Egg Timer Charm Pattern by Lynn

Don't let your eggs hard boil, here is the perfect answer, your very own Egg Timer. A perfect Charm for your Cell, Purse or any zipper pull.


Step 16

Step 16:Place your headpin thru the 11/o green seed bead circle in the base. Add one teardrop bead, narrow point up, to the headpin (inside the structure) and the other teardrop narrow side down. Push the headpin thru the 11/o green seed bead circle in he top. Use round nose pliers to form a loop at the top of your headpin.

Your Charm is complete.... ENJOY

Copyright remains the property of the Designer. You may sell what you make but may not mass produce without the consent of the Designer. You may use for teaching purposes, but please remember to credit the Designer.

  Beader Comments:
 Maisie on July 6, 2012:
Thanks so much
 Lynn on August 31, 2011:
Titvate... You are very welcome... Know what you mean about the economy... but most beaders have good hearts and luv to share...
 Titvate on August 30, 2011:
As a new beader, I want to express my appreciation to people like you who are willing to share your patterns with us.
It is much appreciated in these hard economic times!!