Beaded Starfish Pattern by Alexargai

Welcome to the beaded sea starfish pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Alexargai. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page, and I'll do my best to help, or if I am unable, I will inform Alexargai of the difficulty. Alexargai is an avid beader and posts many beading patterns on her pattern website (, so have a visit!


Beaded Starfish Pattern

Before you begin ...
2 pieces 1 meter each of fishing line or thread; size 11/0 (medium) seed beads of one color, size 15/0 (small) seed beads of another color, 1 wooden bead approx. 10 mm in diameter
Time required: About 1 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, peyote stitch
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Step 1:I shall refer to the size 11/0 seed beads as the black beads, and the size 15/0 seed beads as the orange beads, according to the pattern's use of colors as shown. Recall that size 11/0 seed beads are slightly larger than size 15/0 seed beads. Thread 5 black seed beads onto your string, and thread back out through the first bead added.

Step 2

Step 2:Insert a new black bead between each two black beads added in Step 1. In other words, this is done in the style of peyote stitch. Thread back out through the first black bead added in this step of the sea star pattern.

Step 3

Step 3:Insert two new black beads between each two black beads added in Step 2. Thread back out of the first new bead added in this step of the beaded sea star.

Step 4

Step 4:With the thread coming out of the first of the pair of two beads added in Step 3, thread 2 new black beads, and thread back down through the 2nd bead of the pair. Then, add 1 red bead, then thread through the 3rd bead added in Step 3 (ie, the first bead of the 2nd pair).

Step 5

Step 5:Continue like that all around the row. Examine the picture carefully and you will see that you end up with the pairs of new black beads right above the pairs of black beads added in the previous row, and you end up with 1 red bead between each pair of black beads. When you're done surrounding the row of beads, thread back out of the first bead that was added in this row of beads.

