaded cross on this site? There is no forum for it.
It is confusing as in the2nd pic they have 3 pearls on each side and then in the next pic they have 4 on each side. Been working on it for 2 days now :)
 Olga on March 3, 2013:
@Lynn: I would love it if you could email me the instructions for the bail! (removed by moderator) Thanks!
 marsha haskins on February 26, 2013:
what size of bail do I use
 Lynn on February 19, 2013:
@Jane - I deleted yr address so you don't get spammed... Problems with my comp... will see if I can rescue copy from my memory stick & send to you. Have you thought about hanging it on ribbon or a suede cord..?
 Jane on February 18, 2013: for the bail instructions: (deleted by moderator)
 Lynn on February 13, 2013:
@ jane... I have a pattern for a 3d triangle bail that would work well with this 3d cross... leave me your e-mail address if you would like a copy... (it is worked in one needle RAW)
 Jane on February 12, 2013:
Any idea for a bail to put it on a chain?
 Sarah on January 19, 2013:
anypne know how to make this with seed beads in between the bicones? Thsnkd
 geranie on January 12, 2013:
am so amazed at what you can do with beads hope woth constant tutoring i myself can make beautiful pieces
 Emie on September 9, 2012:
10 pound nylon monofilament fishing line
 bernadette belfast on June 21, 2012:
hi just to thank you new to this type of work but just made a lovely pink crystal cross with the aid of your tutorial.
 Cin on June 7, 2012:
What type of thread, wire or weight of fishing line is everyone using. No matter what I use I have to fuss with the cross to keep it looking straight. Any suggestions?
 Matt on May 6, 2012:
Easy enough to do. Why the bottom half of diagram T doesn't print though is very strange. The only problem I had was tryingto work out which way to thread the line through the beads, eg diagram L makes it looks like the bead has two holes through it. Simple enough to work out though once I'd done it wrong a few times!
 Jaime on April 13, 2012:
I just finished this cross is really fun to do it and it came perfect on the first try i used some zcheck crystals and it came out beautiful, thanks,

