Beaded Bird Pattern by BeeJang

Welcome to the beaded bird pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader BeeJang. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page.


Beaded Bird Pattern

Before you begin ...
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. Jonquil or Aquamarine : 24 pieces.
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. Crystal or Light Azore : 5 pieces.
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 4 mm. Topaz : 1 pieces.
- Swarovski Bicone Crystal 3 mm. Jonquil or Aquamarine : 7 pieces.
- Pearl 4 mm. : Black : 2 pieces.
- Acrylic round bead 8 mm. : Clear : 1 pieces. (It should be in clear color but I don't have it in stock so I used Lt. blue glass pearl bead.)
- Seed beads
- Nylon Thread No. 20
- Note that size 6 seed beads could be used instead of crystal bicones to make this beaded bird
Time required: About 1 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1

Step 1:I know they're very cute. Haha. This doll is a great start for those who want to try beading a crystal doll. It needs few crystal and is not difficult to make. The pattern is taken from Bead De Bead #8. I love Bead De Bead. They got many lovely designs and the patterns are very clear and easy to understand.
- If you're confused, just turn the doll as in the picture. You'll see where you have to put the thread.
- Follow the pattern. I highlight the crystals and paths of the thread.
- Making a doll requires putting the thread back into the same crystals, you should use small thread.
- Actually, the body of the doll is similar to a ball. That is to string crystals into many level of circles.

Step 2

Step 2:Cut the nylon thread around 110 cm. String four crystals and join both ends at a crystal (red arrow).

Step 3

Step 3:Pick up the right string and add three crystals. Join both strings at a crystal (red arrow).

Step 4

Step 4:Put the left string inside the nearby crystal from the first ring (red arrow).

Step 5

Step 5:The outside string adds two crystals. Join both strings at a black pearl (red arrow).

  Beader Comments:
 Lynn on March 9, 2016:
@Sherri... yes this a two needle project
 Sherri on March 8, 2016:
Is this a two needle project?
 hawkfire929 on September 30, 2014:
its so cute! made it sooooo many times. always comes out ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Ambie on December 16, 2013:
The words "inside" and "outside" used in the instructions were confusing at first, but the photo illustrations explained them very well. I managed to make a little white dove that I will be giving to a friend. Thank you for the lovely tutorial! :>
 mememememoi on July 3, 2013:
I don't have biger beads :'(
 Denise on May 27, 2013:
Once I figured out the rhythm of adding and joining, I found the pattern easy enough to follow that I even converted it into a red cardinal with his red crest and black around his face. I also made it bigger using 6mm and 4mm crystals, a 12mm bead in center and e-beads instead of seed beads. Love that this pattern allowed me to do this with relative ease. Thanks!
 Samantha on January 16, 2013:
I tried this last night and I made the face but then I realized I messed up! :( but other wise... CUTE!!
 Sal on November 13, 2012:
These are really cute and I think I'm going to give them as little christmas presents to people! I think the pictures on the left would be easier to see if you were working on a darker background like black or blue so that the white string would show up better.
 Lila on February 13, 2012:
Pattern by Grunii not wknoirg. Thank you so much for all these links, great stuff here!
 Karen on January 11, 2012:
Posted on like page six. It's confusing because it says add two beads and join at next bead. It means add three beads total. I got his wrong countless times until I counted the beads in the photos. If you do that one thing it's great. I've made several of these now. LOVE it!!!
 vics on December 21, 2011:
 das on November 19, 2011:
This is very confusing but is very cute ;)
 katie on November 19, 2011:
i think this instruction was very easy to do. ty. :D
 Jennifer on September 22, 2011:
Loved this one, do you have the mouse instruction from this particular book ? Thks!
 taty on July 24, 2011:
i used white pearlz cuz i could not find my german pearl :o
 e on July 2, 2011:
omigod! that looks hard!!!
 :D): on June 21, 2011:
how do you do 3D beading, anyhow?
 Kris on June 15, 2011:
The birds are so cute. I'm making them into keychains to attach to gift bags for all of my bridesmaids. Thank you for the pattern!
 sara on June 9, 2011:
this is hard
 Jen on April 26, 2011:
@ Shaypay and Ponkii. All these patterns can be done with anything you like! Smaller seed beads would made a smaller bird. Larger beads would make it larger.

Indian beads can be used, as long as they're not too big. 6mm size may be too big, but anything smaller should be fine. The larger ones won't hold their shape too well.
 Ponkii on April 23, 2011:
Wow, so adorable! Question though, I was wondering if this could be done with glass beads (like medium sized seed beads)? I'm gonna try to find some crystals if I can, but I was wondering if this and the other animal patterns by you could also be made with the small glass kind.

