Beaded Clutch Purse Pattern by Jen

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This is an envelope type clutch purse, made with a triangle shaped flap.


Beaded Clutch Purse Pattern

Before you begin ...
•4mm beads
•2mm seed beads
•80cm fishing line or other thread
•Finer thread or fishing line

Time required: About 3 hours
Techniques: Right angle weave, stringing
Difficulty: Challenging

  Beader Comments:
 heba on December 28, 2012:
 Lynn on July 1, 2011:
Juliana... Someone already asked... Look below your post... the size is already listed for you.
 Juliana on June 30, 2011:
I don't want to buy it unless I know what size it is goring to be.
 Jen on April 26, 2011:
@Debbie Pfaff. the free patterns are not available in pdf files. pdf files are only for the paid patterns
 Debbie Pfaff on April 24, 2011:
How do we download the free patterns as a PDF file???
 Jen on April 6, 2011:
Thanks Marina. @Joyce, the finished size is 3.5 x 4 x 1cm
 Joyce on April 6, 2011:
Could you please post the finished size?
 marina on April 6, 2011:
how beautiful!!