Teal Temptation Pattern by Lynn

Add a bail for a Pendent, a pin-back for a Brooch or are you feeling bold and use this design for 'Statement Piece' Ear-rings. At 1 1/2 inch, or longer if your add extra beads to the drop, you are not limited for choice....


Step 6

Step 6:Adding your teardrop.
To each thread add two 11/o silver lined seeds and bring your threads together and add a 4mm white round.
Keeping your threads together add another two 11/o silver lined seeds and your 8x6 teardrop.
Separate your threads and to each thread add an 11/o silver lined seed.
Cross both threads back thru your teardrop. Keeping threads together pass thru two 11/o silver lined seeds and your 4mm white round.
Separate your threads and pass back thru the two 11/o silver lined seed and cross your threads thru your 4mm teal bicone.
Reinforce your base circle by passing thru all beads going up the right side with your black thread and up the left side with your red thread. End with your threads crossed thru your top 4mm teal bicone.
You can now add a beaded bail or make a loop to add a purchased bail, or add a pin back to make a brooch, the choice is yours.
Fasten off your threads and weave ends into your work.


Copyright remains the property of the Designer. You may sell what you make but may not mass produce without consent of the Designer. You may use for teaching purposes but please remember to credit the Designer.

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