L.A. Revisited Pattern by Lynn

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Oooh.. who can resist Pink Pearls designed to hug your wrist in a bangle bracelet. You can add a ring or ear-rings with a simple 3 units from this pattern for an overall look.


L.A. Revisited Pattern

Before you begin ...
For a 6 inch bangle...
18 - 7x5mm Red Rondelle
36 - 6mm Pink Glass Pearls
72 - 3mm Pink Glass Pearls
36 - 6mm Clear Round Crystal Rondelle
11/o Pink Seed Bead
Heavy Magnetic Clasp
2 - Size 12 Beading Needles
5ft - #8 Fireline for Bangle
4ft - #8 Fireline for Back Beading
Time required: About 2 hours
Techniques: 2 Needle Right Angle Weave
Difficulty: Moderate

  Beader Comments:
 Lynn on February 25, 2013:
@Jonjo... I don't wish to discourage you from beading and while I know that this hard economy limits our spending on non-essential items, it would be unfair to everyone who has already purchased this pattern to lower the price for someone else. Sorry... but take heart that there will be more patterns to come - even free ones... so stay tuned and don't give up on a beautiful craft.
 Jonjo on February 24, 2013:
Can i get it cheaper