Laced Arch Bracelet Pattern by Lynn

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An abundance of Swarovski Crystals that will stay arched, for definition, around your wrist by means of lacing on the back of the design.


Laced Arch Bracelet Pattern

Before you begin ...
4mm Swarovski Bicone Crystals - Red
6mm Swarovski Bicone Crystals - Clear
15/o Clear/Silver Lined Seed Beads
#8 Fireline
2 x Size 12 Beading Needles
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Two Needle Right Angle Weave
Difficulty: Easy

  Beader Comments:
 April on August 27, 2016:
I just payed for pattern went two link and were it say download press than nothing am not happy on June 19, 2015:

I paid for the pattern & didnt get it ! After paying it took me to a blank page ! I still didnt get it , could you pls send it to me !
 Lynn (site moderator) on August 30, 2014:
@bmichaud... check your spam box... if you still have problems, leave another msg. & I will get it sorted. on August 29, 2014:
I paid for the pattern & didnt get it ! After paying it took me to a blank page !!!!!
 Lynn on August 13, 2013:
@Carol... Pictures on the 'pin' board will go back to where you can get the pattern... you will only get the instructions if it is a 'royalty-free' pattern... This is a 'purchase' pattern and therefore you are re-directed to where you can 'buy' the pattern...
I do not know anything about IBooks... Hope this helps...
 Carol Madsen on August 11, 2013:
I just bought the pattern and pinned it, but when I hit it I do not get the pattern. I get sent back to where I bought the pattern. Also, I would like to put the pattern on IBooks . How do I do that?
 Lynn on March 10, 2013:
@Alicia... Sorry... it can usually be found in the 'junk' box, will get this checked out for you
 Alicia Marker on March 9, 2013:
I paid and did not receive the download. I checked my junk mail and it is not in there either.
 Lynn on July 22, 2012:
rea... This pattern is for sale... only $3.99 and you can download immediately.
 rea on July 21, 2012:
can you send me the pattern of this , its so pretyy
 Lynn on April 27, 2012:
broadley55... having it checked out for you...
 broadley55 on April 26, 2012:
I checked my e-mail and could not find it, who would the e-mail be from?I delete e-mails when I don't know who they are from. Would you try again and let me know who it is from. thanks Pat
 Karen on March 28, 2012:
I love it
 rosario on January 22, 2012:
esta linda
 SAUJANYA on January 20, 2012:
nice patterns
 dora sanchez on January 5, 2012:
bisuteria me es fascinante,
 Anne Da"Volls on December 22, 2011:
i love this laced arch bracelet i have done one but not quite the same and using tiler beads.
 Carol on December 9, 2011:
Hi, I am a beginner beader and I think your beading is stunning, thank you for the patterns. on December 3, 2011:
love it
 finlander on November 26, 2011:
i just found this site and it looks like i will enjoy it.
 Brat on November 24, 2011:
Love it its so pretty
 Vadez on November 20, 2011:
Wow so unique and beautiful I love it
 Liz on November 17, 2011:
 rose on November 9, 2011:
so nice
 engie on October 29, 2011:
 Caro on September 27, 2011:
Wow, this is in every rseepct what I needed to know.
 Nita on August 31, 2011:
 vivian on August 22, 2011:
ty for these. Have nothing else to do :)
 Lynn on July 31, 2011:
Carol... Look for an e-mail " Sales" there is a link to get your pattern... Check your JUNK mail if it is not in your 'in-box'... Let us know if there are any further problems...
 CAROL on July 31, 2011:
beautiful braclet
 Lynn on July 16, 2011:
thea... it is an easy pattern to do, but I cannot give you any other info. as it would be unfair to the people who have already purchased the pattern... sorry... The pattern is only $3.99..........
 thea on July 16, 2011:
love it so much!!! but i dont know how to do this...hhhmmmm i want to know; i just want to have an idea...please...
 dihoconline on July 2, 2011:
 Lynn on July 1, 2011:
Rosemary... What problems are you having with the Laced Arch Pattern...?
 Rosemary on June 30, 2011:
this design is making me go crazy.can u teach me plzzz
 Rosemary on June 30, 2011:
this design is making me go crazy.can u teach me plzzz
 Allegra on June 25, 2011:
You were sent an email entitled " Sales" in which the link is located. Search your junkmail folder if it is not in your inbox. In my records, the email was successfully sent to your address, and I was sent a copy. Thanks. Let us know if there are further problems.
 Lynn on June 25, 2011:
joyceharvey - I will let our 'tech' know about your problem... sorry for the inconvenience. on June 25, 2011:
i brought this pattern laced arch braclet pattern but no download pattern has appeared
 tara m england on June 23, 2011:
love the patten but its only a small picture
 del on June 22, 2011:
want to see