If not, can you recommend any places I could get crystals? Thanks a bunch~
 Karla on April 17, 2011:
Thanks for posting this pattern, the little bird turned out so cute! It took a little time to study the pattern and directions but once I figured it out it went smoothly. I noticed that the design works in interlocking groups of 5 beads, connecting the circles by following the arrows and paying attention to the numbers on the pattern are the keys to mastering this pattern. Don't give up!
 Shaypay (; on April 16, 2011:
Herm, herm let's not start stuff :D My question is, can you use Indian beads to make these? ^.^' Unfortunately that is all our local stores have are indian beads. I'm not sure what all the bead types are but that's all I could find. T__T My friend's birthday is April 18th and I tried making a squirrel the same way I make lizards but that didn't work out... any help?
 ugh on April 14, 2011:
these comments prove how stupid people are these days. if you cant figure this out, youre a moron. theres more to it, you know.
 Bead on March 27, 2011:
There Soo cute but I really dont get this I think more pictures of what your doing might be easier. I'm very confused now.
 Kelsey on February 25, 2011:
Yeah I'm a newbie at beading and thought this will be a good pass time while I stay at home sick with a nasty cold. Being sick makes everything else really confusing, I think reading this made me die. lol
I'll go take Allegra's advice and find an easier beading pattern.
 Awesome on February 8, 2011:
 Allegra on January 25, 2011:
For you guys that find the pattern difficult to follow or confusing, it's probably because you need to make a bunch of easier patterns first and work your way up to this one in difficulty. The patterns on this site are all labelled with difficulty level, so you can easily find and follow easier beading patterns and then come back to this one when you are a more experienced beader.
 ___ on December 17, 2010:
i don't really get this.. . It looks so cute though...
 person13600 on November 1, 2010:
 naomi on October 10, 2010:
awkward? 0_o
 issy on September 4, 2010:
you haven't made this pattern very clear at all which is a shame considering it is a great pattern... you problem.....
 IotaGirlie34oo on August 18, 2010:
@ CrosbyMarian21
okay... what does it have 2 do with BEADiNG???
btw awesome instructions xd
 CrosbyMarian21 on June 19, 2010:
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 applejiali on June 7, 2010:
i am sure i have seen this on another site...O___o really familiar
 t on May 9, 2010:
I cannot get this pattern way too confusing!!! will you please post easier instructions!!!
 Jocelyn on April 1, 2010:
Never mind
 Jocelyn on March 31, 2010:
How much thread do you need?
 Nyan on March 12, 2010:
It's ridiculous that people are posting about copyright being a serious issue in the earlier comments of this, since this beaded bird pattern is CLEARLY a pattern just photocopied out of a Japanese craft book. Copyright infringement much?
 UnicDreams on February 16, 2010:
I am so happy to find this site and pattern. As my first 3D beading project, I made the yellow chick. Tiny, but sooo cute. It was a little tough, but perseverence paid off. Thanks so much for the pattern.
 Cas on December 16, 2009:
Just wonderful, thank you for this. I made the bluebird. As others said it took a while but I had no difficulty with the instructions at all. How cute is this bird? I love it. One thing I will change in the next one is the thickness of the monofilament I used. I had to struggle at the end to get the last few passes through the crystals.
 AJ on September 15, 2009:
Wow, so cute! But hard! Thanks so much for the photos to go with the diagrams. This was my boyfriend's and my first attempt at beading any animal or something this complex. It took us 2 hours :-P BUT we love our little birds! His is dark blue w/light blue belly, and mind is "indian red" with a brown belly. {{{ love birds }}}
 AreYouBlindGinn on July 25, 2009:
yea you did miss something, it's right there on the diagram.
 Ginn on April 1, 2009:
I agree, directions don't mention adding the black pearls or yellow for beak. Did I miss something?
 Friidish on March 7, 2009:
The text and the pictures is not same...
That's confusing. 0.0
(sorry for my bad nglish) >.<
 Maryann on March 1, 2009:
Allegra and BeeJang, thank you so much. I love these little critters w/the swarovski crystals. My friend she tried to teach me but she was very impatient, w/these instructions, they helped me so much. I have the pattern books, but they are so hard for me to comprehend it since it's not in English. Can you please do other Swarovski crystal animals? Thanks
 Nelli on February 27, 2009:
I want to use swarovski crystals but first I have to buy them^^. Another question do I have to use the crystals with 3 mm? Or can I do the whole bird with 4mm?
 Allegra on February 20, 2009:
No you don't need a particular kind of thread for this pattern. Are you using swarovski crystals to make the bird? If so, those beads are quite sharp, so if you are using nylon thread, be sure to wax it first to strengthen it. You can also use fishing line or fireline, which is a tougher material than nylon.
 Nelli on February 19, 2009:
I've wanted to say that this was exactly what I was looking for a few days and now I've found it :D thanks Allegra and BeeJang.
Is it necessary to make the bird with Nylon Thread No. 20? Because I just have normal nylon thread at home.
Or where can I find this nylon thread no. 20?
 Lisa on January 29, 2009:
Okay!!! Thanks. I'm gonna start right... now!!!
 Jax on January 28, 2009:
Hi Lisa. You don't have to use Swarovski's. You can find cheap glass or acrylic bicones (that is the shape of these beads) at places like wal-mart, craft stores and dollar stores. Or use seed beads, round crystals, what ever you have on hand or like. As for seeing what they look like done in bugles, hopefully whoever made that is reading this and would be so kind to post a picture in our forum for us to see.
 Lisa on January 28, 2009:
Hey!!! I don't have any swarovski beeds, but I saw a comment saying that she/he made it with 2mm long bugle beeds. I want to do the same but I'm not sure if I'll like the result. Is there a way to see how other people made them without using the exact same beeds???
 leah on January 9, 2009:
i just wanted to say thanks i tried the bird and it i can get the hang of the other patterns...thanks again.
 Allegra on December 28, 2008:
Oh that's great! Sounds so cute! If you want to show you cute birdie off to us, post a picture of her in the forum! We'd love to see her!
 Mangie on December 27, 2008:
Wow that's so cool! I didn't have any swarovski beads or any fancy crystals/bicone beads so I used 2mm long bugle beads! I now have a small pink beaded bird handing off my phone. I love this pattern~ The instructions are so clear! This site is amazing.
 Allegra on November 2, 2008:
Does LBS stand for local bead stores? Hehehe, had to use good old reason to figure that one out. Anyways, that's too bad. I guess you're right about the top dollar being for the name. Like paying a million bucks for a Picaso (or now that he's dead, maybe 100 million LOL!) or haggling for a $100 deal on some dude doing an identical imitation of it. Or $10 for a reproduction. LOL! And yeah that's true about the low turnout. Oh that's too bad. You get paid less for doing the same thing.
 Jax on November 2, 2008:
I think big events can get away with charging top dollar, the ones I looked at for BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) were in that range plus you had to bring some stuff and some even had kits to buy that were more. These are all done by "known" people so you pay for the name. I found the instructions free online for the one i was thinking about doing. LBS can't charge that much and don't get as big of a turnout so a lot in my area aren't doing many anymore.
 Allegra on November 1, 2008:
Really? I always thought that beading classes were really profitable. I've seen the prices listed on the internet for bead show classes, and they were usually in the $200 range. I just assumed that it was a cash cow for the organizers. The expenses are that high?