 luci on March 27, 2012:
I'm going to try and make this tonight.
I'm confused, do I make two individual crosses
and layer them? Thank you
 krisa on March 21, 2012:
How many bicones do you need to complete the cross
 Kay M on March 11, 2012:
Thank you for sharing . This is so beautiful and you are so generous for sharing this design.
 Heidi on February 26, 2012:
After searching for ages to find an easy to follow pattern for a cross, i found this one, thank you so much for an easy to follow and detailed explanation, im over the moon with my cross.
 Joy on January 29, 2012:
Great design! Thanks!
 Lesley on January 28, 2012:
I am very thrilled to finally find a cross pattern and puffed at that, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dani on January 25, 2012:
I came upon your instructions while searching for a simple children's type pattern for crosses to sell since I am recently disabled and unable to work but still need money! I was THRILLED to see this looked so easy and it is something more in keeping with what I really enjoy. I am going to try my hand at this one and I will let you know how it goes. It's just gorgeous in the picture so I am excited to try!
 JS on January 15, 2012:
Well - I thought I got the entire set of pages to print - I did NOT -- the last page of the diagrahm continues to drop off part of the picture...VERY frustrating!!! I am trying to print this out to mail it to someone who asked me to find beaded cross instructions on the internet as he has no access to a computer to search designs for himself. Would be nice if whomever posted this design would correct the problem.....
 JS on January 15, 2012:
pattern does NOT print out correctly -- it has missing pages when printed.... I wound up doing a copy & paste into a Word document. - not ideal but at least now it is the entire pattern.
 Ann on January 2, 2012:
I can't seem to print the entire pattern. Help Please.
 BCEDS-JP on December 7, 2011:
Hello Sandy It is realy very simple to join the 2 crosses together look at S cut a long enought thread to go all the way around both crosses thread a bead on to the thread and go through the top beads on both crosses
next place a bead on the thread and cross red an black again then take your thread and go through the next bead on each cross and repeat this all the wau around the cross and it will pull the 2 crosses together
 sandy on December 4, 2011:
 wanda on December 2, 2011:
I am a new beader, and was having problems following some of (the few) patterns I found for crosses. This cross is beautiful and I had no problem following the directions! BLESS YOU!!!
 Deb on November 29, 2011:
Good Pattern! Bless you.
 Claire1066UK on September 10, 2011:
I'm new to beading, but I found this easy to do. I made the two sides using crystal AB bicones and glass pearls to join the two sides. It was for my mum and she loves it. Thanks for the pattern.
 Abbbyyy on August 30, 2011:
THISS LOOKKSS EASSYYY-probs harder >.>
but the pictures are better than the other one you have (no offence) its more easy to understand this way ^__________^
 Betty Brockopp on August 28, 2011:
Finally a site That makes sense!!! I read some directions and say "HUH?" Could you do the same with turning a cross stitch into a bead pattern - like you did here? THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!!
 Jacqueline on July 27, 2011:
Thanks for making it soooooooooo easy to look at and to make!!! please make more instructions for!!!
u r fantastic!!!!
 michelle on July 27, 2011:
gonna try this - does anyone know of any angel patterns ? xxx
 CATHY MATISAK on July 20, 2011:
 patricia caffrey on April 23, 2011:
it took me hours to complete this cross i cant believe it is described as very easy!!!. i would love to see lucy ao anyone finish this in 30 minutes.
 Julia on April 20, 2011:
I can never print entire pattern. The pattern is cut off before the end of instructions
 Whitney on March 20, 2011:
This is amazing! I love making these for necklaces and keychains :)
 Jen on March 8, 2011:
@Jess. Just run the threads through some previous steps, until they join up again. Then tie them off using a surgeon's knot. A drop of glue or clear nail polish could be handy. Then run the threads back through some more previous work, I like to do some half hitches along the way, then cut threads.
 Jess on March 6, 2011:
If I only want to do a single layer cross, how do I do it? Do I just tie the ends from step R?
 Awesome on February 8, 2011:
I really liked the instuctions they were REALLY reasy to follow. :)
 Allegra on January 25, 2011:
Rachel, how clever, to use beads with letters on them as the central beads in the cross. I like that.
Kenny, why don't you try to modify the pattern to make it more gothic and let us know how it turns out!
 kenny on january 8th 2011 on January 17, 2011:
this is a simple design that produces great results. Do you have a gothic style version ot it?
 J. Edwards on January 8, 2011:
can't print pattern from k to the end
 Rachel E. on December 28, 2010:
Thank you for the pattern. I did this cross with my daughters using bead sets they got for Christmas. They did single layer crosses. We used a long piece of elastic cord. With the long tails after the cross was made, they added extra beads to create neclaces. They are very cute and they can't wait to make them for their friends. I did a 3d cross with the same children's beads. In the center spaces I used letter beads to spell PRAISE on one side and WORSHIP on the other. I can't wait to try it again with real beads. LOL
 Ella on December 26, 2010:
Can not print the instructions
 Artisan Originals on December 16, 2010:
Thanks so much! This is the perfect gift for my sister who wants a cross for her rosary. Wonderful tutorial and very thorough.

 Katherine P. on December 12, 2010:
I love it!!
Thanks so much for putting this up! (:
 Chrei on December 12, 2010:
Would love to make some beaded crosses for Christmas gifts and for myself. But unable to print out the whole pattern with pictures and directions. Can you please help me? I only have Step one
 Christine on December 11, 2010:
Haha, So i showed this to my friend, and she didn't know she had to make two.

"Well done. You have finished the first side of your cross." *she's happy*
"Now make another one." (it sounded like a command or something) *she starts twitching her eye*

I loved this activity! It makes sense, especially with the pictures!
 Jayda Hamilton on November 8, 2010:
Love the pattern but I cannot get the first three pages to print without the side columns. These advertising columns block the pattern diagrams and instructions. Any suggestions?
 Nonie on October 29, 2010:
thank you so much for the effort of posting this project complete with diagram. it sure help a lot. .
 Karan Miner on October 21, 2010:
Can't wait to try it
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Wow! So cool post! you must spend a lot of time and effort on it. Thanks for nice sharing and will back for more nice post!

