Goddess Pattern by Lynn

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Take 3mm & 4m Swarks Crystals and add 4mm Glass Pearls, all in Beautiful Sea Greens and you too will look and feel like a Goddess in this tiered bracelet.


Goddess Pattern

Before you begin ...
For 7" Bracelet (including toggle you will need 3 units).

Each Unit
4 - 4mm Teal Pearls
12 - 4mm Round Teal Crystals
8 - 4mm Blue Zircon Bicones
20 - 3mm Mint Alabaster Bicones
11/o Clear Silver Lined Seeds
2ft - #8 Fireline
2 - Size 12 Beading Needles

16 - 4mm Teal Pearls
24 - 4mm Round Teal Crystals
16 - 4mm Blue Zircon Bicones
11/o Clear Silver Lined Seeds
3ft - #8 Fireline
1 - Toggle
2 - Size 12 Beading Needles
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: Two Needle Right Angle Weave
Difficulty: Moderate

  Beader Comments:
 Hannah on January 19, 2013:
I loooooove this
It's soooooo cool
 Caz on October 16, 2012:
Really beautiful