Carrie, let me know when your beading site is up and running and we'll put something together. Good luck and can't wait to see it!
 kayote on October 31, 2008:
Great pattern and instructions. My local bead shop wants to turn things into classes which is a great idea but the cost of supplies and class make it so pricey it's hard to justify. Your instructions are wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
 Michele on October 26, 2008:
Maybe smaller beads would help it look just a little more like a bird. I see the bird in the face, but the body is a little vague. It also seem quite complicated.
 carrie on October 26, 2008:
thats good idea :} never thought of that!
 Allegra on October 25, 2008:
Hi Carrie, so sorry it took me so long to respond! I'm a student so I've had a lot of midterms recently (actually I still have 2 more next week). Sure that would be great, and I'll be happy to post pictures of your products and link them back to your site as well. This is a good idea for linking up all the patterns on the internet so people can easily find them. I've also got Christine from interested in the idea as well. Might as well consolidate all our efforts in a united front!
 carrie on October 21, 2008:
reaaly? you'll let me put pics of ur products on! yay! dont worry i will give u credit and i will also post ur website link on myy site so ppl who go to my site can check out urs too :}
 Allegra on October 21, 2008:
Hi Carrie, I don't want to alienate you, I think we can be friends. I wish you luck in your website and to provide the world with beading patterns! It just seems fair that each person's work remain theirs because of just how much work it is!! Each pattern that I make takes two weeks of work from start to finish, with a few hours daily of working on it. Especially the animals. Sometimes the animals take about a month to finish. But I'd love to see your site when you've got it going. But you're welcome to take the pictures of my final products and post them on your site and tell your visitors where they came from. I can do the same for your patterns as well (post the final product and point to your site), just to facilitate people on the internet finding beading patterns more easily!
 aida zayas on October 20, 2008:
 carrie on October 19, 2008:
omg! yay! avin has a hello kitty pattern i can use and a chick one and a bag. theres so many!
 carrie on October 19, 2008:
i hve an idea do u think i can make one of these dolls and then make my own diagram ad instructions? would that be fair?
 carrie on October 19, 2008:
nevermind... i just use avin cuz he already volunteered to contribute some
 Allegra on October 19, 2008:
You're certainly not unwelcome. We're not saying don't start a beading website. But maybe to start it out, make your own patterns, and then when you get more established, allow others to contribute, and they will come to you with their own contributions. If you start with nothing and just try to get other people's patterns, they might not be so willing to contribute because you're not giving something back. It's like you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. It's not a question of poaching but a question of equal sharing. I hope you understand, and you're certainly welcome here.

