Crystal Ears Pattern by Lynn

A sparkling adornment for your ears. Picture does not do justice to the brilliance you will get from using Crystals. Design measures 1 1/4


Crystal Ears Pattern

Before you begin ...
28 - 4mm Blue Zircon Bicone Crystals
24 - 4mm Clear Bicone Crystals
Size 15/o Clear Silver Lined Seed Beads
Fireline #8 (or equivalent)
Time required: About 1 hours
Techniques: 2 Needle Right Angle Weave
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Step 1:Mark one end of your thread with a black marker to make it easy to follow pattern.
(Pink is your 4mm Clear Crystals,light blue is your size 15/o seed & darker blue is your 4mm Blue Zircon Crystal)

Add beads 1 thru 5 to the black thread.
Add beads 6 thru 8 to the red thread and cross thru bead 5.

Step 2

Step 2:Add beads 9 thru 12 to your red thread.
Add beads 13 thru 15 to your black thread and cross thru bead 12.

Step 3

Step 3:NOTE: a slight change here... You will exit thru your 4mm blue crystal and not your seed bead.

Add beads 16 thru 20 to your black thread.
Add beads 21 & 22 to your red thread and cross thru bead 20.

You are now exiting from the right side of your piece, ready to add the base point and the 2nd columns of beads.

Step 4

Step 4:You will now use the seed beads from the right edge of your existing columns (between your Blue Zircons)to join up the new columns. To make them easier to follow, I have re-colored them Green in the diagram.

Add beads 23 thru 26 to your red thread and pass thru bead 22 (from your previous column)

NO beads are added to your black thread, just cross it thru bead 26.

Step 5

Step 5:On your red thread add beads 27 & 28
On your black thread add beads 29 thru 32 and cross thru 28.

Add bead 33 to your black thread and pass thru bead 14 (from prev. column)and then add beads 34 & 35.
On your red thread add beads 36 thru 38 and cross thru bead 35

To your red thread add bead 39 and pass thru bead 7 (from your previous column) and add bead 40.
To your black thread add beads 41 to 44 and cross thru bead 40 AND bead 6 (from your previous column)

  Beader Comments:
 JANE on May 19, 2011:
 Verna Marye on May 15, 2011:
These are really pretty! Thank you so much for sharing the instructions!
 yazzie on May 15, 2011:
these are really nice!
 Lynn on April 7, 2011:
Darlene.. What thread are you using ?... crystals are notorious for breaking thread which is why I listed Fireline... this holds up well.
 darlene on April 6, 2011:
i am a new beader, for the life ofme,every time I finish they break this is telling me I need a new hobby.
 Allegra on April 5, 2011:
Thanks for the feedback. The home page does have printing instructions at the bottom, but I will do my best to make this more user friendly.
 salhootchie on April 5, 2011:
It would be nice if we could print the patterns without having to print all the ads on the sides/
 Lynn on March 31, 2011:
Thanks Julia... another free jewelry pattern coming any day now...
 julia on March 31, 2011:
very lovely