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 Maria on October 10, 2010:
I managed to copy and paste all the drawings .very simple steps to follow... thank you so much for the graphics
 Irene on September 23, 2010:
I could only print through figure k
 Alan on September 6, 2010:
Thank you for putting such understandable steps. One finally that I understand
 Rachel on August 24, 2010:
God put this on my heart and your site was the first thing I came across! These crosses will be made prayerfully and will bless so many people. Thank you for sharing!
 Lynn on July 27, 2010:
Love the pattern, but it won't let me print the last part of the pattern. Any suggestions? Would like to make one for my mother-in-law for her 80th birthday
 Margaret on July 9, 2010: on July 9, 2010:
I am so happy " I made it" , thank you so much for sharing it with us Lucy ;o).
 Kathy on July 9, 2010:
Why won't it print the whole cross pattern only will let you print pages 1 - 3 of the pattern
 Marie on June 29, 2010:
Hi needed to make copy for beading as it's hard to look on computer and work...however for some reason it will print up to page 3 and not the rest..? how can i over come this problem
 Lizzy on June 25, 2010:
Thank you SOOOOooooo much for sharing this pattern. I am using it to make a variety of crosses for the church fundraisers
 Krista25Hopper on June 19, 2010:
I had a dream to make my company, but I did not have enough amount of cash to do this. Thank God my close dude said to utilize the mortgage loans. So I took the consolidation loans and made real my desire.
 norma on March 28, 2010:
great instructions put can not print then for personal use
 Michele on March 25, 2010:
Loved the pattern. However, could not make it print steps 2-4 either from this site or cutting and pasting into Word.
 elicia_lc on March 24, 2010:
thank you for sharing this pattern lucy:)
 Jan on March 24, 2010:
I believe it took me exactly 100 beads to make one of these. There's 37 on each side, but it takes quite a few more down the sides when you join the two sides together. Turned out cute as a button, I must say. I finished it inside of a couple of hours, and it was my first experience with bead weaving. So don't be afraid of it if you haven't done this kind of stuff before. The one thing I might do differently when I make another is to make it upside down so the knots are at the bottom instead of the top. Thanks so much for the pattern!
 me on February 20, 2010:
This was very helpful! I just began to teach myself how to do this and have had some luck but needed some tips....... this was definetly the kind of post I needed!
 Debbie on February 17, 2010:
AWESOME PATTERN! Thanks for your time and talent to post this. People who need a bead count can count the number of beads on one side and double it - I get about 40 and get a few extra for dangle earrings!
 Lanie on February 16, 2010:
Please tell me how many beads this takes!
 NRS on January 27, 2010:
great site but can not print 1/2 the first page is always missing
 sarah on January 15, 2010:
Thanks for the great pattern. Can you tell me how many total beads are needed
 Eisha on January 5, 2010:
Hope u can help me... looking for pattern for purse, bag and amulet... hope u can help me tnx... pls free to send it to tnx....
 Louise Roets on December 29, 2009:
I've also just found the site and must congratulate you!!! Fantastic.
 DONNA HOGAN on December 13, 2009:
 Jax on December 12, 2009:
Kerri, In part S you start with a brand new thread, put one bead on the thread and move it down to the middle. Then pass one side of the thread through the very top of one of the cross's you have already made. Do the same for the other side of your thread on the other cross you have made. Then you would put a new bead on one side and cross through with the other thread. This connects your two cross's together. Then you would pass each side of the thread through 1 bead on each cross, add a new bead, cross through and so on. This will add one more bead all the way around, connecting your two flat cross's and making it one 3d cross. Hope this helps.
 kerri on December 9, 2009:
help I really don't know what to do. Do you go through every bead and add one.
 Trish Martin on December 5, 2009:
Thanks so much. Am looking forward to trying this. Can't youmake it using a very felxible wire?
 kerri on December 1, 2009:
on part "T" do you go through every bead I am not sure what to do there
 Terri on November 21, 2009:
I absolutely love this pattern! Your instructions are easy to follow and it turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing!
 Natalia on November 12, 2009:
wow, i think i'll make these for my religious education class!
 Linda on October 11, 2009:
If you highlight the cross pattern and then hit control C to copy and then paste into word, the whole pattern prints. That's the only way I could get all of it.
 Jen on October 9, 2009:
You only use the one thread in this part of the pattern. The different threads are shown in different colors to help you.
 kerri on October 4, 2009:
I am confused with step I, do you cross it with the same string you put the six beads on only or you cross it with both ends.
 MAGARET on August 11, 2009:
 Margaret on August 11, 2009:
My son in law is from Korea and his sister made a 3D puffed heart, it is beautiful and I would love to give it a try to give to my daughters for their birthdays...I am quite new to the beading, but would like to give it a try.....would you by any chance have the pattern--thanks
 Marnie on July 28, 2009:
wow, i'm really happy to find this link, thanks a lot
 Jen on July 26, 2009:
Peggy. Have you looked at the instructions on the home page.