In my first response to you, I was being a bit satirical because I was trying to draw attention to the fact that you should try making your own patterns to start out just to sort of gain people's trust. As for Beejang's pattern, I worked for many hours to crop and photoshop all of Beejang's work so I don't know that you can just ask Beejang's permission alone. This is a sticky issue.
 Jax on October 19, 2008:
I am sorry if you feel attacked. Copyright is a serious issue that really makes people angry when they feel you have "copied" something of theirs. I hope it doesn't discourage you from making a site, just that you go about it in a way that protects you. I also hope you have a thick skin, not all artists are as willing to share their work with you as Allegra is which is why most sites you find also have a shopping cart and check out features and huge lists of how and when you can use their patterns, how many you can make of each pattern before you should buy it again, and whether or not you are allowed to sell items you make. I have seen some sites go as far as to say you are agreeing to only print one copy and you are not even allowed to save the pattern to your computer. Just so you know what you are up against trying to get other people to just give you their hard work.
 carrie on October 18, 2008:
Before I go can I have beejangs email to contact him/her?
 carrie on October 18, 2008:
maybe I should.....I see I'm probably unwelcomed here now cuz I'm only here to "poach";(
 carrie on October 18, 2008:
I understand wat ur trying to say but I mean I would ask them first before putting them on. But if u don't want to make a site that's ok.....;( I'm sry I was just trying to help......
 Allegra on October 18, 2008:
That sounds like a good solution, Jax. Carrie, reproduction of existing content is not really useful on the internet. But it is a really good idea to make a directory of all the animal patterns available for free on the internet. So keep looking and feel free to make that directory, but as for just copying and pasting their stuff onto your site, I think you'll get into a lot of problems and maybe offend some people. Good luck!
 Jax on October 18, 2008:
Hi Carrie, I hate to be so blunt but it sounds like you are just wanting to 'poach" other peoples work and place it on your site. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a beading pattern and very few people give them away for free like Allegra does. Most patterns I have found charge. Before you do something like this, I would suggest you have a good knowledge of copyright laws to protect yourself. I have seen copyright questions asked in beading forums about what is ok and what is not ok to repost from something someone else has made and it becomes explosive. Everybody has a different opinion and a lot of people will go through what ever it takes to prevent their stuff from being shared in any way. If you overstep boundries with one site and a forum gets wind of it, you will be judged by every member of that forum at the very least. Having a bad reputation in the beading community is not the way to have a great site. Most sites I have been to have things allowing you to place their link on their site, like this one does. Unless you are going to create your own original work, posting links to sites you find would probably be your safest bet.
 carrie on October 17, 2008:
allegra would u mind if i used some of your instructions?
 carrie on October 17, 2008:
well idk yet... lol i think ill just ask around for patterns and stuff hehehe. btw u did a fab job on this. i hope my web will be as good as urs :}
 Allegra on October 17, 2008:
That's a good idea to gather patterns rather than make your own because it's so hard and time-consuming to make your own beading patterns!! Where are you planning to gather them from? I must warn you it's hard to post other people's patterns as well. It took me two full days of work to put together Beejang's lovely beaded bird pattern here because I had to crop together each photo and photoshop it for improving the color quality and vividness. Boy, that took hours of work!
 carrie on October 16, 2008:
dear beejang can i upload this to my web?
 carrie on October 16, 2008:
thx beejang and allegra
btw beejang if u have patterns for the chinese zodiac plz post them! in the near future i hope to gather a bunch of patterns and make a website devoted to making beaded animals only! if i do make a website i will post the link here!
 cj on October 9, 2008:
its cute. i'm makin it w/ red.
 Maria Teresa on October 6, 2008:
Lovely, Allegra! Thank you!