Beaded Starfish Pattern by Alexargai

Welcome to the beaded sea starfish pattern instructions! This pattern was generously created and donated to all of us by our fellow beader Alexargai. If you have any difficulty following this tutorial, please post a comment at the bottom of the page, and I'll do my best to help, or if I am unable, I will inform Alexargai of the difficulty. Alexargai is an avid beader and posts many beading patterns on her pattern website (, so have a visit!


Step 6

Step 6:With the string coming out of the first bead in the row (the first bead of a pair), add 2 new black beads, then thread back down through the 2nd bead of the pair. Then add 1 new red bead, and then thread down through the existing red bead of the previous row. Then, add 1 more new red bead, and then thread through the first black bead of the next pair, and repeat.

Step 7

Step 7:Continue beading like this all around this row. Then thread back out of the first bead added in this row of beads.

Step 8

Step 8:Continue beading in the same manner for two additional rows of the beaded sea star.

Step 9

Step 9:For one final row, bead in the same manner, except that instead of inserting 2 new black beads between the 2 black beads of each pair from the previous row, insert only 1 new black bead there. The purpose of this is to create a peak at the ends of each of the sea star's fins. Finish the entire row like this.

Step 10

Step 10:Now leave that piece and make another one identical to it (from scratch, with the second piece of fishing line). Basically, repeat steps 1 to 9. Now insert the wooden bead between your two pieces, and weave them together at the seams. What you can do is weave them via right angle weave, adding a new row of red beads all around at the seam where the two pieces meet. Weave around the beads that are forming two rows at the seams, and add a new row of beads between those two rows using right angle weave. The row you insert here should have the beads in a perpendicular direction to the beads at the edge of your two pieces.

  Beader Comments:
 Allyson Erick on February 16, 2012:
at step seven, I am unclear on how many red beads are added, when it says "continue beading like this. And are the extra red beads added singularly, or two/three at a time? Thank you
 Shelley Ashcroft on September 29, 2011:
Looks like a Fantastic Starfish. Thankx for the pattern. It's Beautiful..
 Twilight Dawl on April 18, 2011:
These beading things are so hard. Does anyone know a website where they teach you just in just a little more detail?