If all else fails, you can just copy and paste it into word or whatever you use.
 someone on July 24, 2009:
 Peggy on July 22, 2009:
I have tried two different ways of printing off this pattern, but am unable to get any pictures after "K". All the instructions are there, but all next to the few pictures. I have seen the finished item, and it is lovely, and Sandra seemed to have no trouble. Lots more people also have had problems, so when will you sort this problem out? I really would like to do it.
 Jane on July 17, 2009:
This pattern will not print --SORRY
 Lucy on July 6, 2009:
Klista - sorry for the late reply! I think there are about 100 crystals in this pattern but i may be wrong by a few!
Sandra - I'm glad you are enjoying the pattern! Using them for a Holy Communion gift is a lovely idea :-)
 Klista on June 15, 2009:
I want to make sure I have the right amount of a certain color crystals to make this cross. Can someone tell me how many beads are used?
 Sandra on June 1, 2009:
Very easy one, Imade the first one and could not stop,already made 20 in 4 days just while watching TV. I am planning to use them for my daughters Holy Communion as a gift for the people coming.
 cindy on March 17, 2009:
I have tried to print this every way except the whole page and the bottom doesn't print and there are directions missing on the rest. please help.
 Laura on March 3, 2009:
Hi Leanne. On the homepage, if you scroll down to the last few paragraphs before the comments section, you should see the printing instructions. Welcome to 3dbeading!
 Leanne on March 2, 2009:
I cannot get diagrams K thru T to print. I looked for the instructions on the home page but could not find them. Thanks!!
 Myrna on February 24, 2009:
I love your design and good directions keep up the good work. Thanks
 Jen on February 21, 2009:
Another thing, It's just not that easy to draw the diagrams with the threads coming out of 'exactly the right place, so you can just assume it's coming out of the hole closest to what it looks like. I hope all this helps. Keep at it, you'll get it.
 Jen on February 21, 2009:
Laura, when you cross the threads over, you just about always have 1 thread through one end and the other thread through the other end of the bead. It explains it in the very first step of the techniques. Here's the paragraph: "Step 1 : The most fundamental technique that is at the core of beading complex objects using right angle weave and beadweaving is the ability to cross the two ends of the same piece of fishing line through a bead, with each end approaching the bead from opposite directions (as shown in the picture). You will be doing this over and over and over in beadweaving all the beading patterns found on this site (basically at the end of every circle of beads that you add). The purpose is to lock the beads you add in position,..."

Try the pig, I think that's an easy one to start with, then the others with diagrams will make more sense. Also, don't look too far ahead, just take one step at a time.
 Allegra on February 19, 2009:
Laura, that bead only has one hole. All beads have one hole LOL. Anyways, the hole is from top to bottom in diagram I. Lucy has it showing as two different directions because you wouldn't be able to tell there's two strings going through it if they were exactly parallel or overlapping each other in the diagram. But both those strings are crossing the bead in the exact same direction (top to bottom). When in doubt, just string the bead the only way it will go, LOL. Don't try defying the laws of physics for your beadwork!
 Laura on February 18, 2009:
In Step I, there are four holes...and the beads have only two...where does the thread go in? I think this is similar to Sheila's question below...the patterns show too many holes in the beads and you can't tell where the thread is supposed to enter and exit in some of them. Thanks!
 Lucy on February 8, 2009:
You cross the red bead in step K just as you cross any other bead.
When you pull your thread tight and lay your beadwork flat it should look like step L but when you pick it up it may look a bit different since it's not really fixed in place until Step Q.
Does that make sense?
Sorry, it's a little hard to explain!
 Sheila H on February 8, 2009:
In step K, the red bead does not have holes that go top to bottom, they go from side to side. I have tried to go both directions but I can't get it to lay right. Can you clarify this for me?
 Allegra on February 6, 2009:
Hi Diana, I'm not sure what could be going wrong, but the diagrams should print without problems. There's a detailed guide on how to print the patterns located on the home page of this site, towards the bottom of the page. We generally recommend printing in internet explorer version 7, as this browser provides the best results in printing. Let me know if you are able to print the pattern after following the step-by-step intsructions on the home page.
 DianaRiegle on February 5, 2009:
The whole pattern will not print.Some of the diagrams did not print for the cross pattern.
 jeannie on February 5, 2009:
congratulation is very nice
 Cindy Hopkins on February 4, 2009:
Thank you for being so generous and sharing your talent to those of us who are just learning or are looking for more goodys to do.
 Lucy on February 4, 2009:
I'm glad you both like it :-)
 Halina in Australia on February 4, 2009:
That looks lovely and easy..Just right for a beginner/learner.
Thank You for sharing.
 mary grace vibal on February 4, 2009:
nice pattern for the cross...i also have beaded cross shorter than yours. =)