Beaded 3D Panda Pattern by Jax

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Make a 3d beaded panda using the RAW stitch. This little guy is perfect for any panda lover. Use larger beads to make a cute knickknack, medium size beads make a great charm or use seed beads for an adorable pair of earrings. Be sure to come back and post us a picture of your cute little friend.


Beaded 3D Panda Pattern

Before you begin ...
Stringing Material of your choice. Note that fishing line works best for holding the shape of 3d patterns.
A: 45 White or clear beads, this is the base color of your panda, blue beads in diagrams.
B: 41 Black beads, same size as A, black beads in the diagram.
C: 9 Black, or same color as B but � the size.
D: 6 Green beads same size as A and B for your bamboo.
E: 3 size 11 seed beads to match D
F: 3 beads same size as A and B for eyes and nose, colors of your choice

I will refer to the 2 lines as red and green, you can mark the tips with sharpies before you start to
help keep them straight as we work.
Time required: About 1.5 hours
Techniques: Right Angle Weave
Difficulty: Moderate

  Beader Comments:
 Christine on January 29, 2016:
so cute
 Guadalupe on November 29, 2015:
Quiero aprender estas linduras
 Lynn on November 8, 2015:
@ Susan K... check out this link... also I googled 'free crystal beaded dog pattern' and found a couple of others... Hope this helps...
 susan kimsey on November 7, 2015:
Wanting to find a crystal dog bead pattern in english
 hmt on October 7, 2014:
 aaaaaaaaa on March 6, 2014:
fre nice
 Ilovebeading on August 17, 2013:
How big is this when it is finished? Is it really small?
 Lynn on August 14, 2013:
@ Ilovebeading... yes... this is 3d
 Ilovebeading on August 14, 2013:
Is this pattern 3d?? it doesnt look like 3d!!!
 Ilovebeading on August 8, 2013:
ZeeZee, you have to buy the pattern to get the instructions. If you already bought it but it still does not give you the instructions, then there must be a problem.
 magdy on May 29, 2013:
I love you
 loan luui on January 17, 2013:
i love very much
 loan luu on January 13, 2013:
 véronique tassé on October 26, 2012:
il est trop mignon comment peut on avoir le shema

 Dog on September 15, 2012:
That panda bear is awsome.
 francisca garcia rodriguez on September 12, 2012:
esta muy bonito
 ZeeZee on May 25, 2012:
It stils doesn'ttell me how 2 make dis thing
 christy on April 30, 2012:
I love this Panda!!! I would love to find some sea creatures. I can't find any
 Lynn on March 2, 2012:
Guy - Click what?.. If you want to buy 'click' the big button that says 'Buy Now'.
 guy on February 29, 2012:
where do i clik
 Bell on September 12, 2011:
you said free why not how can you diothis
 B~) on August 20, 2011:
why is this not free?
 Jacqueline on July 27, 2011:
this is beautiful!!! i looooooooooove pandas!!! they are my favorite animal!!!
 4121 on June 12, 2011:
 regujeamejfsjkv chrkgt on April 14, 2011:
 jaime on April 11, 2011:
very nice panda
 Jen on March 30, 2011:
this pattern is not for free, it only costs $3.99 though. Just click the buy now button.
 unanimous on March 23, 2011:
can you put up the instructions so we know what to do please?
 bla on February 21, 2011:
why did not can be i made this stupit