Beaded Star Clip Pattern by Allegra

It feels very feminine to wear a star in your hair. This beaded star clip is the perfect bit of dainty jewelry to make you extra special. Can be worn day or night, in many different colours. Have fun!


Beaded Star Clip Pattern

Before you begin ...
265 gold 2mm bugle beads
15 pearlescent pink 6/0 seed beads (3mm)
2 meters of fishing line or fireline
1 hair clip backing of choice (bobby pin, small alligator clip, snap clip, or barrette)
Or a brooch backing to make a brooch
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Step 1:We are going to start the beaded star clip at the very top-most point. This is the very tip of the star. Technically, there will be 5 identical star tips, so this can be any of them. This will be a circle of 5 gold bugle beads. This is important because most of the rest of the bead circles will consist of 6 gold bugle beads. But only the very tips of the star will consist of 1 circle of 5 bugle beads at each tip. Also notice the position at which the two ends of the fireline will cross through a bead. When you are stringing your 5 beads onto the fireline, it won't matter which one you cross through to form your circle. But you want to make sure you hold up your circle in such a way as to match this diagram, so that you are able to follow along with the rest of this pattern.

Step 2

Step 2:Okay so as you can see, we are now forming a circle of 6 bugle beads. This is moving one row down from the tip of the star, working inwards to the centre of the beaded star. From this step onwards, it is VERY important which bead you cross your fireline ends through upon completion of the step. In this case, looking at your beadwork in the same direction as the diagram, your threads should end up exactly in the same position as the threads in the diagram, crossing through the left-most bead of the circle of 6 beads that you are making in this step. I have used two different thread colours in order to make it more clear. My thread colours are consistent throughout this pattern. In other words, the red string and the blue string are in the same position from one diagram to the next, and never switch places. So if it helps, and especially if you are a beginner, I highly recommend colouring your threads with a permanent marker to match the colours I used for my threads in the pattern diagrams.

Step 3

Step 3:This is another circle of 6 beads that you are making in this step. This is the second bead circle in the second row of beads working inwards on the star. The next row will have three bead circles, then four bead circles, as we work inwards. I have designed this pattern so that you are making this star in the most efficient way possible, without ever having to pause your work, tie a knot, and start a new thread on the other side of the beadwork. That is why it is so important that you follow the threads and which bead the threads come out of. At the end of this step, you should have your threads coming out of the bottom left bugle bead. Also notice in this step that the first bead that you pass the red thread through is ALREADY in the beadwork. It is the bottom left bead in the first circle of 5 beads above. So you are not adding a new bead, but simply passing the thread through an existing bead. Once you have done that, you are going to add three new beads to that thread. You are also adding 1 new bead to the blue thread, and then passing the blue thread through the last bead that was added to the red thread, in the opposite direction (crossing it). In the end, your pattern should look identical to the diagram. Look carefully, so you don't find out later that you have to undo it all.

Step 4

Step 4:Step 4 is fairly simple. You are moving onto the third row of beads moving inwards on your beaded star. You will be adding a total of 5 new beads in this step. String all 5 beads onto your blue thread, then cross the last bead added with your red thread. You should end up with your threads coming out of the right most bead in your new bead circle.

Step 5

Step 5:We are now making the second of three bead circles in our third row of our beaded star, working inwards. Here, you will only be adding a total of three new beads to form your new circle of 6 beads. This is because you are stringing through two existing beads in your beadwork. Those are the two top beads in the circle. With your blue thread, pass through the two existing beads from the two bead circles above this row, then add 1 new bead. With the red thread, add 2 new beads, and cross through the last bead added to the blue thread. You will complete the bead circle with the two threads coming out of the right most bead.

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Very good thanks
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The picture on step 2 is not showing up.
This is great, I can hardly wait to make one.
 jessie on December 9, 2011:
How do you put it in your hair? Do you glue a clippy to the back of it?
 norma Smethurst on May 30, 2011:
help love the star but can not print it off
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muy lindo gracias por compartir.... :=)
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Thank you so much!