  Beader Comments:
 nancy loftin on August 21, 2015:
do you step up through 2 beads on every rotation to get to your next row?
 Cindy on August 13, 2015:
I love the pattern.
 Liz on December 11, 2014:
looks like fun!
 Ilovebeading on August 17, 2013:
Thanks!! I googled it and now am almost done with starfish!!
 Lynn on August 14, 2013:
@ Ilovebeading... just 'google' peyote stitch... you will find hundreds of instructions & video's on how to do peyote... including odd/even count and increase/decrease instructions and even circular peyote... good luck...
 Ilovebeading on August 14, 2013:
how do you do peyote stich??? im totally confused!!!!!!
 Ilovebeading on August 8, 2013:
pls make dragon pattern! i love dragons!!!!!
 lisa on July 28, 2013:
Great!!! It's SOOOO cute that people want to try this as a first seed beading attempt. You really need to have a basic understanding of peyote and RAW. My advice is to practice peyote and 3D, and come back in a day or two to make your star! Thank you, perfect solution to a birthday gift problem.
 Sara on July 17, 2013:
How large is the finished product?
 Sara on July 17, 2013:
To all those who find this pattern to hard. It could be that you are reading the instructions wrong. Or that you are starting to hard. If you need practice I suggest starting with simple patterns that aren't 3D. It also helps if you reread the instructions. Don't forget to take your time with them. Beading is not a race, it is an art form. Remember a lot of patterns will have you weaving back through beads you have already used. If you don't do this as the pattern says in step two IT WON'T WORK! Be patient it will come with practice. And don't forget to have fun with it.
 Sara on July 17, 2013:
Thank you. This pattern is great. However I will not be using is to make a starfish. This patern gave me what I needed to create a 3D spider pattern that is similar. I love beading soooo much and I'm really glad I found this site.
 alskdjfhg on June 11, 2013:
That makes no sense!
 maria on October 11, 2012:
I filled my finished starfish with a small piece of cotton ball soaked in Lavender Oil - looks great and smells amazing!
 Lynn on July 6, 2012:
Loveheart... try yr local craft store where you find doll furniture/accessories... you will find wood beads in numerous sizes.
 place name here on July 6, 2012:
:::. .:::
about to start right now, but i cannot find a wooden bead! ): (: ::::::: LOVEHEART!!!!!
 nobody on June 23, 2012:
this kind of looks pretty hard but i can still do it!
 Wak Wak on June 8, 2012:
 Marie T on May 31, 2012:
Great instructions! Thank you so much.
 Kellybean on April 26, 2012:
Confused!!!! I don't get step two. How do you secure the circle of beads yet put a bead between the two secure beads? Better instructions please!!!!! Or show a diagram!
 Hi on April 16, 2012:
Looks easier than it is. I hate that.
 Steven M word on March 1, 2012:
this sucks i am a fail yes a fail at sea beading!!!
 Sarah on January 30, 2012:
You may want to check this out. If you are the originator of this starfish pattern, there is someone selling your hardwork as their own...
 Linda Hadd on December 27, 2011:
Love starfish and head to FL for winter and cannot wait to make them for FL Thank You
 Lynn on December 17, 2011:
Jessica - guess you are using Firefox... read the information on printing the patterns at the bottom of the home page - this may help you - or do you have a program that will allow you to print screen and then edit out the unwanted info?
 JESSICA on December 16, 2011:
I tried to print these and can't read the pages because of the adds. they cover the words. any ideas?
 Susan on September 26, 2011:
Great Pattern
 Lynn on July 12, 2011:
beadgirl... follow this link, it is instructions for flat peyote stitch... you will also need to read the instructions for increasing in peyote.
 beadgirl on July 11, 2011:
I can't get past step 2 how do you do a peyote stich?
 blueknitter on June 27, 2011:
ty so much I made mine all thanks to ur simple instructions I love my starfish
 alison on May 21, 2011:
thanks for making it so clear! mine trned out really well! its adorable please post more!
 ryan on March 21, 2011:
i'm looking for a star patern. can you help
 rich on February 28, 2011:
im looking for a winnie the pooh pattern.. do you have one/
 llivia on February 14, 2011:
not very good
 Alexandra on December 27, 2010:
cute but i also want to learn the dragon pattern please try and publish
 Alex on December 27, 2010:
cute but can you also make a dragon i really want to learn!!!!!!!!!!
 marion on October 11, 2010:
my sister is a seashore collector of every kind she will love this
 nancy on October 3, 2010:
love to seed bead
 Milena on August 16, 2010:
Thanks for the lesson! I made a star from 5 segments, but this way is very easier :)
 Марина on June 21, 2010:
Большое спасибо :)
 Anabel on June 8, 2010:
Gracias por tu tutorial
 Perlen passen immer on April 5, 2010:
Thank you very much for this pattern. I love it!
 Kali on March 10, 2010:
Very cute and beautiful pattern
I came across this while doing research for an assignment and wow--I got inspired to get my old beads and begin! Haven't seen a starfish before, very cool-looking. The only items I've beaded before were geckos as a kid, and this was a great project to practice with more detailed beading. I had 15/0 beads with beads that I think are smaller than 11/0, not sure because my old beads aren't labelled, but it worked out. My handiwork is a little rusty and I ran out of fishing line a couple times so there's some knots and strings sticking out hah but it was fun--I'm starting another ;)
Thanks for sharing!
 jaya on February 6, 2010:
beautiful pattern and easy method tutorial,thankyou so much
 Carol on January 21, 2010:
amazing! I don't know I can do it... but now I'm trying:)) on November 4, 2009:
 christine on June 13, 2009:
i figured it was the size of the beads....
 christine on June 12, 2009:
i forgot to using 8/0 seed beads and 11/0 seed beads instead of 11 and store doesnt sell you think that would make it look different?
 Christine on June 12, 2009:
ya, i cant get it eigther.....but i really, really want to make it, its soooo there a video?
 jessi on March 20, 2009:
Thankyou so much...i am going through a sea theme phase at the moment and you can't complete a sea theme piece without a starfish!
 Allegra on January 24, 2009:
Oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed, I never noticed Alexargai's name in the last picture. I'm so sorry Alexargai!
Alexargai, if you're reading this, I posted your link at the top of this page, and I put the pattern in your name. Please let us know if this is okay, or we can take it down if not. We've also emailed you.
Thank you Gale for letting us know about this.
 Allegra on January 24, 2009:
Thanks for letting us know Gale! We'll sort out this situation right away.
 Gale on January 23, 2009:
This pattern comes from Alexargai's website -- you can see her name on the photo with the Beaded Sea Star caption. According to her website, she created in in 2007.
 Allegra on December 14, 2008:
Oh hi Alexargai! This pattern was sent in by one of our visitors and I don't know who invented it.
 Alexargai on December 9, 2008:
ohhhh! it's my shema ??? But , could you tell me, what it's here ???
(sorry for my langage, but, I am suprise!!!)
 Allegra on November 28, 2008:
Hi Monii, apologies for the late response. I've just come out of a really difficult week in school. You're asking the age old beading question here. I'm sure lots of people have built their careers around figuring that out. I've done peyote stitch with fishing line and it came out okay. In general, the big ticket to getting your peyote stitch to come out evenly is the beads. Your beads must be as symmetrical as possible. This is why people cull their seed beads. In other words, they pick and choose the most similar beads out of the bunch (similar in size and shape). I tried with and without culling my seed beads, and culling made a world of a difference. I hope this helps! As for your string being loose, did you wax it first? The advantage of fishing line is that it doesn't require waxing to be stiff.
 Monii on November 16, 2008:
what type of string would work best for peyote stitch? because i tried it using beading thread and it was very loose.
 Mary Grace Vibal on November 16, 2008:
i never tried doing the peyote stitch. it looks hard for me but i will try if it really is easy. thanks Allegra for the info u posted in your comment.
 Allegra on November 10, 2008:
Peyote stitch basically means a style of beading where you insert a bead between two beads of the preceding row. You string one row then you string through again on top, inserting the new beads between the old ones. Hope this helps. It's quite an easy stitch, despite the very scary/fancy name. LOL! You can google it to see zillions of diagrams of how to do it LOL! Usually it's done in straight lines to make beaded tapestry, but can be cleverly put to use to make 3D complex shapes like this sea star. Glad you got it!
 Betsy on November 10, 2008:
ok i get it now.
 Betsy on November 10, 2008:
Thanks, i read the text and stared at the pic's i get stuck at step 4. I'm not quite sure if i do or don't know what a peyote stitch is.
 Allegra on November 10, 2008:
It's confusing if you just look at the pictures only. The best way to do it is to read the text and then carefully examine the picture and it should become clear after a few minutes of staring at the picture, knowing what you're looking for (from reading the text). I'm sorry the pictures are so small. Bidiboum didn't have bigger pictures. But I can make a diagram too! Basically, the way this pattern is built is like 3D peyote stitch. You just make a 5-bead bead circle, then go round and round that circle, inserting beads between each two beads in the previous circle. Hope this helps, and I'll put making a diagram on my to-do list.
 Betsy on November 7, 2008:
Ok I don't quite understand it, is there in illustration that show the way the string is weaved in the beads, i'm afraid just the photo images isn't helping me understand it.
 Muddy on September 27, 2008:
This is so pretty!
 marilena on September 15, 2008:
lovely, I'm just starting and I am amazed. really clever big beads and smaller beads to make 3d effect.
 Allegra on September 8, 2008:
Just so you know, you can also join the two pieces using peyote stitch technique if you would prefer. Also, you don't need to put a bead in the middle if you stitch tightly enough.